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Inuyasha Scripts & Episode Capsules


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So you've reached InuSEC, short for Inuyasha Scripts & Episode Capsules.

So let's set things straight.

SCRIPTS are, well, scripts.Transcripts of the animation to be exact. Forget episode summaries, which doesn't tell you what goes on exactly.

An EPISODE CAPSULE is a collection of reference notes, quotes, things that you always wanted to know (or not) about each episode, and little things that other people noticed that you might have missed out. The Oddities and Other Notes section contains funny or odd trivia about the show. Here's a great one to show you what we mean.

Site News:

June 23, 2010: Inuyasha Jar is complete!

Omer kindly sent the screencaps for EP145 & 146, and the Inuyasha Jar is finally complete! Hugs!!

November 24, 2009: The Final Act Songs

Put up the lyrics and screencaps for Kimi ga Inai Mirai and With You.

Slowly adding content for The Final Act, let me know if you want to chip in!

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Recent Comments:

17 Apr 2010
On Guestbook

Koga used his sword once in the manga only.  It happened when Moryomaru first appeared, before the battle with Kagura at the temple of Gordyomaru.  At the time, he explained that it was a souvenir he stole from a dead human and he never needed it before now.  That would have placed the incident somewhere around episode 165 if they had put it in the anime.

24 Nov 2009
On The Final Act 2: Kagura's Wind

What a poetic ending for Kagura… To be given her heart back only to feel her death fully… To die amidst a bed of flowers so commonplace, yet so light that each flutter of wind will send petals flying… To die in front of Sesshomaru, whom she taught might be able to defeat Naraku and return her freedom…

22 Nov 2009
On Guestbook

Hi Inuyasha Bandicoot! I got the information about the ‘canon-ness’ from who i,n turn translated it from  I haven’t read the manga, so I take this as a guide. Very sorry that I couldn’t be more clear :(


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