episode 79

Jaken's Tetsusaiga-Stealing Operation

Filler Episode

Episode Capsule last revised on 21 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Every Heart by BoA

Script: TAKAHASHI Tetsuko 高橋哲子
Storyboard: FUKUMOTO Kiyoshi 福本 潔
Episode Director: FUKUMOTO Kiyoshi 福本 潔
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Imp: KISHIO Daisuke
Demon nun: 島宗りつこ


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 3 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 38 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 22 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 29 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 12 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 1 / 18 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 9 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 30 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [59 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 5 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 6 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 57.9% [22/38]


  1. Synopsis
  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
  6. Production Notes
  7. Script
  8. Contributors & References

Preview from previous episode

Hey Inuyasha, do you know the game 'Scissors, paper, stone'?

Isn't that the name of that guy who follows Sesshomaru?

That's Jaken. Hey let's start! Scissors, paper, stone! I win!

How weird… strange things keep happening today.

Scissors, paper, stone! I win again! There's Kazaana, too!

Isn't that guy Jaken? He's after my Tetsusaiga? Next on Inuyasha, "Jaken's Tetsusaiga-stealing Operation".

Forget about Jaken, let's play!


‘Scissors, paper, stone’ in Japanese sounds like ‘Ja-ken-pon’, hence the reference to Jaken.

InuYasha’s Jar

#79 Motoko 無男

Jaken's subordinate, a demon. It was born out of the crystallization of human regrets.



Hey, this is just a game!

Don’t tell me both our hands have been cursed.

(thinking) It’s your character that’s been cursed.


Rin. If you’re hungry, go look for some food yourself.


Where’s Inuyasha? Are dogs afraid of water?


Oddities and Other Notes


‘Scissors, paper, stone’ in Japanese sounds like ‘Ja-ken-pon’, which is apt for Jaken sliding down a bamboo and landing on the syllable ‘pon’
Mujina or Faceless One
Motoko may have its roots in a type of Japanese demons known as mujina. Mujinas are known to play tricks, especially on wicked people. <Youkaimura>


Not exactly civic-minded…
It is strange that given Sango and Kagome’s cautious nature, they left Motoko’s fire burning in the forest.
Things that Motoko stole from the gang: a top, a ball toy, a handkerchief, a chain of copper coins, a red cloth, a lip gloss, a bottle of Sacred Jewel shards, two sweets, a pencil , two marbles, a comb, an eraser, a snake toy, a leaf and a bamboo water container.
Kirara is missing from the entire episode. It was only when Sango needed her and said, ‘Let’s go, Kirara!’, that she suddenly runs out from nowhere.

When Motoko showed his loot to Jaken, he was holding a pencil. But when he returned the things to them, it was a pen instead. Also, when it fell out of his clothes, the pen had a white casing, but when it fell to the ground, it had a transparent casing instead.
If Motoko took the bottle of sacred jewel shards from the INU gang, why didn't he just take them and use them for himself? < karrie>

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun

Kagome’s note to Jaken
ございました ♥

Loose translation:
Thank you
Under the mat now??
Jaken’s sword sharpening signboard
I’m under practice, and I can sharpen your blade for free.



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

Flashback from episode 18, an image of SES facing the sunset. Cut to image from episode 7, of the grave Inuyasha's father.

JAK:   (narrating) My master, the undefeatable, powerful Lord Sesshomaru.

Cut to image of TET. Cut to recap from episode 18 when SES used TET and performed the Wind Scar.

JAK:   (narrating) I will steal the Tetsusaiga, rumored to have killed countless demons, and give it to Lord Sesshomaru.

Cut to flashback from episode 7, of young INU running to his mother.

JAK:   (narrating) To think Lord Sesshomaru has a half-demon for a brother. Inuyasha will not have the sword!

[ Title screen: Jaken's Tetsusaiga-Stealing Operation ]

Night time. The moon is a luminous orange. KAR flies up on her feather into the sky. She scoffs and flies off.

Cut to a wide open field. Rin looks around. Suddenly her stomach growls.

SES:   Rin.

Rin:   Yes, Lord Sesshomaru.

SES:   If you're hungry, go look for some food yourself.

Rin:   (raises her hand) I know! (runs off) I'm off!

SES looks at the orange moon.

Cut to JAK leading A-Un and walking. Rin is on A-Un.

JAK:   I don't believe it! Lord Sesshomaru actually allowed Rin to look for food on her own.

Rin:   Grandpa Jaken, where are you going?

JAK:   (exasperated) Where can I go? Wherever there's food!

Rin:   Grandpa Jaken. Have you thought of how we can help Lord Sesshomaru?

JAK:   (stops, turns around and yells) Of course! I have so many ideas!

Rin:   Really?

JAK:   Of course! For example… (notices the orange moon and gasps, thinking) Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga has turned red!

Cut-scene from episode 77, when INU broke the Panther Demon's barrier with red TET.

JAK:   (thinking) I wonder what Lord Sesshomaru is thinking. Inuyasha's sword is powerful enough to break the strongest barriers. It has become a very dangerous weapon. Although Lord Sesshomaru has the Tensaiga and Tokijin, he shouldn't allow Inuyasha to own such a powerful weapon.

Cut to present.

JAK:   (gasps, thinking) That's right! We shouldn't allow it at all! (closes his eyes and laughs)

Rin:   Grandpa Jaken!

JAK:   (determined) Listen, Rin! Today I will show Lord Sesshomaru my loyalty! (shouts) I'll show my true power!

[ End of ACT I: 3min 57sec ]

[ ACT II ]

Daytime in a bamboo forest. INU-gang is separated into two groups. INU, KAG and SHI are in a group, standing in front, while MIR and SAN forms the other group, standing in the back. The two groups face each other.

INU:   (shouts) One more time!

SAN:  (shouts) Okay!

KAG, INU & SHI: Scissors, Paper, Stone! (raise their clenched fists in the air)

SHI:   (gushes) Yes, we win again!

INU:   (sniggers) It feels good to win! Right?

SAN and MIR both have their hands raised in a 'scissors' stance.

KAG:  Sa-n-ko-n-Tes-sou-o! (INU's group takes step forward for each syllable that KAG chants)

INU:   (turns around) Okay, let's begin!

KAG:  Sango, can you hear?

SAN:  No problem!

MIR sighs and droops his shoulders.

SAN:  Priest Miroku, why are you sighing? You're useless!

MIR:   (disappointed) If we didn't both show 'scissors', we could have had a draw. (pauses and smiles) Oh, I get it, Sango. Do you wish to be with me? (reaches to grope SAN's butt but feels HIR instead)

SAN:  Hey, this is just a game!

MIR:   (shakes his hand and looks at it, serious) Don't tell me both our hands have been cursed.

SAN:  (squints sideways at MIR, thinking) It's your character that's been cursed.

The group continues their game.

KAG, INU & SHI: Scissors, Paper, Stone! (raise wide-open palms in the air [paper])

Cut to image of MIR raising his Wind Tunnel hand, with clenched fist [stone].

INU:   (gloating) Yes! We win again!

SHI:   Of course, let's use Kazaana!

KAG, INU & SHI: Ka-za-a-na! (INU's group takes step forward for each syllable)

Cut to a dense part of the bamboo forest.

MIR:   (background, shouts) Hey, were you guys cheating?

SAN:  (background) You're a sore lose, Priest.

JAK:   (slides down a bamboo) Scissors, Paper, Stone!* (lands and runs off, giggling, thinking) I'm finally here. Where are you? Come out this instant, Motoko!

* 'Scissors, paper, stone' in Japanese sounds like 'Ja-ken-pon', which is apt for Jaken sliding down a bamboo and landing on the syllable 'pon' *

A faceless man crawls out from the ground and kneels in front of JAK.

Motoko: You called me?

* Motoko abbreviated as MOT from now onwards *

JAK:   Motoko, Inuyasha is arriving. We need to steal the Tetsusaiga! You are a demon formed from human spirits. You can do it!

MOT:  (slow) Tetsusaiga…?

JAK:   That precious sword of Inuyasha's.

MOT:  It's precious?

JAK:   (nods and grunts) Steal it now!

Back to INU-gang.

INU-Gang: Scissors, Paper, Stone!

INU shows a 'paper' and KAG a 'scissors'.

KAG:  That's great! We win again!

SHI:   Kagome, you're smart!

KAG:  (smiles) I'm very good at this! I showed Scissors just now. Hi-ra-i-ko-tsu!

KAG takes a step forward for each syllable that she chants, and she is out of sight from MIR and SAN.

SAN:  (sighs) We can't see Kagome now…

MIR:   Now we can't tell if they're cheating.

SAN:  (eyes MIR dismissingly) Well…

SAN and MIR suddenly turn to a direction, apprehensive.

SAN:  Priest…

KAG:  (turns around, worried) Inuyasha, what's that?

INU:   (turns around) What? What's that?

The bamboo forest starts to be enveloped in a fog.

SHI:   Is that haze?

KAG:  Seems to be smoke…

SAN:  A fire?

MIR:   No, I don't think so.

Soon the fog thickens such that the group can't see each other.

MIR:   (gasps) What is this?!

SAN:  (slaps MIR) Stop touching!

MIR:   No, Sango. I didn't touch you!

INU, KAG and SHI start to cough badly.

KAG:  (shocked) Who's pulling me?

INU:   Kagome! (punches someone) Go to hell!

The fog clears.

KAG:  (gasps) They're gone! (reaches into her pocket) My Sacred Jewel fragments!

INU:   What?!

Back to JAK.

JAK:   (pacing anxiously in a circle) Where is that guy?

MOT:  (walks up to JAK and reaches into his clothes) Lord Jaken, here's what you wanted.

JAK:   (excited) You stole the Tetsusaiga?!

MOT holds out SHI's toys: a top and a ball toy.

JAK:   That's not it!

MOT holds out a handkerchief and a chain of copper coins.

JAK:   These are rubbish!

MOT holds out a red cloth.

JAK:   What are these?!

MOT:  (holds out a lip gloss, a bottle of Sacred Jewel shards, two sweets, a pencil , two marbles and a comb) Not these…?

JAK:   (leaps and knocks MOT on the head repeatedly) You are so stupid! (lands, turns around, and kicks sand at MOT like a dog) You are too useless! (leaps up and down exasperatedly) I want the Tetsusaiga!

MOT's head, which was dented from JAK's knocking, slowly balloons back to its normal shape.

MOT:  Tetsusaiga?

JAK:   Inuyasha's sword!

MOT:  You want that broken sword?

JAK:   You fool!

MOT:  It didn't look precious.

JAK:   Stop talking nonsense. Go steal it for me!

MOT sighs and walks off.

JAK:   What's with him?

Rin:   (walks out from behind a tree) Grandpa Jaken, is he doing a bad thing?

JAK:   (looks down disappointedly) Actually it's better to do it myself. (looks up) I remember now.I used to have a huge group of men.

Fade to flashback. JAK sits on a sedan, carried by a few imps. An army of imps holding spears alongside the sedan.

JAK:   (voice-over) There were at least 50 of those demons.

Cut to imps and JAK attacking several demons.

JAK:   (voice-over) Once we started a battle with the demons from the East.

Cut to image of a wrinkled demon with huge white hair.

JAK:   (voice-over) The head of the enemy was an old demon nun. She wasn't to be trifled with.

The old demon nun grabs JAK, who is wincing and struggling. Cut to the old demon nun raising JAK to her mouth, about to devour him.

JAK:   (voice-over) At that very moment…!

SES appears on the scene.

SES:   Don't block the way. Stand aside.

JAK:   Who are you?

SES:   I said stand aside. (lashes out his poison whip) Don't you understand?

SES slashes off the arms of the demon nun with his whip effortlessly. The cut-off hands release JAK, who falls to the ground.

JAK:   (shocked thinking) W-What…!

Cut to SES killing off the rest of the demons with his poison whip.

JAK:   You… made a path!

SES walks coolly among JAK and the imps, who have made a path for him and are kowtowing. SES walks past JAK, who looks up at him in awe.

JAK:   (with soft eyes, thinking) He's so suave… How can anyone… be so powerful?

JAK gets up and starts to run after SES.

Imp:  (stands) Lord Jaken!

JAK:   (stops and turns around, determined) Forget about me! (turns and chases SES)

Imp:  (chases) Lord Jaken!!! (stops)

The imps look as their leader, JAK, leaves them. Cut to a forest. SES is walking. JAK kowtows in front of him.

JAK:   Please forgive my ignorance. Perhaps you didn't mean to, but you saved my life! Please allow me to serve you! I beg of you!

SES walks past JAK in silence.

JAK:   (looks up and sees SES walking off) Wait for me! (chases)

Cut to SES standing in front of a waterfall. He reaches in and takes out the Human Head Staff. He turns around and looks at JAK, who is in a kowtow position.

SES:   Hey! (throws the staff at JAK)

JAK:   (looks at SES) May I know… why…

SES:   Use it if you need to.

JAK:   (gasps and holds out the staff in a thankful manner) Pardon me… How do I address you?

SES:   Sesshomaru.

JAK:   (gasps) L-Lord Sesshomaru… (kowtows)

Cut to present.

JAK:   I've followed him for many years. All for repaying his kindness. (frowns) You can't trust that Motoko. (takes the Human Head Staff and runs off) I'll help him.

Rin:   Grandpa Jaken is so busy!

Cut to MOT fanning the smoke from a pile of burning leaves. INU-gang walks up to him.

INU:   So you're that thief!

KAG:  Return the Sacred Jewel fragments, or else!

SAN:  Stealing from us… You must be tired of living.

MOT:  (walks up to INU-gang and examines them) Sword… sword… (reaches towards INU) Oh, it's here!

INU:   (unsheathes TET) What are you doing?

MOT:  Tetsusaiga! Give it to me… (reaches for TET)

Static surges from TET and strikes MOT, who falls backwards.

INU:   (chuckles) You fool! Struck down by the Tetsusaiga's barrier!

SAN:  As a demon he shouldn't have touched it.

The group starts to surround MOT, who is reeling pain on the ground.

SHI:   (sympathetically) During the warring states era, the spirits of homeless soldiers often gathered to form a demon called Motoko. So he's really pitiful.

SAN:  So… we should really pity him.

KAG:  Shall we just get our stuff back and let him go?

MOT stands and lifts up his clothes. The things that he stole from the group falls out.

KAG:  Found it!

SHI:   The fragments!

SAN:  My things too!

Cut to MOT walking away.

SHI:   (shouts) Don't steal again, okay?

MOT turns around and nods.

KAG:  Or we'll skin you alive!

MOT raises his hand and waves goodbye.

MIR:   If you don't mind, I'll pray for you!

MOT turns around and walks off. Cut to INU-gang walking off. (the fire that MOT started is still burning)

INU:   He's interesting.

SAN:  What a demon.

MIR:   Yup, there are all kinds of demons.

JAK appears in front of the fire.

JAK:   Damn! That fool! What's that…

A flint from the fire flies onto JAK's clothes and it catches fire.

JAK:   (panics) Hot, hot, hot! (runs through the forest) Ouch, ouch! Hot, hot, hot, hot! Help…!

JAK runs through a bush and comes off a cliff.

JAK:   (running in mid-air) Water… water… I need water! Water!

JAK stops running and realizing he is in mid-air. He looks down and shrieks. Cut to bird's eye view of JAK high above the forest, shrieking. Cut to worm's eye view of JAK in the sky, shrieking. He falls to the ground, yelling.

Cut to INU-gang.

KAG:  (turns around) Did you hear something?

INU:   You're nuts.

MIR:   Everything's settled. Let's go.

KAG:  Okay!

The gang walks off.

Cut to JAK leaning on a boulder, all disheveled.

JAK:   (clenches his fist angrily) Inuyasha, you brat!

Rin:   (flies near JAK on A-Un) Grandpa Jaken, are you still hurting?

JAK:   Hurts like hell!

Rin:   Then forget it?

JAK:   Forget what? What's with you, Rin? How can we forget it?

Rin:   You're the one who wants to help your master! (flies off)

JAK:   When did I say that?!

JAK:   (determined, yelling) Watch it, Inuyasha. I swear I will steal that Tetsusaiga from you!

INU-gang walks along a forest path.

INU:   I can't believe that just happened to us.

Cut to JAK, with a white wig, fake bushy eyebrows, moustache and beard, sitting under a tree along the path. He sits on a tatami, and a signboard is placed next to him.

JAK:   (in old voice) Sorry to bother you, Sir.

INU-gang stops.

MIR:   (reads the signboard) Let's see. 'I'm under practice, and I can sharpen your blade for free.'

INU:   He looks suspicious. What is he up to?

JAK:   Sharpening blades is a form of meditation. (laughs to himself, thinking) Inuyasha… (an incense burns next to JAK) You're too dizzy from my incense spell to know how I am! (to INU) If you don't mind, I can sharpen that soul of yours.

INU:   Soul?

MIR:   He's talking about your sword.

INU:   (holds TET) This?

JAK:   Yes, yes, that's it. (a glitter appears over his eye)

SAN:  (glad) A professional blade sharpener.

KAG:  Probably from the Warring States Era. Then let him sharpen it!

SAN:  And it's free! (puts HIR on JAK's sharpening tablet)

MIR:   That's really kind of you. (puts his staff on JAK's sharpening tablet)

KAG:  Sorry to trouble you. (puts a few arrows on the tablet)

SHI:   You'll be repaid! (puts his spinning top on the sharpening tablet)

JAK:   Er…

INU-gang walks off. (INU is still holding to his TET)

MIR:   Thanks so much. We'll be back.

INU:   We'll be waiting!

JAK:   (scratches his head in frustration) Inuyasha, you brat! (takes the arrows and the top, determined) That's great. I'll sharpen them real well. (eyes burns with fiery resolution) Then Inuyasha will let me handle his Tetsusaiga! Then the Tetsusaiga will be mine! (starts sharpening an arrow) Quick, quick, quick! (sharpens the top) Fast, fast! (sharpens the staff) Sharpen, sharpen, sharpen! (sharpens HIR) Jaken can do it! I'm the best!

Cut to Rin giving A-Un a bath in the river. Rin is thinking. Cut to flashback of JAK scolding her just now.

JAK:   (angry) Stop bothering me!

Cut to present.

Rin:   (scoffs, thinking) We'll see how things turn out!

A flower flows in the river.

Rin:   (exclaims) I've got it. (runs off) Come, A-Un!

INU-gang is back at JAK's sharpening stall, closing up of JAK's incense nearly burning out.

SHI:   Wow, that's really bright!

Cut to MIR dropping a leaf on his staff, which is cut into two.

MIR:   Look at the workmanship!

Cut to INU-gang (except INU) examining their weapons.

SAN:  He's good!

KAG:  Really!

INU:   (sulking) I should have given him my sword.

Pan sideways to reveal JAK snoring away on the tatami.

SHI:   But the old man's fallen asleep!

KAG:  Let him sleep.

MIR:   We'll leave him a note.

INU:   We have no choice.

Cut to a cute note left on JAK. JAK chortles and wakes. He jumps up and looks around.

JAK:   Everything is gone! Everything! (scratches his head in frustration) I was cheated! (punches himself in the face) I'm dead! (falls to the ground and hits it repeatedly, thinking) To think I was going to trick Inuyasha (does belly flop like a fish on dry land, thinking) into giving me his sword! (stops and sits up) Wait, things can be salvaged.

By a group of rocks. JAK puts a red charm on it. He does a little weird dance, chants gibberish and strikes the charm with the bottom of his staff. Water gushes out from the rock.

JAK:   We'll see, Inuyasha. Tonight, the Tetsusaiga will be in my hands!

JAK laughs smugly to the sky as the water begins to fill up the area.

Evening in a forest. Rin is picking flowers. She stands up.

Rin:   I've picked enough for Lord Sesshomaru. (looks to A-Un) Let's go home!

Night time. Cut to Rin on A-Un, walking in the forest.

Rin:   (looks around) Hey…which way do I go? Why…am I lost? (looks at A-Un) Do you smell Lord Sesshomaru?

A-Un's left head shakes.

Rin:   Then… (looks down disappointedly) there's nothing I can do. I'll look for Grandpa Jaken.

INU-gang is sitting in an opening in the forest, starting a campfire.

KAG:  I'm tired…

SAN:  Me too.

MIR:   (looks in the distance) Is that… a spring?

KAG:  Really?

Cut to INU-gang walking towards the spring.

KAG:  That's great!

SAN:  Yes!

MIR:   (to SAN) Shall we bathe together?

Cut to SAN thumping MIR on the head with HIR.

MIR:   Fine, we won't…

KAG & SHI: (appears with a bucket and a towel) We'll bathe first!

JAK:   (appears from behind a tree and walks towards the spring, thinking) When Inuyasha is bathing, I'll steal his Tetsusaiga.

Cut to SAN, SHI and KAG bathing in the spring.

SHI:   This feels good!

JAK:   (peeping over some rocks) Where's Inuyasha? Are dogs afraid of water?

Cut to INU and MIR chatting nearby.

INU:   (examining MIR's staff jealously) I should have given him my sword.

MIR:   That old man?

INU:   He seems really good.

JAK:   (peeps at them from behind a tree) Old man? I could pretend to be him, and then steal his sword. Yes! (turns around, squats and change into his sharpener disguise)

KAG:  (shouts in the background) We're done!

INU acknowledges.

MIR:   Okay! It's our turn.

JAK:   (turns around, shocked) What? It's their turn? (throws away his wig) What now?

Cut to INU and MIR settling into the spring. JAK peeps at them from behind some rocks.

INU:   (shouts) Don't peep!

JAK:   (gasps guiltily and squats) Sorry!

KAG:  (shouts in the background) Who's peeping!

JAK:   (stands, to himself) Oh, not me…

Cut to MIR and INU in the spring, looking flushed.

MIR:   What a great spring…

INU acknowledges.

JAK:   (tiptoes off, thinking) Enjoy your bath, little brat!

Cut to TET leaning on a rock. JAK notices it.

JAK:   (excited) Found Tetsusaiga! (touches TET, gets fried by the barrier, yelling) I'm dead… My bones are breaking. (notices INU's Fire Rat Robe on a rock next to him) I've got it! (takes the robe) Let's try this…

Cut to Rin flying on A-Un in the sky. She smiles as she notices JAK on the ground. JAK has tied to Fire Rat Robe around TET and is dragging it happily across the ground.

JAK:   I did it, I did it!

Cut to INU and MIR in the spring. They let out sighs of contentment. They gasps as they notice A-Un in the sky.

MIR:   Isn't that…

INU:   (stands up with MIR) Sesshomaru!

Suddenly INU and MIR's kneels buckle and they start to wobble unsteadily.

INU:   (flushed) Why… am… I so… dizzy? (falls into the water)

MIR:   (flushed) Me… too… (falls into the water)

KAG:  (appears and climbs on a rock in the spring) Inuyasha!

KAG gasps as she witness INU all naked and unconscious, floating in the spring.

KAG:  (turns around, blushing and shrieking) No…!

INU:   (muttering) Sesshomaru…

SAN:  (appears on the scene in battle gear) I'll distract him. You guys think of something. Let's go, Kirara! (runs off)

KIR appears and transforms.

KAG:  (embarrassed, to INU) Let's go…

INU:   (points weakly) There… my clothes are over there…

Cut to KAG finding the bottom half of INU's robe, MIR's clothes and his staff.

KAG:  I found your clothes. (looks around) Where's the Tetsusaiga?

Cut to JAK dragging TET happily.

Rin:   (background, shouting) I found Grandpa Jaken!

JAK:   (shocked, turns around) Rin? Why are you here?

Rin:   (lands near JAK on A-Un) I was lost.

SAN:  (appears in the sky above them, on KIR, shouting) Hold it!

JAK:   Oh no! I've got it… Rin can touch the Tetsusaiga.

JAK slings TET toward Rin. The Fire Rat Robe falls to the ground. Rin holds onto TET.

JAK:   Rin, take this back to Lord Sesshomaru!

Rin:   But…

SAN:  (flies towards JAK and throws HIR) Hiraikotsu!

JAK holds up the Human Head Staff, which spews fire and deflects HIR.

JAK:   (to Rin) I'll deal with her!

JAK knocks A-Un's side with his staff. A-Un grunts and flies off into the sky with Rin.

SAN:  You're dead! You're done for this time! After them, Kirara!

KIR turns around and chases A-Un.

JAK:   Not if you die first!

JAK spews flames at KIR from his staff, blocking the way. Both KIR and SAN tumble over and fall towards the ground. KIR somersaults and they regain their composure. JAK smiles proudly to himself.

INU:   (shouts, in background) Hold it, Jaken!

MIR, INU and KAG come running towards JAK.

INU:   (leaps in front of JAK) Hand over the Tetsusaiga!

JAK:   I didn't take it.

INU:   Stop denying. (takes a step forward)

Suddenly A-Un appears and spews Thunder balls at INU. INU is thrown off.

Rin:   (on A-Un, with TET in one hand and flowers for SES in the other) Grandpa Jaken!

JAK:   Rin, why are you back?

MIR:   (runs to INU with SHI) Inuyasha, are you okay?

KAG:  (notices Rin in the sky and stops, shocked) It's…

Rin throws away her bunch of flowers for SES.

KAG:  (thinking) A girl…

Rin:   (lands and grabs JAK's hand) Hold on, Grandpa Jaken!

JAK:   Rin!

A-Un starts to fly upwards into the sky.

Rin:   Hold on tight, Grandpa Jaken! (struggles to pull up JAK, throws away TET to grab JAK with both hands)

JAK:   (finally on A-Un) Rin, why are you back?

Rin:   (gasps, pauses) I… I was really worried for you.

JAK:   (surprised, closes his eyes) Where's the Tetsusaiga?

Rin gasps and looks to the ground. JAK follows suit. Cut to INU picking up TET. Cut to JAK.

JAK:   (shocked) What the…! (face turns blue and faints)

Rin:   Grandpa Jaken, are you alright? Grandpa Jaken! Hey!

Cut to INU-gang.

INU:   If I see that Jaken again, I'll show him!

SAN:  They're aiming for the Tetsusaiga.

MIR:   But Sesshomaru hasn't shown his face.

INU:   I think it's Jaken's idea.

KAG is silent all the while.

SAN:  What's wrong, Kagome? Did you lose anything?

KAG:  (smiles and shakes her head) Nope. (thinking) Nobody noticed. Sesshomaru has always hated humans. But it was a human girl who saved Jaken just now. Why… is that?

[ End of ACT II: 21min 6sec ]


Night time. JAK, Rin and A-Un are in a field of watermelons.

JAK:   (squats with closed eyes, thinking) What bad luck! I worked for nothing!

Rin:   (looks at the field full of melons) They all look so sweet! Which one should I eat, Grandpa Jaken?

JAK:   Whatever!

Rin:   Then I'll bring a few back.

JAK:   (thinking) Lord Sesshomaru is too kind. To think he brought along a human girl.

Rin:   (bites into a melon) This is so sweet! Grandpa Jaken, watch out for me!

JAK:   (thinking) Oh, forget it.

Cut to flashback from just now, when Rin saved JAK.

Rin:   I was really worried for you!

Cut to present.

JAK:   (thinking) If it weren't for Rin just now, I would have died in Inuyasha's hands.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind starts to blow. KAR lands.

JAK:   It… It's you!

KAR:   (scoffs) Sesshomaru is so careless. He gave me a good chance.

KAR sends a gust of wind at JAK, making him fall over. The wind stops and JAK looks up, shrieking.

JAK:   (looks around the empty field) Rin! Rin! Rin…!

Cut to KAR flying off on her feather, with Rin.

JAK:   (background, loud) Rin…!!!

[ End of ACT III: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 79: Jaken's Tetsusaiga-Stealing Operation ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Lord Sesshomaru! Rin has been abducted!

It must be Naraku.

What's is he up to?

Fool. You think that I, Sesshomaru, would fight for the sake of a little human girl?

But Lord Sesshomaru… to sneak into Naraku's castle… for a man who is shy like you, how can you do that?

Next on Inuyasha, "Sesshomaru and the Abducted Rin".

Wait for me, Lord Sesshomaru!


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