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Inuyasha: The Final Act

FA.01Naraku's HeartCAPSULEin progress
FA.02Kagura's WindCAPSULEin progress
FA.03Meidou ZangetsuhaCAPSULEin progress
FA.04Dragon-Scaled TessaigaCAPSULEin progress
FA.05Yourei Taisei's TrialsCAPSULEin progress
FA.06Mouryoumaru's EndCAPSULEin progress
FA.07The Mausoleum at Mount AzusaCAPSULEin progress
FA.08As the Stars ShineCAPSULEin progress
FA.09Sesshoumaru in HellCAPSULEin progress
FA.10A Grief-Stained FlowerCAPSULEin progress
FA.11Kanna's GravestoneCAPSULEin progress


1The Girl Who Overcame Time… and the Boy Who Just OvercomeCAPSULESCRIPT
2Seekers of the Sacred JewelCAPSULESCRIPT
3Down the Rabbit Hole and Back AgainCAPSULESCRIPT
4Yura of the Demon-HairCAPSULESCRIPT
5Aristocratic Assassin, SesshomaruCAPSULESCRIPT
6Tetsusaiga, the Phantom SwordCAPSULESCRIPT
7Showdown! Inuyasha vs. Sesshomaru!CAPSULESCRIPT
8The Toad Who Would Be PrinceCAPSULESCRIPT
9Enter Shippo…Plus, the Amazing Thunder Brothers!CAPSULESCRIPT
10Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. TetsusaigaCAPSULESCRIPT
11Terror of the Ancient Noh MaskCAPSULESCRIPT
12The Soul Piper and the Mischievous Little SoulCAPSULESCRIPT
13The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-haired InuyashaCAPSULESCRIPT
14Kikyo’s Stolen AshesCAPSULESCRIPT
15Return of the Tragic Priestess, KikyoCAPSULESCRIPT
16Mystical Hand of the Amorous Monk, MirokuCAPSULESCRIPT
17Cursed Ink of the Hell-PainterCAPSULESCRIPT
18Naraku and Sesshomaru Join ForcesCAPSULESCRIPT
19Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!CAPSULESCRIPT
20Despicable Villain! The Mystery of Onigumo!CAPSULESCRIPT
21Naraku's True Identity UnveiledCAPSULESCRIPT
22A Wicked Smile; Kikyo’s Wandering SoulCAPSULESCRIPT
23Kagome’s Voice and Kikyo’s KissCAPSULESCRIPT
24Enter Sango the Demon SlayerCAPSULESCRIPT
25Naraku’s Insidious PlotCAPSULESCRIPT
26Secrets of the Jewel of Four Souls RevealedCAPSULESCRIPT
27The Lake of the Evil Water GodCAPSULESCRIPT
28Miroku Falls Into a Dangerous TrapCAPSULESCRIPT
29Sango’s Suffering and Kohaku’s LifeCAPSULESCRIPT
30Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku’s Castle!CAPSULESCRIPT
31Jinenji, Kind Yet SadCAPSULESCRIPT
32Kikyo and Inuyasha, Into the MiasmaCAPSULESCRIPT
33Kikyo, Captured by NarakuCAPSULESCRIPT
34Tetsusaiga and TenseigaCAPSULESCRIPT
35The True Owner of the Great Sword!CAPSULESCRIPT
36Kagome Kidnapped by Koga, the Wolf Demon!CAPSULESCRIPT
37The Man Who Fell in Love with Kagome!CAPSULESCRIPT
38Two Hearts, One MindCAPSULESCRIPT
39Trap In A Duel To The Death!CAPSULESCRIPT
40The Deadly Trap of Kagura the Wind Sorceress!CAPSULESCRIPT
41Kagura's Dance and Kanna's MirrorCAPSULESCRIPT
42The Wind Scar FailsCAPSULESCRIPT
43Tetsusaiga BreaksCAPSULESCRIPT
44Kaijinbo's Evil SwordCAPSULESCRIPT
45Sesshomaru Wields TokijinCAPSULESCRIPT
46Juromaru and KageromaruCAPSULESCRIPT
47Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within NarakuCAPSULESCRIPT
48Return to the Place Where We First MetCAPSULESCRIPT
49Kohaku's Lost MemoryCAPSULESCRIPT
50That Unforgettable Face!CAPSULESCRIPT
51Inuyasha's Soul, DevouredCAPSULESCRIPT
52The Demon's True NatureCAPSULESCRIPT
53Father's Old Enemy, RyukotsuseiCAPSULESCRIPT
54The Backlash Wave, Tetsusaiga's Ultimate AttackCAPSULESCRIPT
55Stone Flowers and Shippo's First LoveCAPSULESCRIPT
56Temptress in the MistCAPSULESCRIPT
57Fateful Night in Togenkyo (part 1)CAPSULESCRIPT
58Fateful Night in Togenkyo (part 2)CAPSULESCRIPT
59Beautiful Sister ApprenticesCAPSULESCRIPT
60Fifty-year Curse of the Dark PriestessCAPSULESCRIPT
61Kikyo and the Dark PriestessCAPSULESCRIPT
62Tsubaki's Unrelenting Evil SpellCAPSULESCRIPT
63 The Red and White PriestessesCAPSULESCRIPT
64Giant Ogre of the Forbidden TowerCAPSULESCRIPT
65Farewell, Days of My YouthCAPSULESCRIPT
66Naraku's Barrier, Kagura's DecisionCAPSULESCRIPT
67Howling Wind of BetrayalCAPSULESCRIPT
68Shippo Receives an Angry ChallengeCAPSULESCRIPT
69Terror of the Faceless ManCAPSULESCRIPT
70Onigumo's Memories RestoredCAPSULESCRIPT
71Three-Sided Battle to the DeathCAPSULESCRIPT
72Totosai's Rigid TrainingCAPSULESCRIPT
73Shiori's Family and Inuyasha's FeelingsCAPSULESCRIPT
74The Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the BarrierCAPSULESCRIPT
75The Plot of the Panther DevasCAPSULESCRIPT
76Target: Sesshomaru and InuyashaCAPSULESCRIPT
77The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of FangCAPSULESCRIPT
79Jaken's Tetsusaiga-Stealing OperationCAPSULESCRIPT
80Sesshomaru and the Abducted RinCAPSULESCRIPT
81Vanishing Point, Naraku DisappearsCAPSULESCRIPT
82Gap Between the AgesCAPSULESCRIPT
83Female Wolf Demon and the Lunar Rainbow PromiseCAPSULESCRIPT
84The Super Fast Bride-to-BeCAPSULESCRIPT
85The Evil Within Demon Head's CastleCAPSULESCRIPT
86Secret of the Possessed PrincessCAPSULESCRIPT
87Kikyo's Solitary JourneyCAPSULESCRIPT
88Three Spirits of the Monkey GodCAPSULESCRIPT
89Visitation Confrontation Between "That Guy" and "Him"CAPSULESCRIPT
90Sota's Brave Confession of LoveCAPSULESCRIPT
91The Suspicious Faith Healer and the Black KiraraCAPSULESCRIPT
92Ambitions of the RevivedCAPSULESCRIPT
93Mystery of the Lecherous MonkCAPSULESCRIPT
94Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 1)CAPSULESCRIPT
95Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 2)CAPSULESCRIPT
97Kirara Who Doesn't ReturnCAPSULESCRIPT
98Kikyo and Kagome Alone In a CaveCAPSULESCRIPT
99Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous EncounterCAPSULESCRIPT
100Nightmarish Reality: Battle in the Forest of DespairCAPSULESCRIPT
101Seven Years Later: Lingering SnowCAPSULESCRIPT
102The Wolf Demons Attacked by a ZombieCAPSULESCRIPT
103Revival of ShichinintaiCAPSULESCRIPT
104The Stealthy Poison User, MukotsuCAPSULESCRIPT
105The Strange Unfolding Steel WeaponCAPSULESCRIPT
106Kagome, Miroku & Sango in DangerCAPSULESCRIPT
107The First Time Inuyasha Shows TearsCAPSULESCRIPT
108The Secret of the Pure AuraCAPSULESCRIPT
109Heading to the Misty Mount HakureiCAPSULESCRIPT
110Enter Bankotsu: Leader of the ShichinintaiCAPSULESCRIPT
111Clash! Banryuu vs. Wind Scar!CAPSULESCRIPT
112The Barrier of Hijiri Island, Floating on a LakeCAPSULESCRIPT
113Mystery of the Iron Club of Hijiri and the Living SaintCAPSULESCRIPT
114Koga's Isolated BattleCAPSULESCRIPT
115Swallowed by the Black LightCAPSULESCRIPT
116The Real Face: ExposedCAPSULESCRIPT
117The Man Who Disappeared into a River of FlamesCAPSULESCRIPT
118The Heart of Mount HakureiCAPSULESCRIPT
119Divine Malice of the Heavenly SaintCAPSULESCRIPT
120Goodbye: Jakotsu's RequiemCAPSULESCRIPT
121Decisive Battle! The Last and Strongest ShichinintaiCAPSULESCRIPT
122Powerful Banryuu! The Duel of Death in Mount HakureiCAPSULESCRIPT
123Naraku Reborn, Beyond the DarknessCAPSULESCRIPT
124Farewell, My Beloved KikyoCAPSULESCRIPT
125The Darkness in Kagome's HeartCAPSULESCRIPT
126Changing Heartache into CourageCAPSULESCRIPT
127Don't Boil! Horror of the Dried DemonsCAPSULESCRIPT
128The Dried Demons and the Culture Festival BattleCAPSULESCRIPT
129Chokyuukai and the Abducted BrideCAPSULESCRIPT
130Roar, Shippo! Arcanum 'Wound of the Heart'CAPSULESCRIPT
131The Scroll of the Goddess of Mercy: Cursed TrapsCAPSULESCRIPT
132Priest Miroku's Most Dangerous ConfessionCAPSULESCRIPT
133 · 134The Woman Who Loved SesshomaruCAPSULESCRIPT
135The Last Banquet of Miroku's MasterCAPSULESCRIPT
136The Bizarre Invisible Demon: Appear, Appear!CAPSULESCRIPT
137The Ancestor's Name is KagomeCAPSULESCRIPT
138Survival of the Two in the Demon-Infested LandCAPSULESCRIPT
139Big Duel at the Sho'Un WaterfallCAPSULESCRIPT
140Eternal Feelings, Halberd of Yin and YangCAPSULESCRIPT
141The Released Demon Horse, EnteiCAPSULESCRIPT
142Rampaging Entei and the Terrifying HakudoshiCAPSULESCRIPT
1433000 Leagues In Search Of FatherCAPSULESCRIPT
144Housenki and the Final ShardCAPSULESCRIPT
145The Bizarre Sentries of the Gate to the Next WorldCAPSULESCRIPT
146The Wild-Tempered Bird-User, Princess AbiCAPSULESCRIPT
147 · 148A Fateful Love Song of Before We First MetCAPSULESCRIPT
149A Single Arrow Calling Up TroubleCAPSULESCRIPT
150The Mysterious Light Guiding the SaintCAPSULESCRIPT
151Kagome's Innate ChoiceCAPSULESCRIPT
152Protect and Plunder!CAPSULESCRIPT
153Fate is a Cruel ReunionCAPSULESCRIPT
154The Demon that Links to the Next WorldCAPSULESCRIPT
155The Demon who Guards the Sacred Jewel FragmentCAPSULESCRIPT
156Decisive Battle Before the Grave! Sesshomaru vs. InuyashaCAPSULESCRIPT
157Pierce Through Naraku: Diamond Spear BlastCAPSULESCRIPT
158Stampede of Countless Demon RatsCAPSULESCRIPT
159Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's HeartCAPSULESCRIPT
160The Violent, Two-Timing Boy Who Brings HappinessCAPSULESCRIPT
161Priest Miroku's Past MistakeCAPSULESCRIPT
162Together with Lord Sesshomaru, ForeverCAPSULESCRIPT
163Kohaku, Sango, and Kirara: The Secret GardenCAPSULESCRIPT
164The Strongest Enemy: Parasitic Pupa ShippoCAPSULESCRIPT
165The Greatest Clue to Defeating NarakuCAPSULESCRIPT
166 · 167The Bond Between the Two — Use the Shikon Shard!CAPSULESCRIPT