episode 131

The Scroll of the Goddess of Mercy: Cursed Traps

観音掛け軸 呪いの罠
Canon Episode | 2 episode story, 131-132

Episode Capsule last revised on 27 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: One Day, One Dream by Tackey and Tsubasa
ENDING SONG: Come by Amuro Namie

Script: SUMISAWA Katsuyuki 隅沢克之
Storyboard: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Episode Director: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Matsu: SAWADA Toshiko
Scroll of Kannon: KITAHAMA Haruko
Injured samurai: 高橋広司
Old villager: SAIZEN Tadahisa
Young women: 水城レナ, NASU Megumi


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 69 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 55 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 49 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 19 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 30 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 13 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
1 [67 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 10 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 10 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 64.2% [43/67]


  1. Synopsis
  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
  6. Production Notes
  7. Script
  8. Contributors & References

Preview from previous episode

We were about to investigate the whereabouts of the female demon… but Miroku's bad habit acted up again…

Hey, Sango… Is anything going on between you and Miroku?

What do you mean …?

Well, did anything happen when you two were alone on Mount Hakurei? Were there any special memories?

The priest and I have got nothing going on…

I've always thought Miroku likes you.

Next on Inuyasha, "The Scroll of the Goddess of Mercy: Cursed Traps".

I guess only in dire situations would one confess the truth!

InuYasha’s Jar

#131 Scroll of Kannon 観音掛け軸 [かんのんかけじく]


(thinking) Evil aura… Something is in her stomach? (sighs) Why does this always have to happen?<?p>


Oddities and Other Notes


Goddess of Mercy [観音]
The Goddess of Mercy is the bodhisattva of compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists and Chinese Taoists. In Japan, she is called Kannon, Kwannon, or more formally, Kanzeon. Interestingly, during the Tokugawa shogunate, when Christianity was banned and punishable by death, some underground Christian groups venerated the Virgin Mary disguised as a statue of Kannon; such statues are known as Maria Kannon. Many had a cross hidden in an inconspicuous location. <Kuan Yin>
Wakana & Matsu
Wakana [若菜] can be translated as young greens or herbs.
Matsu [まつ] can be translated as pine tree, or refers to the highest of a three-tier hierachy.


Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ Prologue ]

INU:   Amidst the chaos of the Warring States Era, we continue our journey.

KAG:  In a time 500 years ago, everyone’s fate is tied to the fragments of the Sacred Jewel.

INU & KAG: Let’s battle on! Inuyasha!

KAG:  There’s something going on between Miroku and Sango. Although Sango didn’t say anything… They seem happy with each other…

[ ACT I ]

Nighttime in a forest. A group of women are transporting a large and heavy thing wrapped with a straw mat. A few women hold torches to light the way. They reach a boulder which juts out into a river below. They heave the large thing into the lake and walk away. The large thing floats and drifts down the river. Along the riverbank, an old villager witnessed the entire event. He examines the large thing suspiciously. The water causes the straw mat to fall apart, revealing a dried-up corpse without any skin or hair. The expression on the corpse is that of immense horror. The old villager shriek in fear and run away.

Villager: Help!!

Before he could scamper off, he bumps into a masked samurai. The samurai has arrows pierced through him and groans in pain as he struggles to walk. The old villager shriek in terror again and runs off.

Samurai: Hey, wait up…!

The samurai removes his mask to reveal a normal human being, contrary to what the old villager thought.

Samurai: He ran away…

He drops his mask and walks away.

[ Title screen: The Scroll of the Goddess of Mercy: Cursed Traps ]

Daytime on a hill. INU-gang is talking to the old villager from last night.

INU:   A community of demoness?

Villager: I'm not lying, I saw it with my own eyes! I went into the forest looking for herbs and got lost. I came to the riverside in the forest… Then I saw a group of women throw something into the river.

MIR:   What was it?

Villager: I wondered too… So I took a second look, I saw a human corpse! It was them, it was the work of the demoness!

A while later. INU-gang is journeying up the hill.

SHI:   Those demoness sound terrifying…

MIR:   I don't feel any evil presence around here though.

INU:   Kagome, do you feel the presence of Sacred Jewel fragments?

KAG:  Nothing.

SHI:   (worried) We shouldn't go any further if there are no Sacred Jewel fragments…

SAN:  We can't do that. We must investigate properly.

MIR:   We have to find the remaining fragment before Naraku gets to them.

KAG:  Yeah. (thinking) We cannot let Naraku… complete the corruption of the Sacred Jewel.

Cut to the injured samurai from last night, struggling along a riverbank as he uses his sword as a clutch. He comes upon a young woman who is washing her clothes in the river. She notices the samurai and drops her basket in shock.

Samurai: Hey… Lady… Do you know of a town nearby?

The samurai is seized by a sharp pain and falls to his knees in the river.

The young woman, Wakana, abbreviated as WAK from now onwards.

WAK:   (worried) Oh no, Master Samurai… You're hurt.

Cut to a secluded village. The samurai is taking to a middle-aged woman in one of the huts. WAK is cooking in the background, while another girl pours sake into the samurai's cup.

The middle-aged woman is called Matsu.

Matsu: So that's it… You were escaping the war?

Samurai: But… This is definitely a strange village.

Matsu: What do you mean?

Samurai: I've noticed earlier…

A group of girls are standing outside the hut and looking at the samurai suspiciously.

Samurai: There are only women here.

Matsu: That's right. This village has no men. They've all died in the battlefields.

Samurai: I see, I'm sorry to hear that.

Matsu: In any case, why don't you stay here for the night?

Samurai: Yeah. (suspicious, thinking) But there aren't any children or old people either…

Suddenly, the samurai winces in pain, drops his cup and collapses to the floor.

Matsu: Wakana, will you please take him to the Goddess Shrine?

WAK:   Ye… yes.

Evening. A young man in green clothes is struggling along the cliff wall. A deep valley is between the two cliff walls. He looks down worriedly as he struggles to climb along a narrow ledge.

Man:  Wakana…

The ledge under him crumbles a little and he tries to steady himself.

Man:  Wakana…!

Suddenly he loses his footing and fall into the river in the valley below.

Man:  WAKANA!!

Cut-scene of a drop of water falling into a pool.

Cut to the samurai in an empty hut. He wakes and notices the evening sky.

Samurai: (gasps and sits up) I fell asleep…? (looks around) I'm… in a shrine?

He notices a simple altar behind him, placed in front of a hanging scroll of the Goddess of Mercy.

Samurai: (walks up to scroll) A drawing? Why is it glowing?

He reaches out to touch the scroll, which melts a little and sticks to his fingers. A laughter is heard. Something throbs inside the samurai and he is taken aback. Suddenly, a large light-blue face that seems to be made of water, without hair or skin, appears out of the scroll and moves towards the samurai menacingly. He yells in horror and tries to get out of the shrine, but the door is locked. Cut to sound of the crunching of bones and blood splattering. Cut to close-up of the forearm of the samurai, which is dried and skinless.

Cut to INU-gang. MIR suddenly gasps and turns around.

SAN:  What's wrong, Priest?

MIR:   I just felt an evil presence!

KIR roars and transforms into her fierce form. SAN jumps onto her. Cut to INU-gang running.

INU:   Evil presence?

MIR:   Yes, I believe so.

INU-gang lands at the boulder which juts out into the river.

SAN:  Isn't this where the demoness threw the corpse earlier?

MIR:   Yes, this is the place.

SHI:   (jumps onto KAG's shoulder) Something strange is floating towards us!

The body of the young man from earlier on floats towards them.

KAG:  It can't be!

INU grabs the man and makes a curious sound.

SHI:   Is he dead?

INU:   No. (shakes the man)

MIR:   (chiding) Can't you be gentler?

Nighttime. INU-gang and the young man are gathered around a campfire. KAG is boiling water.

Man:  (bows) I am Shinosuke.

Shinosuke abbreviated as SHN from now onwards.

KAG:  Here, take this. (hands SHN a cup noodle)

SHN:  Thank you very much.

INU:   What's with the long face!?

KAG:  Don't be so rude!

MIR:   So… You're looking for your lost fiancée, not knowing where she is.

SHN:  Yes. Just 3 days before the wedding, I was forced to go to war. And I have not returned in 2 years due to my injuries. Then I finally returned to my hometown a couple of days back… Only to find it in ashes… And there wasn't a single trace of my fiancée, Wakana…

KAG:  Oh my…

SHN:  I didn't know what to do… I went in search of her without knowing if she is dead or alive. Then I heard of this community of women that lives around here.

MIR:   (flabbergasted) A community of women?

SHN:  And from what I heard, this community houses the women who have lost their husbands and children to war. So… I thought that maybe Wakana is staying there.

KAG:  (whispers to SAN) Hey, do you think this has anything to do with the demoness?

SAN:  Yeah… since it's all women.

MIR:   (stands determinedly) I got it! Let us come with you!

SHN:  But we have to find them first.

INU:   Nope.

Everyone gasps and looks at INU.

INU:   I think they've already found us.

In the direction where INU is looking, two women are spying on them in the distance. They walk away.

[ End of ACT I: 9min 7sec ]

[ ACT II ]

In the secluded village where the samurai was killed. INU-gang and SHN are talking to Matsu and a bunch of girls in a hut.

Matsu: Yes, exactly. This is a community of women who have lost their loved ones at war. We lead simple lives here. But there isn't anyone by the name of Wakana staying here.

SHN:  (disappointed) I see…

KAG:  She's not here.

SAN:  That's too bad.

Cut to SHN walking out of the hut and away dejectedly.

MIR:   What will you do now?

SHN:  I'll keep on searching. I cannot give up now. All I want… is to be with Wakana again.

KAG:  (clasps hands) He's so committed…!

SAN:  I'm so envious…

KAG:  (looks at SAN curiously) Heh?

SAN:  I didn't mean anything…

SHN clenches his fist in sad anger. MIR notices and walks away. INU walks up to MIR.

INU:   What do you think, Miroku? Can you feel any evil presence? (sniffs) I can smell nothing but water, nothing suspicious yet.

Cut to MIR holding a young woman's shoulders.

MIR:   The women here must be very lonely…

INU:   (shouts) Hey!! Are you listening?!

Woman 1: (leans on MIR) Yes, Priest.

INU, shocked, falls to the ground.

INU:   (stands, thinking) I don't feel the evil presence…

Suddenly SAN appears behind INU and MIR, glaring.

INU:   But there's definitely fury…

SAN:  (stern) Priest, shouldn't we get going? This is not the community of demoness that we're looking for, right?

MIR:   O-Oh yeah, t-that's right…

Matsu and a group of young women walk up to them.

Matsu: Just a moment please… Why don't all of you stay for the night?

Woman 2: Please accept our gesture…

MIR:   (walks up to Matsu and holds up hand in prayer) We'd gladly accept that with gratitude.

SAN:  (exasperated) Priest!

Woman 2: Then, the ladies can come with us.

Matsu: This way for the gentlemen, please.

INU-gang looks at Matsu in surprise.

KAG:  Separately?

Cut to MIR, INU, SHI and SHN in a hut, eating dinner.

MIR:   (serious) Inuyasha… Why don't we continue with our journey?

INU:   What are you babbling about? It's you who wanted to stay so badly.

MIR:   But…

SHI:   Is there a problem staying with us?

MIR is taken aback and at a loss of words. SHN sighs, followed by MIR.

Cut to SAN, KIR and KAG in another hut. Two young women are taking the finished dinner.

Woman 3: It's quite lonely for the women in this village. It's fun to get visitors now and then…

Woman 4: Have a good rest.

The two bows and walk out. Cut to SAN cleaning HIR. KAG takes out some lotions, creams and a hairbrush.

KAG:  It's nice that we don't have to sleep out there.

SAN:  Well I guess, but… we really ought to be searching for the demoness. (spiteful, thinking) That priest just lost it again…

Cut to the guy's hut. MIR sighs and groans sadly. SHN sighs too.

SHN:  (thinking) Where are you, Wakana?

Cut to the shrine in the village. WAK peeps out from the window.

WAK:   Shinosuke… You're alive. Thank goodness. I've been so lonely without you.

The scroll of Goddess of Mercy suddenly glows and speaks.

Scroll:  You'll soon be able to meet your beloved, Wakana. I'll allow you to see him… But it'll have to be in here… Bring him here…

A piece of cloth or skin is still on the mouth of the drawing of the goddess.

WAK:   (tearing) Yes…

Back in the guy's hut.

SHI:   Hey, Miroku. What's going on between you and Sango?

MIR:   Huh…? (continues eating)

SHI:   Remember the time when you were with Sango on Mount Hakurei?

MIR:   Oh yeah, that time.

SHI:   You haven't told us what happened back then.

CUT TO FLASHBACK from episode 118, when MIR and SAN where facing KAR (Kagura) and a horde of demons in a shaft in Mount Hakurei. SAN throws HIR at KAR.

SAN:  Hiraikotsu!

KAR:   I'll show you what wind can do…

KAR swings her fan, sending HIR in SAN's direction with a strong gust of wind. SAN is hit by HIR and flung onto the ground and loses unconsciousness. MIR is shocked and makes an incredible long jump across a broken part of the staircase.

MIR:   Sango!! (runs to SAN and holds her up) Sango… Sango! (shakes SAN) Wake up, Sango!

SAN seems to have difficulty breathing and is still unconscious.

KAR:   How touching is that, Priest? You would have kept yourself alive if you had left…

MIR turns and glares at KAR. KAR swings her fan and the entire horde of demons rush towards him. MIR puts SAN down slowly. He stands and removes the prayer beads around his hand.

KAR:   You can't use Wind Tunnel. Because you're afraid of the poisonous insects!

MIR:   Who do you take me for? If the sacrifice is for my beloved… then I'm more than willing! (points hand at demons) Wind Tunnel!!

MIR opens his Wind Tunnel and sucks in the demons. Some Poison Insects are sucked into MIR's Wind Tunnel. MIR throbs and winces in pain, but still tries to hold up his Wind Tunnel.

MIR:   (thinking) The poison… is spreading…

Cut to SAN unconscious on the ground.

BACK TO PRESENT. MIR looks up, deep in thoughts.

SHI:   So? What happened?

Woman 1 passes by the window and only MIR notices.

MIR:   (smirks) Nope, nothing at all. Definitely nothing. Believe me.

Woman 1 holds up her hand and beckons to MIR. INU notices and sighs.

Cut to the girls' hut. KAG is blotting her face while SAN is still cleaning HIR.

KAG:  Hey, Sango… Is anything going on between you and Miroku?

SAN:  What do you mean… what's going on…?

KAG:  (gushing, hopeful) Well, did anything happen when you two were alone on Mount Hakurei? Were there any special memories?

CUT TO FLASHBACK from episode 118, when MIR was carrying SAN and running away from the demons in the shaft. MIR grows weak and falls to the ground onto SAN. Cut to SAN, awake, looking at the weak MIR on the ground.

MIR:   Sango… leave now, at least you can…

SAN:  Never! I won't leave you…

MIR:   I don't think I can make it… But, I want you to live…

SAN:  (tearing) NEVER!! Rather than leave you… (collapses onto MIR) I'll die with you!

MIR:   Sango… (pats SAN's back)


SAN:  (thinking) I thought my intentions were very clear then… But that priest is still behaving the same way… (sighs)

KAG:  Hey, are you really sure nothing happened?

SAN:  No… not at all, Kagome! (continues wiping HIR) The priest and I have got nothing going on…!

KAG:  But I know you like Miroku, don't you?

SAN gasps and drops HIR, which breaks the floor a little.

SAN:  I… I've never said that! He's such a lecher!

KAG:  (smiles) I see… (thinking) That's so fake…

SAN:  He's an irresponsible guy and he lies all the time… (sighs)

KAG:  Really? But Miroku really likes you, Sango…

SAN:  Wh… what?

KAG:  Just a feeling. I think you're special to him, or important to him…

SAN:  D-Do you really think so?

KAG:  Don't you think so too, Kirara?

KIR mews disinterestedly. She is staring out of the window.

SAN:  (walks to KIR) What is it, Kirara?

KIR points to outside. From the window, MIR can be seen walking with Woman 1.

MIR:   I see… So you've lost your husband in a war…

Woman 1: (sad) Yes.

MIR:   If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Woman 1: Thank you for your concern, Priest. (leans on MIR)

MIR hugs Woman 1 affectionately. KAG witnesses the scene from the window too. SAN walks away.

KAG:  (soft) Sango!

SAN:  I'm going to bed.

Cut to guys' hut. INU is lying on the ground, about to sleep, and SHI is tugging at his sleeve.

SHI:   Are you sure, Inuyasha? Just letting Miroku go like that!

INU:   It's better than having him sigh through the night.

SHI:   Sango will get mad!

INU:   Why?

SHI:   (gapes) A-are you… really this stupid?

INU thumps SHI and grabs his tail. SHI struggles to fight back.

SHN:  Erm. Excuse me.

INU and SHI look at SHN. SHN is seated upright on his bed politely.

SHN:  I'll be going to bed now. I'll leave this place in the morning. And continue the search for my fiancée Wakana.

INU:   Yeah, do whatever you want.

Cut-scene of a drop of water falling into a pool.

[ End of ACT II: 16min 35sec ]


Late night. SAN and KIR are asleep. KAG lies in bed, thinking.

KAG:  (thinking) Poor Sango. If she wasn't so stubborn, she could have stopped Miroku… But then…

Suddenly KIR mews.

KAG:  What is it, Kirara?

KAG turns to look at KIR, only to find SAN changing into her battle gear.

KAG:  (surprised) Sango!

SAN:  Shhh!

Cut to Matsu and the women holding torches. They walk past the girls' hut and towards the exit of the village. KAG and SAN peep at them from the door.

KAG:  What's happening?

SAN opens the door and whispers to KAG.

SAN:  I'll follow them.

KAG:  (whispers) Wait. We should call Inuyasha and Miroku.

SAN stops.

KAG:  They should be nearby…

SAN:  (spiteful) We don't have time to look for them now! (runs)

KAG:  But… Sango…

Cut-scene of a drop of water falling into a pool.

Cut to SHN, SHI and INU sleeping in the guys' hut. INU wakes and gasps.

INU:   (worried, thinking) What is that smell?

Cut-scene of a drop of water falling into a pool.

Back with INU.

INU:   (thinking) Water? No…! It smells like some water being… And there are a lot of them…

INU stands and walks out of the hut. The noise wakes SHI and SHN.

SHI:   (groggy) What's going on, Inuyasha?

SHN:  Hey…

INU:   You two go back to sleep!

INU runs out of the hut and is about to sprint when KAG calls out to him.

KAG:  Inuyasha! Sango left alone!

INU:   What did you say?!

Cut to INU sprinting through the forest outside the village, piggybacking KAG and SHI.

KAG:  Smell of a water being?

INU:   Yeah. I don't quite get it, but… the smell vanished all of a sudden. Probably at the same time those women started moving.

Cut-scene of a drop of water falling into a pool.

Cut to WAK walking into the guys' hut.

WAK:   Shinosuke…

SHN gasps and jolts out of bed. He rushes to WAK and hugs her shoulders.

SHN:  Wakana! (glad) Wakana… I've been searching for you…!

WAK looks at SHN expressionlessly.

Cut to Woman 1 holding MIR's hand and walking along a path.

Woman 1: This way please, Priest.

MIR:   Very well…

Cut to MIR and Woman 1 entering the shrine.

MIR:   Wouldn't we be punished by the goddess if we misbehave?

Woman 1 closes the door and runs into MIR's arms. MIR gasps and looks at the scroll apprehensively.

Cut to SAN trailing the women. She hides behind a tree but Matsu notices. Cut to SAN reaching the boulder that juts out into the river. Sounds of water splashing are heard but the women are nowhere to be found.

SAN:  No one here… where have they gone to?

SAN jumps off the boulder and lands on a rock in the water.

Cut-scene of a drop of water falling into a pool.

Back to SAN. Suddenly the women she was trailing burst out of the water. They look glazed and reaches out to grab SAN, pulling her into the water. KIR growls and transforms. She leaps towards SAN but a sickle chain suddenly appears and cuts KIR, throwing her into the far end of the water.

SAN:  Kirara! Kirara!

The women drag SAN into the water. She struggles but the women hold onto her tightly. SAN gradually loses consciousness.

Cut to INU, KAG and SHI reaching the boulder.

KAG:  Sango… Sango!

INU leaps off the boulder onto a rock in the water. KAG and SHI get off.

KAG:  (worried) Where could she be?

INU:   Sango's smell ends here… I don't know where that smell is coming from…

Suddenly, suddenly bubbles in the water.

KAG:  Wha… what?

INU:   Stay back, Kagome!

The women burst out of the water and floats in midair, each holding a weapon in their hand. They are expressionless.

KAG:  The villagers?!

INU:   Damn it, what did you do to Sango?! (flexes claws) Tell me or else I'll…

KAG:  Wait, Inuyasha! Look at the evil energy in their mouths.

A green aura emits from the women's mouths. SHI gasps in horror.

KAG:  Someone is controlling them for sure. Don't hurt them.

INU:   So we've found it after all. The demoness are all here!

Cut to shrine, which is glowing with a green aura. Inside, Woman 1 is lying in MIR's lap.

Woman 1: Thank you for your consolation, Priest.

Woman 1 looks at MIR, her eyes are glazed. MIR gasps.

MIR:   (thinking) Evil aura… Something is in her stomach? (sighs and groans, thinking) Why does this always have to happen?

Woman 1: Is something the matter?

MIR:   You're being controlled, aren't you? And it must be…!!

MIR spins and looks at the scroll. The large watery face bursts out of the scroll and crashes into MIR, but he dodges.

MIR:   What kind of a demon are you?!

Face:  Give me your skin…

MIR:   My skin?

Cut to SAN in an underwater cave, chained to the wall. She regains unconsciousness. Matsu walks up to her with a torch.

Matsu: You're awake?

SAN struggles but the chain holds her down.

SAN:  Where am I?

Matsu: You'll be one of us…

Matsu places the torch on the wall. She walks to the edge of the cave which opens into a pool of water. She kneels down and takes out a line of eggs in the water. The water is filled with such green eggs.

SAN:  What is that? Are they eggs?

Matsu: (holds up one egg) Now, swallow this.

SAN turns her face away and Matsu grabs her face.

Matsu: Just swallow this whole. Soon the egg will hatch in your stomach. And then you shall become one of us…

SAN:  (thinking) Damn… damn it…

Cut to INU, KAG and SHI facing the women on the river.

Cut to MIR facing off with the watery face in the shrine.

Back with SAN and Matsu. SAN struggles but Matsu is slowly placing the egg towards her mouth.

SAN:  Who cares for this…?!

[ End of ACT III: 22min 7sec ]

[ End of episode 131: The Scroll of the Goddess of Mercy: Cursed Traps ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Sango is controlled by the demon, and started attacking Miroku! How can they fight each other?!

You swallowed that strange thing? I'll save you! This won't be as easy as the rest… Sango, it's a fearful thing to be your enemy. But I can't surrender!

Next on Inuyasha, "Priest Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession".

To me, you are… a very special girl!


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