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Articles & Readings


Special articles only available here at InuSEC, for your entertainment.

Time Travellers: Things that Kagome brought over to the Feudal Age from the modern age. (image heavy and in progress)

Mystical Hands: A collation of the hand signs used throughout the anime.

Forest of Despair: An EP100 Nightmarish Reality: Battle in the Forest of Despair special.

Frequently Asked Questions: And some funny ones.

Kitsunebi!: A list of Shippo's fox magic and when he uses it. Contains short descriptions and animated gifs!

Myoga’s Special Concoction!: An EP107 The First Time Inuyasha Shows Tears Special.

SHAM: SHAM's product placement in Inuyasha, featuring our favourite model.


All things related to the production of the anime.

Theme songs: Lyrics, screencaps and production info.

The Underdogs: A compendium of voice talents that bring the characters to life.

Behind the Scenes: A chart of the production crew.

Articles on the web

Anime VS Manga: On the differences between the anime and manga series, and good and bad points about each. t(Archived from The Puppy Files)

Ask Fluffy: A funny Q&A session with Fluffy (aka Sesshomaru). (Archived from Wonderland)

Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha: The Real Truth: On why Sesshomaru would never kill Inuyasha. (Archived from The Puppy Files)

The Symptoms of Inuyasha Addiction: (translated from yule.sohu.com)