episode 9

Enter Shippo…Plus, the Amazing Thunder Brothers!

七宝登場!雷獣兄弟 飛天満天!!
Shippo Appears! The Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten!!
Canon Episode | 2-episode story, 9-10

Episode Capsule last revised on 06 Mar 2008.


OPENING SONG: Change the World by V6
ENDING SONG: My will by dream

Script: SUMISAWA Katsuyuki 隅沢克之
Storyboard: NISHIMORI Akira 西森 章
Episode Director: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Animation Director: TAKIGUCHI Teiichi 滝口禎一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Shell Blower: Toshihiko Nakajima
Vixen: Kaoru Morota
Villager: Tadahisa Saizen
Warriors: Hideki Tasaka, Yukio Yoda, Ryuugo Saito, Shinji Matsuki


Sacred Jewel fragment: 2
No. of 'sit': 0 / 8
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 4
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
23 / 23 head thumps
2 / 2 tail-grabbing
25 / 25 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 42.9% [3/7]


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  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
  6. Production Notes
  7. Script
  8. Contributors & References

Preview from previous episode

I arrive in the Feudal Age after coming out of the well. Maybe I would meet the real Oda Nobunaga one day! Although my History results would improve, the most important thing to remember is bring my medicine box! I want to bring Sota here too! But I don't really want to meet anymore demons! Wa! What a cute demon! Next episode, 'Shippo Appears! The Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten!!'

InuYasha’s Jar

#9 Shippo 七宝

Fox demon. He can transform himself into a person or an object, but he is not useful in combat. {Shirogetsu}



"Pretty woman, short life." What a wise saying.

Inuyasha! How can you stand there looking so blank?! Kagome is a beauty! So she may have been eaten up!

So tell me what's pretty about Kagome?

I've been thinking this from before, but I think your perception of beauty is a little off.

Aghhh! No wonder you look and dress so weird!

I agree… A red outfit is a bit troubling. I think you should dress with a little more refinement.

Ahhh! Shut up! How did the subject turn to the way I dress?


Who'd hand over the precious fragments just for you?!

What?! You intend to abandon me?!

Abandon?! You make it sound like you and I are an item!

Which is more important?! Me or the Sacred Jewel fragments?! If you dare choose the fragments, I'll rip your lips out!


Oddities and Other Notes


King Arthur and his Excalibur
After pulling the Cailburn from the stone, King Arthur was given the Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake. Excalibur’s scabbard has the magical power to protect is bearer from harm (and to prevent the bearer from suffering further harm from wounds he might already have received). In the same way, the sheathe of Tetsusaiga protects Inuyasha. <Wikipedia>
Shippo is a kitsune or a fox-demon. In Japanese folklore, kitsune uses trickery or illusion magic, which explains Shippo’s bag of funny tricks. <Kitsune>
Hitodama or spirit flame
The hitodama, the blue flame that Shippo uses, may exist as a 'demon' by itself, but can also be used by kitsunes like Shippo. It usually mark graves. Its western counterpart is probably the 'Will-o'-Wisps'. <Hitodama>
One of Shippo’s tricks is the jizo statue. In Japanese mythology, jizo is the god of children. <Probert Encyclopedia>
Hiten and Manten belong to the Raiju tribe. In Japanese mythology, Raiju is a demon of lightning. He is depicted as a badger, cat or a weasel. During thunderstorms, he becomes agitated and jumps from tree to tree and likes to hide in people's navels. <Probert Encyclopaedia>

Shippo and Mrs. Haga in Rumic Theater.
Shippo’s Guest Appearance in Rumic Theater
In Rumiko Takahashi's "Rumic Theater", in the first episode, "THE TRAGEDY OF P", Shippou makes an appearance! You have to go frame by frame as Mrs. Haga takes out a stuffed elephant, but he's there! <Kathleen Margeotes>


Kagome actually brought along a kettle, a mini-stove AND an alarm clock to the feudal era?
Technically, Hiten and Manten use lightning-based attacks. So why are they called Thunder brothers?
This is the first episode in which Shippo appears. It is also the first time Inuyasha and Myoga are seen eating ‘modern food’.
The comb that Manten uses is of a more modern design, with a handle, which I’m not sure if it existed during the feudal era.

Did you notice…?

…when Kagome’s arrow pierced through Manten’s nose, no blood appears?
…there is no steam coming out of the kettle, even though the water should be boiling as Inuyasha is eating a freshly made cup noodle?
…Inuyasha has a high tolerance for heat? He finished his hot bowl of cup noodle within 80 seconds. Guess you can add that to the list of his special skills…
…Thunder Brothers' armour has a ‘ten’ or Chinese ‘sky’ character inscribed on it?
…Hiten and Manten wear earrings?
…Myoga eating a tiny Japanese fishcake?

Freeze Frame Fun

Lemme touch them too…
Lemme touch them too…
When Hiten and Inuyasha first meet, after they escaped a bolt attack, Myoga leaps onto Inuyasha’s shoulder, saying “Master Inuyasha, that’s the older Thunder Brother, Hiten.” Shippo then leaps onto his back asking where Kagome is. If you freeze frame here, you can see Shippo grabbing onto Inuyasha’s right ear too. Perhaps Shippo found his ear fascinating too, and wanted to touch them…

Shippo rummaging through Kagome's bag, destroying the space-time continuum.
Inuyasha comic book
If you freeze frame, you can see that there’s a Inuyasha comic book flying out of Kagome’s bag as Shippo rummages through her stuff. If you take the animation joke seriously, that means Kagome reads the story of the Sacred Jewel after she took part in it.

Things brought from modern era (or why Kagome’s bag is so big)

From left: cream, towel, comb · mirror, Inuyasha comic, camera, cassette tape · antiseptic spray · instant noodles · alarm clock · kettle · potato chips, tissue, pouch · water bottle, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb ·



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ Title screen: Enter Shippo…Plus the Amazing Thunder Brothers! ]

[ ACT I ]

A blue alarm clock, on the ground, strikes twelve and beeps.

KAG:  (stops the alarm) Okay, three minutes are up.

INU:   (immediately slurps up a bowl of instant noodles ravenously) Tastes great! Kagome, this is really good!

KAG:  (stares at INU eating with squinty eyes) Oh yeah? I’m glad.

INU:   (pointing to the instant noodles and kettle on the ground) Aren’t you having some?

KAG:  (stands up and yells, crows in the background fleeing) Listen to you! How can you eat in a place like this, the aftermath of a battle? (pans downwards to a field of skulls) You suddenly decide you’re hungry and take everything out of my backpack! What’s wrong with having a leisurely lunch by a pretty stream or a field of flowers? (sits back on a rock) Oh, you…! You’re so uncouth!

MYO:  (on INU’s shoulder eating a fishcake) I must say, though, Kagome, your country has many convenient things. I was shocked at your "bicycle". But a thing that tells time and by looking at your strange foodstuffs, you do much trade with foreigners from the south.

KAG:  (happy) Wow! Myoga, you’re very smart. (holds up a cup noodle in a promotional manner) However, did you know that cup noodle was invented by the Japanese? It was intended for use up in outer space.

INU & MYO: (stops eating) Outer space?

KAG:  (puts down the cup noodle, excited) Yes. Humans go to outer space… (claps, remembering) Oh yeah, did you know, we even went to the moon!

INU:   The moon? How?!

KAG:  Using a rocket.

INU:   A rocket?

KAG:  (stretches out her arms far apart) It’s huge (makes funny gestures on the ground) and fire shoots out from the bottom (curls up) and kaboom! (raises her hand wildly in the air)

INU continues eating, not listening.

KAG:  (folds her hands and sulks) By next time, I’ll have to studied up on it!

The sky suddenly darkens, similar to nighttime.

KAG:  What?! It suddenly got dark.

INU:   (shoots up, throwing away his empty instant noodles) What’s this?!

MYO:  Master Inuyasha, you mustn’t litter!

INU:   This is no time to be concerned about that!

A cyan vortex appears and twirls, closing in on them. It is almost four times bigger than them.

Vortex: (slow threatening tone) You there…! You possess the Sacred Jewel!

INU:   (places his hand on the TET) What?!

KAG:  A demon?

MYO:  No… That’s fox fire!

INU:   Fox fire?!

The vortex shrinks into a small circle, which suddenly enlarges into a cute gigantic pink blob with two big eyes and four little dangling orange orbs sticking out. INU, KAG and MYO are speechless. The pink blob floats towards them.

Blob:  (in a more kiddy voice) Hand it over! Or I’ll kill you! (sucks at INU’s head)

INU, with a ‘what-the-hell’ look, scratches his head and a sweat drop flow. He raises his hand and slaps the orb violently. The orb shrieks as it deflates and twirls in the air. It transforms into a circle again, which then turns into a kid with orange hair, a bushy tail and paws for feet. He falls flat-faced onto the ground.

Fox:   (gets up and rubs his cheek) Oww!

INU:   (reaches the kid with KAG and MYO) Huh?

KAG:  A child?!

Fox:   What’re you doing?! You heathen! (tries to escape as INU grabs him by his tail) Hey!

INU:   (raises the fox in it air) You’ve got a tail! Hah! You’re just a baby fox in disguise!

Fox:   Yea, I’m a fox!

KAG:  Huh?! A fox? How cute! (moves behind INU) Let me hold him next!

INU:   Why’re you lining up behind me? (suddenly dragged onto the ground, the fox transforming into a stone statue weighing his hand down)

KAG:  Huh?! A jizo statue? (turns as noise is heard in the background) My things!

Fox:   (rummages through KAG’s backpack and holds up a container) Here it is! A fragment of the Sacred Jewel! (turns around to face KAG and INU, and leaps into the air) Ah-hah-hah! It’s mine! Farewell! (transform in a fox fire which disappears in a puff, leaving them stunned)

KAG:  He disappeared!

A skull behind them pops out a bushy tail and runs off. INU and KAG turn around. It is the fox, escaping while panting. INU clenches his fist. A ‘knock’ is heard. Cut to the fox sitting on the ground, pouting, with his eyes closed in indignation. A huge bump appears on his head.

Fox:   My name is Shippo.

Shippo abbreviated as SHI from now onwards.

KAG sprays some medicine on his bump.

KAG:  Why are you after the Sacred Jewel fragment?

SHI:   (worked up) To avenge… To avenge my father!

KAG:  Avenge? Was your father killed?

INU:   Hmm… So you wanted to gain strength by using the Sacred Jewel fragment? (takes out the container from his clothes, KAG glares at him)

SHI:   Hah! I’m strong even without the Sacred Jewel fragment!

INU:   (fighting with KAG over the Sacred Jewel) What’re you doing?!

SHI:   (infuriated) Are you listening?!

INU:   Huh? (stops fighting with KAG and gapes at a shrieking SHI)

On a plain, two battalion of warriors, red and white, face off. Battle cries are being sounded. Cut to the sky, where huge dark clouds appear and cover the sun. Soon the battalions are shrouded in semi-darkness. Thunder is heard in the background. The warriors of the red battalion look up.

Warrior 1: (pointing) Huh? What’s that cloud?

A bolt of lightning flashes across sky and two demons fly towards them.

Pony-tailed demon: (flies on wheels, one on each foot) Ready to hunt, Manten?

Fat demon: (sits in a cloud) Yes, Brother Hiten!

The pony-tailed demon, Hiten, and the fat demon, Manten, abbreviated as HIT and MAN from now onwards.

HIT:   (swings his pike) Thunderbolt attack! Witness our power!

Long bolts shoot from HIT’s pike and annihilates the red battalion.

Warrior from white battalion: They annihilated the enemy in one blow! Are the beast-monsters our allies?!

MAN:  Huh? Allies? Don’t make me laugh! (opens his mouth and shoots out fire)

The white battalion was annihilated by Matens’ fire attack. The two fly across the sky proudly.

HIT:   Boy, wasn’t that fun, Manten?

MAN:  (combing his three strands of hair) It sure was, Brother Hiten.

HIT:   I have so much power left over. The power of the Sacred Jewel imbedded in my forehead is real.

MAN:  I’ll say!

HIT:   (sits on MAN’s cloud) So let’s keep gathering more and more, Manten!

MAN:  Yeah! (caressing a fox pelt around his waist) We’ll look high and low for beasts like this fox who possess the Sacred Jewel and beat ‘em to death!

The two chuckles evilly as they fly off into the distance.

KAG rides on her bicycle along a path, SHI sits on her bagpack.

KAG:  Your father possessed a Sacred Jewel fragment?!

SHI:   Those two go around killing demons who possess fragments.

KAG:  (stopping) Those two?

SHI:   The Thunder Brothers.

INU:   (appears on a tree above them) Thunder Brothers?

MYO:  (on INU’s shoulder) You mean, Hiten and Manten? I have heard that they are unruly, mean brothers.

INU:   So what? If we defeat them, we’ll get several fragments at once!

SHI:   Don’t make me laugh! You wouldn’t be able to taken them on! You’re just a half-demon, aren’t you? I can smell the human in you! Just a half-demon, you should stay out of demon affairs!

KAG:  Shippo… That wasn’t a nice thing to—

INU jumps down and thumps SHI on his head.

SHI:   Why you…!

INU continues thumping SHI’s head.

KAG:  Inuyasha.

SHI:   (INU stops and SHI kowtows repeatedly) Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

INU:   As long as you understand.

SHI:   In penance… (reaches into his clothes)

SHI thumps a jizo statue on INU’s hand on the ground and sticks a charm on it. He somersaults in the air and lands.

INU:   Hey you!

SHI:   (laughs) As long as the charm stays on, the jizo statue will not move!

KAG:  Shippo! You’re partly to blame, too.

SHI:   Hmph!

KAG:  Inuyasha, stop playing around!

INU:   (struggles to take his hand from under the jizo statue) I can’t get it off!

SHI:   I don’t like to play tricks on women, but I need you to sleep for a while! (leaps up and hits the back of KAG’s neck)

KAG:  (grabs SHI) That hurt!

SHI:   (conjures a fox fire that pushes KAG away) Tadah! (lands on the ground holding KAG’s container of shards) I’ll use this to lure out the Thunder Brothers!

KAG:  Huh? The Sacred Jewel fragments! (grabs her bow and arrow from her bicycle) Give them back or I’ll get mad! (chases SHI)

INU:   Kagome! Peel off the charm first. Hey! Hey you!

MAN is examining his reflection is a pond.

MAN:  (holding a comb) If only I had a little more hair. Then I’d be popular like Brother Hiten. Huh? (noticing something rustling in the grass)

SHI:   (looking back while running) He’s not coming after me.

MAN:  (stamps in front of SHI) Hmm… What’s this? If it ain’t the son of that fox I killed!

SHI:   Y-You…! Hah! (gasps as he notices the pelt on MAN)

MAN:  (slaps the pelt) Your father’s fur is sooo warm! (laughs)

SHI:   Why you…! How dare you do that to my father… Why…! WHY!! (jumps at MAN)

MAN hits SHI, which send him flying off. The container of Jewel shards fall out of his clothes.

MAN:  Hey, those are Sacred Jewel fragments!

SHI grabs the container but MAN steps on his tail.

MAN:  You… Those are the fragments of the Sacred Jewel. Give them to me! If you don’t…! (mouths a lightning ball in preparation)

SHI:   Darn!

MAN laughs as he readies his attack. An arrow suddenly pierces MAN in the nose.

KAG:  (holding a bow, surprised) I did it.

MAN:  What? Hey, you! (tries to grab SHI who is escaping)

KAG:  (draws another arrow) Don’t move! I’ll hit you right in the brain next!

Back with INU.

Villager: (walking by) A monster! (screams and flees away)

INU:   Don’t run! I just asked you to peel off the charm!

Back with SHI, KAG and MAN.

SHI:   Kagome…!

MAN:  My nose hurts!

KAG:  Don’t move! Shippo, come here. Hurry! (SHI runs to KAG)

MAN:  (chases SHI) Why you…! Leave the Sacred Jewel fragments! Wait!

KAG:  He has two fragments in his forehead! If I aim there, I can bring him down! (releases her arrow at MAN’s head) Darn, I just grazed him!

MAN stops suddenly, whining.

KAG:  Huh? What’s wrong?

MAN:  (touchs his head and two strand of hair falls off) My hair…! (tearing) How could you…?! (lightning bolt flashes across the sky and sparks emit from his mouth)

SHI:   Watch out! Run! (runs off with KAG) My father was killed by that!

MAN releases his lightning attack at them. KAG and SHI fall onto the ground, sliding a distance away. A rift is seen on the ground. Kagome is unconscious.

MAN:  Did I strike them dead?

SHI:   Kagome, hang on!

Footsteps are heard behind SHI. He turns around, gasps and runs off.

MAN:  Why, it’s only a woman! Huh? (examines KAG’s face and blushes) So… pretty!

Cut to SHI hiding among some tall grass. MAN carries KAG off on his cloud.

SHI:   Kagome! You helped me, yet I abandoned you and ran away! (clenches his fist) D-Damn!

MYO is trying to peel off the charm off the jizo statue.

MYO:  Ohh… It’s not working! Master Inuyasha, I can’t peel this charm off.

INU:   (struggling) Damn that punk fox!

SHI:   (appears standing on KAG’s bag) Hey! I’m willing to help you. (jumps off KAG’s bag) But you must promise NOT to hit me.

INU:   Hmm? You alone? Where’s Kagome?

SHI:   Will you promise or not?!

INU:   I won’t hit you, stupid!

SHI peels off the charm from the jizo statue, which transforms into a mini statue.

SHI:   (grabs the mini-statue) Now listen quietly.

Cut to INU thumping SHI on the head furiously.

SHI:   (flat on the ground with many bumps on his head) You promised not to hit me!

INU:   (stands and holds up SHI by his tail) Oh yeah… One more, Sacred Jewel fragments. (shakes SHI)

Three acorns, two leaves, a top, a jizo statue and the container of jewel shards fall out of SHI’s clothes.

INU:   (bends down and picks up the container) Good. All intact.

SHI:   (struggling to get free) Will you pay attention?! Kagome’s been captured by the Thunder Brothers! This is no time for that!

INU:   Huh? Thunder Brothers? They’re the ones that killed your father? You came across them?

SHI looks away in silence and INU examines him closely.

INU:   Hmm… You don’t look like you avenged his death. Did you hide and watch Kagome being kidnapped?

SHI:   Sh-Shut up! Hurry and rescue her! Isn’t she your woman?!

INU:   (taken aback, blushes and thumps SHI onto the ground) Huh?! No way! (turns away from SHI and folds his arms)

SHI:   Hey!

INU:   (smugly) Well, I’ll save her…

SHI:   Huh?

INU:   Well, why don’t you grovel at my feet? Then I’ll let bygones be bygones.

SHI:   (stands up and glares at INU, exasperated) Why…!

MYO:  (jumps onto SHI’s shoulder) Shippo, just do as he says. You need to act like an adult now.

SHI:   (clenches his fist and grinds his teeth) Grr… Why must I stoop so low?! (image of KAG carried away by MAN) But I can’t save her by myself. Damn! (kneels in a kowtow position) Please help me! (kowtows while clenching his teeth)

Some noise is heard. SHI looks up and finds INU carrying KAG’s bicycle over his shoulder.

INU:   Get off your knees! Let’s go! (turns around and walks off)

SHI:   Huh? (looks at INU in disbelief)

[ End of ACT I: 12min 18sec ]

[ ACT II ]

A building lies in the middle of a mountain, enshrouded by a dark gloomy sky. Cut to MAN stirring a purple potion in a pot. A giant cleaver lies next to him. KAG lies on a bed behind him. KAG regains consciousness.

MAN:  Awake, are you? (turns around)

KAG:  Wh-Where am I? (notices the pot) Y-You intend to eat me?!

MAN:  No! The flesh and blood of pretty, young women promote healthy hair. I’m gonna boil you down into a potion and apply it to my head.

KAG:  (grimaces) Wh-hhat?! (clenches her fist and shouts) I’d rather be eaten than put on your head!!

MAN:  (puts down his stirrer and rushes to KAG nervously) Shh! Not so loud! If Brother Hiten finds you here, he’ll really eat you!

HIT:   (crashes the door, holding a vixen in his arms) Yo, Manten! You’re home.

Vixen:  Hmm… You don’t look alike at all!

MAN:  (panicking) Brother Hiten!

HIT:   Who’s that woman?

MAN:  (stands in front of KAG with outstretched arms) She’s my prey!

HIT:   Don’t worry, I won’t lay claim on her. I’ve got a better woman right here! (the vixen smiles)

KAG:  (thinking) He seems more human. Maybe he’ll be more receptive.

HIT:   Hey, Manten. Did you find a new Sacred Jewel fragment?

MAN:  Huh? (puts a hand over his mouth) Errr… That’s right. (clasps his hand and looks into the distance happily)

HIT:   (walks to MAN, leaving the vixen at the doorway) Hmm?

MAN:  (rubs his head and bows) Sorry, Brother! I found one, but…

HIT:   But what? Don’t tell me that you were more interested in a woman and (clenches his fist and swings it backwards) failed to get the Sacred Jewel fragment?!

Light emits from HIT’s palm in the vixen’s direction. Loud noise is heard and sparks fly. The vixen, charred, plops on the ground backwards.

MAN:  Brother! Sorry!

HIT:   You’re so hopeless! If you weren’t my kid brother, you wouldn’t have enough lives to survive!

KAG:  (thinking) Who is he?! He’s so frightening!

A short while later.

HIT:   What?! That fox tyke has the Sacred Jewel fragments?! (turns around and walks off)

MAN:  Are you gonna go for them, Brother Hiten?

HIT:   (stops) Of course! Come on!

KAG:  (thinking) It’s my chance to escape! (starts crawling away)

MAN:  Wait! (picks up the giant cleaver and swings it at KAG)

KAG:  (dodges and yells) What’re you doing?!

MAN:  What’m I doing?! I’m gonna kill you so you can’t escape! What else? I need you to make my hair potion!

KAG:  Wait! If you kill me, you won’t…

MAN:  Won’t what?

KAG:  Well… (pauses) Won’t be able to get the Sacred Jewel fragments!

MAN:  What?!

KAG:  (thinking) I got it! I can handle the stupid one. The older brother may just go for it. (to MAN) Do you two know Inuyasha? He’s quite strong.

HIT:   Strong? I’ve heard of ‘im. But isn’t he just a half-demon?

KAG:  He’s strong! He defeated demons from high and low and has most of the Sacred Jewel fragments.

HIT:   Wha…

MAN:  …at?! (MAN and HIT looks at KAG)

KAG:  (thinking) Good! He bit it!

HIT:   (sits down next to KAG) Hey! You’d better not be lying!

KAG:  (scoffs and look at HIT sideways, in a conspiring tone) Humph… Inuyasha…is in love with me.

MAN:  Huh?

KAG:  If you ask for an exchange, (background morphs into a flowery, sparkling one) I’m sure he’ll gladly exchange the fragments for me! (looks in the distance and clasps her hands dreamily)

MAN:  (background changes back) Brother Hiten, she’s gotta be lying!

HIT:   I think I’ll believe her.

MAN:  Huh?

HIT:   (picks up KAG by her collar) Woman! Take us to this Inuyasha. (looks at the vixen) However… If you’ve been lying, your pretty face will end up black and charred. (holds up KAG’s face)

KAG:  (thinking) He means it… This arrogant oaf!

Cut to SHI yelling. He is in the bicycle basket while INU carries it over his shoulder running. The bicycle shakes terribly. INU leaps onto a rock surface, then across a few pinnacles.

INU:   What’s wrong, Shippo? You’re screaming your head off. If you’re scared, just go back.

SHI:   Stupid! I’m going to avenge my father! You’d better be as strong as you say you are! The Thunder Brothers have used the Sacred Jewel fragments to increase their power!

INU:   (stops suddenly on a pinnacle) Whoa…! That makes beating them even more fun!

MYO:  (on INU’s shoulder) Still, I’m worried about Kagome!

INU:   That woman is fine! She’s got a tenacious streak in her.

MYO:  (worried, with sweat drops) I hope so… According to rumors, those two brothers devour pretty girls immediately!

SHI:   Is that true?! What’ll we do? Does that mean Kagome has already…

INU:   Stupid! What’s pretty about Kagome?

SHI:   What?! Are you totally blind?!

MYO:  Yes, I think she’s very pretty, too.

SHI:   (clenches his hair and shakes his head, screaming) I’ll bet she’s already been eaten! It’s all my fault!

MYO:  “Pretty woman, short life.” What a wise saying.

SHI:   (stops and stares at INU) Inuyasha! How can you stand there looking so blank?! Kagome is a beauty! So she may already have been eaten up!

INU:   So… Tell me what’s pretty about Kagome?

MYO:  I’ve been thinking this from before, but I think your perception of beauty is a little off.

SHI:   (clenches his hair and shakes his head again) Aghhh! No wonder you look and dress so weird! (INU closes his eyes and clenches his teeth in silence)

MYO:  I agree… A red outfit is a bit troubling. I think you should dress with a little more refinement.

INU:   (exasperated and yells) Aghh! Shut up! How did the subject turn to the way I dress?!

A lightning bolt suddenly strikes the pinnacle that they were standing on. The pinnacle shatters into pieces. SHI and the bicycle falls onto the ground and tumble away. INU lands and looks up. Another lightning bolt appears. INU grabs SHI and runs off. INU kneels on the ground and shields SHI and himself with his hand as the bolt hits the ground they were on before. The ground shatters into pieces. INU puts down SHI. They look up into the dark clouds.

HIT:   (floating on wheels above them) Humph, so you thwarted me! For someone yapping out loud in front of someone’s front yard, you move fast. You must be the one…Inuyasha the half-demon.

MYO:  (leaps onto INU’s shoulder) Master Inuyasha, that’s the older Thunder Brother, Hiten.

SHI:   (leaps onto INU’s back and holds onto one of his ear) Hey you! Where’s Kagome?!

HIT:   Relax, I haven’t started eating her yet. Manten!

MAN:  (floats next to HIT on a cloud) Yo! (holds up KAG) Tadah!

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   (stands up suddenly and yells) Kagome! (SHI falls off INU) (thinking) She’s still alive!

HIT:   By your expression, looks like the woman spoke the truth. Hand over every fragment of the Sacred Jewel! If you want to save the woman you love! (lightning flashes across the sky)

INU:   (nonplussed) The woman I love?

KAG looks away, embarrassed.

INU:   (staggers towards HIT and MAN) W-wait! Who said I love her?!

KAG:  (turns around) Don’t be so embarrassed!

MAN:  (grinds his fist onto KAG’s head) So you WERE lying! (KAG holds up her face and looks at him in a cutesy ‘sorry-I-lied-please-don’t-kill-me’ manner)

INU:   (clenches his fist and shouts) Who’d hand over the precious fragments just for you?!

KAG:  (shouts fiercely while MAN is taken aback) What?! You intend to abandon me?!

INU:   (yells) Abandon?! You make it sound like you and I are an item!

KAG:  (shouts) Which is more important?! Me or the Sacred Jewel fragments?! (points a finger at INU and yells) If you dare choose the fragments, I’ll rip your lips out!

HIT:   Whatever! One thing seems true… You have the fragments of the Sacred Jewel. I’m gonna kill you and take ‘em all! (flies towards INU)

INU:   Hah! (draws out a transformed TET) You’ll be the sorry one!

HIT:   Thunderbolt attack! (points his pike at INU with sparks flying)

INU blocks HIT’s pike with the TET and holds him off. Lightning bolts spark out from the pike and the ground starts to shatter.

HIT:   Hah! I wonder just how long can you hold out against my strikes?

INU gathers his strength and pushes HIT away with his sword.

HIT:   (flies further away from INU) You’ve got brute strength, at least. This is gonna be fun! (lightning flashes and thunder bellows in the background)

INU:   (thinking) Thunder Brothers, huh? I’m getting tired of you!

[ End of ACT II: 20min 34sec]

[ End of episode 9: Enter Shippo…Plus the Amazing Thunder Brothers ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Shippo the fox demon kid wants to take avenge his father's death! If Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga, killing one or two Thunder Brothers is chicken feet! Hiten has three and Manten has two, so if we defeat them, we will get five Sacred Jewel fragments in one shot! But when all five are embedded into one person, Inuyasha has to fight with a formidable foe! Next episode, 'Clash of the Demon Blades! Raigekijin VS Tetsusaiga!!'


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