Tackey and Tsubasa

One Day, One Dream

Written on February 26, 2008
Last revised on February 27, 2008.

Opening songs
Change the World
I am
Owari nai Yume
One Day, One Dream
Kimi ga Inai Mirai 君がいない未来

Ending songs
My will
Fukai Mori 「深い森」
Every Heart
Shinjitsu no Uta
Itazura na Kiss
Brand-New World
With You

Song for Sesshomaru-sama
Sotsugyo~Sayonara wa Ashita no tame ni
Shine in Peace

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5th opening theme | Episodes 128-153.
Fanlisting: Hikari no Yume
Contributed by Amanda <.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)> at Anime Lyrics.
Translated by InuSEC, and as I used an online translator, please tell me if there's any line that sounds weird.
Hikari no Yume: Fanlisting for One Day, One Dream

Performer: Tackey and Tsubasa
Lyrics [作詞] : 小幡英之
Composition [作曲] : 吉川 慶
Arrangement [編曲] : CHOKKAKU
avex trax

Tweening [繪コンテ] : AOKI Yasunao 青木康直
Director [演出] : AOKI Yasunao 青木康直
Animation Director [作画監督] : HISHINUMA Yoshihito 菱沼義仁

Kanji & Romaji Lyrics English translation
You can now dream (勇敢なdream) 振りかざし
You can now dream (yuukan na dream) furikazashi
You can now dream (dream bravely) and not be a spectator
I'm in a world (曖昧なworld) 駆け抜けよう
I'm in a world (aimai na world) kakenuke you
I'm in a world (ambiguous world), expelling and uprooting.
憂鬱になる  現実に立ち向かう
yuuutsu ni naru genjitsu ni tachi mukau
Fighting against the melancholy that became reality
胸の中で  成長してる勇者
mune no naka de seichou shiteru yuusha
In my chest the brave protagonist grew.
昨夜見た夢が  その残像が
yuube mita yume ga sono zanzou ga
Last night I saw the afterimage of a dream
myaku wo utsu "saa yuke" to
Which pulsed and striked "saa yuke"
自分のcolor (穀) 破って  膨らむ未来を
jibun no color (kara) yabutte  fukuramu mirai wo
Oneself's color (shell) break and let the future expand
無理矢理に  閉じ込めるのかい?
muriyari ni tojikomeru no kai?
into the shell, in which you were imprisoned against your will?
You can now dream (勇敢なdream) 振りかざし
You can now dream (yuukan na dream) furikazashi
You can now dream (dream bravely) and not be a spectator
Go in and try (強引なtry) 繰り返し悩み
Go in and try (gouin na try) kurikaeshi nayami
Go in and try (try forcefully) Repeatedly troubled
hatenaki hibi he to
One cries everyday in the end.
君も  Do you need to cry? (同様にcry?) 孤独とも
kimi mo  Do you need to cry? (douyou ni cry?) kodoku tomo
Sir, do you need to cry? (cry in the same way) Alone of course.
Show me, a day, fight (正面でfight) 涙するたびに
Show me, a day, fight (shoumen de fight) namida suru tabi ni
Show me, a day, fight (fight uprightly) Each time there's tears
揺るぎない  夢となれ
yuriginai  yume to nare
Stay firm, dream and experience.

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