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Written on December 17, 2005
Last revised on October 8, 2018.

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Shippo's fox magic




Fox Fire [狐火]

/img_inu/kitsune/foxfire.jpgAlso known as hitodama or spirit flame. The hitodama may exist as a ‘demon’ by itself, but can also be used by kitsunes like Shippo.

Demonstrated in episodes 9, 13, 14, 18, 55, 58, 63, 68, 94, 100, 101, 106, 127, 133+134, 136, 138, 139, 159, 164 & 166+167.

Pink Flying Form

/img_inu/kitsune/balloon.gifInflates himself into a HUGE pink ball with dangling limbs. Shippo is able to float in this form. Adopted by Inuyasha Scripts as mascot.

Demonstrated in episodes 9, 12, 27, 37, 55, 57, 68, 88, 92, 122, 123, 124, 130, 135, 139, 140, 144, 164.


Transform into the guise of any character/thing.


As Kagome
Episodes 10, 20, 89, 135.


As bow
Episode 10


As spider
Episode 13


As Koga
Episode 37


As beautiful woman
Episode 129

/img_inu/kitsune/sango.gifAs Sango

Episode 161

/img_inu/kitsune/chicken.gifAs chicken

Episode 164


/img_inu/kitsune/jizo.gif· Jizo statue · /img_inu/kitsune/mushroom.gif· Wailing Mushrooms ·
Technically a variation of Doggelganger skill, but the Jizo Statue skill is used to weigh enemies down. If a charm is sealed on it, the statue would not move until the charm is taken off.
Episode 9, 97, 126, 164.
Red little mushrooms which sprout from the ground and wail hysterically in Shippo’s voice.
Episodes 36, 68, 104, 130, 164 (laughing mushrooms).
/img_inu/kitsune/top.gif· Spinning Top · /img_inu/kitsune/snake.gif· Snake / Dragon·
Small toy top spun into a illusion of a big top.
Episodes 10 (on Manten), 18 (on Jaken), 68, 88, 91, 104 (on Mukotsu), 106, 130, 164.
Toy snake that transforms into a huge illustionary one.
Episode 55, 88, 164.
/img_inu/kitsune/horse.gif· Horse · /img_inu/kitsune/multi.gif· Multiply leaves ·
Toy horse which tranfoms into a pony. Able to carry one passenger.
Episode 55, 104.
Leaves which doppelgangs as Shippo.
Episode 21, 55, 136.
/img_inu/kitsune/bomb.gif· Dynamite · /img_inu/kitsune/acorns.gif· Wailing Acorns ·
Dynamite for escape.
Episodes 76 & 158.
Episodes 126, 164.
/img_inu/kitsune/hammer.gif· Ball and Hammer · /img_inu/kitsune/spin.gif· Spinner ·
Enlarges into a deadly trap.
Episode 164.
Propellers on a stick which makes the person fly when it’s stuck on their head. (like Doraemon).
Episode 164.

Wound of the Heart [心の傷]

Also known as kokoro no kizu or Heart Scar (a play on Inuyasha’s Wind Scar). Developed in episode 130, when Shippo was forced to play a trick on Mizuki, which led to her hating him. Heartbroken, he venged his anger on a Lizard Demon and adapted Inuyasha’s ‘hit the spot of demonic aura to invoke the Wind Scar’ to ‘Heart Scar’, in which he bite onto the spot of the demonic aura instead.

Universe of Clouds

/img_inu/kitsune/invisible.gifA trick to turn invisible. First put an exorcism talisman on forehead, then add a magic leaf. But the spell doesn’t last long. Invented by Shippo in epiosde 136 to deal with the ‘Invisible Demon’.

For more readings on Fox Magic, refer to “Kitsune” and “Hitodama” at Youkaimura.

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