episode 95

Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 2)

四魂の玉を造る者 後編
Filler Episode | 2-episode story, 94-95

Episode Capsule last revised on 24 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity

Script: CHIBA Katsuhiko 千葉克彦
Storyboard: NISHIMORI Akira 西森 章
Episode Director: 阿宮正和
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Gamajiro: TACHIKI Fumiko
Monkey Demon: SAIZEN Tadahisa
Demon: TANAKA Kazunari


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 3 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 46 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 1 / 32 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 1 / 39 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 16 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 1 / 23 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 9 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [63 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 9 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 7 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 59.6% [28/47]


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  4. Oddities & Other Notes
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Preview from previous episode

Gyuoh My mother named me Gyouh. (King of Oxen)

So all these are you doing… You've been lying to us!

Gyuoh Priestess… The Sacred Jewel fragments and your soul would be the ingredients for the new Sacred Jewel! But these are not enough. I need more souls! I will use the power of the Sacred Jewel to break free from my fate!

Next on Inuyasha, "Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 2)".

Gyuoh All the beautiful things in the world… I will have them!

InuYasha’s Jar

#95 Gyuoh 牛王

A half-demon who is human by day and bull demon by night. Wanted to create the Sacred Jewel, to become human.



Oddities and Other Notes



This is the last episode where 'Inuyasha's Jar' shows a character card and a short description.
SpiritWhat Gyuoh thought…What Gyuoh didn't know…
荒 · 勇
Ara Spirit of Yuu

Inuyasha as brave warrior.

He can be rather cowardly at times. Screencap of Inuyasha hiding behind Kagome taken from ep 85.
  Reasons: Inuyasha is often seen as the warrior who defeats most demons.
Other possible considerations:
Koga, Sesshomaru, Kirara
Meaning: Ara can be loosely translated as 'desperation or despair', and through these situations, Yu or courage is born.
Notes: In episode 26, when the Secrets of the Jewel of Four Souls is first explained by Miroku, Inuyasha is also shown to represent courage.
奇 · 智
Kushi Spirit of Chi

Miroku as wise and knowledgeable person.

When it comes to woman, he can be rather gullible. Screencap of Miroku falling into Souten's trap taken from ep 68.
  Reasons: Miroku is often the calm and collected member in the group who anaylses the situation before acting.
Other possible considerations: Myoga, Kikyo, Kaede
Meaning: Kushi can be loosely translated as 'curiosity', and it is through curiosity about the world that knowledge is acquired and Chi or widsom is born.
Notes: In episode 26, when the Secrets of the Jewel of Four Souls is first explained by Miroku, Shippo and Kagome are shown to represent wisdom and love.
幸 · 愛
Saki Spirit of Ai

Sango as purveyor of love.

Sometimes she can be rather fierce, especially towards Miroku. Screencap of Sango giving Inuyasha the evil eye taken from ep 41.
  Reasons: Being born in the village of Demon Slayers, Sango forms close bonds with her comrades. And her love for Kohaku is evident and even self-sacrificial.
Other possible considerations: Jaken (for his love towards Sesshomaru)
Meaning: Saki can be loosely translated as 'bliss or fortune', and it is through bliss that ai or love is born. It can also be said that love breeds bliss.
Notes: In episode 26, when the Secrets of the Jewel of Four Souls is first explained by Miroku, Shippo and Kagome are shown to represent wisdom and love.
和 · 親
Nigi Spirit of Shin

Shippo as a friend and a comrade.

For self-preservation, sometimes Shippo would ditch his comrades. Screencap of Shippo pretending not to understand Miroku taken from ep 93.
  Reasons: Shippo is close to everyone in the group, including Kirara. Although he has no grudge against Naraku, he stays with the group because they are family to him.
Other possible considerations: Rin, Koga (for his kinship with the Wolf-Demon tribe)
Meaning: Nigi can be loosely translated as 'peace or getting along well', and it is through this commaradarie that Shin or faith is born. In this case, faith also indicates a kinship or close ties.
Notes: In episode 26, when the Secrets of the Jewel of Four Souls is first explained by Miroku, Sango is shown to represent faith.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



23 Feb 2008

*  Gyuoh: I will use the power of the Sacred Jewel to become human. So that I may gain freedom!
    Inuyasha: Half-demon, half-demon!! JUST SHUT UP! I am who I am! I’m strong either way!!

    Under Kikyo’s suggestion, Inuyasha wanted to turn full human by the power of the Sacred Jewel, too. Yet through Naraku’s trap, Inuyasha remained half-demon. And his various transformations into full-demon have left a bad taste. So it is rather heartening to see the evolution of how Inuyasha sees his heredity, that he doesn’t mind remaining a hanyou.


23 Feb 2008

Izumo basks in the sun and ponders why the night comes. Gyuoh doesn’t want the sun to come so he has more time to become human. Yet everytime Inuyasha turns human, he can’t wait for daybreak to come. It takes all sorts, I guess.


23 Feb 2008

Izumo: I suppose you must have been a beauty when you were still alive, Midoriko… The power to create the Sacred Jewel was in that beauty.

Gyuoh: Listen to me! With the power of the Sacred Jewel, I will possess all things human and beautiful!

It is rather sad that Gyuoh/Izumo thinks that the power to create is in beauty and that only he is a full human would he find beauty. Granted, Gyuoh is no looker, but to the obsession with the search for beauty led to his downfall.


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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

Nighttime amidst a wreckage. MIR is thinking. SAN, SHI and KIR are asleep.

MIR:   (thinking) It can't be… A demon who is able to create the Sacred Jewel.

CUT TO FLASHBACK: Flashback from previous episode. INU catches the Sacred Jewel which is a whole. He holds it up and it shatters.

INU:   What?

SHI:   Inuyasha broke the Sacred Jewel!!

INU:   Fool! The Sacred Jewel is not so fragile!

KAG:  But, it felt like the real thing.

IZU:   That's a poorly made Sacred Jewel. There's a demon who's been trying to create a Sacred Jewel.

Cut to demons attacking INU-gang from the previous episode.

MIR:   (voice-over) The fake jewels make the demons more powerful.

MIR sucks in some demons with this Wind Tunnel and winces in pain. ORO rolls a Sacred Jewel in his palm.

ORO:  This evil power is poisonous to humans.

IZU:   It's an evil soul! That jewel damages the human soul.

Cut to GYU raising his club and shouting. Light rays emit from his club. GYU then slams it onto the ground. The ground cracks and caves in. INU-gang falls in.

MIR:   (voice-over) That is also the power of the Sacred Jewel.

END OF FLASHBACK. The sun rises and MIR lets out a sigh.

MIR:   Dawn breaks…

[ Title screen: Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 2) ]

SHI and SAN wake.

MIR:   You're awake?

SHI:   (rubs eyes) What's happened?

SAN:  We were buried in the dirt. It took us a long time to dig ourselves out.

MIR:   We also got a bit wounded.

SHI:   (looks around) What happened to Kagome? Where's Inuyasha?

MIR:   Kagome was taken away by that bull demon.

SHI:   What?!

SAN:  Inuyasha left earlier to look for Kagome.

MIR:   (stands) Well… Should we be going too?

SAN:  (stands) Yes. Let's hurry.

Cut to INU standing in a forest.

INU:   (thinking) Damn… That bull bastard had a strong smell, but where is it now? I can't smell Kagome too. That's just…

Two demons suddenly appear above INU and fly towards him. They attack INU but he dodges.

INU:   Irritating bastards!

Scorpion Demon: If we kill you, Orochidayu will give us more Sacred Jewels.

Centipede Demon: Die! You half-demon!

The Scorpion Demon flies towards INU, who claws it.

INU:   Don't even think about it! (claws Centipede Demon)

The demons rise and a pink glow appears in both of their bodies.

Centipede Demon: Don't you underestimate us.

Scorpion Demon: We have the Sacred Jewels.

INU:   It doesn't matter. (flexes his claws) I'll just dig them out from you!! (jumps)

In a large mansion in the mountains. KAG is sleeping on the floor in one of the rooms. She wakes and explores the area.

KAG:  (thinking) Where am I? We were fighting the bull demon… Everybody… Where is everybody?

KAG notices a cave entrance in the cliff walls nearby.

Inside the cave, full of human embryos. GAM hugs an embryo lovingly and laughs.

GAM:  They look so delicious. So delicious!

KAG:  (peeping in from outside, thinking) That's the… Toad Demon! (notices SHO in an embryo) That child…!

GAM turns to look at the entrance, but KAG is gone.

Cut to KAG running in the courtyard. She stops to catch her breath when all of a sudden, someone pats her on her shoulder.

KAG:  Who…?!

It is IZU.

KAG:  Mr. Izumo!

IZU:   Miss Kagome. (looks around) Are you alone?

KAG:  Yes. I'm glad you're alright, Mr. Izumo.

IZU:   The demons are controlling me. They need my knowledge as their fake jewels are not useful enough… They want me to create a real one.

KAG:  How?

IZU:   It seemed like they know a lot about the Sacred Jewel.

KAG:  That's right, my Sacred Jewel fragments! (takes out her container of fragments) That's great! Oh, they're safe. But…

IZU:   I don't think we'll be able to escape from here. (pointing) There's a mansion on the mountain that belongs to them. We can take a rest there.

KAG:  Wait. The Toad Demon has held the villagers captive. He'll eat their souls if we don't save them.

IZU:   We don't have weapons though.

KAG:  You're right. We have to find something then. (hopeful) Toad Demon is afraid of fire!

IZU walks off and KAG chases him.

Cut to MIR battling some demons. SHI is dodging them while carrying KAG's bow and arrows. A Praying Mantis Demon is attacking SHI. Cut to SAN on KIR killing some demons with HIR.

SAN:  Shippo!

SAN throws HIR at the Praying Mantis Demon. It dodge and leaps towards SAN. HIR, in its return flight, slashes it into two.

SAN:  (lands) Damn, they just keep coming.

Monkey Demon appears with a horde of demons behind him.

Monkey Demon: (throws and catches a fake Sacred Jewel) All of you! Go get them!

Cut to INU fighting some demons.

INU:   Iron Reaver! Soul Stealer!

INU kills the demons and lands, out of breath. More demons appear behind some trees. INU unsheathes TET. ORO appears on a branch above the demons.

ORO:  Whoever kills him will get a real Sacred Jewel.

The demons spring forth to attack INU. ORO laughs to himself.

At a mansion on a cliff. IZU picks some purple flowers in the garden while KAG squats next to him, looking on.

IZU:   I was told to use this place for that purpose.

KAG:  You're going to obey their orders?

KAG and IZU walk into the kitchen. A lot of herbs are laid on the tables.

IZU:   I have no choice if that's the only way out… What else can I do…?

KAG:  Inuyasha and the others will come save us!

IZU:   Are you not interested in the Sacred Jewel, Miss Kagome?

KAG:  Interested?

IZU:   Your wishes will come true if you use the power of the Sacred Jewel.

KAG:  (pondering) I would like to recover all the fragments from Naraku… But, there's nothing I want for myself.

IZU:   (looks at KAG for a moment) Okay, let's look inside the mansion. Come…

KAG:  That's right! Great if we can start a fire!

Cut to INU panting and resting against a boulder.

INU:   (thinking) Damn it. There are so many of them.

Demons: (background) There he is!!

INU turns around to find demons lurking behind some trees.

INU:   Keh. Go to hell!

Cut to KIR, SAN, SHI and MIR hiding in a pit in the ground. Demons fly past above them. SHI, terrified, clutches to MIR tightly.

MIR:   They're gone.

SHI lets go of MIR.

SAN:  But we can't keep hiding here.

SHI:   I'm worried about Kagome.

MIR takes a sip of water from a bamboo container, pass it to SAN and pats SHI's head.

MIR:   I know that. But if we don't rest, we won't be able to use our power.

Monkey Demon suddenly peers into the pit and hisses.

Monkey Demon: I found them!

SHI:   Miroku!!

MIR:   (soft) Let's go, Sango.

SAN agrees.

Evening, back in the mansion. KAG is storming through the place, frustrated.

KAG:  Why isn't there anything that I can use?! (slides open a door) The demon's mansion really have nothing…

KAG is taken aback as she sees IZU seated in the room, with his back facing her.

KAG:  (walks in) Mr. Izumo?

IZU:   The Sacred Jewel was created by Midoriko, a priestess with great power.

KAG:  That's what I heard too.

IZU:   It was created in the midst of the battle between Midoriko and the demons. For Midoriko, it was to defeat the demons, for the demons, it was to kill Midoriko… They fought to possess each other's souls and their souls became one as a result.

KAG:  Uh-huh…

IZU:   Within the Sacred Jewel, the pure soul of Midoriko and the wicked souls of the demons combined.

Pans sideways to reveal a scroll on the wall, with Ara, Nigi, Kushi, Saki written on it. The characters are linked together. KAG looks pensive.

IZU:   Those fake Sacred Jewels sealed together the souls of humans and demons. But, that's not enough. Ara Spirit, Nigi Spirit, Kushi Spirit and Saki Spirit, namely, Yuu (courage), Shin (heart), Chi (power), Ai (love), will have to work together correctly.

KAG:  Mr. Izumo?

KAG taps IZU on the shoulder. He falls over and collapses onto the table in front of him. He turns out to be a mummified scholar dressed in the same clothes as IZU. KAG shrieks.

IZU:   (background) What's the matter, Kagome?

KAG runs out of the hut, only to find IZU facing the setting sun. A bird is perched on his outstretched finger. The bird flies away.

IZU:   All flew away…

KAG:  Because it's night time?

IZU:   The birds aren't afraid of the dark.

Cut to the bird flying away.

IZU:   I'm the one who's afraid of the dark. I'm the one whom the birds fear.

KAG:  Well, Mr. Izumo…?

The sky turns dark as IZU speaks.

IZU:   Izumo… It's actually my father's name… He was a learned man who excelled in singing and writing. Appreciated flowers, and loved the birds. The name Izumo refers to my father.

KAG:  (thinking) It can't be… (looks towards the hut)

IZU:   My mother also gave me a name… Gyuoh. My appearance only holds the day.

The night has arrived. IZU suddenly grows bigger. Two horns appear on his forehead. He throws away his clothes and holds a club. IZU has transformed into GYU.

GYU:  This is how I look at night!

KAG:  You're a half-demon?

GYU:  That's right, Miss Kagome.

Two Corpse Crows land on GYU's shoulders and start pecking on him.

GYU:  Get lost. Go away!

The crows, frightened, fly away.

GYU:  It's like what you just saw. Like my father, I'm a human in the day. But like my mother, I'm a bull demon at night. For the sake of changing this fate, I will create the Sacred Jewel!

KAG:  Everyone was captured because of you? You lied to us?!

GYU:  I studied about the Sacred Jewel by traveling to different countries and I came to know about you guys… With your souls, I will be able to create the real Sacred Jewel!

KAG:  Our souls?? What?

GYU:  Priestess, with your souls and those Sacred Jewel fragments, I'll be able to make a core for the new Sacred Jewel. But that alone is not enough. So I need to compensate it with more souls!

Cut to INU fighting the demons.

INU:   Idiots!

GYU:  (voice-over) The half-demon's soul will replace the Ara Spirit of Yuu.

Cut to MIR sticking a charm onto a demon's head.

GYU:  (voice-over) The priest's soul will replace the Kushi Spirit of Chi.

Cut to SAN leaping and throwing HIR.

SAN:  Hiraikotsu!

GYU:  (voice-over) The exterminator's soul can then be the Saki Spirit of Ai.

Cut to SHI on KIR. KIR attacks some demons.

SHI:   (pointing) Miroku! Sango! Escape into that ravine!

GYU:  (voice-over) The soul of the fox child will then replace the Nigi Spirit of Shin!

Back to KAG and GYU.

GYU:  I will assemble their souls so that I may create my Sacred Jewel!

KAG:  (furious) I won't let that happen! Don't treat us as if we are ingredients for the Sacred Jewel!!

GYU:  That's right, priestess. Fight. Struggle. It will agitate your soul! Only crows will come to this despicable body. Other birds flee upon seeing me, upon feeling my breath…!! Listen to me! With the power of the Sacred Jewel, I will possess all things human and beautiful!

KAG:  What is your wish then?

GYU:  I will use the power of the Sacred Jewel to become human. So that I may gain freedom!

Cut to INU slaying the demons.

INU:   Get lost! Don't interfere!

The dead demons lay around INU.

INU:   (looks up and shouts) Kagome! Where are you…?!!

Cut to KAG running away from GYU. She stops in the courtyard and catches her breath. GYU appears behind her, with two corpse crows on his shoulder.

GYU:  You can't run, Miss Kagome.

SHI:   (background) Kagome!

KIR appears in the sky with SAN, SHI and MIR on her.

SAN:  Kagome!

MIR:   Kagome, look out!

KIR lands.

KAG:  No! Don't come any closer!

SHI:   We came to save you, Kagome!

GAM crawls out from the cave and blows a bubble at MIR. MIR notices and tries to break it with his staff, but ends up encapsulated in it. He falls to his knees. The bubble floats up.

SAN:  Priest…!

SHI:   Miroku!

GYU runs towards SHI and SAN, growling and raising his club. He knocks SAN. SAN tries to block with HIR but falls backwards and is encapsulated in a bubble too.

KAG:  (runs to SHI) Shippo, run! Shippo!!

GAM sticks out his long tongue and grabs SHI. He flings SHI into a bubble. GAM laughs.

KAG:  Kirara!

KIR, with KAG's bow and arrows in her mouth, roars and runs next to KAG. KAG climbs onto her and she flies upwards.

GYU:  Go!

The corpse crows on GYU's shoulder fly towards KIR. A pink glow appears in their bodies. They enlarge. KAG draws an arrow and kills it, shattering the fake Jewel.

Cut to ORO running towards INU, with a pitchfork like weapon.

ORO:  Die!

INU blocks with TET and ORO leaps backwards onto a tree branch. The light of the shattered Sacred Jewel shines in the sky above them.

INU:   Kagome! (runs)

Back to KAG. KAG shoots an arrow at the remaining Corpse Crow but misses. The Crow flies towards KIR but she dodges. Monkey Demon then leaps out and kicks KIR. KIR crashes to the ground and KAG is thrown off. INU arrives at the scene.

INU:   Kagome!! (swings TET at Monkey Demon) Bastard!

Monkey Demon dodges INU's TET and INU runs to KAG and KIR.

INU:   Is this their dwelling?

KAG:  Watch out, Inuyasha! He's coming!

ORO rushes towards INU. He growls and morphs into a giant snake. KAG fires an arrow and hits ORO where the fake Jewel is. ORO growls and is momentarily stunned. INU then leaps and slashes across ORO's body with TET. INU lands and looks at the horde of demons standing aside.

INU:   Who's next?

GAM opens his mouth and blows a bubble towards INU. INU merely waves TET and the bubble breaks. GAM is shocked.

GYU:  What are you doing? Finish him!

Demon: But… Orochidayu is…

GYU:  Orochidayu is dead. You'll listen to me!

Monkey Demon: Shut up, half-demon!

INU:   (thinking) Half-demon?

Monkey Demon: (steps forth and face GYU) We're not listening to a damned half-demon! Since Orochidayu is gone, I should be the …

GYU:  (thumps Monkey Demon on the head and turns to GAM) Toad, seal its soul.

GAM:  Me?

GYU:  Do it!!

GAM panics and blows a bubble with encapsulates Monkey Demon.

INU:   I came for you, bull bastard. (points TET at GYU) So you're a half-demon too. Not that it matters… I'll deal with you either way!

GYU:  Destroy him. Do it for the Sacred Jewel!

The demons behind GYU rush forth.

INU:   Wind Scar!!!

INU throws a Wind Scar and annihilates the demons. Even GAM is killed. GYU is shocked.

KAG:  (draws an arrow at GYU) Please! Let everyone go!

GYU:  No. All their souls are necessary. Yours too!

KAG:  Which is yours then? Izumo? Or Gyuoh?!

GYU:  It doesn't matter now, there'll just be one soul soon! So, to make the Sacred Jewel, I must possess them!

KAG:  If you're saying you'll do all that and kill us, you can't be human!

GYU:  Why?!

KAG:  The Sacred Jewel will be badly tarnished by you!

GYU:  Silence!

GYU raises his club and throws a pink aura which engulfs the area.

GYU:  Even so, I'll still become a human!

KAG:  (struggling) Please, Mr. Izumo… Stop it now! Though you're Gyuoh in this form, your soul should be human like Izumo!

GYU:  Silence!!

GYU throws a second wave of aura at KAG and she is thrown off.

KAG:  Mr. Izumo!

GYU:  (walks towards KAG) I'll destroy you in this form.

INU slays two demons in his direction and lands in front of KAG.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   Knock it off!

GYU:  Inuyasha… You need to be the Ara Spirit of Yuu for my Sacred Jewel. For that, I'll use any means to get it!

The fake Sacred Jewels on the club fall out and GYU swallows all of them. A red glow surrounds GYU. KAG looks away and closes her eyes.

INU:   Damn it!

GYU grows bigger and his flesh turns red.

GYU:  I will create the Sacred Jewel!

INU:   You don't give up, do you?!!

INU jumps and swings TET at GYU, who blocks effortless with his club. Cut to KAG runs to MIR.

KAG:  Hang in there, everyone!

KAG takes her arrow and pierces MIR's bubble. Cut to GYU and INU fighting.

GYU:  Inuyasha! You are also half a demon, don't you find it irritating? You'll be like that for life!

INU:   Half-demon, half-demon!! JUST SHUT UP! I am who I am! I'm strong either way!!

GYU:  What? That's rubbish!

INU:   Wind Scar!!!

INU throws a Wind Scar at GYU. GYU continues running towards INU.

GYU:  I'll get the Sacred Jewel!!

INU:   This idiot!

GYU:  (holds up his claws) I'll own the Sacred Jewel before dawn!

Cut to SAN, SHI and MIR out of the bubbles and lying on the ground, unconscious. KIR licks SAN.

KAG:  (shakes MIR) Hang in there, Miroku!

MIR winces. INU's yells of struggle is heard in the background.

KAG:  (worried) Inuyasha!

KAG turns to find GYU grabbing INU's head. INU is struggling. The sky brightens a little.

GYU:  (looks at the sky) The sun! Please don't shine just yet! O' Sun… I'm going to change my destiny. Humans reject me and the demons don't accept me… All because I'm half a demon!

INU:   (struggling and pushing) It doesn't mean that you can do whatever you like!! That's not the way! I'll settle this once and for all!!!

INU grabs GYU's arm and flings him over the shoulder. GYU crashes to the ground.

GYU:  Go to hell!

GYU roars. The sun is seen rising over the horizon.

GYU:  (flesh turning green) No, Sun! Please… Give me a chance… Don't rise so quickly…!! O' Sun!!

A sizzling sound is heard as GYU withers away in the sun. He growls in pain. Cut to KAG walking up to INU.

INU:   What's that?

KAG:  Those fake Sacred Jewels…

Cut to GYU, whose top half of his body has turned to IZU.

GYU:  I regret…

INU:   (shocked) It's him!

KAG:  (closes her eyes) Mr. Izumo is a half-demon. Bull demon by night and human by day. The evil power of the fake jewels, was too strong for humans.

Cut to image of the fake Sacred Jewels. They shatter. Cut to IZU seized by a sharp pain.

IZU:   (crying) Miss Kagome… I'm dying… Am I human yet…?

GYU falls over and dies. The camera pans from his human upper body to his lower body, which is still that of GYU. INU-gang looks at him in silence. MIR holds up a hand in prayer.

KAG:  Mr. Izumo…

[ End of ACT I: 21min 41sec ]

[ ACT II ]

Daytime in SHO's village. The villagers are saying goodbye to INU-gang.

SHO:  (waving) Thank you! Thank you!!

Cut to INU-gang traveling in a forest. KAG notices two birds in a tree. She stops and holds out a hand towards the birds. They fly away instantly.

INU:   Hey. What are you doing, Kagome?

KAG:  Nothing, I'll be right there.

Cut to the birds flying towards the sun.

[ End of ACT II: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 95: Makers of the Sacred Jewel (Part 2) ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Ouch! Oh no, the miasma and poison have entered my body!

Grandpa Jaken has been poisoned by Naraku's Poison Insects! If I can't find the Fruit of the Thousand Year Old Plant, he'll die!

Listen, Rin… To be able to follow Lord Sesshomaru… I feel very blessed… I'll die with no regrets…!

No, Grandpa Jaken! Please don't die! Next on Inuyasha, "Jaken Falls Ill".

Oh no! Am I really going to die…?!


Compiled on 23 Feb 2008.
Last revised on 24 Feb 2008.

Dialogues adapted from the Japanese-dub, English-sub version of Inuyasha distributed by Odex (Singapore).

InuYasha is copyrighted by TAKAHASHI Rumiko / Shogakukan and its distributing rights are owned by Yomiuri TV and Sunrise.

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