episode 47

Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku

Onigumo's Lingering Heart in Naraku
Canon Episode

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OPENING SONG: I am by hitomi
ENDING SONG: Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki

Script: YAMADA Takashi 山田隆司
Storyboard: YAMANAKA Eiji 山中英治
Episode Director: 阿宮正和
Animation Director: ARAKI Hideki 荒木英樹


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Injured warriors: TANAKA Kazunari, NAKAJIMA Toshihiko, SAIZEN Tadahisa


Sacred Jewel fragment: 2 [+0]
No. of 'sit': 0 [27 in all]
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 [2 in all]
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 [20 in all]
‘Kazaana!’: 0 [7 in all]
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 [6 in all]
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 [3 in all]
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 25 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 2 tail-grabbing
0 / 1 throws
0 [51 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 [3 in all]
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 [1 in all]
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 54.5% [12/22]


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Preview from previous episode

Naraku, who set a trap for Kikyo and Inuyasha fifty years ago, has set another to get rid of Kikyo. This is because the Onigumo part in Naraku still loves her and he detests it. Kikyo is in trouble! I know Inuyasha won't leave her in the lurch… but Inuyasha.. why did you hug Kikyo? feels Next episode, 'Onigumo's Lingering Heart in Naraku'!

InuYasha’s Jar

#47 Giant Soul Catcher 47 Giant Soul Catcher

Demon which eats dead souls. Sent by Naraku to get rid of Kikyo. {Shirogetsu}



Naraku is in love with you?! I can't stand the thought!


Men are such fools. They believe that as long as they embrace a woman, she belongs to them.


Oddities and Other Notes


MATSUO Ginzou 松尾銀三 [1951-2001]
From this episode onwards, Gramps' voice is replaced by SUZUKI Katsumi. The original seiyu, MATSUO Ginzou, passed away on 25 August 2001 from cerebral hemorrhage. <Anime News Network>


Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



16 Feb 2008

“Kikyo, tell me, have I changed then?”
In episode 23, Kikyo said to Kaede “By the way, Inuyasha has changed. His face had a softness. Back then, he trusted no one…his eyes were cold.” And it is rather sad when Kikyo is unable to tell Inuyasha how she felt exactly, how Inuyasha has changed. And to rub salt to the wound, Inuyasha’s gaze towards Kikyo is a soft and gentle one, far from the violent menace he was fifty years ago.


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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

In KAE's hut. KAG picks up her bag and is about to leave the hut. INU sit with his back towards her, KAE is tending to his wound. The rest of the group sit around.

KAG:  Well then, I'm going back home. Did you hear, Inuyasha?

INU:   Be quiet, will ya? Just go already!

KAE:  Every time you return, you two get into some argument.

KAG:  Granny Kaede, please take care of the rest. (glares at INU) Humph! (leaves the hut)

SHI:   Inuyasha, are you just going to let her go?!

INU:   Keh! Who cares!

SHI runs out of the hut.

Outside, KAG walks towards the well.

KAG:  (stomping, thinking) Inuyasha you fool! I only stopped the fight because I was worried about your injury.

SHI:   (chasing) Kagome!

KAG is above to leap into the well when she hears SHI.

KAG:  (turns around) Shippo!

SHI:   (leaps onto the mouth of the well, tugs at KAG's skirt, pleading) Please be patient, Kagome. Inuyasha always gets jealous over you.

Flashback of previous episode when KOG was talking to KAG.

KOG:  (holding KAG's hands) Kagome, you're my woman.

SHI:   (voice-over) Inuyasha is small-minded. That's why he takes Koga's words so seriously.

Back to present.

SHI:   He's a pitiful fool who is actually very insecure. And because he's so in love with you…

KAG:  Thank you, Shippo. I'm just going back to get more medicine and bandages. I'll be right back. (puts her index finger over her lips) But don't tell Inuyasha that. Sometimes, it's good to make him worry. (winks)

SHI:   (lets go of KAG's skirt) Oh! I understand. Kagome, please return quickly.

KAG:  Uh-huh.

KAG jumps into the well as SHI looks on.

[ End of ACT I: 1min 32ec ]

[ Title screen: Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku ]

[ ACT II ]

Daytime in a village of peasants and peasant soldiers. KIK is hanging some blankets on a clothesline. A puff of wind blows by and KIK turns around. Cut to KIK walking in a forest.

KIK:   (stops) Naraku…what do you want?

NAR:  (in the background) Sharp as usual, Kikyo.

KIK:   How could I not notice you? Not only today, you've come to spy on me countless times. You seem to be quite concerned about me, Naraku. (puts a hand near her mouth and laughs)

NAR:  What's so funny?

KIK:   Naraku… You can't help but be concerned about me. Because…Onigumo's heart beats strong within you.

A strong wind blows and the leaves rustle. KIK shields herself from the wind. The wind stops.

KIK:   (looking up) He's gone.

Daytime in modern Japan, in the Higurashi residence. KAG walks towards her house and opens the door. Cut to dining table. The family is having breakfast. GRA picks up an egg and is about to eat when KAG walks in.

KAG:  I'm back.

GRA:  Kagome. (drops the egg)

Sota: (shocked) Sis!

Mama: Oh, welcome back! Do you want to eat? Or do you want a bath?

KAG:  (yawns) A bath.

Mama: (stands up and puts a hand around KAG's shoulder) You look so tired. I'll run your bath right now.

KAG:  Thanks.

Mama: Now, now…put down your bag.

KAG and KIK walk off. SOT and GRA gape after them.

GRA:  I can't believe that was a conversation between a mother and a daughter.

Sota: More like a husband who's been away on assignment and his wife.

GRA:  (nods) Uh-huh.

In the bathroom. KAG just finished showering and is blow-drying her hair. She has a towel wrapped around her. GRA and SOT peep in from the door.

GRA:  Kagome, how long are you staying this time?

KAG:  I'll take a nap, then leave. Oh, Sota…can you get me the bandages and antibiotics?

Sota: (nods) Okay.

KAG plops herself onto her bed.

KAG:  Oh… A bed is sooo nice. I'll make sure that Inuyasha worried a little bit. (falls asleep)

In NAR's castle, NAR sit alone in a room. KIK's words from earlier on replays in his mind.

KIK:   (voice-over) Naraku… You can't help but be concerned about me. Because Onigumo's heart beats strong within you.

NAR:  (scoffs, thinking) A woman like that can be killed off anytime. But the reason I can't is that because within me still beats the heart of that Onigumo who so coveted Kikyo? Onigumo's heart… (clenches his fist) That shallow, evil criminal… He was unable to move yet he yearned for Kikyo so much that he offered his body to countless demons to be reborn as Naraku. That foolish human's heart still yearns for Kikyo and it still beats inside me…Naraku. (lightning flashes, NAR smiles) Ludicrous! You belittle me, Kikyo. I, Naraku, am not Onigumo! (opens his fist to reveal a Sacred Jewel) Now that I have the Sacred Jewel nearly whole…I find Onigumo's heart useless and unnecessary.

The Sacred Jewel glows.

A heavy rain pours over a river. NAR's poison bugs appear and fly across the river. Something froth in the water and a gigantic red Soul Catcher burst out of the surface and fly into the dark clouds.

In the village where KIK was earlier on. The skies are gloomy. The peasants look up.

Man 1: (looking up) What is that dark cloud?

Old man: It's been hovering over the temple for a while now.

Man 2: It seems ominous.

KIK, with a bucket of laundry, looks up. Souls fly across the sky.

KIK:   (thinking) Those lights…lost souls. It's devouring the lost souls.

Man 1: What is that?!

KIK:   (worried, thinking) Naraku…is coming after me.

KIK runs into a hut hurriedly and grabs her bow and arrows.

Man 2: (rushes into the hut) Priestess Kikyo, what's wrong?

KIK:   I need to borrow your horse. (runs out hurriedly)

Man 2: Priestess Kikyo!

KIK rides on a horse into the forest, her Soul catchers following. The red soul catcher chases her.

KIK:   (looking back, thinking) That demon…does he intend to eat all the lost souls in this region?! I will not allow it!

The red soul catcher opens wide its mouth and growls. KIK's soul catchers fly towards the red soul catcher and attack it. They are unable to do any damage to it. KIK rides on and nears a cliff. She pulls back her horse and jumps off. The red soul catcher approaches nearer. KIK draws an arrow and shoot, but misses it. The red soul catcher flies near KIK. KIK's soul catchers attack it but disintegrates instead. The red soul catcher opens wide its mouth and growls. Souls fly out of KIK towards it.

KIK:   (falling backwards, thinking) No! It took lost souls from me!

The red soul catcher sucks in more souls from KIK. KIK fires an arrow but misses. It continues to suck in more souls.

KIK:   (backing) Not again…!

KIK gets up her horse and rides away. The red soul catcher chases till it reaches KIK's back. It growls. KIK gasps.

KIK:   Why you--!

The horse neighs and raises its front feet, causing KIK to fall off, and into a valley under the cliff. She lets out a long yell. The red soul catcher chases her into the valley.

Daytime in KAE's hut. SAN, MIR, KAE and SHI are eating. INU lie on his side with his back facing the rest. As the group talks, INU keeps tapping his fingers on his knee and shaking his foot.

SAN:  Monk, how is your wound? Does it still hurt?

MIR:   It's much better now. Thanks to the care you and Kaede have given me. But Naraku has many incarnations.

SAN:  You're talking about Juromaru and Kageromaru?

Flashback from previous episode.

MIR:   (voice-over) Yes… The fourth incarnation, Juromaru, the younger sibling. Fighting is his only volition. He won't even heed Naraku's orders. Even though the Naraku that was handling him was a demon puppet, Juromaru ruthlessly chopped off Naraku's head. Even Naraku seemed to have trouble controlling him.

SAN:  (voice-over) Along with Kageromaru, the older sibling, who hides inside Juromaru. They were both brutal and so mysterious.

Back to hut.

KAE:  We don't know what kind of enemy will attack next. We must be even more careful.

MIR:   Say Inuyasha…aren't you going to call Kagome back?

INU:   Shaddup! We're better off without her!

SAN:  Well then, can you stop your fidgeting? It's really irritating.

INU makes some grunting sounds when he realizes he has been fidgeting. He stops and clenches his fist.

MIR:   Kagome is so patient in dealing with you.

SAN:  I couldn't agree more!

Cut to SHI who is deep in thoughts. Flashback of earlier on, when KAG is about to jump into the Dry Well.

KAG:  I'm just going back for more bandages and medicine. I'll be right back. But don't tell Inuyasha that. It's good to make him worry sometimes. (winks)

Back to present.

SHI:   (thinking) I promised Kagome. I'll keep quiet.

MIR:   No matter how you look at it, Koga's love is one-sided.

SAN:  No need to be so nervous.

INU:   (slams his hand on the ground and yells) What a bother! Listening to you all talk, it's as though it's all my fault! (gets up) I won't apologize! Not me! (runs out of the hut)

The group looks on for a moment. They shake their heads and sigh.

Evening by the Dry Well. INU sits on the ground, which his hands on the mouth of the well.

INU:   (grumbling into the well) Stupid Kagome! Just 'cuz you didn't come back right away, I'm getting all the blame. (shouts) What'd I do anyway? (pauses and lowers his head, thinking) Kagome, are you angry with me, after all? I wonder what she's doing now…

A wind starts to blow and the leaves rustle. INU's ears twitch. He suddenly gasps and stands up.

INU:   (looks up, thinking) A demon's scent!

The red soul catcher flies across the sky.

INU:   (shocked, thinking) W-what's that?! A giant soul collector?! (looks down and gasps)

KIK walks unsteadily from behind some trees.

INU:   K-Kikyo!

KIK:   (weakly) Inuyasha… (collapses onto the ground)

INU:   Kikyo! (rushes towards KIK)

NAR's poison insects appear and hover behind INU.

INU:   (holding up KIK) You're badly hurt! What happened?! (looks back, thinking) Poison insects? Is this another one of Naraku's tricks?!

KIK:   (struggling) W-where is…?

INU looks up. The red soul catcher flies towards them.

INU:   (thinking) He plans to get rid of Kikyo! I won't allow it! As if I'd allow Naraku to kill Kikyo!

The red soul catcher crashes into them, but INU dodges while carrying KIK. It chases them. INU runs and lays KIK by a tree.

INU:   Kikyo…I'll take care of that demon right away. So stay quiet here. (turns around) Demon! (runs to the soul catcher, stops and draws TET) My coming here…is your death sentence!

The soul catcher pauses and then flies swiftly towards INU.

INU:   (shouts) Die! Take this!

When it is about to reach him, INU steps aside and holds out the TET, thus slicing the demon into two as it flies by. The two halves of the demon plop on the ground and souls fly out of them. KIK's soul catchers appear around her. They collect the souls and return them to KIK one by one. INU sheathes TET and looks at KIK.

INU:   (thinking) Without the souls of the dead, you cannot stay alive…Kikyo. (to KIK) Kikyo!

KIK:   (wakes) Inuyasha? Why are you here?

INU:   (runs to KIK) That's my line. Why are you here?

KIK:   The demon came after me.

INU:   And you came here hoping that I'd save you.

KIK:   (angry) Don't be a fool, Inuyasha! I kept running desperately and found myself here.

INU:   (taken aback) Kikyo?

Pan upwards the tree to reveal that it was the same tree that KIK pinned INU on fifty years ago.

Night time in KAG's bedroom. She is still sleeping on her bed. She wakes and notices the clock by her bed stand, which shows that it's 8.03pm. She shots up and grabs the clock.

KAG:  (shocked, yelling) It's night already!

Cut to KAG packing her bag furiously. SOT and GRA peep into the room.

KAG:  Why didn't anyone wake me?!

Sota: You were still asleep?

Night time by the tree. INU looks up into the sky. The soul catchers continue to feed souls to KIK.

INU:   Fifty years…

KIK:   What? What are you thinking?

INU:   (looks at KIK and smiles) We haven't changed at all since fifty years ago.

KIK:   (turns away and closes her eyes) Silly words…I have changed. (turns her head upwards and look at the tree she is lying on) Since that time I sealed you against this tree.

INU:   Because of Naraku's deception, we hated each other and I was sealed here on this tree for fifty years and you died. (looking at KIK seriously) Kikyo, tell me, have I changed then?

KIK looks at INU, lost for words.

INU:   Before I knew of Naraku's existence, I did resent you. But you told me that my life was yours. Well then, your life…is mine.

KIK gasps in shock. She looks down and sighs.

KIK:   You're no different from Naraku, after all.

INU:   (surprised) I'm the same… (squints his eyes) as Naraku?

KIK:   Inside Naraku, Onigumo's heart still beats.

INU:   Onigumo's heart?!

KIK:   That evil man desired me. Killing you with my own hands was something that the jealous heart of Onigumo schemed.

INU:   Jealous?! Over something so ridiculous?!

KIK:   Yes…ridiculous! That is what humans are.

INU:   (thinking) Onigumo's heart remains inside Naraku? (to KIK nervously) Wait, Kikyo… Then does Naraku care about you…?

KIK:   He doesn't want to acknowledge it. But there's a lingering feeling for me. And he's trying to erase that feeling by getting rid of me. (clenches her fist and stands) Enough, Inuyasha. I have replenished myself with lost souls.

INU:   Kikyo… You… You aren't planning to destroy Naraku alone, are you?! You can't! Naraku is in love with you?! (closing his eyes and shaking his head) I can't stand the thought!

At the Dry Well, KAG climbs out and walks towards the village.

KAG:  There! I'm so late! Oh well…I guess Inuyasha would have calmed down… (stops and notices the souls flying across the sky) What are those lights?

KAG chases the souls into the forest. She reaches near INU and KIK, gasps and hides behind a tree.

KAG:  (peeping out, thinking) Inuyasha and Kikyo? Why? What's going on? What happened in my absence?

INU:   I don't care how you feel about me now! (takes a few steps towards KIK) I will not let Naraku have you! (grabs KIK's shoulders) Only I can protect you from Naraku! (hugs KIK tightly)

KIK:   What?! Are you…crazy?!

KAG gasps.

KIK:   (struggling) Let me go!

KIK struggles to get INU off for awhile. She stops and hugs INU back. INU and KIK hug for a long time. KAG closes her eyes and goes back to hiding behind the tree.

INU:   I will be the one to slay Naraku! So you don't have to fight anymore. I will protect you.

KIK:   Inuyasha…

INU:   Kikyo…

Stil hugging, KIK reaches into her sleeve and pull out a dagger. She holds it up and points it at INU.

INU:   (notices the dagger and backs off a little) Kikyo!

KIK:   Men are such fools. They believe that as long as they embrace a woman, she belongs to them.

INU:   Kikyo?

KIK:   (points the knife at INU's neck) Don't move! Watching you now, I realize that so well. As long as Onigumo's heart exists inside Naraku, there will be an opportunity. I will use that chance to purify Naraku and totally destroy him.

INU:   Kikyo…

The soul catchers surround KIK and lift her off the ground.

INU:   Kikyo! (shouts) Kikyo!

KIK floats high up in the sky.

KIK:   (thinking) Once the thread of fate is tangled, it cannot be undone.

INU:   (yells) Kikyo!

In NAR's castle. NAR is half-naked, holding a sword in his hand.

NAR:  Envy… (a spider shaped burn scar gradually appears on his bare back) A human emotion from the heart of that simpering fool Onigumo. (holds up his sword) Despicable!

Cut to silhouette of NAR formed on the door. He slices off the skin on his back with his sword and its falls off.

Outside KAE's hut. MIR and KAE look at the sky. Souls float in the distance.

MIR:   Those lights…

KAE:  (thinking) Lost souls. My sister Kikyo…is she nearby?

Back to INU who stares at the lingering souls. KAG is still hiding behind a tree. She stares into space and collapses on her knees. INU gasps and turns around, noticing part of KAG's bag behind it. KAG pulls it in quickly. A moment later, KAG stands up and walks out from behind the tree.

INU:   (thinking) Kagome! Were you watching?

KAG:  (thinking) Inuyasha is looking straight at me. How? How can he not avert his eyes?

The two look at each other without saying a word.

[ End of ACT II: 20min 34sec ]

[ End of episode 47: Onigumo's Heart Still Beats Within Naraku ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Inuyasha decided to protect Kikyo… I can't stay be his side anymore… so I returned to my own time. But the jewel fragments are still with me… I should return them. But if I returned them, would everything end just like that…? I stood in front of the Sacred Tree where we first met… Next episode, 'Return to the Place Where We First Met'.


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