episode 103

Revival of Shichinintai

Canon Episode | Shichinintai story arc: ep102~123

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OPENING SONG: Grip! by Every Little Thing
ENDING SONG: Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity

Script: 武上純希
Storyboard: ISHIHARA Tatsuya 石原立也
Episode Director: ISHIHARA Tatsuya 石原立也
Animation Director: IKEDA Shoko 池田晶子


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
General: NAKAJIMA Toshihiko
Villagers: SAIZEN Tadahisa, KOUNO Yoshiyuki, TOKUYAMA Yasuhiko


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 2 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 65 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 38 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 40 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 16 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 1 / 26 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 10 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [64 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 9 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 9 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 62.7% [37/59]


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Preview from previous episode

A group of ruthless mercenaries who died horribly…

An army arrived at the grave of the Shichinintai and met a guy who wields a switch-blade.

Impressive? This is Shichinintai Slasher's Snake-Bone sword!!

It bounced and came back! That sword is like…a snake!

Damn it. I can't tell where the blades attack from!

Next on Inuyasha, "Revival of Shichinintai".

Inuyasha… Your ears… I love them! Give them to me!

InuYasha’s Jar

#103 Jakotsu 蛇骨 [じゃこつ]


How cute!!! Especially those ears… I love them! Give them to me.


Inuyasha is cute, but that priest is sexy.

Is it okay to suck this guy up?



Oddities and Other Notes


The guns that the army used was probably the matchlock. The Matchlock, invented in the mid-fifteen century, secured a lighted wick in a moveable arm which, when the trigger was depressed, was brought down against the flash pan to ignite the powder. It was introduced by Portuguese traders to Eastern countries around 1498, particularly India and Japan, and was used by them well into the 19th century. For detailed illustrations of the history of firearms to 1500, go to Hand Gonnes and Matchlocks. <Period Firearms>


Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ Prologue ]

INU:   It's now time for Inuyasha!

KAG:  To find the Sacred Jewel fragments,

INU:   I have to defeat Naraku with this Tetsusaiga!

KAG:  The second assassin comes to attack us. Some said it’s the legend of the Shichinin zombies. How’s Sango’s brother, Kohaku, related to them?

INU:   Miroku and Sango and Shippo and Kirara!

KAG:  An excitng adventure unfolds!

INU & KAG: Inuyasha!

[ recap ]

Recap from previous episode. A flock of crows are pecking on dead warriors and horses. KOH is kneeling in front of a feminine-looking man, who is airing himself. He is wearing scaly-armour.

JKS:   Kyokotsu is dead?

KOH:  Yes, Lord Jakotsu.

JKS:   That big idiot. It doesn't bother me. He was the weakest one of us. Say, what do you think, Kohaku? Is this opponent of mine, the well-known Inuyasha, handsome or what?

KOH:  Please check that out for yourself.

JKS:   (clasps his hands gently, in daze) Let's meet soon… Inuyasha.

The crows fly away.

JKS:   I wonder what's the color of your blood…

[ End of recap: 2min 43sec ]

[ Title screen: Revival of Shichinintai ]

[ ACT I ]

Daytime. INU-gang is traveling past a village.

KAG:  Inuyasha.

INU:   Huh?

The group stops.

KAG:  What's that…

An army of men on horses are walking in the village, a distance away from them.

INU:   (disdain) Another war?

MIR:   No, I don't sense any signs of war in this area.

SAN:  I wonder if they're going to exterminate something?

INU:   Even if they are, they don't have to be so showy.

A few Poison Insects appear in a forest. KOH catches up with them and stops on a tree branch. He looks sad.

Near a shrine on a hill. Cut to the reverend [REV] and apprentice [APP] from the previous episode catching their breath at a tree below the shrine.

APP:   That was really terrible…!

REV:   Katsu!! (chant to raise spirits) That was a trial send by Buddha, we saw what our hearts feared.

APP:   But… What? There's a temple over there. (glad) We've been saved from hell by Buddha.

REV:   (shakes fist angrily) You fool! Always relying others for help! It's because you have such a weak heart that you see such illusions.

APP:   (bows guiltily) Yes.

REV:   (walks towards the shrine) Let's see if we can stay for the night.

APP:   What's that? Master is relying on others too…

Back in the village. A few villagers are tilling the land. INU-gang walks past them.

Villager 1: I heard that the guards at the border were all killed.

Villager 2: It was terrible, not like the work of humans at all.

Villager 3: I wonder if the rumours are true… That we're cursed by the zombies of the Shichinin grave.

KAG:  (thinking) The zombies of the Shichinin grave?

MIR:   Excuse me… (runs towards the villagers) Can we talk?

INU:   He's going to ask them?

KAG:  There's no way we're going to ignore this.

A while later. INU-gang is talking to the villagers.

Villager 2: The Shichinin grave is mound built to appease the Shichinintai.

MIR:   Shichinintai?

Villager 2: It was more than ten years ago. Those guys came here from the eastern provinces. The Shichinintai were a group of seven soldiers out for hire. They only work for themselves, and wandered everywhere taking up work.

CUT TO FLASHBACK of a burning castle. Cries are heard.

Villager 2: (voice-over) In terms of their strength, those seven could do what a hundred soldiers are capable of.

Villager 1: (voice-over)However, their killing methods were too cruel. It seemed that they enjoy killing people, they either chop people's heads off, or burn them alive.

BACK TO PRESENT. Villager 2 shudders at the thought of Shichinintai.

Villager 3: They are really a bunch of evil and merciless killers!

KAG hugs SHI tightly in fear. She nearly suffocates him.

CUT TO FLASHBACK of an army on horses with white flags. The general raises his sword and the army charges down a hill.

Villager 2: (voice-over) However, the feudal lords feared that they would wreck havoc, thus they seek to subdue the Shichinintai.

Cut to one of the Shichinintai killing a large group of soldiers with his claws. Cut to soldiers killed by a mysterious sword. Cut to soldiers killed by explosions. Cut to a plump Shichinintai releasing poison. Cut to Kyokotsu killing soldiers. Cut to soldiers killed by a Shichinintai who spits fire. Cut to soldiers killed by a Shichinintai with large weapon. The Shichinintai gather and stand among the fallen army.


Villager 2: They had quite a struggle.

MIR:   I'm sure they did.

CUT TO FLASHBACK of the snowy mountains.

Villager 2: (voice-over) The Shichinintai made their escape into the mountains. They were outnumbered.

Cut to warriors firing arrows. Cut to a warrior raising his sword high up.

Villager 2: (voice-over) After a long struggle, they were finally captured in a village in the north. All their heads were chopped off and they were buried.

Cut to a mountain shrouded in clouds. At the base of it, the grave mound seen in the last episode is shown.

Villager 2: (voice-over) Nevertheless, the local people feared a curse and wanted to appease the souls of the Shichinin. Hence, they erected a grave at the base of the sacred mountain.


Villager 2: That's the Shichinin grave.

MIR:   I see.

KAG:  Earlier you were talking about being cursed by a zombie?

The villagers pause and whisper among themselves.

CUT TO FLASHBACK from previous episode, when the Shichinin grave broke.

Villager 3: (voice-over) Yes, there's a recent rumor that the Shichinin grave has broken in half.


Villager 3: (voice-over) There's no way lightning could have broken it. Then, perhaps the zombies of the Shichinin had escaped?

INU-gang are traveling again.

MIR:   (worried) Zombies?

SAN:  What do you think, Priest?

MIR:   With Naraku's bad aura gone, it's normal that the demons would wreck havoc.

INU:   But we don't even know if it's a zombie or a demon. We're heading there anyway. I'll just wipe them out if we meet any.

KAG stops suddenly.

INU:   What's the matter?

KAG:  A fragment of the Sacred Jewel…

Cute KIR mews jumps off SAN's shoulder and runs ahead.

SAN:  What's wrong, Kirara?

SHI:   Kirara is acting strangely.

KIR transforms into her fierce form and runs. SAN gasps and chases KIR.

KAG:  Sango!

SAN jumps onto KIR and they fly off. The rest look on.

KAG:  Sango…

Cut to SAN and KIR in the air.

SAN:  Kirara, did you feel Kohaku's presence?

KIR grunts.

SAN:  (thinking) He should be somewhere in these mountains.

SAN notices a few Poison Insects ahead.

SAN:  Poison Insects?

Up ahead, where the Poison Insects are heading to, KOH is sitting on a tree branch. He turns around and sees SAN.

SAN:  Kohaku!

KIR lands and SAN gets off. KOH jumps down from the tree and faces SAN.

KOH:  (thinking) I thought I'd forgotten it, but it didn't go away… That face… But… (backs away slowly)

SAN:  (inches forward) Kohaku?

KOH:  (thinking) Who are you? (reaches for his sickle-chain)

SAN:  Are you still under Naraku's…?

KOH:  (winces in pain and clasps his face) Why? Why won't your face…

CUT TO FLASHBACK from episode 49 when SAN sat next to KOH in a hut.

SAN:  It's okay if you remember a little at a time. We can always be like this.

KOH:  (uneasy) Well…

Cut to episode 50, when SAN tried to kill KOH.

SAN:  (crying) Kohaku!!

BACK TO PRESENT. KOH attacks SAN with his sickle-chain but SAN dodges.

SAN:  (sad, shocked) Stop it!

KOH:  Die. (swings sickle-chain menacingly)

SAN:  Kohaku, open your eyes!

KOH swings his sickle at SAN who dodges to the side and blocks with HIR.

SAN:  Kohaku!

KOG then hits HIR violently. Tears well up in SAN's eyes. They look at each other for a while in silence. Suddenly a poisonous gas seeps into the area. A bird is killed by it. KIR grunts and runs to SAN. KOH scoffs, irritated, and jumps off.

SAN:  Kohaku?

KIR bites onto SAN's clothes, flings her onto her back and flies out of the forest.

SAN:  Kirara?

The poison gas starts to engulf the forest. Cut to SAN and KIR in the air.

SAN:  (looking at the forest below) That's… (pauses) Kohaku… (buries her face sadly into KIR)

Cut to KOH looking at SAN and KIR flying away on a tree branch in another part of the forest. He turns to his side.

KOH:  You shouldn't act impulsively. You're being watched.

Cut to Poison Insects hovering over a fat zombie. He laughs in a manner similar to a toad. He wears a veil over his face and carries a large basket. He holds something in his hands which continues to release poison fumes.

Zombie: You were late, so I figured I'd come find you. Did something happen in the past between you and that woman?

KOH doesn't reply and looks at SAN flying away in the air.

[ End of ACT I: 12min 10sec ]

[ ACT II ]

In a valley, in which one side is a cliff while the other is a small hill. Jakotsu [JKS] from the previous episode is walking leisurely. The army from the village earlier on is riding in the opposite direction.

General: Hey! You, over there! Make way!

JKS looks up lazily.

General: (irritated) Stop the horses!

Everyone pulls their horses and stops. They examine JKS. He has part of his haori pulled up to his thigh, and wears a cloth around his neck like a shawl. He has a round butterfly hairpin in his hair and carries a long sword.

JKS:   (nice) Did you say something?

General: What is this guy? How bizarre looking…

JKS:   If you are going beyond this area, do be careful. There's talk of a fearsome zombie lurking about.

General: Fool! We're here to exterminate that zombie!

JKS:   (laughs pleasantly) Given that attitude, you seemed to have no idea what it's like.

General: Bastard, are you saying that you know?

JKS:   (laughs menacingly) Well, you see… I am that zombie.

Everyone is taken aback and the horses neigh, frightend.

General: First unit, forward!

A few soldiers step forth, squat and aim guns at JKS.

JKS:   (curious) What's that?

General: (laughs) You wouldn't know if you're a zombie from 10 years ago. Fire!

The soldiers fire. JKS is taken aback and gets shot in the shoulder.

Cut to INU-gang waiting for SAN and KIR by the roadside. Gunshots are heard in the background.

SHI:   What? What was that bang-bang sound?

KAG:  Perhaps… It's a gunshot.

INU:   Gunshot?

Back to JKS and the army. JKS touches the wound on his soldier. He looks at his finger for a while, licks the blood off it and smirks.

JKS:   Could this be one of those rifles I've heard so much about?

General: Damned zombie! Second unit, forward!

The first unit steps aside and three more soldiers step up with guns.

JKS:   Hey, not giving up yet? Alright, let's play. (unsheathes sword) Watch this.

Suddenly a bending blade appears from the sword and kills the soldiers. Yells are heard.

Back to INU-gang. INU gasps.

MIR:   The scent of… blood?

INU:   Yes, and it's not just from a few people. (leaps off)

Back with JKS and the army.

General: Impossible! From that far away… Just by swinging his sword…

The General looks at the fallen second unit. Blood drips from JKS's sword.

JKS:   This really brings back memories.

General: (worried, shouts to army) Alright, don't be frightened! Surround him!

The rest of the army forms a circle around JKS, holding spears.

General: This bastard is using some kind of strange magic!

JKS:   (laughs) It's nothing like that. Not then…not now!!!

Cut to INU sprinting.

INU:   (thinking) This scent. It's faint, but… That's it! That scent of grave dirt!

INU arrives at the valley. He is taken aback. MIR runs towards INU, while KAG rides her bicycle. SHI sits in the basket.

KAG:  Did something happen?

INU:   Stay back!!

KAG gasps and brakes her bike. Up ahead, JKS is squatting in a circle of dead warriors. He picks up a gun and examines it.

JKS:   (looking into the barrel) This is rare, think I'll bring it back for Brother Renkotsu.

MIR:   They are the guys who passed by the village earlier.

KAG:  (walks to INU and MIR) That guy killed all of them?

JKS notices them. He stands and faces them.

JKS:   (gasps, excited) Are you the well-known… Inuyasha?

INU:   Bastard, how did you know my name?!

JKS:   (blushes and gushes) How cute!!!

INU and MIR are lost for words.

JKS:   Especially those ears… I love them! Give them to me. (licks lips)

INU:   (thinking) What is it with this guy? (loud) What the hell are you? You don't smell like a human. You smell of a dead person and of grave dirt!

MIR:   Inuyasha, you mean this guy…

INU:   A rumor has been going around, that a nasty zombie got out of its grave.

MIR:   The evil group of seven men. The mercenaries who were cornered by an army had their heads chopped off. (points staff at JKS) Are you one of the Shichinintai?!

JKS looks at MIR in silence.

MIR:   (stern) Answer!

JKS:   Inuyasha is cute, but that priest is sexy.

KAG zooms far behind INU and MIR. MIR and INU are lost for words.

MIR:   (removes prayer beads around Wind Tunnel hand) Is it okay to suck this guy up?

INU:   Sure.

KAG:  (gasps) Wait. That guy has a Sacred Jewel fragment. Maybe the jewel's power revived him.

INU:   Bastard. Who gave you that Sacred Jewel fragment?!!

JKS:   (laughs) Your angry face is nice, too.

INU:   Shut up, you bastard! (leaps in front of JKS and unsheathes TET) I'll force you to tell us no matter what!

JKS:   That's an interesting sword you have there. (swings sword slowly) Your sword or mine… I wonder which is better!

JKS swings his sword and bendy blades fly towards INU swiftly, who blocks with TET.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

MIR:   Stay back! It's a concealed sword.

JKS retracts his sword and chuckles.

INU:   (thinking) I thought it was strange. The way in which those soldiers were killed… How they were wiped out in a single blow… They didn't even have time to fight back. His switch-blade type weapon is more than meets the eye… His sword…!

JKS swings his sword at INU again. One of the blades curves and cuts INU on the arm.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

SHI:   A bending sword?!

JKS:   Impressive? This is Shichinintai Slasher's Snake-Bone sword!! (retracts his sword and swings it at INU again)

INU:   Impudent!

INU swings TET which hit JKS's blades and stops it. The sword turns out to be a series of connected blades. The blades are riveted onto each other at the tip, so it is able to bend. JKS retracts his blade and attacks INU. As the sword is too fast, he is only able to dodge and not take the offence.

MIR:   It bounced and came back!

KAG:  That sword is like…a snake!

JKS attacks INU viciously, and INU can only leap backwards to dodge..

JKS:   See how far you can run!

INU:   (thinking) Shit.

JKS:   How fun! Watch this.

JKS continues swinging the sword at INU. INU struggles to dodge and finally, the sword cuts INU's face. JKS retracts his sword and chuckles triumphantly.

INU:   (thinking) Damn it. I can't tell where the blades attack from!

JKS:   (panting, sweating) Great, his expression gives me the thrills… I want to see more!

JKS swings his sword at INU again.

SAN:  Hiraikotsu!

SAN suddenly appears and throws HIR at the blades. The blades hit HIR and get tangled around it.

SAN:  Inuyasha!

KAG:  Sango!

SAN:  (lands and gets off KIR) Are you alright, Inuyasha?

INU:   Yeah!

JKS:   (furious) A woman! Bastard!

JKS is really angry now. He scowls and retracts his sword with HIR, and throws it at SAN. SAN, not in time to react, can only dodge to the side and gets cut on the wrist. JKS retracts his sword.

JKS:   Get lost, woman! Don't interfere my fun with Inuyasha!!!

JKS gasps as INU suddenly leaps in front of him and punches him in the face.

INU:   You give me the creeps! BASTARD!

JKS is flung off from the punch. He somersaults and lands.

JKS:   (rubs his face in a whiny tone) How cold…

INU:   Shut up! You better confess who gave you the Sacred Jewel fragment!

KAG, SHI and MIR run to SAN.

MIR:   Are you alright?

KAG:  Sango!

SHI:   You're bleeding!

SAN:  It's only a scratch. More importantly, that fragment is probably from Naraku.

All: Huh?!

SAN:  The presence of the fragment earlier was Kohaku. And, around him were those poisonous insects.

MIR:   Are you saying he's still controlled by Naraku?

SAN pauses a moment, closes her eyes and nods.

KAG:  Sango…

Cut to INU and JKS facing off each other. INU growls in a low tone. JKS blushes and smiles.

INU:   Damn him…

On the hill at one side of the valley, the zombie with KOH from earlier on steps up.

Zombie: (chuckles) What a good one… That Jakotsu hasn't changed a bit.

[ End of ACT II:22min 5sec ]

[ End of episode 103: Revival of Shichinintai ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Oh no! I can't move my body! Why did this guy kidnap me?

There's a poisonous barrier around us. No one will come and save you. Well, you're quite a pretty girl… I'm so happy that I can go through Shuugen with you. I may not be the best bride, please accept me.

Stop kidding around!! Next on Inuyasha, "The Stealthy Poison User, Mukotsu". Sesshomaru…? Why is he here?


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