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Edit in 2018: Needless to say, quite a number of sites are no longer available since the anime is so old. You can try for archived copies.


OSUWARI : A concise collection of Inuyasha fanlistings.

TEMPERANCE : A very good shrine for Fluffy [aka Sesshomaru].


EAR TWEAK : A personal favorite. Loads of hilarious spoofs and digs at INU-gang. Check out the File it under Keh! section! Really! But make no mistake, this web master lurrrrves the INU-gang. Just the trove of manga scans and translations would make you kowtow. Or sit.

International Yasha : Wonder what Jaken would sound like in German? Or Sesshomaru in Italian? Check out this page. It's hilarious!


Anime News Network : Lots of info about the production of Inuyasha.

Facebook Group -  !.!.!InuYasha!.!.! : One of the most active Facebook Fan page.

Inu-Goya : Information on the series itself, like airing schedule and album release.

InuYasha Information From Japan : Informative website of all things related to Inuyasha. Includes movies and games trailers. A rare gem!

Inuyasha Wiki : Some information found here are detailed, and is still growing. So head over if you can contribute what you know about Inuyasha!

Youkaimura : Not Inuyasha-related, but useful for learning about the demons and monsters in Japanese culture. Inuyasha uses alot of these archetypes.


Not Useless : Fanlisting and shrine for Jaken.
& M O O N F L O W E R : Fanlisting for Ayame
Merciless Adversary : Fanlisting for Bankotsu
Fatty Feline : Fanlisting for Buyo
It’s Wonderland : Fanlisting for Change the World
I Get The Feeling : fanlisting for Come
always on my mind : fanlisting for Dearest
Giving Life a Chance : Fanlisting for Enju
A W A K E N : Fanlisting for episode 1
Unforgettable Night : Fanlisting for episode 116
Of Monks & Madness : Fanlisting for episode 135
Always : Fanlisting for episode 162
Petite Foe : Fanlisting for episode 164
sweet emotion : fanlisting for episode 19
You found me : fanlisting for episode 35
Unforgettable Night : Fanlisting for episode 57 & 58
Shippo the Brave : Fanlisting for episode 68
Fangs of Father : Fanlisting for episode 77
Love is Sacrifice : Fanlisting for episode 78
Endlessly : Fanlisting for Every Heart
Shards of Eternity : Fanlisting for Grip!
Innocent Malice : Fanlisting for Hakudoshi.
Raigeki-Jin : Fanlisting for Hiten
OSUWARI! : Fanlisting for Inuyasha
Sweet Emotion : Fanlisting for Itazurana Kiss.
Deceptive Smile : Fanlisting for Jakotsu
Leap of Faith : Fanlisting for Kagome
Repose Eternal : Fanlisting for Kikyo
Tangled Strings : Fanlisting for Kohaku
Lustful Priest : Fanlisting for Miroku
Hikari no Yume : Fanlisting for One Day, One Dream
Unending Dream : fanlisting for Owarinai Yume
Magnolia : Fanlisting for Sango.
Ryuteki : Fanlisting for Sara
Lord of Destruction : Fanlisting for Sesshomaru.
Be My Guide : Fanlisting for Shinjitsu no Uta
Kawaii : Fanlisting for Souten
Temperance : Sesshomaru Shrine
Alacrity : Shrine and fanlisting for Koga
The Kappei Index : Shrine for Kappei Yamaguchi, the voice of Inuyasha!<

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