episode 94

Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 1)

四魂の玉を造る者 前編
Filler Episode | 2-episode story, 94-95

Episode Capsule last revised on 24 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity

Script: CHIBA Katsuhiko 千葉克彦
Storyboard: NIIDOME Toshiya 新留俊哉
Episode Director: TOBA Satoshi 鳥羽 聡
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Gamajiro: TACHIKI Fumiko
Monkey Demon: SAIZEN Tadahisa
Shousuke's father: TANAKA Kazunari


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 3 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 46 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 1 / 31 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 1 / 38 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 1 / 16 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 1 / 22 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 9 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [63 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 9 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 7 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 59.1% [26/44]


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  4. Oddities & Other Notes
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Preview from previous episode

Why did those demons have fake Sacred Jewel fragments on them?

Someone must have given them.

Who gave them?

Another demon…

Are you picking a quarrel?! Stupid Kagome!

Calm down, Inuyasha! Those demons know how to make Sacred Jewel fragments. Even a scholarly person like Izumo has been attacked. They also kidnapped all the villagers!

Next on Inuyasha, "Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part I)". Can the Sacred Jewel really be made…?

InuYasha’s Jar

#94 Izumo 出雲

Interested in the secret behind the creation of the Sacred Jewel, he travels around the country. Was attacked by a demon who made the fake Jewel.



Izumo Night… (looks down and sighs) It hides everything. No matter how beautiful, it hides everything in darkness.

Oh sure… something like that…


Oddities and Other Notes



Top: Fake Water God from ep27.
Bottom: Orichodayu.
Orochidayu looks like the Evil Water God from episode 27.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

In the cave in the village of the Demon Slayers, where the statue of Midoriko is. A scholarly man with a flowery haori walks in.

Scholarly man: I suppose you must have been a beauty when you were still alive, Midoriko… The power to create the Sacred Jewel was in that beauty.

The man walks out, only the backview of him is seen.

[ Title screen: Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 1) ]

Daytime in a peaceful field. INU-gang is seated and having a picnic.

KAG:  (thinking) The Sacred Jewel grants the wish of the owner and gives them power.

CUT TO FLASHBACK: Flashback from episode 2, when KAG shoot the Corpse Crow who took the Sacred Jewel.

KAG:  (voice-over) We've embarked on this journey to look for the fragments of the Sacred Jewel.

Cut to Sacred Jewel breaking into pieces.

KAG:  (voice-over) Now, we are chasing Naraku, who has most of the fragments.

END OF FLASHBACK. A slight breeze blows.

SAN:  What a nice breeze…

SHI:   (with two rice balls in his hand) Peaceful, isn't it?

INU:   (frowning) We don't know where Naraku is right now. Why are you guys relaxing? Eat faster!

INU grabs some rice balls and stuff them down. He then takes big gulps of water to wash them down.

MIR:   Since Naraku's disappearance, all the demons that were in hiding are now out to create trouble. It's a big problem…

INU:   So what?

MIR:   So, we should eat and relax for now…!

SHI:   (chiding, folded arms) Can't you be more mature, Inuyasha?

INU:   W-What?

SHI:   Kagome is a weak human. She's not as powerful as us. (closes eyes) You don't have to be so harsh!

KAG laughs.

SAN:  (in disbelief) He said you're weak…

MIR:   We're so glad that Shippo is so mature…

SHI:   What? Did I say something wrong?

KAG:  No, not at all!

SHI:   (sighs and looks around) You don't think I'm wrong, right?

INU:   (sighs, pondering) Not as powerful… (lies on his side) Oh, whatever! Wake me when you're done.

KAG:  Alright.

INU closes his eyes.

MIR:   The air is fresh and the sushi is delicious!

SHI:   The weather is nice!

MIR:   Yes, I agree!

KAG:  (looks up, shocked) What?

SAN:  What's the matter, Kagome?

KAG:  I don't know if it's just my imagination… (stands) I can feel a Sacred Jewel fragment nearby.

INU:   What? Are you sure?

KAG:  It's not like how I feel usually…

INU:   (stands) Which way?

KAG:  From there.

KAG points towards a forest in the distance.

KAG:  It's getting closer!

Cut to a dinosaur-like demon chasing the scholarly man in the flowery haori.

Demon: (slow) Hold it. Stop there.

INU appears in front of them.

INU:   Leave that to me!

The scholarly man walks to the rest of INU-gang while INU runs towards the demon.

MIR:   It's okay now.

SAN:  Are you alright?

Scholarly man: Y-yes.

Demon: What are you doing? Do you intend to stop me?

INU:   Is this the thing, Kagome?

KAG:  Yes, there's a fragment in his stomach. But…

INU:   Bastard, where did you get that fragment?! (puts hand on TET's sheath)

Demon: (laughs) I have the Sacred Jewel, you should know better than to challenge me!

INU:   Bastard! You better leave it behind and disappear!

Demon: Don't be stupid! (flies upwards)

INU unsheathes TET.

Demon: Have a taste of my prowess! (spews fumes at INU)

INU:   (jumps) That's nothing!

INU jumps through the fumes and slashes the demon into two.

Demon: Impossible! It's not suppose to be like this!

Both the two parts of the demon and INU land. A Sacred Jewel fragment flies out of the demon's body.

KAG:  That is… the Sacred Jewel!

MIR:   It can't be!

INU catches the Sacred Jewel which is a whole. He holds it up and it shatters.

INU:   What?!

SHI:   Inuyasha broke the Sacred Jewel fragment!

INU:   Fool! The Sacred Jewel is not so fragile!

KAG:  But, it felt like the real thing.

Scholarly man: That's a poorly made Sacred Jewel.

Everyone looks at him.

Scholarly man: There's a demon who's been trying to create a Sacred Jewel.

INU:   What do you mean?

Scholarly man: I'm terribly sorry, but can I have some water first?

KAG:  (hands him a water bottle) Here, take this.

Scholarly man: (holds the bottle up against the sun) This is… A beautiful container…

INU:   (thinking) Who is this guy?

Pan sideways to reveal a snake-like man spying on them from behind a tree. He scoffs and walks off.

[ End of ACT I: 6min 37sec ]

[ ACT II ]

INU-gang and the scholarly man are seated in the forest, on some boulders.

Scholarly man: I'm Izumo. I'm a Guuji like all my ancestors before me.

* Izumo abbreviated as IZU from now onwards *

INU:   What's a Guuji?

SHI:   What's that?

KAG:  It's the person in charge of a shrine. My grandfather is also a Guuji.

IZU:   I see. So you must be a priestess.

INU:   So?

IZU:   As a Guuji, I need to be well-learned, so I traveled and did my researches, so as to gain more knowledge.

INU:   I don't want to hear about you. I want to learn about that fake jewel.

IZU:   I started a new study recently, and it's on the Sacred Jewel.

SAN:  So, that's how you knew about the Sacred Jewel.

IZU:   It is actually made of four spirits.

MIR:   You mean the Ara Spirit, the Migi Spirit, the Kushi Spirit and the Saki Spirit. It's the union of the four spirits that form the soul.

INU:   (exasperated) Do you have to start from there?

SHI:   I've heard of it before but I didn't understand much.

KAG:  I see…

INU:   Can you start with the demon and the fake jewel?!

IZU:   The demon got it from someone.

INU:   Who?

IZU:   Another demon.

INU:   (grabs IZU's clothes) Are you joking?!

IZU:   (frightened) No, I'm not!

KAG:  (pulls INU) Please stop it, Inuyasha. So… Why were you chased by that demon?

IZU:   That's because I saw them.

CUT TO FLASHBACK: IZU is traveling in a valley amidst some mountains.

IZU:   (voice-over) I heard about a temple that knew the story of the Sacred Jewel.

A bright pink light appears in front of IZU and blinds him.

IZU:   (voice-over) I went to the mountains in search of it, and I got lost somehow. Then I saw a demon giving the Sacred Jewel to the other demon that died earlier.

END OF FLASHBACK. INU-gang and IZU are walking out of the forest.

INU:   The demon didn't call himself Naraku, right?

IZU:   No. He called himself Orochidayu. He said the jewel is fake, but assure that there'll be a real one soon.

KAG:  Are you saying that a demon is creating a Sacred Jewel?

IZU:   That's what I heard.

INU-gang and IZU arrive at the valley that IZU was referring too. SAN flies away on KIR to survey the area.

MIR:   I don't feel the presence of demons here.

IZU:   He handed over the jewel right over there.

INU:   (sniffs the air) I can't smell Naraku. I don't think he's involved.

MIR:   What do you think, Kagome? Do you sense the Sacred Jewel fragments?

KAG:  (shakes head) No. I can't feel it. Anyway the feeling wasn't that strong earlier.

INU:   Because it's a fake!

SHI:   The power will be weaker than usual.

SAN:  (flies over them, pointing) Hey, there's a village over there.

In the village. The village is deserted. After searching for awhile, the group meets up.

MIR:   There's no one here.

SAN:  There's no one here at all.

KAG:  I wonder if something happened to them…

INU:   Hey. What happened to that guy?

KAG:  Izumo?

Cut to IZU in front of a shrine, stretching out his arms. Birds land and perch on his arms. INU walks up to him. SHI is on INU's shoulder.

INU:   Hey, what are you doing?

The birds, frightened by INU's voice, fly away in a hurry.

INU:   Hey!

IZU:   (looks at INU) I heard that, over here, people pray to the God who created Earth.

SHI jumps off INU's shoulder and runs to the shrine. He examines the interior. The place is empty and broken furniture are strewn across the floor.

SHI:   It's empty.

Cut to the rest of INU-gang arriving at the shrine.

KAG:  God who created Earth?

IZU:   Legend has it that the Kushi and Saki spirits came from the spirit of that God.

KAG:  I see…

MIR:   Kushi [奇] represents Chi [智], and Saki [幸] represents Ai [愛] …

IZU:   Ara [荒] represents Yuu [勇] and Migi [和] represents Shin [親]. Yuu [勇], Shin [親], Chi [智], Ai [愛]. These are the four spirits of the Jewel.

SHI:   (clasps his head) I don't understand!! (faints)

INU:   From the story, I feel something strange is going on here.

MIR:   Let's investigate to be certain.

INU:   I'll go around the village.

SAN and KAG nod.

Cut to KAG walking out of a hut. SHI is on her shoulder.

KAG:  We can't find anything…

SHI and KAG gasp as they see IZU basking in the sun. he looks at the sun intently.

SHI:   What are you doing?

IZU:   Why is it warm and shining?

SHI:   It's obvious that the sun is shining!

IZU:   Obvious? For me, it's something very strange. Is there something burning there? How far away is the sun?

SHI:   (to KAG) Don't you think he has strange thoughts?

KAG:  No, it's the first time that someone in this era is curious about things like that.

SHI:   Is this normal at your side?

IZU:   Why does night come?

KAG:  (to SHI) Izumo is a scientist.

SHI:   Hmm… (to IZU) Hey. What does the four spirit thing mean again? The Yuu and the Shin thing.

IZU:   You mean Yuu, Shin, Chi and Ai?

SHI:   Yeah, that's right!

IZU:   Yuu means brave and courageous things.

SHI:   (interested) Now… I get it…

KAG:  That's right…

IZU:   Shin as in faith. Chi is knowledge. One has to be knowledgeable. Ai is what we all know as love.

SHI:   Now I get it. I got confused with all the different spirits.

IZU:   Ara of Yuu for bravery. Migi of Shin for faith. Kushi of Chi for knowledge. (walks towards a tree) Unify all the spirits, together with a good and an evil soul, and you'll have the Sacred Jewel.

SHI:   (clasps his head) I don't understand again…!

IZU holds out his hand at a bird in the tree. KAG looks at him intently.

SAN:  (background) Wait, don't run!

The bird, frightened by SAN's voice, flies off. IZU is disappointed.

KAG:  That's Sango's voice!

Cut to SAN on KIR, chasing a boy.

SAN:  I'm not going to hurt you!

Boy:   Go away!

* In the credits, the boy's name is Shousuke [小助]. Shousuke abbreviated as SHO from now onwards *

MIR:   (appears and blocks SHO's way) We're travelers. We're not going to hurt you.

KAG:  (walks up to them) What's the matter, Sango?

SHO:  Don't come any closer, demons!

SHI gasps.

MIR:   Shippo and Kirara aren't evil demons. What's wrong with you? Did something happen to your village?

SHO starts to whimper and falls to his knees. He clenches his fists angrily and cries.

SAN:  (kneels next to SHO) It's okay now. We'll protect you if anything happens.

SHO:  A demon… A demon came and…

SAN:  Did a demon attack the village?

SHO:  He took everyone away from here.

CUT TO FLASHBACK: Nighttime in the village.

SHO:  (voice-over) I was being punished by my father and was in the chicken house.

Cut to SHO lying on a bunch of hay in the chicken house, looking spiteful. Some noises are heard outside. Cut to the front of a hut. The snake-like man from earlier on, and a mob of demons surround the hut. They hold torches in their hands.

Snake-like demon: Stop what you're doing and come out now. Or I'll have to burn the house.

Father: Wait, please wait!

A middle age couple walks out of the hut.

SHO:  (peeps out) Father! Mother!

Snake-like demon: I said, everyone out. Search for anyone who's hiding!

SHO gasps. Cut to the villagers gathered in the middle of the village, surrounded by demons. Cut to SHO burying his head in his knees, crying, while the chickens clucked around him.

END OF FLASHBACK. It is evening in the village already.

SHO:  The demon took everyone away.

MIR:   When did that happen?

SHO:  About five days ago. I've been hiding in the chicken house since.

MIR:   I understand. No wonder there's no one around.

SHO:  Then… What will happen to them? Why did that demon take my father? Then…

Everyone looks at SHO in silence.

SHO:  Are they going to be eaten?

IZU:   No. There's no need to take them away if they just want to eat them.

KAG:  Izumo!

IZU:   I don't think they were eaten.

MIR:   That's right. Besides, the demons are not fools. If they attack villages, people will start to hunt them. They know that.

SAN:  He took them for some reason.

SHO:  (hopeful) My parents are okay, then?

MIR:   We'll go look for them.

SAN:  We'll kill all the demons as well.

SHO:  (sobs) That's great! that's great…

MIR:   However… (looks up) It's getting dark. I hope we can find them.

IZU:   Night… (looks down and sighs) It hides everything. No matter how beautiful, it hides everything in darkness.

MIR:   Oh sure… something like that…

KAG:  (gasps) I feel a Sacred Jewel fragment!

The group turns around and sees the snake-like demon with a bunch of demons.

Snake-like demon: What a surprise. I came because I felt humans, instead I found myself a real Sacred Jewel fragment.

SHO:  It's them! They are the demons that took my parents!

Snake-like demon: Just surrender your Sacred Jewel fragment.

MIR:   (steps forward, putting a hand on the sutra beads on his Wind Tunnel hand) We'll see about that! Surrender yourself instead! So you are Orochidayu… Where did you take all the people?!

* The snake-like demon, Orochidayu, abbreviated as ORO from now onwards *

ORO:  Priest. I've heard about you. Wind Tunnel, isn't it?

MIR:   So you know.

ORO:  (raises his staff) Go!

Some demons run towards MIR. MIR opens his Wind Tunnel and sucks them in.

MIR:   Wind Tunnel!! So, do you want to know more?!

Suddenly MIR winces in pain.

ORO:  (rolling a fake Sacred Jewel in his palm) See, these Sacred Jewels are full of evil power.

SAN:  Priest!

ORO:  This evil power is poisonous to the humans.

IZU:   It's the evil soul!

KAG:  All of them have the fake Sacred Jewel.

The demons behind ORO laugh.

MIR:   Why you…!

SAN swings HIR at the demons but they merely step aside and dodge.

KAG:  Izumo! Get that child away from here!

IZU:   I got it!

SHI:   Go! Hurry! (jumps and throws fox fire at the demons)

IZU:   This way!

IZU grabs the frightened SHO and runs into a hut. MIR throws a charm at a demon. The demon winces in pain. Cut to KAG firing an arrow at ORO. ORO blocks it easily with his staff.

SAN:  Hiraikotsu!

SAN swings HIR at some demons who step aside and dodge. HIR returns to SAN.

SAN:  They are stronger than other demons.

MIR:   Is it because of their fake Sacred Jewels?

KAG:  But how did he make that thing?

SHI:   There's no time to think about that!

ORO:  So, won't you surrender?

MIR:   I will use my Wind Tunnel.

SAN:  Don't do it, priest.

MIR:   But…

The demons trudge toward them. Suddenly INU's shout is heard.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer! (claws some demons)

SHI:   Where have you been?

INU:   Shut up! How would I have guessed?!

INU turns around and face the demons.

ORO:  Spider Demon! Horn Devil!

A spider demon and a portly demon with horns step forward. They growl. ORO throws a Jewel into each of them. The fake Sacred Jewel in them glow and they grow larger.

INU:   Don't think that you're strong just because of a fake jewel! (unsheathes TET)

Suddenly, a Monkey Demon bursts out of a hut, carrying IZU and SHO under its arms. It leaps off.

SHO:  Let me go!!

KAG:  Izumo!

INU:   Stop there!

INU is about to chase Monkey Demon with the huge Horn Devil blocks his way. Cut to Monkey Demon running into the distance with IZU and SHO. SAN chases on KIR. Spider Demon spews some web at SAN and KIR and reel them in. KAG fires an arrow which breaks the web. Cut to INU throwing off Horn Devil, who lands on Spider Demon. INU leaps and throws a Wind Scar.

INU:   Wind Scar!!

The Wind Scar annihilates Horn Devil and half of Spider Demon. Spider Demon tries to crawl away with half of its body but SAN throws HIR and kills it. SAN heaves a sigh of relief.

SHI:   We did it!

INU:   No we didn't! The others ran away! Sango! (pointing) They're over there. Let's go!

Cut to INU-gang running.

[ End of ACT II: 19min 24sec ]


In a cave. The villagers are each enveloped in a toad embryo, frozen in action. A toad demon looks at them and laughs.

Toad Demon: They look like delicious souls!

ORO:  Don't eat them, Gamajiro. (walks in with SHO under his arm) Take the soul of this kid too. (flings SHO to the ground)

SHO rouses and notices his parents in two embryos.

SHO:  Father! Mother! (runs up to them)

* Gamajiro abbreviated as GAM from now onwards. Gamajiro is short for Tsukumo no Gama Jiro, or Toad of Tsukumo, the Second. *

GAM:  (laughs) You'll be with them soon.

An ox-like demon marches up to IZU.

ORO:  Gyuoh. Let's see how good your skills are.

Cut to INU-gang walking along a mountain path. As it is nighttime, SHI lights up the way using his fox fire.

SHI:   Is this the way, Inuyasha?

INU:   Yeah. I smell a lot of demons here.

MIR:   What about you, Kagome?

KAG:  I think that this is the right way, but I can't really feel those Sacred Jewels.

A loud growl is heard and the ground shakes.

KAG:  I feel the presence of a Sacred Jewel coming this way!

INU unsheathes TET, but before he can do anything, he is thrown off into the air. He lands and growls angrily.

INU:   Bastard!

* The ox-like demon, Gyuoh, abbreviated as GYU from now onwards *

GYU appears in front of INU with a club in his hand. KAG gasps. The small protrusions on the club glow in pink.

KAG:  Those are all fake Sacred Jewels!

INU:   What did you say?

GYU:  Come here, you stupid half-demon!

INU:   (sprints) So what… if I'm a half-demon!!!

INU swings TET at GYU, who blocks easily with his club. GYU opens his mouth and spews dark fumes at INU.

INU:   (wincing) It's demonic energy!

GYU pushes forward and INU is thrown off. INU somersaults and lands. SAN, on KIR in the air, throws HIR at GYU, who slams it aside. SHI and SAN gasp.

SHI:   He's strong!

KAG then fires a Sacred Arrow at GYU. It hits him, but it merely breaks, leaving GYU intact.

INU:   It's not over yet!

INU throws a Wind Scar at GYU, but it doesn't affect him.

KAG:  Even the Wind Scar…!

GYU:  Priestess… The Priestess of the Sacred Jewel.

KAG:  What?

GYU:  If humans souls aren't polished, they are only simply stones.

KAG:  (thinking) What is he saying?

GYU raises his club and shouts. Light rays emit from his club. GYU then slams it onto the ground. The ground cracks and caves in. INU-gang galls in.

[ End of ACT III: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 94: Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 1) ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Gyuoh My mother named me Gyouh. (King of Oxen)

So all these are you doing… You've been lying to us!

Gyuoh Priestess… The Sacred Jewel fragments and your soul would be the ingredients for the new Sacred Jewel! But these are not enough. I need more souls! I will use the power of the Sacred Jewel to break free from my fate!

Next on Inuyasha, "Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 2)".

Gyuoh All the beautiful things in the world… I will have them!


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