episode 132

Priest Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession

Canon Episode | 2 episode story, 131-132

Episode Capsule last revised on 27 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: One Day, One Dream by Tackey and Tsubasa
ENDING SONG: Come by Amuro Namie

Script: SUMISAWA Katsuyuki 隅沢克之
Storyboard: KASE Mitsuko 加瀬充子
Episode Director: 阿宮正和
Animation Director: NAKANISHI Mamiko 中西麻実子


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Matsu: SAWADA Toshiko
Young women: 水城レナ, NASU Megumi


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 69 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 1 / 56 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 49 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 19 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 30 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 13 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [67 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 10 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 10 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 64.2% [43/67]


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  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
  6. Production Notes
  7. Script
  8. Contributors & References

Preview from previous episode

Sango is controlled by the demon, and started attacking Miroku! How can they fight each other?!

You swallowed that strange thing? I'll save you! This won't be as easy as the rest… Sango, it's a fearful thing to be your enemy. But I can't surrender!

Next on Inuyasha, "Priest Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession".

To me, you are… a very special girl!

InuYasha’s Jar

#132 Salamander Demon 山椒魚妖怪 [さんしょううおようかい]


Don’t worry, Kirara. Sango is mine to deal with.


Goodness, you’re really… a fearful enemy. I’m happy you’re my ally!


I never thought… that I could trust and care for a girl so much. However… this is exactly why, I can’t love you as a girl. You’re my ally whom I fight alongside. That’s what I think…


I believe that’s all you want to say… I’m going.

This talk is not over yet! If, by the time this battle is over… and the curse to my Wind Tunnel gets lifted… And if I’m still alive… When that time comes, will you spend your life with me? And perhaps bear my children?


Oddities and Other Notes


Houriki / ほうりき [法力]
When Miroku shouted 'Houriki' at the Scroll of Kannon, it means 'Power of Buddhism'.


Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ Prologue ]

INU:   Amidst the chaos of the Warring States Era, we continue our journey.

KAG:  In a time 500 years ago, everyone’s fate is tied to the fragments of the Sacred Jewel.

INU & KAG: Let’s battle on! Inuyasha!

KAG:  A village with only female inhabitants. Under a demon’s control, Sango attacks Miroku. NO! You two shouldn’t fight each other!

[ recap ]

Recap from previous episode, when INU-gang met the old man. Nighttime. Cut to INU-gang and SHN (Shinosuke) talking to Matsu and some women in a hut.

KAG:  (narrating) We've been trying to find the last jewel fragment before Naraku. On the way, we stumbled upon a village of only women. We wanted to leave as the place seemed highly suspicious…

Cut to MIR hugging Woman 1 and SAN glaring at him.

KAG:  (narrating) But Miroku can't control himself yet again. And we have to stay for the night. Then…

Cut to the women leaving the village in the middle of the night They walk past the girls' hut and towards the exit of the village. KAG and SAN peep at them from the door.

KAG:  What's happening?

SAN opens the door and whispers to KAG.

SAN:  I'll follow them.

KAG:  (whispers) Wait. We should call Inuyasha and Miroku!

SAN stops.

KAG:  They should be nearby…

SAN:  (spiteful) We don't have time to look for them now.

KAG:  But… Sango…

Cut to SAN reaching the boulder that juts out into the river. SAN jumps off the boulder and lands on a rock in the water. Suddenly the women she was trailing burst out of the water. They look glazed and reaches out to grab SAN, pulling her into the water. She struggles but the women hold onto her tightly. SAN gradually loses consciousness. Cut to SAN in an underwater cave, chained to the wall. She regains unconsciousness. Matsu walks up to her with a torch.

SAN:  Where am I?

Matsu: You'll be one of us soon…

Matsu places the torch on the wall. She walks to the edge of the cave which opens into a pool of water. She kneels down and takes out a line of eggs in the water. The water is filled with such green eggs.

Matsu: Here, swallow this…

SAN turns her face away and Matsu grabs her face.

Matsu: Just swallow this whole… Then the egg will hatch inside your stomach. And you shall become one of us…

SAN:  (thinking) Damn… damn it… Who cares for this…?!

Cut to MIR facing off with the watery face in the shrine.

MIR:   What kind of a demon are you?

Face:  Give me your skin…!

Cut to SHN and WAK in the hut.

SHN:  Wakana…! Wakana. I've been searching for you…

WAK looks at SHN expressionlessly.

Cut to KAG, SHI and INU on a rock in the water. The surface suddenly bubbles.

KAG:  Wh… what?

INU:   Stay back, Kagome!

The women burst out of the water and floats in midair, each holding a weapon in their hand. They are expressionless.

INU:   Damn it, what did you do to Sango? (flexes claws) Tell me or else I'll…

KAG:  Wait, Inuyasha! Look at the evil aura in their mouths.

A green aura emits from the women's mouths. SHI gasps in horror.

INU:   So we've found it after all. The demoness are all here!

[ End of recap: 4min 18sec ]

[ Title screen: Priest Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession ]

[ ACT I ]

Cut-scene of a drop of water falling into a pool.

Night time in the shrine. MIR is facing the large watery face that burst out of the Scroll of the Goddess of Mercy. Woman 1 is with him.

MIR:   Give you my skin?

The face laughs.

MIR:   I've only heard of demoness who seek the skin of humans… But, I guess you were behind it all, right?!

Face:  That's right… To be able to return to my true form, I need the skins of men.

MIR:   Your true form?

Face:  Let me tell you a bit about myself… I was a great demon who used to rule this valley.

CUT TO FLASHBACK of a group of priests facing a watery form at a river. The form is being sucked into an empty scroll.

Face:  (narrating) At one time, a human priest managed to subdue me… And sealed me into a scroll. Plus… the humans didn't stop there…

Cut to the villagers peeling off the skin off a large demon.

Face:  (narrating) To destroy my form, they peeled off my skin…

Cut to the main priest drawing a portrait of the Goddess of Mercy on the scroll. He hung it on a wall in a shrine and placed a lot of charms on it.

Face:  (narrating) And the priest drew a goddess on the scroll. Bent on sealing my soul forever, never to be reincarnated!!


Face:  But, my soul has not perished… I've been waiting for a chance to live again. (zooms towards MIR) Be a part of me now!!

MIR jumps backwards and taking out a talisman.

MIR:   Houriki!

Woman 1, who is being manipulated, tries to grab the talisman. The watery face seizes the chance to open wide its mouth and attack MIR. MIR grabs Woman 1 and bursts through the door. He runs out of the hut and the face stops at the door.

Face:  You fool! You can't escape your fate!

The face notices WAK and SHN walking towards it in the distance.

SHN:  You are really alive… I'm so happy.

WAK:   I feel the same way… Shinosuke…

Face:  (laughs) Good girl, Wakana. (thinking) I'll deal with the priest later, now I'll just settle for this mortal.

The face retreats back into the shrine and the door closes.

Back to INU and the village girls, who are attacking him. INU fends them off by grabbing their weapons and shoving them aside. However, they keep coming back at him.

KAG:  Inuyasha, go easy on them! These people are definitely under control.

INU:   I know! But it's pissing me off! This is useless…! I'm getting nowhere, damn it…

Cut to MIR running through the path in the forest. He stops and looks back.

MIR:   (thinking) Hey, that girl didn't come with me… Should I go back for her? (looks towards the village, thinking) The whole village of women must have worshipped the demon… (worried, thinking) I wonder when the demon will be fully subdued.

MIR suddenly notices SHN and WAK in the distance, walking.

MIR:   (thinking) That's…!

Cut to SHN and WAK walking slowly.

SHN:  Wakana… where are we going?

WAK:   To the… Goddess Shrine…

Cut to MIR.

MIR:   (thinking) Wakana? The fiancée whom Shinosuke has been looking for. (gasps and shouts) Shinosuke! Don't go!

MIR breaks into a run.

Cut to SHN and WAK. WAK opens the door to the shrine.

MIR:   (background, shouting) Shinosuke!

SHN, surprised, turns around to see MIR running towards them.

MIR:   Run away!

WAK opens the door fully and the Face is seen opening its mouth wide, preparing to eat SHN. SHN has his back facing the face.

SHN:  Priest…?

MIR:   Run, now!

SHN:  What is it, Priest?

MIR:   Run away!

WAK:   (softly) Run…

WAK regains awareness and gasps as she notices the face.

WAK:   Run!

WAK grabs SHN and pushes him to the ground.

Face:  Why you… Do you think you can escape from me?

WAK's eyes become glazed again.

SHN:  What's wrong, Wakana? (notices Face) What in the world is that?!

MIR reaches them and stands in front of the face.

MIR:   Shinosuke, take Wakana and run!

SHN:  Priest…

MIR:   (fierce) Hurry!

SHN:  (taken aback) Alright! (grabs WAK and runs)

MIR:   (thinking) It's okay, there's still my Wind Tunnel…

Suddenly, Woman 1 floats in front of the Face and raises the sharp end of a candlestick at MIR. A green aura emits from her mouth.

MIR:   (worried, thinking) Damn it… I can't use it…

Woman 1 moves in to attack MIR, who dodges. MIR leaps and swings his scepter at the Face.

MIR:   Be gone!

The Face shrieks in pain as its eye melts away. It rushes out of the shrine and flies in the air, shrieking, with the scroll still attached to it.

MIR:   (thinking) I almost got it…

Woman 1 moves in to attack MIR again, who dodges. MIR then notices the amulets put by the priest in the past.

MIR:   (thinking) Amulets? I could always try…

Woman 1 tries to attack MIR.

MIR:   Forgive me, but you have to snap out of it!

MIR takes out a talisman and sticks it onto his fist. He then punches Woman 1 in the stomach. She gasps and chokes, and coughs out a little salamander-like creature, along with some slime.

MIR:   This is… I see… She was controlled by it.

MIR strikes the salamander creature with the end of his scepter. The creature disintegrates.

Woman 1: (surprised) Priest…? What am I doing here?

MIR:   I think it's best if you don't remember. (runs to SHN and WAK) Forgive me!

MIR sticks a talisman on his fist and punches WAK in the stomach. WAK gasps and coughs, almost choking, and coughs out a salamander-like creature, too. MIR then destroys it.

SHN:  Priest…

MIR:   You can relax now. She's alright.

SHN:  (holds WAK) Alright…

MIR breaks into a run.

Back to INU, KAG and SHI. The face flies past them and into the river.

SHI:   What was that?!

KAG:  A scroll?

The village women jump into the river and swims toward a mound in the water. The mound starts to glow and shake, and a large salamander demon bursts out.

KAG:  What's that?!

SHI:   It's a monster salamander!

The monster salamander abbreviated as SAL from now onwards.

SAL:   How fortunate… I can actually get my hands on the skin of a half-demon…

INU:   What?! What the hell did you say?

SAL:   (laughs) The skin of a half-demon is like the skin of five humans… No, ten humans actually! I'll be able to resurrect my soul by devouring you!!

INU:   (scoffs) No idea what this is about… (draws TET) Stop joking around, bastard!

INU leaps to attack SAL, but two village women float up and crashes into INU, pushing him backwards. SAL then raises a claw and strikes the rock that SHI and KAG were standing on. The rock breaks and the two are sent flying.

INU:   Kagome!!

MIR arrives just in time to grab MIR and KAG.

MIR:   So it finally showed its true form?

KAG:  Miroku! (takes SHI into her arms)

MIR:   Inuyasha! Bring the girls here!

INU:   You've got a plan?

MIR:   Just leave it to me. (takes out a bunch of talismans)

INU:   Ok then!

INU flings the women who dived into him at MIR. MIR throws talismans at their stomach and punches them.

MIR:   Forgive me!

The women cough out salamanders and faint.

SHI:   They coughed up salamanders!

KAG:  So they were controlled by those?

SAL:   (laughs) Those women have no will of their own…

KAG:  What was that…?!

INU:   I'll take you down with one strike!

INU raises TET, but SAL flings its tail at INU and knocks him away.

INU:   Do you think you're strong?!

MIR continues to force the salamanders out of the women one by one.

MIR:   These women lost their husbands and children! And they felt sorrow and grief… So they prayed to the Goddess of Mercy at the shrine. However, this monster salamander was sealed in that scroll!

SHI:   Scroll…? (to KAG) The thing that came flying earlier!

KAG:  (nods) Yeah.

INU:   So how were you able to come out now?!

SAL:   I don't know what happened during the time I was sealed, but…!

SAL spits a torrent of acid at INU, who leaps backwards and dodges. SAL then swings its powerful tail at INU, and sends him crashing into a rock wall.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

CUT TO FLASHBACK. The scroll in the shrine glows and the talismans mysteriously disintegrate. BACK TO PRESENT.

SAL:   Something evil in this world strengthened my demonic powers!

INU:   (riled) Something evil in this world…? This is without doubt the work of Naraku. Prepare yourself… I'll surely take you down!

Cut to MIR. More women float out from the water and attack MIR, who has a hard time fending them off.

MIR:   I can't do this on my own…! Sango! Attack now!

KAG gasps.

SHI:   (furious) Miroku, what are you saying? Sango isn't here!

MIR is shocked.

KAG:  Didn't you notice?!

MIR:   Where is she then?

KAG:  She has disappeared! Because you were so playful! She went off by herself in her stubbornness!

MIR:   Sango, she…

Suddenly, cute KIR appears at MIR's feet and mews to him.

KAG:  Kirara…!

SHI:   What's wrong? She's soaked!

KIR bites the end of MIR's cloak and tugs at it. Cut to INU, who raises TET. A vortex surrounds the blade.

INU:   Come on, you pitiful demon!

SAL:   Half-demon! (rushes towards INU) I shall eat you!!

INU:   Wind Scar!!

INU swings TET downwards and throws a Wind Scar at SAL, breaking it into many pieces.

KAG:  He did it! Then all the girls must…

KAG turns to look at the girls, who are still attacking MIR.

KAG:  (shocked) Why…? The demon was killed… Why are they still under control?

MIR:   We have to make them spit out those salamanders. (takes out more talismans)

KIR mews at MIR again. MIR nods and hands the talismans to KAG.

MIR:   Kagome, please take care of it. Inuyasha, you know what to do with them, right? I'll leave you to it.

INU:   Eh?

KIR transforms into her large form and MIR gets up onto her.

MIR:   I have to go take care of business. Bring me there, Kirara.

KIR growls and jumps into the water.

MIR:   (worried, thinking) Sango! Hang in there, Sango…

KAG and SHI look at the river.

SHI:   They went underwater!

KAG:  Yes…

INU:   (background) Oi!!

Cut to INU fending off the women.

INU:   Why am I doing this alone?!

Cut to MIR and KIR underwater. Suddenly, HIR rushes out and nearly hits them.

MIR:   Hiraikotsu…!

MIR and KIR dive deeper and see SAN at the riverbed. MIR gasps. SAN swims up to the surface and grabs HIR in its return flight. MIR and KIR follow her.

MIR:   Sango!

A green aura emits from SAN's mouth, and her eyes look glazed.

MIR:   Sango… You've swallowed the salamander…! I'll save you right away!

KIR leaps towards SAN, who throws HIR at them again, barely missing them. MIR then takes out a talisman and wraps it around his fist. He then leaps off KIR and runs towards SAN.

MIR:   Sango…!

HIR, in its return flight, nearly hits MIR. SAN grabs HIR and swings it at MIR violently.

MIR:   (worried, thinking) This won't be as easy as the rest… Anyway, I have to get closer.

SAN swings HIR, and MIR seizes the chance to trip her with the end of his scepter.

MIR:   Now!

SAN falls backwards and MIR is about to punch her. Cut to close-up of a blade slashing.

Back to INU, who suddenly gasps. (The women are all fainted on the ground, and KAG is destroying the last salamander with her arrow.)

KAG:  What's wrong, Inuyasha?

INU:   The smell of blood.

KAG:  Blood?

Back to MIR and SAN. MIR's scepter is on the ground. SAN has slashed MIR across the arm with her sword. MIR looks at her, as blood drips from his wound to the ground. KIR whimpers and is confused as to who to help. She looks at SAN, then at MIR.

MIR:   (smiles slightly at KIR) Don't worry, Kirara. (looks at SAN determinedly) Sango is mine to deal with.

The green aura continue to ooze out from SAN's mouth.

MIR:   Sango… I'll remove the salamander that's in your stomach…

Dawn is breaking. MIR looks at his scepter on the ground and SAN notices. She leaps to attack him. MIR dodges and grabs his scepter, fending off one of SAN's blow. SAN continue to attack MIR viciously several times. MIR manages to shove SAN to the ground with his scepter and knocks the sword out of SAN's hands. KIR growls. MIR moves in punch SAN, but SAN releases the switchblade in her arm. MIR, not in time to dodge, gets slashed across the cheek. SAN seizes the chance and stands.

MIR:   Goodness, you're really… a fearful enemy…!

SAN slashes MIR in the arm. MIR doesn't dodge so as to get close to SAN and gets cut again.

MIR:   I'm happy you're my ally!

MIR finally manages to punch SAN in the stomach. SAN gasps and coughs out a slimy egg. She faints and MIR grabs her.

MIR:   Sango…

MIR, exhausted, sits and holds SAN.

MIR:   (heaves a sigh of relief) I did it…

INU come running with SHI and KAG on his back.

SHI:   Miroku!

KAG:  Is Sango alright?

MIR:   Yes… Well… I guess so.

MIR looks up at them, with blood still oozing out of his wounds.

KAG:  (shocked) Miroku! You're injured…!!

SHI:   What's this egg?

MIR:   The salamander's egg. It would have been worse if it had hatched…

KAG:  Then, I suppose Sango was…

INU:   Manipulated? How did that happen?

KAG:  I told you, she was mad. Blame it on Miroku, he was hitting on other women earlier.

MIR:   (looks at KAG innocently) So it's my fault?

KAG:  Of course it is!

SHI:   You deserve it.

SHI holds out a stick with a talisman stuck to it. He strikes the egg, which disintegrates in a knowing manner. MIR sighs.

[ End of ACT I: 18min 23sec ]

[ ACT II ]

INU, KAG, KIR and SHI are saying goodbye to WAK and SHN.

KAG:  I see, so you're going back to your hometown?

SHN:  Yes.

WAK:   (bows) It was a pleasure meeting you.

SHN:  (bows) Thank you for everything.

KAG:  It's alright!

INU:   We didn't do much really…

SHN:  We would really like to thank the priest…

INU:   No need for that…

SHN:  Huh?

INU:   Those two are lost in their own world.

Cut to MIR and SAN sitting on the grass, next to a river. MIR is all bandaged up and has his arm in a sling. SAN looks apologetic.

SAN:  I'm sorry, Priest… it's all my fault.

MIR:   (smiles) Don't worry about it, Sango. (looks down) And besides… I didn't control myself around those women. Even Kagome was mad. I'm sorry about that.

SAN:  (looks away uneasily) It's nothing… you don't have to apologize. It was because of my carelessness… It has nothing to do with you, Priest.

There is a short silence.

MIR:   Sango… There's something I want to tell you. I would like you to hear my carefully to the end… To me, you are… a very special girl.

Cut to KIR, SHI, KAG and INU eavesdropping from behind some trees a distance away.

INU:   What's with the "very special girl"? He's feeling up other women's bottoms all the time.

KAG shushes INU sternly. INU is taken aback.

Back to MIR and SAN, who is blushing. They look away from each other.

MIR:   I never thought… that I could trust and care for a woman so much. However… this is exactly why, I can't love you as a woman.

SAN gasps.

MIR:   You're my ally whom I fight alongside. That's what I think…

Back to INU-gang. KAG looks furious.

SHI:   So, he's basically saying she's just a friend?

KAG:  That's so cruel! I'll never forgive him!

Back to MIR and SAN.

SAN:  (tearing) I know that… You don't have to tell me. I understand… It's not like… I've expected anything from a priest. I've never thought that…

There is a moment of silence. SAN gets up, with her head bowed low.

MIR:   Sango…

SAN:  I believe that's all you want to say… I'm going.

MIR:   This talk is not over yet!

SAN stops.

MIR:   If, by the time the battle with Naraku is over… (looks at his palm) and the curse to my Wind Tunnel gets lifted… (looks at SAN) And if I'm still alive…

SAN looks up.

MIR:   When that time comes, will you spend your life with me? And perhaps bear my children?

SAN gasps and a tear rolls down her cheek.

Cut-scene of a drop of water falling into a pool.

Back to INU-gang. KAG gushes, blushes and claps her hands.

KAG:  A proposal!

INU:   What po-sal?

Back to MIR and SAN. SAN falls to her knees.

MIR:   Sango…

SAN:  Yes…!

MIR:   You'll bear my children? 10? Or maybe even 20?

SAN:  (turns to MIR and smiles) Yes!

The two hold hands.

SAN:  (hopeful) Then, that means… you won't flirt with other women, right?

MIR gapes at SAN. There is a short silence.

SAN:  (threateningly) YOU'LL—NOT—DO—IT,—RIGHT?

There is another pause of silence. MIR closes his eyes and looks away.

SAN:  (glaring, thinking) I knew he would…

MIR looks uneasy.

Back to INU-gang. KAG gapes and sighs. KIR mews.

SHI:   Does that mean the conversation is over?

INU:   Keh! It'll get worse soon.

Cut to MIR and SAN leaning on each other affectionately and looking at the water.

[ End of ACT II:22min 6sec ]

[ End of episode 132: Priest Miroku's Most Dangerous Confession ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Having infuriated the Sea God, Sango and Miroku have been turned into ice sculptures!

That woman is suspicious!

To seize Tetsusaiga, that woman, Sara, laid a trap!

So you're behind all this, Sesshomaru!!

I do not need a woman's help to defeat Inuyasha.

Lord Sesshomaru, who is she?

She is so pretty.

She is no longer a human.

Next on Inuyasha, Inuyasha Special!

"The Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru".

Sara I'll make your wish come true, Lord Sesshomaru!


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