episode 117

The Man Who Disappeared into a River of Flames

Canon Episode | Shichinintai story arc: ep102~123

Episode Capsule last revised on 26 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Grip! by Every Little Thing
ENDING SONG: Itazura na Kiss by 6th Ending Song | Episodes 109-127

Script: CHIBA Katsuhiko 千葉克彦
Storyboard: KASE Mitsuko 加瀬充子
Episode Director: SATOH Teruo 佐藤照雄
Animation Director: NAKANISHI Mamiko 中西麻実子


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima



Tall card [352 x 599 pixels]


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 65 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 45 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 43 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 16 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 27 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 11 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [66 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 10 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 10 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 62.3% [38/61]


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Preview from previous episode

Since Ginkotsu's death, Renkotsu is still hankering after Koga's Sacred Jewel fragment.

I dumped plenty of oil into the river. You're finished!


What are you doing?! If you use them here, you'll also…!

Shut up! I cannot turn back now!

D-Don't be so complacent!

Next on Inuyasha, "The Man Who Disappeared into a River of Flames".

Dog-face, this isn't the end!

InuYasha’s Jar

#117 Koga 鋼牙 [こうが]


That’s what I expected. Idiots don’t die easily.


Oddities and Other Notes



Renkostu undergoes a wardrobe change in this episode, which is rare for any character.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ Prologue ]

INU:   It's now time for Inuyasha!

KAG:  To find the Sacred Jewel fragments,

INU:   I have to defeat Naraku with this Tetsusaiga!

KAG:  The battle with the Shichinintai continues! It’s revenge for Ginkotsu. Renkotsu tries to get Koga’s Sacred Jewel fragments!

INU:   Miroku and Sango and Shippo and Kirara!

KAG:  An excitng adventure unfolds!

INU & KAG: Inuyasha!

[ ACT I ]

In RKS's underground workshop. RKS is loading weapons onto a wagon.

RKS:  Alright. (scowls, thinking) You won't get away this time!

CUT TO FLASHBACK from episode 114, when KOG was battling Ginkotsu and RKS. Ginkotsu ejects his upper torso from the tank body and flies towards KOG. Steel threads are then released and tangle around KOG. KOG gets a grip on the steel threads and jumps towards Ginkotsu. He twists his legs around Ginkotsu's neck and sends him crashing to the ground.

KOG:  Give it up already! Go to hell…!

KOG is freed and glares at RKS. Ginkotsu's head is thrust into the ground. Cut to KOG turning around in shock.

KOG:  What?!

GKS releases something from his neck and self explodes. The explosion is so huge that it hits everyone in the area. Cut to RKS lying on the ground after the explosion.

RKS:  Shit… I can't move. (holds up a fragment, thinking) What should I do with Ginkotsu's fragment? Even if I keep it, Brother Bankotsu will just take it anyway. No way. I won't allow it!

RKS puts the fragment into the wounds on his chest, which was inflicted by KOG. RKS winces in pain as he does so. The wound throbs and starts to close up.

RKS:  (shocked, thinking) The wound is healing…!


RKS:  You end up with nothing after death. Isn't it, Ginkotsu?

Daytime. RKS walks out of his workshop, pulling a wagon of weapons and explosives. A Poison Insect appears and flies to him.

RKS:  Did you find him? Alright. Forget about reporting to Brother. I have one more task for you.

The Poison Insect flies away.

RKS:  (determined, thinking) I will get Koga's fragments… no matter what it takes!

[ End of ACT I: 3min 55sec ]

[ Title screen: The Man Who Disappeared into a River of Flames ]

[ ACT II ]

Daytime, in a cave above a waterfall where KOG-gang and INU-gang are resting. KOG wakes. KAG and SHI are glad, while HAK and GIN are in tears.

SHI:   He's awake!

HAK:  Koga…

KAG:  That's great! You were unconscious all night.

KOG:  Ka-Kagome…

GIN:  Koga, do you remember?

HAK:  You were caught in the explosion while fighting Ginkotsu.

KOG:  (weakly) Yes.

KAG:  Are you okay?

KOG:  (weakly) I'm… (furious, yeLling) Really pissed off!!! (smells all around his body, horrified) Why does my whole body reek of dogs?!

KAG:  Inuyasha carried you all the way here.

KOG:  (horrified) What?!

GIN:  Sis Kagome told him to do it.

KOG:  (thumps GIN and HAK on the head) Bastards, why did you let that happen?! You should have carried me!

GIN:  Well, we were…

HAK:  Hurt too…

KOG scowls in frustration. INU walks into the cave all dreached.

INU:   We should have left that idiot alone. I'm not expecting you to thank me anyway!

KAG:  (shocked) What happened, Inuyasha? You're drenched!

INU:   (furious) Isn't that obvious?! I was trying to wash off that disgusting wolf scent!

KOG:  What?!

INU bends over and shakes his body like a dog to get rid of the water.

INU:   How annoying!

KOG:  (raises clenched fist) You bastard!

HAK:  (holds KOG) Calm down, Koga.

KAG sighs. INU gets up.

INU:   Let's go, Kagome. I've carried him to a safe place. Why do we have to care about that idiot?

KAG:  (chiding) Wait, Inuyasha! Don't be so mean!

INU:   (furious) You're always lecturing me, but why don't you lecture that ungrateful Koga?!

KOG:  (shouts) I'm not ungrateful! I'll prove it to you! (holds KAG's hand) Thank you, Kagome. Thanks for saving me.

INU:   (rushes between them and grabs KOG's hand) You should thank me!

KOG:  (deadpan) You just carried me.

KOG and INU growl and glare at each other. KAG sighs. INU stands and looks away.

INU:   (scoffs) Let's just leave him here!

KAG:  But it looks like Koga can't move yet…

INU:   What about Miroku and Sango?

SHI:   Oh, that's right. They went to Mount Hakurei.

INU:   Shouldn't they be back by now?

KAG:  You're right.

INU:   Well, let's go!

INU turns around to walk and notices a Poison Insect hovering at the cave entrance. It flies away immediately when INU noticed it.

INU:   A poisonous insect! You guys stay here. I'll kill it before they know where we are! (runs out)

Cut to forest. INU chases the Poison Insect. RKS is hiding behind one of the trees. He scoffs when INU runs past him.

Back in the cave.

KAG:  Hakkaku, Ginta, how do you feel?

HAK:  We've almost recovered.

GIN:  Despite that heavy battle.

KAG:  I'm sorry that I lost the medicine box and can't treat you.

HAK:  No, not at all!

GIN:  We're happy to know that Sis Kagome care for us!

SHI:   (thinking) They're not arrogant like Koga.

SHI sniffs the air. Cute KIR mews. KAG stands and walks to the cave entrance. SHI follows and jumps onto her shoulder.

SHI:   Can you smell it, Kagome?

KAG:  No, I feel the presence of a Sacred Jewel fragment. What do you smell, Shippo?

SHI:   I smell gunpowder.

SHI and KAG examine the river under the cave. Suddenly an explosion occurs on one of the rock surfaces nearby. The boulders fall into the river and forms a dam-like structure, blocking the river flow. The water level rises and forms a whirlpool around the dam.

KAG:  The river…!

SHI:   (turns, shocked) What's that?!

A burning pile of log flows from the other side of the river and crashes into the dam. The fire spreads and the entire river starts burning, almost burning KAG and SHI. KAG and SHI shriek in horror. Back in the cave, HAK, GIN and KOG are shocked to hear the screams.

KOG:  What's that?!

Cut to INU chasing the Poison Insect above a forest. He leaps and claws the insect into pieces.

INU:   Go to hell!

INU scoffs and turns around to find the river burning in the distance.

INU:   Kagome!

Back with SHI and KAG.

SHI:   What's going on?

RKS appears on a rock face across the cave entrance.

KAG:  The Shichinintai!

RKS:  I dumped plenty of oil into the river. You're finished!

SHI:   Renkotsu!

KAG:  He…!

Back in the cave. HAK and GIN try to hold up KOG.

HAK:  He's here!

GIN:  Koga, it's dangerous here!

KOG:  That bastard… I'll kill him this time!

GIN:  Koga…

KAG:  (running into cave) Don't, Koga! You're badly wounded.

KAG grabs her bow and arrows and runs out. She draws an arrow at RKS.

KAG:  You! (notices the shards in RKS's neck and chest) That's…!

RKS scowls and holds up a weapon. A fire ball is shot at KAG. Suddenly INU appears.

INU:   Kagome!!

INU knocks the fire ball away. He then grabs KAG and rushes into the cave. He puts KAG down, takes off his Fire Rat Robe and places it over KAG.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   That Renkotsu bastard! I think he just can't wait to get killed by me!

KAG:  Wait, Inuyasha, wear this!

SHI:   That's right! Your robe is resistant to fire!

INU:   You guys wear it. That wimpy wolf won't be able to help.

KOG:  Don't get involved, dog-face! He's after my fragments. I'll take care of him!

INU:   Shut up, you idiot! What will happen if your fragments are taken?!

KOG:  Damn…!

KAG:  Be careful, Inuyasha. He's using two fragments.

INU:   (smirks) Bankotsu had more.

RKS:  (furious, thinking) That Inuyasha…! He's back so soon? (throws away weapon in hand, shouts) What's wrong? Are you afraid?

INU:   Shut up! Wait right there!

INU unsheathes TET and leaps towards RKS. HAK, GIN, KAG and SHI look on from the cave entrance.

HAK:  Awesome!

GIN:  What a leap!

RKS:  Why should I wait?

RKS takes cannon and fire. It nearly hits INU.

INU:   A cannon?

RKS:  You can't dodge in mid air.

RKS fires again. INU uses TET to block the cannonball and the impact pushes him towards the burning river below.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

Cute KIR growls and transforms. She grabs INU in time and throws him on her back.

KAG:  Kirara!

SHI:   Ooh! Kirara can withstand fire too!

INU:   Great, Kirara! Keep going!

KIR swerves and flies towards RKS.

RKS:  I don't have time to play with you!

RKS aims and fires at KIR, but she dodges. RKS scoffs irritably and rushes to the wagon to get a gun.

INU:   Kirara, get above him! Here I come, Renkotsu!

KIR flies towards RKS, who spins around and fires a round at KIR.

RKS:  Try this!

INU is flung off KIR and onto a rock face. RKS fires again and hits INU. He smirks smugly.

SHI:   Inuyasha!

KAG:  Inuyasha…!

RKS aims his gun at the cave entrance. GIN and HAK notice and panic.

GIN:  Sis Kagome, get back!

HAK:  Hurry!

They run into the cave while RKS fires at the cave entrance. A loud explosion ensues. The smoke dissipates.

RKS:  Did I get them?

Cut to RKS walking into the cave. KOG, GIN, HAK, KAG and SHI are lying in a pile on the ground, with eyes closed.

RKS:  (laughs) They were burnt to death. (looks at KOG's legs) Those Sacred Jewel fragments are mine.

RKS draws a sword and swings it towards KOG's legs. Suddenly KOG's leg rises and kicks him violently. RKS is thrown to the ground and his gun falls out of his hands. Everyone sit up. RKS gasps.

KOG:  Idiot. No one's dead.

SHI:   You're lucky, Koga. Kagome covered you with Inuyasha's robe to protect you!

KOG:  Why must I be protected by Dog Face's stuff?

RKS:  (sits up) Do you think you've won?

KOG:  What?!

RKS:  (takes a bunch of explosives from his bag) This match is not over yet! I will blow you up!

SHI:   Explosives!

KAG:  What are you doing?! If you use them here, you'll also…

RKS:  (furious) Shut up! I cannot turn back now!

Everyone glares at RKS worriedly.

RKS:  (thinking) It's true… I've used Ginkotsu's fragments without permission. No matter what, Bankotsu will kill me!

CUT TO FLASHBACK from episode 111, when KAN revealed that RKS had more shards.

BKS:   (points Banryuu at RKS) I know it. You've been hiding the Sacred Jewel fragments from that woman, Kagome.

RKS:  Don't be angry, Brother. I'll hand them over.

RKS moves Banryuu aside and takes out Kagome's container of fragments. He throws the container to BKS and turns around, peeved.

BKS:   You're obedient, Renkotsu. I know you are smart. However… (shatters Kagome's container) Don't try that again.


RKS:  Koga, I'll get the fragments from you… No matter what!

KOG:  Bastard…

RKS:  Yes, if I have them, I can win Bankotsu! (lights up a match) I'm not fooling around!

HAK and GIN panic and hug each other tightly.

SHI:   H-He's serious!

KOG scowls at RKS. He kicks the gun on the ground at RKS, who dodges. KOG then tries to kick RKS in the face but RKS jumps backwards.

RKS:  That doesn't work twice!

KAG:  You'll be hurt too!

RKS:  I won't die! (thinking, worried) I won't die… As long as I have my fragments…! (lights explosives) You're the ones who'll die!

SHI panics and hugs KAG. HAK and GIN hug each other tighter. RKS holds up the explosives and laughs manically. INU appears behind RKS.

INU:   Don't be so complacent!

KAG & SHI: (glad) Inuyasha!

RKS:  (turns to face INU) You brat!

INU:   Now, wimpy wolf!

KOG rushes forth and kicks RKS violently. RKS is thrown to the cave entrance.

SHI:   He did it!

KOG:  He's standing up, dog-face!

RKS struggles up but INU rushes forward.

INU:   You!

INU grabs RKS and both of them fall into the burning river below the cave. A loud explosion is heard. Everyone gasps.

KAG:  Inuyasha!!!

The explosion caused the dam to break. The river starts rushing forth again and the current is rapid.

Cut to the group running along the river bank, searching for INU in the water.

KAG:  Inuyasha… Inuyasha!

HAK:  We'll find him, Sis!

GIN:  He should be washed up ashore!

KOG:  Provided Dog Face's not blasted to pieces.

KAG stops. KIR mews.

HAK:  (grimaces) But…

GIN:  (chiding) Koga…

KOG:  I'm just saying… that idiot might…

KOG gasps as he notices KAG burying her face into the Fire Rat Robe, crying. HAK and GIN squint at KOG.

KAG:  (trembling) Inuyasha…wasn't wearing his robe… It's his amour…

KOG:  (panics) K-Kagome…!

HAK:  He made her cry.

KOG:  D-Don't cry, Kagome…

KAG:  (sobbing) It's all my fault…! He gave it to me…!

KOG:  It's not your fault, Kagome! (gesturing) He forced the robe on you…

Suddenly INU appears behind KOG and thumps him on the head. INU looks all battered up.

INU:   What did you say, you bastard?

HAK:  I-Inuyasha!

SHI:   You're alright!

KAG looks up at INU.

INU:   (scoffs and folds arms) My body is made differently. Seems like Renkotsu valued his life, too. He threw the explosives away as he fell.

KOG:  That's what I expected. Idiots don't die easily. (eyes INU as he says this)

INU:   Bastard. Shut up.

KOG:  You want to fight me?!

INU:   (slowly) I will slaughter you today.

KOG:  You think you can fight me…

KAG:  Inuyasha!!!

KAG interrupts and runs forth to hug INU tightly, burying her face in his chest. INU is surprised, and is at a loss for words. KOG looks on, shocked.

KAG:  (softly sobbing) I'm so glad…! You're alright!

INU:   Kagome… I'm sorry I made you worry.

KAG:  (looks up) You're really… really okay?

INU affirms and hugs KAG. KOG steps aside and scoffs.

GIN:  Koga…

HAK:  Are you okay with this?

KOG:  I'll let it go this time. Kagome's really upset. Dog-face, this isn't the end! I'll never give Kagome up!

INU:   You've obviously lost. Can't you tell, stuuupid?

KOG:  (riled) Don't get so happy over a hug, stuuupid!

INU:   Keeeeh! Are you annoyed? How pathetic, sssstuuuupid!!

KAG:  (thinking) Somehow I don't feel like crying anymore…

Cut to HAK, GIN and SHI seated on a rock, looking on listlessly.

SHI:   They are the stupid ones.

HAK:  Well, let's just say…

GIN:  They're both stupid.

SHI nods gravely. KOG turns around and INU raises a clenched fist.

KOG & INU: (furious) What was that?!

KAG:  (hugs INU tighter) No crying…

[ End of ACT II: 16min 42sec ]


MIR and SAN walk out of a cave in Mount Hakurei.

MIR:   There's nothing here, either.

SAN:  I can't feel the presence of any demons.

MIR:   However, there is a tie between Naraku and the Shichinintai. There's no doubt Saint Hakushin protected the Shichinintai.

SAN:  We don't know the reason for it.

MIR:   Yes. If Hakushin's helping Naraku and has put up this barrier around Mount Hakurei…

SAN:  (looks up) Then we should find Naraku here.

MIR:   Anyway, let's go to the top. Inuyasha won't be happy if we don't find anything.

SAN:  That's true.

MIR:   Moreover… (looks down) this barrier is so restricting. I'm finally alone with her, but I can't do anything… (moves his fingers) I just can't…resist…!

MIR looks at SAN walking away. He sighs. He then gathers himself and walks seriously.

RKS is walking along a shallow river in a valley, deep in thoughts.

RKS:  (thinking) Damn, I failed. I couldn't get Koga's fragments. If Bankotsu knows that I'm using Ginkotsu's fragment… He will kill me. What should I do?

A Poison Insect fly past RKS.

RKS:  Poisonous insects?

RKS gasps as he sees BKS up ahead with two Poison Insects.

RKS:  B-Brother Bankotsu.

BKS:   Yo, Renkotsu. I heard from the insects. Ginkotsu died?

RKS:  Y-Yes.

BKS:   What a shame. You worked so hard to reconstruct him. (pauses) But I'm glad that you're still alive. Suikotsu died which chasing after Sesshomaru.

RKS:  Suikotsu?

BKS:   This means… (walks up to RKS and puts a hand around his shoulder) Only you, Jakotsu, and I are left. Well, anyway. I'll have to count on you now. Let's get going. (walks)

RKS:  (thinking) That Bankotsu… He doesn't know about Ginkotsu's fragment? In any case, it seems I am still of some use. I guess I've escaped death.

MIR and SAN are walking up Mount Hakurei. MIR stops. A section of the path has been broken off.

SAN:  What's wrong, Priest?

MIR:   The path has… broken off. It looks like it was destroyed.

SAN:  (points) Look, Priest.

Further up broken section of the path, there is a cave.

MIR:   A cave? I think… this path leads to that cave.

SAN:  Want to go inside?

MIR:   Can we?

SAN:  I'll try.

SAN throws HIR which strikes a rock face near the path up ahead.

SAN:  Alright!

SAN then takes a grapple hook from her armor and swings it. It strikes the path and SAN tightens the rope.

SAN:  Here goes!

SAN jumps and swings herself onto HIR using the grapple hook. She then jumps onto the path from HIR. MIR is impressed.

SAN:  Priest, grab this! (throws rope to MIR)

MIR:   You're smart, Sango!

Cut to SAN pulling MIR onto the path. They look into the cave.

SAN:  This cave looks really deep.

MIR:   I sense bad aura. Let's go, Sango. I'm sure Naraku's in there.

SAN carries HIR and they start running into the cave.

Cut to a gigantic pit in the cave. Circular paths line the pit, with wooden parapets. KAR is sitting on a parapet, looking bored.

KAR:   (thinking) That Naraku… How long does he plan to keep me in here?

KAN:  (appears behind KAR) Kagura.

KAR:   Kanna. You're so lucky… You don't possess bad aura, so you're free to move about. If I were to step even one foot outside this cave, this sacred ground will purify me. Damn it.

KAN:  They're coming.

An image of SAN and MIR running is shown in KAN's mirror.

KAR:   They're… the priest and the exterminator? Hmph! Interesting… It's been a while since we've had some fun.

A horde of demons appear behind KAR.

[ End of ACT III: 22min 5sec ]

[ End of episode 117: The Man Who Disappeared into a River of Flames ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Why is there an evil aura in Mount Hakurei?

Naraku must be inside the cave.

I thought I've seen wrongly… normal humans like you simply managed to make it here.


You're pretty brave, but I don't think you can go back alive.

Naraku's poisonous insects! Priest, don't use your Wind Tunnel. If you sucked them in, you will be poisoned!

For the sake of my beloved girl… I'm willing to do anything… Even if I lose my life! Wind Tunnel!

Next on Inuyasha, "The Heart of Mount Hakurei".

Promise me… you must stay alive…


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