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Written on March 17, 2006
Last revised on October 8, 2018.

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Below are questions that I get often, and some are just plain bizarre. As usual, email me at


Q1. I just finished watching episode 167. Are there any more episodes coming up? I’m really addicted to this show!!

Yes, you are in luck. Catch the series finale The Final Act. Or you can watch the movies.

  1. Feelings that Transcend Time
  2. Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
  3. Sword of World Conquest
  4. Crimson Hourai Island

Q2. Why is your script different from mine? Are there different voice actors/actresses?

This is a tricky question, and I hope to answer as well as I can: For every country that Inuyasha is exported to, the distributor will hire translators to do translate the scripts, and voice-actors to dub over, so that more people can understand the anime. Hence, if you’re living outside Japan, you can usually get ‘dual-soundtrack’, which is one in Japanese, and one in the native language of your country. Different countries would have their own set of voice actors and actresses. My version of Inuyasha anime is Japanese & Chinese DUBBED, and English SUBBED, which means it has two soundtracks, one in the original Japanese language, and the other in Chinese, and with English subtitles. Since I live in a different country from yours, the translated English scripts are different.

Q3. Hi! You should put more stuffs in your websit! *Sleepy smiley*

While I do like to get emails about feedback for this site, it will be more constructive if you provide some suggestions as to what you’d like to see added. This website is titled InuSEC (Inuyasha Scripts and Episode Capsules). To that end, I believe this site contains all the information and observations that I can find on each episode. A lot of interesting contributions come from visitors like yourself, and I’m greatly thankful for them. Any other things about the anime which are not episode-specific are found in the ‘articles’ and ‘Goodies’ sections.
Anything that you feel should be added, please email me. But please, give a suggestion!

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