episode 102

The Wolf Demons Attacked by a Zombie

Altered Canon | Shichinintai story arc: ep102~123

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OPENING SONG: Grip! by Every Little Thing
ENDING SONG: Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity

Script: TAKAHASHI Tetsuko 高橋哲子
Storyboard: NISHIMORI Akira 西森 章
Episode Director: TOBA Satoshi 鳥羽 聡
Animation Director: NAKANISHI Mamiko 中西麻実子


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Old wolves: SAIZEN Tadahisa, KITAGAWA Katsuhiro
Wolf demons: TANAKA Kazunari, TASAKA Hideki


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 2 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 65 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 38 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 40 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 16 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 25 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 10 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [64 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 9 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 9 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 62.7% [37/59]


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Preview from previous episode

Rumors have it that Naraku is hiding in the Northern mountains. The Wolf Demons Tribe there have suddenly been attacked!

The one who has been terrorizing them is Kyokotsu!

That guy…! Has he been resurrected from his grave?!

Kyokotsu Hand over the Sacred Jewel fragments on you!

Neither human nor demon… why were these zombies revived? Next on Inuyasha, "The Wolf Demons Attacked by a Zombie".

Don't get cocky! I'll avenge my tribesmen!

InuYasha’s Jar

#102 Kyokotsu 凶骨 [きょうこつ]


Say, what do you think, Kohaku? Do you think… my opponent, Inuyasha, is handsome?

Please check that out for yourself.


Oddities and Other Notes



Kyokotsu is the only one in the Shichinintai. The others had shards in their necks, as they were decapitated. Kyokutsu's shard in the forehead may mean that he was not decapitated, but perhaps struck by a deadly blow in the forehead instead. This is possible, given his large size, it would have been quite a formidable task to decapitate him. < Get Your Head on Straight>

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ Prologue ]

INU:   It's now time for Inuyasha!

KAG:  To find the Sacred Jewel fragments,

INU:   I have to defeat Naraku with this Tetsusaiga!

KAG:  Naraku’s bad aura disappeared in the northeast. A zombie that is neither human nor demon appeared. Now a new fight has begun!

INU:   Miroku and Sango and Shippo and Kirara!

KAG:  An excitng adventure unfolds!

INU & KAG: Inuyasha!

[ ACT I ]

Night time in a village. A simple stone tomb shrine in the village suddenly glows in blue light. The gravestone splits into two. The shrine shatters. KOH walks up to it, holding seven fragments of the Sacred Jewel.

[ Title screen: The Wolf Demons Attacked by a Zombie ]

Daytime. INU-gang is in a forest path.

MIR:   (stops and looks up) Northeast… is this way, isn't it?

The rest of INU-gang follows.

KAG:  (thinking) The bad aura rushed off in the northeast direction. It seems certain that the bad aura must belong to Naraku.

INU:   Damn that Naraku. Where did he disappear to?

SAN:  I think he disappeared because Inuyasha broke his barrier.

SHI:   Naraku can't possibly be that weak.

INU:   Maybe…!

KAG:  What, Inuyasha?

INU:   (worked up) Maybe Naraku is anticipating that we'll go after his bad aura and has set a trap.

MIR:   (pondering) A trap?

SHI:   He's set many traps for us before.

KAG:  If we advance like this, we'll get closer to Naraku. We'll encounter something. But…

INU-gang looks towards the mountains in the northeast direction.

KAG:  (pensive) What will be waiting for us?

Ayame [AYA] is running hurriedly with her wolves along a mountain path. A horde of demons fly past in the distance.

AYA:   (thinking) The demons are fleeing.

AYA and the wolves leap off the mountain path. A purple miasma appears over the distance in the mountains.

Cut to Wolf Demon Elder in a forest. He stops and sniffs a fallen trunk.

Elder:  I know this scent.

Two old wolves walk up to him.

Senior wolf: Elder. The valley's completely destroyed.

Old wolf: The one near the river too.

A scarred wolf walk up from behind the Elder.

Scarred wolf: They're eating everything they can find. Half the demons here have already fallen prey.

Four wolf-demons arrive at the scene. One of them is injured.

Injured Wolf-Demon: Our claws and teeth don't work.

Scarred Wolf-Demon: I knew it was hopeless without a Sacred Jewel fragment!

The Elder looks pensive. AYA suddenly appears.

AYA:   Elder, that guy's coming.

Elder:  Now they've come into our territory.

Old wolf: Our friends were eaten!

Injured Wolf-Demon: I knew we couldn't do this without Koga.

Scarred Wolf-Demon: (furious) Damn, if only he'd come when Ayame went after him.

AYA remains silent. Suddenly a tree falls and neighs of horses are heard.

Old wolf: The demon's here!

Senior: Run away!

Scarred Wolf-Demon: It'll eat us!

Everyone starts to run. The horde of demons catches up with them.

AYA:   Elder, let's split up!

AYA and Elder run in separate directions. Cut to the Wolf-demons and the wolves fighting the demons. The injured wolf-demon and the scarred wolf-demon are attacked by some demons and they fall.

AYA:   Why are the demons doing this?

Elder:  That demon took their food supply.

Wolf-Demon 1: We've become victims to the demon before it gets to us?!

The demons start to eat the fallen wolf-demons. They then go after the rest of the group.

AYA:   It's them!

AYA leaps and throws a few leaf blades which strike a few demons. Cut to the group running towards a river.

AYA:   (stops) Everyone! Hurry and cross the river!

The group runs past AYA. The demons have caught up with AYA.

AYA:   How could the demon have come down so fast?

AYA jumps, somersaults and punches the ground violently. The leaves on the ground are sent flying into a twister which engulfs the demons.

Cut to KOG-gang drinking water by a river.

KOG:  A huge bad aura has appeared?

HAK:  It's the talk of the town around here.

GIN:  But it disappeared.

KOG:  Disappeared… Where to?

HAK:  Nobody knows.

KOG:  (looks at the river, thinking) The river goes upstream and leads into the mountains. It'll be right near Ayame and Elder.

CUT TO FLASHBACK from episode 83 when AYA looked for KOG.

KOG:  (voice-over) When Ayame came to take me back, she said everyone's in trouble. I turned her away.


KOG:  (worried, thinking) I have a bad feeling about this.

KOG gasps and sniffs the air. A dark liquid starts flowing down the river from upstream.

KOG:  Blood.

HAK and GIN are shocked.

Cut to AYA and the rest running along a mountain path. Elder looks exhausted. He misses a footing and falls over. The group stops.

Wolf-Demon 1: Elder!

AYA:   (kneels next to Elder) Elder!

Elder:  (weakly) F-Forgive me, I'm just a little tired.

Elder tries to get up but falls back to the ground.

AYA:   Elder, hold on!

Noises are heard in the background.

Wolf-Demon 2: They're coming closer!

Senior: I'll act as bait and lure them off! You guys run away!

AYA:   If you do that, you'll…!

Senior: Protect the Elder, find Koga, and destroy the zombie.

AYA looks at Senior intently.

Senior: Don't worry. I won't get killed by those wimpy demons. (jumps down the mountain face)

AYA:   Senior! Senior, no! Come back, Senior! That's too much for him… He's injured…

Wolf-Demon 1: Let's go, Ayame. There's no time to waste. Don't let his efforts go to waste.

Cut to Senior running in a forest, panting. The horde of demons catches up with him and bite him viciously. Senior yells in pain. KOG suddenly leaps out and punches the demons.

KOG:  Bastards!

GIN, HAK and their wolves come running.

GIN:  Koga!

By the river. KOG-gang surround Senior, who is lying weakly on the ground. Some of the wolves lick his wounds.

Senior: Forgive me… You're also of the Wolf Demon Tribe?

KOG:  Senior you can speak?

Senior: Even after all the trouble you went through, I'm finished.

KOG:  Senior. You're senior of the North Mountains?

HAK:  A while ago Ayame came to get Koga, but…

Senior: Koga? Is Koga here?

KOG:  I'm Koga.

Senior: I'm glad I met you, Koga. We abandoned our territory and left the North Mountains. So did those demons.

HAK:  They ran away?

GIN:  From what?

Senior: From a zombie.

KOG:  Zombie?

Cut-scene of a huge silhouette in armor moving across the mountains in the night time.

Senior: (voice-over) It came from an area that lies further to the north. It's neither human nor demon. That thing has the scent of a dead person and of grave dirt.

Back to present.

Senior: (wheezing) That thing has been eating all the demons in the vicinity…

Senior's voice trails off. KOG closes his eyes sadly.

KOG places a rock on a grave which holds Senior.

HAK:  What should we do, Koga?

KOG:  We're going.

GIN:  To that zombie's place?

HAK:  We're looking for Naraku.

GIN:  It's not our concern.

KOG:  That's why we have to check it out. How could we ignore our dead friends? Also, the dog-face is coming this way.

HAK:  Inuyasha?

KOG:  There's no mistaking this nauseating scent. I have to get there before he does. Let's go! (spins off)

HAK:  Wait a second, Koga!

Everyone runs after KOG.

Cut to INU-gang traveling in a valley.

INU:   That wolf bastard!

KAG:  Wolf?

INU:   This disgusting scent belongs to that bastard Koga!

MIR:   Isn't Koga also heading northeast after Naraku?

SAN:  Did he find some kind of clue?

AYA:   (background) Did you say Koga?

KAG:  That voice…

AYA appears suddenly. INU brakes. SHI, who is in the basket of KAG's bike which INU is carrying, is flung off. AYA catches him.

KAG:  You are…!

SHI:   (pointing) Ayame!

KAG:  Ayame…

MIR:   Is she…

SAN:  The girl from the Wolf Demon Tribe who fought with Kagome?

AYA:   (hands KAG an upside down SHI) Here.

KAG:  (takes SHI) Thank you. Didn't you return to the North Mountains?

AYA:   I returned, but…

KAG:  But?

AYA:   We were attacked by a demon and fled.

KAG:  A demon?

AYA:   That eats other demons.

INU:   A demon that eats other demons?

Cut to a reverend and his apprentice walking in a dense forest. Dark clouds gather and thunder rolls. The apprentice panics.

Reverend and apprentice abbreviated as REV and APP respectively.

APP:   Reverend! If we don't reach the mountain today, we'll have to camp here! Is it alright if we headed back and stopped at an inn?

REV:   Why are you so scared? Let's go.

APP:   I heard a huge demon has been appearing in this area.

REV:   (scoffs) If we came across it, I'll destroy it with my faith. (laughs)

Suddenly birds flock out from the trees ahead. The sky turns an ominous purple. APP squats and cowers in fear. Loud noises are heard in the background. A tree falls and a large silhouette is seen. He is chewing a demon in his mouth. Sounds of bones crushing are heard. REV looks at him, horrified.

APP:   That demon's eating a demon!

The silhouette turns and faces REV and APP.

APP:   Reverend, hurry and destroy it!

REV:   (holds up his prayer beads, trembles and pauses, and then runs off) It's useless!

APP:   (runs after REV) R-Reverend…!

The eyes of the silhouette gleams red.

In a cave in the mountains. INU-gang are with AYA and the wolves. KAG is bandaging the foreman of Elder.

KAG:  Zombie?

AYA:   Maybe. It's neither demon nor human.

Elder:  That thing came from the northeast.

MIR:   Northeast? The direction of the northeast…

AYA:   It ate all the demons and spirits living in the mountains… Soon it came into our territory.

Elder:  It ate many of our friends.

SAN:  The Wolf Demon Tribe is not as weak as the demon, right?

AYA:   This one is as large as a hill.

SHI:   There's a demon like that?

MIR:   Zombies are hate harboring wraiths that have revived in order to act upon their hate.

SAN:  Who revived such a terrible demon that eats demons?

INU:   (scoffs) There's only one.

KAG:  Naraku.

AYA:   I have to run away with Elder and the surviving tribe. But…

KAG:  (smiles) I understand. If we meet Koga, we'll tell him the Wolf Demon Tribe has escaped. Don't worry.

AYA:   Kagome… Thank you!

Cut to INU-gang waving goodbye to AYA and the rest.

KAG:  Be careful!

SHI:   Take care, Ayame!

AYA:   Listen. The zombie has the scent of a dead person and of grave dirt.

[ End of ACT I: 13min 41sec ]

[ ACT II ]

Nighttime in a forest. KOH stands one a branch of a tall tree, looking at the large zombie from earlier on.

KOH:  Lord Kyokotsu.

Kyokotsu abbreviated as KKS from now onwards.

KKS looks up.

KOH:  Those with the Sacred Jewel fragments are approaching.

KKS:  (laughs) Is that so? It's good that I got here before my brothers did. You call yourself Kohaku? You can go now.

KOH turns to walk. The Scared Jewel fragment in his back glows.

KKS:  That's what I'd like to say, but… (reaches towards KOH) I'll take that Sacred Jewel fragment!

KOH takes out his sickle-chain and chops off KKS's hand.

KOH:  Stop dreaming.

Poison insects appear behind KOH.

KKS:  (laughs) So I'm being watched? I understand. I enjoy my life, especially after all the trouble of getting it back.

KKS picks up his fallen hand. He reattaches it and the wound heals. A Sacred Jewel glows in his forehead.

Cut to KOG-gang running along a mountain path. A large hand reaches out and slams the wolves. The wolves dodge but one is flung off from the impact. KOG catches it and lands, furious. The rest of the wolves growl.

KOG:  Don't lay a hand on my wolves!

KKS appears and laughs.

KKS:  You're the guy who possesses the Sacred Jewel fragments.

KKS stands at full height. KOG-gang is taken aback.

KOG:  I'll take them… and your life too.

HAK:  Just look at him!

KOG:  You're a zombie, aren't you? Just like the old guy said. I smell you. Neither human! Nor demon! The smell of a dead person and grave dirt!

KKS:  The smell again? It's been quite a while since I left my grave.

HAK:  (trembling) He really was dead!

GIN:  (trembling) He's really a zombie!

KKS:  I need to eat to take on more flesh and blood. You, the brash one, should become my flesh and blood!

KKS slams his hand on KOG, who dodges and leaps.

KOG:  Idiot! Go to hell!

KOG kicks KKS's face who falls backwards. The rest of KOG-gang takes cover behind a large boulder.

KOG:  You smell of my friends' blood!

KKS:  (sits up) I see… Your legs. You carry the fragments in your legs.

KOG:  Kyokotsu, right? What the hell are you?! (thinking) He doesn't have Naraku's scent. He's not part of Naraku then.

KKS:  (grinds teeth) What am I? What if I said I was human?

HAK:  (thinking) Wrong! Wrong!

GIN:  (thinking) Impossible!

KOG:  (scoffs) So you're just a human. You came back from the grave?!

KKS:  (points to his forehead) Thanks to this fragment, I can live just like I did before!

KOG:  (thinking) A Sacred Jewel fragment? It's real. (shouts) Bastard, how did you get it?

KKS:  Why should I tell you? All you are is something to be eaten!

KKS reaches towards KOG, who dodges and leaps.

KOG:  You're too slow! (somersaults and lands) You think you can hit me?!

KKS:  (laughs) For the fast ones I use this!

KKS plunges his hand into the ground, which explodes. He takes out a long ball and chain and swings it menacingly. He throws the iron ball at KOG, who leaps.

KOG:  (lands) Where are you aiming?

KKS throws his ball at KOG again, but he is already running.

KOG:  Aim more carefully!

KKS throws the ball yet again and misses KOG.

KOG:  You missed!

KOG reaches the edge of the path. KKS swings the ball which shatters the ground in front of KOG. KOG is thrown off from the impact.

GIN:  Koga!

KOG:  (lands) You zombie… How long can you last?!

KOG sprints into a tornado and twists around KKS. KKS takes aim and throws the ball, but it misses KOG several times.

KOG:  Stop doing the same thing!

KOG jumps and kicks the chain, breaking it. KKS is thrown back from inertia. KOG then spins and kicks towards KKS's forehead.

KOG:  Go back to your grave!

The screen fades to white.

Cut to INU-gang on a cliff edge overlooking a mountain. A bright pink light is seen.

SHI:   Look, Kagome! That light!

KAG:  The Sacred Jewel's light!

MIR:   But a light that strong…

SAN:  Did Naraku and Koga meet?

INU:   But I don't smell Naraku's scent.

Cut to AYA and gang.

AYA:   That's…

Elder:  The light of the Sacred Jewel!

AYA:   Sacred Jewel? That means… Koga!

AYA sprints towards the light.

Back to KOG and KKS. KOG jumps but KKS slams his palm towards him and presses him to his face.

GIN:  Koga!

KKS lifts his hand to find KOG, but KOG is actually standing on his neck, with his hand on KKS's face.

KOG:  What are you doing? How do you like this?!

KOG then grabs KKS face and twists it upside down. KKS winces in pain, falls to his knees and collapses to the ground.

HAK:  H-He did it!

GIN:  Incredible!

KOG:  (scoffs) That was easy.

KOG walks away from KKS. KKS suddenly punches KOG from behind. KOG is sent crashing to the ground. KKS gets up, with his head still turned upside down, and picks up his ball and chain.

KKS:  (laughs) Did you intend to destroy me like this?

KKS swings his ball and chain wildly at KOG. The chain hits him several times and he rolls to the side.

KOG:  (disbelief) No way…

AYA:   (background) Koga!

AYA appears behind KOG and KOG looks at her.

AYA:   Koga, watch out!

KOG, not in time to react, is grabbed by KKS. KKS raises KOG high up, laughing.

GIN & HAK: (run to AYA) K-Koga!

KOG struggles to get out of KKS's fist. KKS merely laughs and twists his head upright again.

KKS:  What a shame. I'll eat you, fragment and all!

KKS opens his mouth wide and puts KOG towards it.

KOG:  Stop dreaming, bastard! (plunges his hand deep into KKS's forehead)

KKS:  That didn't hurt at all.

KOG:  (smirks) That's not what I want…! (digs out the Sacred Jewel fragment in KKS's forehead and smirks)

KKS:  (disbelief) M-My Sacred Jewel fragment!

Fumes emit from KKS. His flesh rots away as he slowly falls to the ground. All that is left is a pile of large bones formerly known as KKS. The ball and chain fades away to reveal Poison Insects. AYA and the rest of KOG-gang run to the pile of bones.

AYA:   Koga!

HAK:  Koga, where are you?

GIN:  Are you alive?

KOG is trapped in the pile of bones. He struggles to reach for KKS's Sacred Jewel fragment in front of him. A Poison Insect comes along, takes it and flies off.

KOG:  What? (thinking) That's Naraku's poisonous insects. Kyokotsu was controlled by Naraku!

A while later. It is sunset. HAK, GIN and the wolves are examining KKS's bones.

GIN:  They're just bones.

HAK:  When the Sacred Jewel fragment was put in them, they were revived.

AYA walks to KOG, who is catching his breath.

AYA:   Thank you Koga for avenging my friends. Everyone who died is now at peace.

KOG:  Naraku's bad aura disappeared towards the northeast?

AYA:   Yes. That's what Kagome said.

KOG:  I see.

AYA:   (walks) See you…

KOG:  Be careful.

AYA:   (turns around and smiles sadly) That's what Kagome said.

AYA sprints off in a tornado.

KOG:  (pauses and smiles) That's what Kagome said?

Cut to a flock of crows pecking on dead warriors and horses. KOH is kneeling in front of a feminine-looking man, who is airing himself. He is wearing scaly-armor.

Man:  Kyokotsu's dead?

KOH:  Yes, Lord Jakotsu.

Jakotsu abbreviated as JKS from now onwards.

JKS:   Oh dear, that big idiot. That's alright. He was the weakest one of us. Say, what do you think, Kohaku? Do you think… my opponent, Inuyasha, is handsome?

KOH:  Please check that out for yourself.

JKS:   (clasps his hands gently, in daze) Let's meet soon… Inuyasha.

[ End of ACT II: 22min 5sec ]

[ End of episode 102: The Wolf Demons Attacked by a Zombie ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

A group of ruthless mercenaries who died horribly…

An army arrived at the grave of the Shichinintai and met a guy who wields a switch-blade.

Impressive? This is Shichinintai Slasher's Snake-Bone sword!!

It bounced and came back! That sword is like…a snake!

Damn it. I can't tell where the blades attack from!

Next on Inuyasha, "Revival of Shichinintai".

Inuyasha… Your ears… I love them! Give them to me!


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