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June 23, 2010: Inuyasha Jar is complete!

Omer kindly sent the screencaps for EP145 & 146, and the Inuyasha Jar is finally complete! Hugs!!


November 24, 2009: The Final Act Songs

Put up the lyrics and screencaps for Kimi ga Inai Mirai and With You.

Slowly adding content for The Final Act, let me know if you want to chip in!


November 22, 2009: Resolution, finally!

Inuyasha is back!!! I exclaim again:

Our favourite shikon-shard-finding, Naraku-hunting, osuwari-ing party of six is back!

As its title suggests, InuYasha - The Final Act, this series gives resolution to all the unanswered questions in the story. If you’re in USA (lucky you), you can watch them here: