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The Symptoms of Inuyasha Addiction

Written on September 18, 2005
Last revised on February 19, 2008.

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This article is translated from a Mandarin Inuyasha forum. As it is rather funny, I took the liberty to translate it. The original article can be found here: 一个犬夜叉迷的症状. The author is 日暮小琳.


  1. Even if your surname (last name) is anything else in the world, you insists that you are a Higurashi.
  2. You always suspect that you have a past life. Regrettably, the only person who looks like you is your mom.
  3. You have an impulse to jump into any well you see. Your friends think you're suicidal and are worried about you.
  4. Everytime you see someone creating trouble, you'll go up and shout “Sit!” or “Osuwari!”, but gets a good thumping instead.
  5. You name your pet "Inuyasha", even though it's just a bunny.
  6. You like holding your one-year-old upside-down by his ankle.
  7. You never wear masks, because you're afraid that you won't be able to take it off. (Noh-mask)
  8. You like shattering glass into pieces, then finding and gluing them back piece by piece, and feels proud about it.
  9. Everytime something is lost, you'll say that you sucked it up with your hand.
  10. Everytime you go out, you'll always push a bicycle and carry a big fat bagpack.
  11. Your mom nags about your long and sharp finger nails, and is repulsed by the way you gobble down your food.
  12. You envy the gray hair on your grandpa, because it resembles that of your idol.
  13. You send emails to your friends saying that you won't be home for the next few days, even though you're tucked in bed by 10pm every night.
  14. Everytime you see a dog, you have an impulse to touch its ears.
  15. You force your boyfriend to wrap a white scarf on his shoulder.
  16. You always say that you are a 'half' (or mixed-blood), but nobody knows that what you mean is half-demon, half-human.
  17. When you see a baboon in the zoo, you have this feeling that it is some other creature with a baboon suit.

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