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Forest of Despair

Written on March 2, 2008
Last revised on March 2, 2008.

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An EP100 Nightmarish Reality: Battle in the Forest of Despair special.

Haunting past: Kohaku, possessed, killing their father and the demon slayers.

Fear: That the controlled Kohaku would kill her comrades again. Kohaku had already tried to kill Kagome in episode 50.

Saving grace: Inuyasha stopping Sango from killing her brother.

Deja vu:

"Forget about it! It'd be better if we stay together! You're strong at fighting, see?"

— episode 30: Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle! (This is when Tetsusaiga was stolen by Sango to redeem Kohaku.)

Other possible despairs/fears: That her other comrades would become Naraku's puppets too, that Miroku gets sucked into his own Wind Tunnel, that Miroku really asks someone else to bear his child.

Episode 33 [Kikyo, Captured by Naraku]: In this episode, the group also fell under Naraku's Spell of Illusory Death, which causes frightening hallucinations. In this episode, Sango also imagined Kohaku to have killed Inuyasha and Miroku.

Haunting past: Young Miroku witnessed his father being sucked into his own Wind Tunnel.

Fear: That he would one day be sucked into his own Wind Tunnel, and dragging his comrades in with it.

Saving grace: Inuyasha stopping Miroku and making him snap out of his temporary stupor.

Deja vu:

"I'll break your arm if you open your Wind Tunnel again!"

— episode 28: Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous Trap (Inuyasha and gang went to look for Miroku when his Wind Tunnel was nicked and couldn't be used for the time being. This in turn led to Inuyasha being able to do the Wind Scar.

Other possible despairs/fears: That Mushin would die too, that Sango marries someone else.

Episode 33 [Kikyo, Captured by Naraku]: Under the Spell of Illusory Death, Miroku was also afraid of being sucked into his Wind Tunnel.

Haunting past: The Thunder Brothers did Shippo's father. Manten even wore him as a pelt.

Fear: That the Thunder Brothers [ep9-10] and the Lizard Demon [ep55] would come back to haunt him, and that he would still be as helpless as before.

Saving grace: Inuyasha telling Shippo to hold himself together. Shippo did and defeated them with his fox fire.

Deja vu:

"Shippo, looks like you tried your best there!"

— episode 55: Stone Flowers and Shippo's First Love (This is when Shippo had his first solo fight, and Inuyasha was looking to practising his Backlash Wave.)

Other possible despairs/fears: Being deserted by his comrades and left alone again.

Episode 33 [Kikyo, Captured by Naraku]: Under the Spell of Illusory Death, Shippo was all alone. All he found were the gang's clothes and he ran around frantically, put couldn't find anybody.

Haunting past: The centipede monster that came through the Dry Well.

Fear: That Naraku would do the same and terrorize her friends and family in the modern era.

Saving grace 1: Inuyasha the full-demon coming in time to save her.

* An interesting note here is that Inuyasha enters as a full-human. Perhaps, within Kagome, she feels that Inuyasha is most truthful and close when he is a human.

Deja vu 1:

"You… Smell really nice…"

— episode 13: The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-haired Inuyasha

Saving grace 2: Inuyasha the half-demon fighting Naraku.

Deja vu 2:

"I will always protect you!!"

— episode 7: Showdown! Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru! (This was said to Kagome which in turn led to Inuyasha being able to wield Tetsusaiga.)

Other possible despairs: Inuyasha leaving with Kikyo, Inuyasha turning full-demon forever.

Episode 33 [Kikyo, Captured by Naraku]: Under the Spell of Illusory Death, Kagome saw Kikyo and Inuyasha kissing.
Although Inuyasha wasn't enveloped in a cocoon, he has his fears too. INUSEC tries to put up a list of possible despairs and saving graces.

Haunting past 1: Being betrayed by Kikyo.

../images/xtra/wallinu2s.jpg Haunting past 2: Being a half-demon and never accepted by both humans and demons..

Fear 1: That after meeting Kagome and the rest and learning to trust them, he would lose them again.

Fear 2: That Sesshomaru would take Tetsusaiga for good. 3: That Kagome would end up with Koga instead.

Episode 33 [Kikyo, Captured by Naraku]: Under the Spell of Illusory Death, Inuyasha relived the time when he was under Naraku's trap and was shot by Kikyo.

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