episode 8

The Toad Who Would Be Prince

殿様妖怪 九十九の蝦蟇
A Demon Lord, Tsukomo of the Toads
Canon Episode

Episode Capsule last revised on 05 Mar 2008.


OPENING SONG: Change the World by V6
ENDING SONG: My will by dream

Script: YAMADA Takashi 山田隆司
Storyboard: KAWASE Toshifumi 川瀬敏文
Episode Director: IKEHATA Takashi 池端隆史
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Lord: Hisayoshi Suganuma
Villagers: Toshihiko Nakajima, Kazunari Tanaka, Tadahisa Saizen


Sacred Jewel fragment: 2 [+1]
No. of 'sit': 1 / 8
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 4
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 20.0%


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  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
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Preview from previous episode

The heavily wounded Sesshomaru finally left! Inuyasha buried the left arm that he slashed off in his father's grave. After obtaining Tetsusaiga with much difficulty, Inuyasha journeys again to find more Sacred Jewel fragments. This time, we arrive in a villlage where the girls disappear one by one. Together with Amari Nobunaga, a young warrior bent on saving the princess, we gatecrash the castle! Next episode, 'A Demon Lord, Tsukomo of the Toads'!

InuYasha’s Jar

#8 Amari Nobunaga 甘利信長

He is a young samurai of a worthy country. He does his best to help Princess Tsuyu. {Shirogetsu}



Such a simpleton but he's not Nobunaga Oda.


Oddities and Other Notes


The Man Who Would be King
The title, ‘The Toad Who Would Be Prince” can be seen as a reference to the 1975 Sean Connery movie “The Man Who Would Be King”. Of course it is also a reference to the fairy tale in which a princess kiss a toad and he reverts back to his true princely self. <TV Tome>
Oda Nobunaga
Inuyasha Companion has this to say —Kagome is surprised to see Nobunaga because he was an extremely famous warlord. It's also somewhat shocking for him to be so kind and gentle, because historically Nobunaga is depicted as somewhat ruthless. Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582) was the first individual to attempt to unify Japan at the end of the Warring States period; his ultimate goal, though he never realized it, was to bring all of Japan 'under a single sword' (tenka-fubu). Like so many others in the history of Japan, he rose from an obscure family through ruthless ambition to become one of the most powerful men in Japan. Perhaps one of Oda's most significant contributions to Japanese history, outside of laying the groundwork for the future unification of the country, was his eager embrace of Westerners. Perhaps out of his dislike of esoteric Buddhism, he was fascinated by Christianity and welcomed Jesuit missionaries. As a result, he's the first Japanese leader to appear in Western histories. He also, very shrewdly, embraced Western technology— firearms, in particular. <Inuyasha Companion>


Hiyoshimaru fondling the lighter while a fight is going on.
In the fight with the Toad of Tsukumo, when Kagome turned around to look for her hairspray, Hiyoshimaru can be seen examining something that spilled out of Kagome's bag curiously, even though they were in a dangerous situation.
The bag that Kagome carried was orange in episode 5, but it's now yellow.

Did you notice…?

Is this Eukanuba?
…Kagome took out a bag of food for Inuyasha that looks suspiciously like dog food?

Freeze Frame Fun

po-te-to chi
On the bag of potato chips:
ポテト チ [po-te-to chi]

Things brought from modern era (or why Kagome’s bag is so big)

From left: Yellow bag · Mysterious things · Case & brush · potato chips · picnic mat · hairspray · dog food? · float · bathing suit ·



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ recap ]

Recap of the story till now. Images from the previous episode are shown.

KAG:  (narrating) Half-demon Inuyasha covets the power of the Sacred Jewel. He was able to take possession of Tetsusaiga, his father’s sword and defeat Sesshomaru in battle. But this only makes him more determined to become a full-fledged demon. Priestess Kaede warns me to make sure that Inuyasha doesn’t find all the fragments and disappear.

Cut to previous episode when KAG pushed INU to the middle of the bridge after he mocked her.

KAG:  (narrating) Not to worry! Inuyasha may have Tetsusaiga but I also have a potent weapon. Inuyasha, (to INU) sit!

INU crashes the bridge violently and onto the river.

[ End of recap: 31sec ]

[ ACT I ]

Daytime, KAG is swimming in an idyll pond. She is wearing a bathing suit, while her school clothes, a towel and a float lie on a nearby rock.

KAG:  (stands up and raises her hands in the air) Oh, this feels so good! Sparkling clear water and clean, fresh air! There’s something to be said about this age, after all!

INU:   (resting on a tree nearby) It’s been three days since we left the village. Maybe there aren’t any fragments of the Sacred Jewel left in Musashi county.

MYO:  (sitting on a branch, looking in the distance) Huh?

INU:   Say, are you listening?!

MYO:  Huh? Oh, you may be right. But my, my… the firm, luscious flesh of young women.

INU:   Hey you!

MYO:  (hops onto INU’s knee) I’m just going to take a peek.

INU:   Stop! You’ll only get whacked!

Something flashes past INU and catches his attention. INU gets off the tree and chases it, passing by MYO.

MYO:  See? Master Inuyasha, you can’t resist either…

INU leaps among some trees. Cut to KAG. She notices something, turns around and screams. Cut to INU in midair lying towards her, looking shocked. INU lands on a rock in the pond and struggles to balance himself.

INU:   What?! I’m not peeking!

KAG:  (points) Get my clothes back!

INU looks in the direction where KAG was pointing to. The thing that was flashed past him just now turns out to be a little white baboon. It continues sprinting off. A whistle is heard in the background.

INU:   A finger whistle?

A young man sits under a tree, with his hand over his mouth, whistling. The baboon from just now hops towards him with KAG’s clothes and into his lap.

Man:  Here, here…Hiyoshimaru. Good job. (reaches into the bundle of clothes and takes out a brasserie) Th-this…isn’t something to eat! (Hiyoshimaru shrieks and slaps his forehead)

Hiyoshimaru abbreviated as HIY from now onwards.

INU:   (pops of out a nearby bush, clenching his fists) Hey!

KAG:  (pops out behind INU) Please return my clothes!

Man:  (unsheathes his sword and points it at INU and KAG) Wh-who are you?! You look suspicious!

INU:   (kicks the young man in the face) That’s our line!

HIY shrieks, raises his arms and runs around in circles.

[ End of ACT I: 2min 9sec ]

[ Title screen: The Toad Who Would Be Prince ]

[ ACT II ]

The young man sits under a tree, munching on a bag of potato chips ravenously. Hiyoshimaru sits on his shoulder biting into one piece of chip. KAG kneels next to him, and INU lies on the curved tree trunk.

KAG:  You really must’ve been hungry. (holds up her hand) Want some tea?

Man:  Uh-huh… (takes the tea and sips)

KAG:  (reaches into her bag and takes out a bag of food) Want something to eat too, Inuyasha?

INU:   No thanks.

KAG:  If you’d help me eat, I’d have less to carry.

INU:   (gets off the trunk and picks up KAG’s bag) Well, why’d you bring so much stuff each time you go back to the well?

KAG:  Well, I have clothes to change into, homework…

INU:   (slouches and closes his eyes) Listen here…

Man:  (slaps the empty bag of chips, HIY follows suit) Mmmm… The dried potatoes were delicious. My thanks, woman.

KAG:  My name is Kagome. He’s Inuyasha. And…

A sucking sound is heard and the young man slaps his cheek.

KAG:  This is Myoga the Flea…

A flattened MYO drifts from the young man’s cheek towards KAG.

Man:  (worried look, thinking) Who the heck are they…?

KAG:  You said you had become separated from your comrades. Are you from a high-ranking family?

Man:  (folds his arms and turns away smugly) For personal reasons, I cannot reveal my lineage. (walks a few steps away and turns around) But call me Nobunaga. (light filtered from the leaves above shines on his face as he smiles)

Nobunaga abbreviated as NOB from now onwards.

KAG:  (holds her face with her hands, excited) Nobunaga?! No way! (grabs NOB’s hand and shakes it) Please let me shake your hand! And… (flashes out a ink-brush and a piece of paper, and bows her head) Please give me your autograph!

NOB:  Autograph?

KAG:  (NOB holds the brush and paper, KAG pointing) Oh, your name… Please sign your full name.

NOB signs.

INU:   (deadpan) Why’re you so excited?

KAG:  He’s Nobunaga Oda!! Don’t you know him? He’s soooo famous!

MYO:  His full name is not Nobunaga Oda.

Close-up of NOB’s signature.

KAG:  Nobunaga Amari? No! Aren’t you Nobunaga Oda?!

NOB:  (folds his arms and scoffs) I belong to the Takeda Clan in the land of Kai. Don’t lump me with that cretin from Owari!

KAG:  Cretin?

NOB:  I meant fool!

KAG:  (mad) If you’re not Nobunaga ODA, why didn’t you say so earlier?! (sighs) I got excited for nothing.

NOB:  (coughs in an important manner) Ahem… Thanks for the food. I have an important mission, so I’ll take my leave. Fare thee well. (walks off)

INU:   Hey, that’s…

NOB's scream is heard in the background. Cut to NOB flat on a slope from where they were, and HIY grabbing onto the surface.

INU:   The ledge…!

KAG:  Such a simpleton but he’s not Nobunaga Oda.

Cut to a small village surrounded by mountains. A group of villagers gather.

Villager 1: (worried) Why are all the girls in the domain being taken there?

Villager 2: I heard that none of the girls summoned to the castle have ever returned.

A group of girls walk in a line, with their hands tied up.

NOB:  (pops out of a bush) Wh-what…? So the rumors are true!

INU:   (pops out behind with KAG) Why do we have to keep this guy company?

KAG:  Well… He doesn’t seem like someone who can manage.

INU:   (mad) Look, we have to look for the Sacred Jewel!

Villager 3: (whispers to two other villagers) Just between us, I heard that the lord of the castle has been possessed by a demon.

INU:   What?!

INU, in his excitement, subconsciously steps on NOB’s head. HIY shrieks and runs around in circles.

In a castle high up in the mountains. In one of the rooms, a pretty girl kneels and pours some water into a bowl. A Lord, with his head and arms bandaged up, holds up the bowl.

Lord:   Princess Tsuyu… Have you adjusted to castle life?

Princess Tsuyu abbreviated as TSU from now onwards.

TSU:  Yes, I have naught for want.

Lord:   I am glad to hear that.

TSU:  Err… My lord?

Lord:   Yes?

TSU:  I understand that you have summoned many of the young village women to the castle… Where are you keeping them?

Lord:   (drops his bowl and slams on it) You do not need to know!

TSU:  (kowtows) Please pardon me…for being so intrusive!

The lord walks off.

TSU:  I’m so frightened. I wish I could go back to the land of Kai.

Nighttime, at the bottom of the mountain of the castle. INU, KAG and NOB look up.

INU:   No mistake about it… (scoffs) This place reeks with the smell of evil. I’m sure we’ll find a Sacred Jewel fragment. (squats) Okay, let’s take a leap up there! Kagome, hop on my back.

KAG:  (hops onto INU’s back) ‘Kay. (NOB follows suit)

INU:   (yells) Hey, why’re you jumping on my back?!

NOB:  I have business at this castle, too.

INU:   Then climb up yourself.

KAG:  Just take him, too.

NOB:  Please!

INU:   Oh well! Hang on tight!

NOB nods, determined. INU leaps up and over the castle fence. They land. NOB and KAG get off INU’s back. One guard is sitting by a bonfire and he is asleep. Another guard lies on a staircase, snoring.

KAG:  Such lax security… Everyone’s asleep.

MYO:  Master Inuyasha, please be careful. They’re under a hypnotic sleep. Probably everyone here in the castle.

Inside the castle.

NOB:  (slams open a door and yells loudly) Princess! Princess Tsuyu! Princess Tsuyu! Where are you?!

NOB slams open another door and more people are sleeping inside.

NOB:  Nobunaga is here to rescue you! Princess! Princess Tsuyu!

KAG:  Is it safe for him to yell like that?

INU:   Well, everyone’s under a hypnotic sleep. With this much noise, I’m sure the demon will come seeking us out.

NOB slams open a door and find a woman sleeping, face down on the floor.

NOB:  Princess! Princess Tsuyu! Are you all right?! (turns over her to find a snoring old woman) Princess, what has become of you?! (cradles her, mock tears flowing)

KAG:  Say, Nobunaga… (referring to TSU who is sleeping nearby) Isn’t the princess you’re looking for…over here?

NOB:  Huh? (notices and plops the old woman onto the floor) Oh!

MYO:  Such a beautiful princess! We must awaken her! (hops onto TSU’s cheek) I’ll taste her blood!

TSU slaps MYO and wakes.

NOB:  Princess!

TSU:  Nobunaga…? Why are you here?

NOB:  Princess Tsuyu…you recognize me?

TSU:  How could I forget you? You are my childhood friend who was ever so kind to me.

NOB blushes. HIY, on his shoulder, blushes too.

NOB:  Oh… Thank you for those words! I thought you had long forgotten a lowly vassal like me. (laughs nervously)

TSU:  You’d fallen into the pond…or slip on horse dung…and always made me laugh.

HIY falls off and NOB sighs disappointedly.

KAG:  Say, Inuyasha… Do you think Nobunaga is in love with the princess?

INU:   Keh! What a silly question!

TSU:  I wish I could return to those days…! (starts to tear)

NOB:  Princess!

TSU:  My lord husband began to act strange shortly after I came here as his bride.

CUT-SCENE of the lord stamping along a corridor.

TSU:  (voice-over) He fell at the edge of the pond in the garden and ran a terrible fever. He completely changed… Almost like he was another being.


TSU:  Nobunaga, what am I to do?!

NOB:  You have no choice! You must return with me to the land of Kai. Even your father has heard of this lord’s derangement. In fact, he ordered me to come for you.

TSU:  My father’s orders?

NOB:  Even had he not ordered it, I would have…

TSU:  Nobunaga…

NOB:  Princess Tsuyu, I…

TSU:  Nobunaga… On top of your head…

HIY is spinning a bowl on top of NOB’s head like a circus clown.

NOB:  (clenched fist and mock tears flowing) Hiyoshimaru…!

INU:   (hears the lord’s footsteps) Hmm… It’s come. Let’s go, Kagome.

KAG:  Uh-huh. (follows)

In the corridor.

Lord:   Intruders!

INU:   Keh! So there you are, you demon!

The Lord sticks out a long tongue and attacks INU.

INU:  Let us see your true form!

INU leaps and slashes away the bandage on the Lord’s face. The lord falls back, revealing a large toad masquerading as the lord.

KAG:  A toad?!

TSU:  My lord…! (gasps in horror and faints)

NOB:  (catches Tsuyu) Princess! Hang on!

The Toad Demon laughs and croaks. A pink glow appears on his right shoulder.

KAG:  I see it… the Sacred Jewel!

INU:   For someone with the Jewel, he doesn’t look strong.

MYO:  (hops onto INU’s shoulder) Beware of him, Master Inuyasha. This demon toad is 300 years old…the Toad of Tsukumo. He is a formidable foe!

Toad of Tsukumo abbreviated as TOA from now onwards.

INU:   Keh! I’ll crush him in one blow!

INU brandishes his claws and leaps at TOA, who burps out a breath of fumes at INU. INU is taken aback and falls onto the floor, clenching onto his neck. KAG steps back, coughs and puts a hand over her mouth.

MYO:  (hops onto KAG’s shoulder) Oh no! Toxic vapors! Kagome, do not inhale it!

KAG:  Okay… When’d you get here?

INU, NOB and TSU cough. The TOA walks towards Nobunaga and Tsuyu.

TOA:  Princess Tsuyu!

NOB:  (cradles an unconscious TSU and unsheathes sword) Get back, Monster!

TOA:  Fool! Just what can you do, mortal?!

TOA sticks out his tongue. Nobunaga dodges and the tongue pierces his shoulder instead. He yells in pain and falls backwards, TSU falling out of his lap.

KAG:  Nobunaga! Princess!

A loud crash is heard. Cut to TOA running across a roof outside with TSU slung over his shoulder.

NOB:  (struggles up) Princess!

KAG:  Don’t move! You’re badly wounded!

NOB:  Never mind me! Save the princess!

KAG:  Nobunaga… You truly love the princess, don’t you?

NOB:  How could you tell?!

KAG:  Don’t you know it’s pretty obvious?

INU:   (looking through the hole in the wall that TOA burst out of) That disgusting toad! He won’t get away!

TSU’s scream is heard in the background. INU runs out of the hole onto the roof.

INU:   I’m going on ahead! Halt!

KAG:  (holds up NOB) W-wait!

In another room. Close-up of TOA laughing in a semi-ribbiting-semi-croaking manner.

TOA:  Princess Tsuyu… I like you… Let me have you!

TSU cowers into a corner, frightened. A loud crash is heard and INU bursts through the door.

INU:   Found you, you repulsive toad!

INU gasps as he noticesTOA caressing a toad-egg like sphere with Tsuyu trapped, frozen in motion, inside.

TOA:  It’s too late…

KAG:  (reaches behind INU with NOB) Wh-what are these?!

NOB:  Princess Tsuyu!

MYO:  The rumors were true… Just like toad spawn. (cut-scene of a lot of eggs with women sealed in them) The Tsukumo toad seals the souls of young women until they mature, then eats them. He used the magical powers of the Sacred Jewel to possess the clan lord, as well as the domain.

NOB:  He intends… He intends to devour Princess Tsuyu?! Why you--!

NOB takes out his sword and charges at the toad. The toad balloons up his cheeks, readying another burp of toxic fumes. INU shoves Nobunaga aside and takes out TET.

INU:   A miasma! Back away!

TOA burps out his toxic fumes, but INU leaps in time and slashes TET downwards, which transforms.

INU:   Die, Toad Demon!

A loud crash is heard.

KAG:  You did it!

MYO:  (proud) Ohh! You’re controlling the Tetsusaiga!

KAG:  Well, he is rescuing a human.

INU:   I’ll use Tetsusaiga to slit your belly and dig out the Sacred Jewel!

TOA gets up and touches his heavily wounded shoulder.

TOA:  I’ll die! (raises a hand and yells) Spirits! Spirits!

The eggs behind the Toad of Tsukumo glows and several women float out of their eggs and flies towards him. He opens his mouth wide open and devours the spirits. The wound on his shoulder stops bleeding and closes up.

TOA:  (proudly) Revival!

KAG:  His wound has healed!

INU:   Why that…!

TOA:  (stands up and says smugly) Keep stabbing me! And for each wound, I’ll eat a fresh spirit!

TOA notices something and turns his head. Cut to NOB prying, with his sword, the egg that TSU was sealed in. She flows out with a pile of goo.

NOB:  Princess! Princess Tsuyu! Princess!

TSU:  (wakes and coughs) Nobunaga! (hugs him) Nobunaga!

NOB:  (blushing) Princess Tsuyu! (hugs TSU tightly) I now have no regrets in life! (HIY spins a bowl on top of his head again)

TOA:  What’re you doing to my princess?! (trotters towards TSU and NOB)

INU:   (slaps the toad on the head with TET) Keep your mouth shut!

The toad falls backwards and faints. He wakes and stares in disbelief.

TOA:  (in a different, gentle voice) Princess Tsuyu! I… I… (feels his face and looks around) Is this all my doing?

INU:   Huh? It’s too late to act innocent!

TSU:  That voice… It’s the voice of my kind lord husband!

KAG:  I see! The real lord still lives inside the toad! I know it!

TOA:  What a frightening thing I have done! Although I was possessed by a toad demon, my heart was still human. But lately, even my heart… Kill me!

INU:   Huh?

TOA:  Otherwise, I will end up devouring Princess Tsuyu!

Tsuyu: My lord!

TOA:  (cries) I beg you! Slay me now!

INU:   Pretty noble words… I gotta hand it to you, lord! (holds up TET) ‘Kay then, as you say!

NOB:  Hold it, Inuyasha! What about the real lord?!

KAG:  Yes! He still has a human heart!

INU:   Will you stop yapping?! The REAL lord is asking me to slay him! This is no time for silly sentimentality!

NOB:  (stands in front of the toad, blocking) Stop! Sheathe your sword, Inuyasha! Inside this monster, the real lord’s heart still beats!

INU:   Why you--! (points TET at Nobunaga) If you don’t move, you’ll die, too!

NOB:  I can’t die.

INU:   Then move.

NOB:  I can’t do that either! I cannot allow you to kill the monster while the lord’s heart beats! Even if he weren’t a lord, I despise the taking of life!

KAG:  Nobunaga…

NOB:  This may sound naïve considering the times in which we live… Laugh at me if you like. But I still…still…!

INU:   (sheathes TET deliberately) All right! I won’t lift another finger. You guys can settle this. (sits down, folds his arms and sulks) Humph!

KAG:  (glad) Inuyasha…

TOA:  (laughs and talks in a different tone) Thanks for sparing me. (stands up, sticks his tongue out and pierces NOB’s shoulder)

KAG:  Nobunaga! The toad demon is back!

TSU:  Nobunaga!

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   (still folding his arms) If I help, the lord will die.

TOA:  (totters forwards) Princess Tsuyu!

NOB:  (struggling) Kagome… Pay me no heed. You must take the princess and escape!

KAG:  All right! Let’s go! (grabs TSU’s hand and runs off)

TSU:  Nobunaga!

TOA totters forwards, making slurping noises. He stops and looks downwards. Nobunaga is grabbing onto his feet tightly.

TOA:  (kicks NOB aside, next to INU) Move! (totters out of the room, following KAG and TSU)

INU:   Fool. Now do you see?

NOB:  (winces in pain) Do NOT kill him!

INU:   You!

NOB:  Princess…

INU remains seated and looks pensive in TOA’s direction.

Running in the corridor with TSU.

KAG:  Isn’t there something we can do?!

MYO:  (hops onto KAG’s shoulder) Though a demon, he’s still just toad. He should have an aversion to heat.

KAG:  Heat?

MYO:  Throw some hot water on him.

KAG:  (stops and stares at MYO) Hot water?

MYO:  Then the toad will be in agony and the real lord will be released.

KAG:  (shouts) And just how do we get hot water?!

TOA:  Stop! (tottering behind)

KAG:  He’s coming! (grabs TSU and runs again) Something hot…! I know, fire! Is there something like a large torch?

TSU:  Huh? (HIY jumps onto TSU’s shoulder)

KAG:  Hiyoshimaru! When’d you appear?!

HIY leaps off Tsuyu’s shoulders and sprints forwards. While running, Tsuyu trips and falls. KAG stops and turns around.

TOA:  I’ll gobble both of you!

HIY hops towards KAG with a candle in his hands.

KAG:  Fire! Good work, Hiyoshimaru!

HIY leaps onto KAG’s palms and scratches his back.

KAG:  It’s too small…

TOA unreels his tongue and attacks KAG. It hits her bag, causing her to fall onto the floor. The contents of her bag spill out. TOA laughs smugly.

INU:   (leaps from behind TOA) Wait up, repulsive toad! (lands in front of KAG, facing the toad and with his back facing KAG)

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   Kagome, the time for niceties is over! I’ll gonna get ‘im!

KAG:  Niceties? I know…(turns around and notices an aerosol can that spilled out of her bag) hairspray! It’ll work… this will drive the toad out!

INU:   (sprints towards the toad) I’m gonna get ‘im!

KAG:  (turns around and shouts) Sit!

INU:   (falls flat-faced onto the floor) Wh-whaa…!

KAG stands up, holding her hairspray in one hand and the candle in the other. She sprays and a torrent of fire bursts at TOA. He yells in pain, transforms into a tadpole-like form and flies off.

KAG:  It worked! Inuyasha, get the fragment!

INU:   (gets up) I don’t need you to tell me that! Die!

INU slices the flying tadpole into two with a transformed TET, which dissipates into thin air. The Sacred Jewel fragment falls out and INU catches it. INU sheathes TET.

NOB:  Inuyasha! Inuyasha! (tumbling towards INU and holds his hand)

INU:   Huh?

NOB:  Well done! The lord is alive! You waited until the toad was driven out! Good work! (laughs joyously)

The real lord lies flat-faced on the floor.

INU:   No, I…

KAG:  (gently) Just let him believe that.

TSU:  (gets up) Nobunaga…

NOB:  (stutters) Princess Tsuyu!

TSU:  Nobunaga! (walks forward)

NOB:  (shouts happily) Princess Tsuyu! (with outstretched arms)

TSU hugs the real lord tightly instead, who just stood up.

TSU:  Thank you for protecting my lord husband!

Lord:   Princess Tsuyu!

NOB falls on the floor.

TSU:  My lord, you are your old self once more.

The face of the real lord is seen at last. He has a tiny nose, a tiny mouth and two dots for eyes.

Lord:   Forgive me for all that has happened.

NOB’s legs twitches.

KAG:  He seems like a very kind lord.

INU:   (scoffs) Hah!

[ End of ACT II: 19min 33sec ]


Under a tree outside the castle grounds. KAG and INU sit on a picnic mat. NOB sits further away, back facing them. HIY sits on his head.

KAG:  The toad demon’s spell was broken and all the women have been saved. I’m so glad! Umm… Please cheer up, Nobunaga.

INU:   I knew it… He IS a first-class fool! He was almost killed, yet he saved the life of his bitter rival in love!

NOB:  (bows his head and sighs) That’s true… I am the world’s biggest fool. (grimaces)

INU:   Oh well… But thanks to you, many were saved. Why not keep it at that?

NOB:  (looks at INU and smiles, and gets up) Okay! I’m feeling quite chipper now! I’m off! (walks off)

KAG:  Off to where?

INU:   Nobunaga, that’s…

NOB walks and falls off a ledge.

INU:   the ledge!

KAG:  He really is a fool.

HIY scratches his butt and looks at Nobunaga with INU and KAG.

[ End of ACT III: 20min 33sec ]

[ End of episode 8: The Toad Who Would Be Prince ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

I arrive in the Feudal Age after coming out of the well. Maybe I would meet the real Oda Nobunaga one day! Although my History results would improve, the most important thing to remember is bring my medicine box! I want to bring Sota here too! But I don't really want to meet anymore demons! Wa! What a cute demon! Next episode, 'Shippo Appears! The Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten!!'


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