episode 55

Stone Flowers and Shippo's First Love

Canon Episode

Episode Capsule last revised on 17 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: I am by hitomi
ENDING SONG: Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki

Script: TAKAHASHI Tetsuko 高橋哲子
Storyboard: KASE Mitsuko 加瀬充子
Episode Director: TOBA Satoshi 鳥羽 聡
Animation Director: HISHINUMA Yoshihito 菱沼義仁


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Headman: ASOU Tomohisa
Boys: OKAMOTO Nami, IDA Sayaka, MATSUMOTO Sachi


Sacred Jewel fragment: 4 [+0]
No. of 'sit': 1 [29 in all]
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 [3 in all]
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 [21 in all]
‘Kazaana!’: 0 [9 in all]
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 [6 in all]
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 [3 in all]
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
1 / 26 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
1 / 3 tail-grabbing
0 / 1 throws
2 [53 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 [4 in all]
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 [2 in all]
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 63.0% [17/27]


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Preview from previous episode

A girl waits all alone for her brother who has gone off to war, never to return. Satsuki has a treasure to make her wishes come true… fragment of the Sacred Jewel! If it's the real thing, we must take it from her. Poor Shippo is in a dilemma. I wonder if he has feelings for Satsuki? Just then, a demon lays a cruel trap in order to get the Sacred Jewel fragment. Next on Inuyasha: "The Stone Flower and Shippo's First Love". Don't miss it!

InuYasha’s Jar

#55 Satsuki サツキ

A girl awaiting the return of her brother. She believed quartz piece to be a Sacred Jewel fragment. {Shirogetsu}



Shippo! How did you find us?

I figured Miroku would be performing an exorcism at the finest looking house in the village.


Shaddup! So what if I'm in love with her! Look at you! Flitting back and forth between Kikyo and Kagome!


Oddities and Other Notes


Difference from Manga
This episode takes place after the Tsubaki storyline in the manga, (episodes 61-62).

Rose quartz
The quartz stone that Satsuki possesses is the rose quartz, which varies from a pale pink to a rose red color. They are often used to make jewelry. <Wikipedia - Rose quartz>
The Stone Flower
There is a famous Russian fairy tale which tells of the Stone flower, belonging to the Mistress of Copper Mountain. She is the protector of gems and stones in the Urals, and has a rare Stone flower. Anybody who have seen it would understand the beauty of the stone, and would be a great jewelry craftsman. The full story can be found atLacquerbox. This story was made into a film 'The Stone Flower' (1946), directed by Alexander Ptushko.


When Shippo thought about how powerful the rest of the group was (Inuyasha with Tetsusaiga, Miroku with Wind Tunnel, Sango with Hiraikotsu and Kagome with Sacred Arrows) as compared to him, he actually left out Kirara, even though they are pretty close.
This is one of the rare episodes where the village is a colorful one, with lots of shops and vendors.

Did you notice…?

Kagome in nice clean pajamas.
…Kagome actually changed into a T-shirt when she was sleeping? The weird thing is why she changes back to her school uniform in the day time, and not something more practical…

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

Daytime on a mound overlooking a village. SHI looks at it, deep in thoughts.

SHI:   Looks like the village where I lived with Pa.

KAG:  (calling out from afar) C'mon, Shippo!

SHI:   'Kay!

SHI runs to the group who is ahead of him and walking into the village.

[ Title screen: Stone Flowers and Shippo's First Love ]

In the village.

INU:   Who suggested coming here anyway? Doubt if we'll find a shard in a place like this.

SAN:  Kagome…are you picking up any vibes from a Jewel Shard?

KAG:  None at all.

MIR:   Well, let's split up and look around. Catch you later! (walks off)

SAN looks at MIR with suspicion and chases him.

MIR:   (stops and turns around) Huh? What is it?

SAN:  Are you going off alone to pick up some woman, Monk?

MIR:   (gasps and points in the distance) Huh! I sense a demon! (walks off fast)

SAN:  How can you be so callous?! (follows MIR)

Cut to KAG, SHI and INU. INU stretches himself.

KAG:  Huh? What is it?

INU takes KAG's haversack from her bicycle and walks off.

SHI:   What's the matter, Inuyasha?

KAG:  We haven't even started.

INU:   If there's a demon around, I'll smell it!

KAG:  (thinking) He plans to goof off!

KAG and INU are on a picnic mat by the river in the village. KAG is sipping on a can drink, while INU closes his eyes and lays on the mat.

KAG:  Ahh…such a nice weather. (looks around) Huh? Shippo's gone.

INU:   Huh? He probably went off to play. He's just a kid, after all.

A far distance down the river where INU and KAG are, SHI sit on a log, eating a lollipop.

SHI:   (bored, thinking) Boy, the pains I go through!

Cut-scene of a girl running rapidly.

SHI:   We've been in a lot of battles lately. They deserve to be alone for a change. (stretches himself) Now then… (knocks his shoulders)

A group of boys chases a girl down a slope near SHI.

Boy 1:  Wait up!

Boy 2:  Stop!

Girl:  Catch me if you can!

One of the boys jump on the girl and they roll down the slope.

Boy 3:  Brat!

Boy 1:  Get her!

The girl stops rolling and the boys gather around to kick her.

Boy 2:  Satsuki! You liar! You stole the dried persimmon from my house!

Girl:  Did not! Did you see me?!

Boy 3:  Shaddup! You liar!

Girl:  Why you…! When my brother comes home, you'll all get it!

Boy 2:  Stupid! Your brother died long ago in the war!

Boy 1:  My pa was with him when he died.

Girl:  My brother is NOT dead! (bites Boy 1's leg)

Boy 1:  Oww!

Boy 3:  (kicks the girl's stomach) Why you…! You lying thief!

Suddenly the sky turns dark. Blue balls of fire appear.

All three boys: W-wha…!

SHI:   (in pink flying form, acting fierce) You kids…!

Boy 1:  Arghhh! A ghost!

The boys run off frantically.

Boy 2:  (trips) Wait up! (runs)

SHI waits awhile and pops back to his original form.

SHI:   That'll show 'em! (walks to the girl) It's safe now.

Girl:  (rubs SHI's hair) T-Thank you, raccoon dog.

SHI:   I'm a fox.

Girl:  For saving me… (takes out something from her clothes) Want half?

SHI:   Huh?

Girl:  The dried persimmon I stole. (breaks it into half and stuffs it in SHI's mouth) It's yummy.

SHI:   (thinking, in shock) S-She was the culprit, after all.

Girl:  (finishes her half of the persimmon) You're strong, aren't you? I'm Satsuki. What's your name?

* Satsuki abbreviated as SAT from now onwards *

SHI:   (blushes and panics, and swallows the persimmon) I-I'm Shippo.

SAT:  Shippo? Hmm…cool name.

SHI:   My pa named me.

SAT:  Yeah? So your pa is a raccoon dog demon?

SHI:   (deadpan) No, a fox.

SAT:  Just teasing.

SHI laughs in a dramatic, uncomfortable tone.

A while later. SHI and SAT sit down and talk by the river.

SHI:   Satsuki, don't you have parents?

SAT:  They died right after I was born.

SHI:   I see…

SAT:  But I have a big brother. He's gonna prove himself in a battle and become a samurai, then he's coming for me.

SHI:   Huh? Were those kids lying then? Didn't your brother…

SAT:  (stern) He'll come home. Even if he dies, he'll come back alive.

SHI:   (backs away apprehensively) Huh?

SAT:  I'll show only you. It's my treasure. Anything I wish on it will come true. (takes out a fragment from her clothes) Isn't it pretty? It's a piece of something called the Jewel of Four Souls.

SHI:   (shocked, thinking) T-The Jewel of Four Souls?

Cut to flashback. A young man puts a fragment into SAT's hand.

SAT:  Brother, what is it?

SAT's brother: It's a shard from the Jewel of Four Souls which grants any wish. I'll become a samurai without fail.

SAT:  (nods) Uh huh!

SAT's brother smiles and closes SAT's palm. Fade to present.

SAT:  (looks at the fragment) Brother wouldn't lie to me.

SHI stares at SAT intently.

Evening in the village. MIR walks in a mansion with an old man. INU, KAG, SAN and KIR follow him.

Man:  Are you really sure? Is my home possessed by some demon?

MIR:   Yes, we must exorcise it immediately. This is my duty as a monk. I expect no payment, Headman.

Headman: Oh no… I shall provide meals and a place to sleep for you all this night.

INU:   That Miroku…lying through his teeth again!

KAG:  (puts a finger on her mouth sternly) Shh!

MIR:   (suddenly stops and looks up) Huh?!

INU:   (bumps into MIR) What's up?

MIR:   Shh!

INU:   Huh?!

Strange noises are heard in the ceiling.

KAG:  E-Earthquake!

MIR takes out a charm and heaves a deep sigh. He places the charm on the door and makes a hand gesture. A black ghoul appears, groaning and flies out of through the roof. MIR chases and stops.

SAN:  So…there was a demon.

KAG:  It was true.

INU:   So you weren't lying?

MIR:   (turns around) Excuse me!

Cut to SHI running on all fours nervously.

SHI:   Big news!

INU:   Huh?

SHI:   (jumps into KAG's arms) Kagome! (catches his breath)

KAG:  Shippo, how did you find us?

SHI:   I figured Miroku would be performing an exorcism at the finest looking house in the village.

MIR's eyebrow twitches.

SHI:   I-I found it…the Sacred Jewel Shard!

KAG:  What?

Cut to SAT standing in a corner of the backyard.

KAG:  That girl?

Headman: Oh, it's Satsuki.

Everyone walks to SAT.

KAG:  (kneels) Listen, will you show me your shard?

SAT:  (backing away) You won't take it, will you?

INU:   (fierce) We will! If it's real.

KAG:  Inuyasha, sit!

INU crashes to the ground.

KAG:  (smiles to SAT) Don't worry. I just want to see.

SHI:   (thinking) Oh no! If it's real, we'll have to take it from her! Then Satsuki's wish won't… (screams and thumps his head) Oh, stupid me! What have I done?! Stupid! Stupid me!

SAN:  (looks at the fragment) Kagome…

SAT:  That's enough. I'm going home. (runs off)

KAG:  Thank you. Be careful now.

SHI:   (thinking) Is it okay to let her go?

Headman: (loud) Satsuki? Have you changed your mind about living here?

SAT:  (running and shouting) No! Brother will come home some day.

SHI:   Kagome…that shard…

KAG:  Hmm…

SAN:  Shippo, that was a stone flower.

SHI:   Stone flower?

KAG:  In other words, a quartz.

SAN:  You can dig it up in the mountains. It's not a Sacred Jewel Shard.

SHI:   I-It's a fake? (pauses, worried) Satsuki…

Night time in the headman's house. INU-gang is having dinner with the headman.

Headman: Satsuki is a pitiful child. Her brother really is dead, but she won't believe it.

MIR:   Oh…

SAT is walking, looking at the fragment in her hand.

SAT:  Please bring Brother back home soon.

Headman: (voice-over) I've told her to come live with us, but she refuses to move from that hut she shared with her brother.

Something rustles in the bushes near SAT and a lizard pops out.

Lizard-Demon: I was chased out of the headman's house, but I can use that little girl. I'll teach them!

Later. Everyone is sleeping in the headman's house. SHI lies awake next to KAG.

SHI:   (thinking) The Sacred Jewel has the power to create incarnations of Naraku. So if a wish is made on a real Sacred Jewel Shard, will Satsuki's brother be resurrected and return home?

KAG is groaning in her sleep. Her bottle of fragments lie near her head. SHI gets up and looks at SAN and KIR, then checks on INU and MIR. They are all asleep. Cut to KAG who is having a nightmare. In it, she's is running away from mathematical formulas. Images of a ruler, set square and protractor fade in and out. Papers then fly in and surrounds her. KAG yells as she runs. Back to present. SHI looks at KAG nervously.

KAG:  (talking in her sleep) Geometry scares me!

SHI:   Forgive me, Kagome! (grabs the bottle of fragments near KAG's neck)

SHI is suddenly lifted in mid air. Zoom out to reveal INU clutching SHI's tail.

INU:   Hey!

SHI:   (nicely) Oh, Inuyasha! I thought you were sleeping. (struggles) Please let me go! It's to help someone!

INU:   Snap out of it! (holds SHI to his face) Shippo, you know just how frightening the Sacred Jewel is. It's not something you give to humans. Besides, why are you taking pity on that little girl?

MIR:   (wakes) He's smitten with her. She was quite cute.

INU:   (taps SHI's forehead with his hand) Is that all?!

SHI:   (slaps INU's hand away) Shaddup! So what if I'm in love with her! Look at you! Flitting back and forth between Kikyo and Kagome!

INU gasps and thumps SHI on the head violently. Cut to INU lying on his side.

INU:   Go to sleep!

KAG:  (sleep talking) Sorry…

[ End of ACT I: 11min 56sec ]

[ ACT II ]

Daytime in the village. Exterior view of a hut under a bridge. Inside, SAT is sleeping. Some noise is heard. SAT gasps and turns around. SAT's brother enters the hut, with bandages and holding a clutch.

SAT's brother: Satsuki…I'm home.

SAT looks at her brother for a long time.

SAT:  B-Brother!

Satsuki's brother: You've waited a long time. How have you been?

SAT:  (runs and hugs her brother) Brother! (tearing) I believed in you! I knew… I knew that you would come home.

SAT's brother pats her head.

SHI walks dejectedly.

SHI:   I'll say good bye at least. I wonder if Satsuki will keep wishing on that fake shard? (stops, sighs, and folds his arms) But I can't tell her the truth!

SAT:  (in the background) Oh, Shippo!

SHI:   Satsuki!

SAT:  (runs to SHI) My wish came true! Brother is home!

SHI:   (surprised) Huh?

Outside the headman's house. KAG walks out, combing her hair.

KAG:  Inuyasha, where's Shippo?

INU:   Huh? Isn't he with that girl, Satsuki?

MIR:   He was very worried about her.

KAG:  Satsuki's brother is dead, but she has faith in that shard and keeps waiting. (puts on her shoes) I'm going. (runs off)

INU:   Butting in again?

SAN:  (walks out with HIR and KIR) Wait, Kagome. I'll come with you.

In SAT's hut. SAT's brother lies on a straw mat. A tub of water lies next to him. SHI stands at the door.

SAT:  See? He's hurt, but Brother's back.

SAT's brother: Satsuki… It's all thanks to you and the Sacred Jewel Shard.

SHI looks at SAT's brother. Black smoke appears behind him. SHI notices SAT's brother's refection in the tub of water, which is the lizard-demon.

SHI:   (shocked, thinking) A demon…

SAT:  Brother, hurry and get well.

SAT's brother: Yeah… I made you suffer a long time. I'll make up for it now.

SAT:  (nods and smiles) Uh huh!

SHI:   S- Satsuki… Come here.

SAT's brother: Oh, you're with the group staying at the headman's house.

SHI:   Satsuki, hurry!

SAT:  Shippo?

SAT's brother: (gets up and hugs SAT tightly) Won't you bring it to me…the real Sacred Jewel Shard?

SHI:   (runs to SAT's brother) Let Satsuki go!

SAT's brother hits SHI away.

SAT:  What're you doing, Brother?! I have the Sacred Jewel Shard right here. (takes out her fragment) See?

SAT's brother: (takes it, voice changes) Can't you tell…this is junk! (drops it on the ground) It's totally useless! (crushes it with his fist)

SAT gasps.

SHI:   Satsuki cherished that shard!

SAT's brother: (stands and grabs SAT by the neck) Now kid…go and get me the real Sacred Jewel Shard. Or else… I'll break Satsuki's neck! (tightens his grip)

SAT:  (struggling) W-Who…are you?

SAT's brother: (laughs) Your brother, who else?

SHI:   (jumps) Show your true self, demon! Fox fire!

SHI's fox fire burns SAT's brother to reveal the lizard-demon.

Lizard-Demon: You're so cruel. You could have let her believe I was her brother. (tightens his grip on SAT's neck)

SHI:   Satsuki! Why you…! I'll teach you!

SHI throws something towards the demon which transforms into a large ghoul of a snake. It bites onto the demon and crashes him to the ground. SAT is freed from his grip. SHI grabs the shattered fragments of SAT's quartz and holds her hand.

SHI:   Satsuki, hurry! (runs out with SAT)

The demon struggles with the snake ghoul for a while and it dissipates. A toy snake and a leaf fall on him.

Lizard-Demon: (gets up angrily) W-Why…you! (crashes the toy snake with his foot)

Cut to SAT and SHI running outside. The hut explodes and the lizard pops out.

SHI:   Dang! He figured it out!

Lizard-Demon: You won't get away! (chases SHI and SAT)

SHI:   (takes out a toy horse) I'll use this! Satsuki, get away now!

SAT:  Huh? No way! I can't leave you…!

SHI jumps and throws the horse on the ground. A puff of smoke appears and dissipates to reveal SAT on a small horse on blue clouds.

SHI:   This takes only one passenger!

The horse flies higher into the air, leaving SHI behind.

SAT:  Shippo!

SHI looks at SAT intently. He turns around.

Lizard-Demon: Found you! (crawls swiftly towards SHI)

[ break ]

INU-gang looks at SAT's destroyed hut.

KAG:  Is this Satsuki's hut?

SAN:  (examines the thatched roof on the ground) See this? It's a crawling, big bellied demon.

MIR:   Looks like it got away.

INU:   Let's go, Miroku! We've gotta go after Shippo! (runs)

MIR:   Stay alive, both of you! (catches up)

SAN and KAG follow them. SAT appears in the sky and flies towards SAN and KAG.

SAN:  That's Shippo's fox magic!

KAG:  It's Satsuki!

The horse pops into smoke and SAT shrieks. KIR leaps off SAN's shoulder and transforms midair. She bites onto SAT's clothes.

KAG:  Good job, Kirara!

KIR lands with SAT.

SAT:  Shippo's being attacked!

SAN:  (holds SAT) We know! Let's go, Kagome!

KAG nods.

The lizard demon is fighting SHI in a field of tall grass.

SHI:   (thinking) Satsuki, I hope you got away!

The demon sticks out his long tongue and attacks SHI, but he dodges. SHI stops and catches his breath. The lizard demon stands and looms over SHI, chuckling.

Lizard-Demon: You may've let the girl go, but it's useless. I'll do the same thing. I'll use you as a hostage to get a Sacred Jewel Shard.

SHI:   Then why didn't you come after me from the start? You dashed Satsuki's hopes! I won't forgive you!

Lizard-Demon: Interesting… Want to fight? (takes a deep breath)

SHI:   You bet!

Lizard-Demon: Get a taste of my stomach acid!

The demon spits a ball of white stuff at SHI, who dodges and it burns the rock behind him instead. Cut to SHI leaping in midair.

SHI:   (throws a few leaves) Multiply!

The leaves turn into Shippos and all of them throws dynamites at the lizard.

Shippos: Take that! Bombs away!

The dynamites explode when they hit the lizard, who covers his face.

SHI:   Now!

The Shippos bite onto the lizard. One by one they pop back into leaves, leaving one. SHI bites onto the lizards neck.

Lizard-Demon: Why you… I've had enough! (slaps SHI to the ground)

SHI rolls into the tall grass and looks down.

SHI:   Is my power too weak?

Cut-scene of INU performing the Wind Scar.

Cut-scene of MIR opening his Wind Tunnel.

Cut-scene of SAN throwing her HIR.

Cut-scene of KAG firing an arrow.

Back to present.

SHI:   Can't I fight like the others…? (struggles and looks up angrily)

Lizard-Demon: (storms towards the tall grass) Playtime's over!

INU suddenly appears among the tall grass and looks at the lizard.

Lizard-Demon: (examines INU) What?! Turned yourself into something weird again?!

INU:   Huh? Got a gripe with me? (unsheathes TET) That's fine. I can test the Backlash Wave which I've just mastered!

Lizard-Demon: Just what are you up to now? (gasps as he notices the wind scar forming around TET)

Cut to flashback of previous episode when INU did the Backlash Wave.

INU:   (voice-over) Locate the demonic aura, twist it around the Wind Scar, then reverse the flow my new ultimate technique! Backlash Wave…

The wind scar around TET suddenly dissipates.

Lizard-Demon: Huh?

INU:   Damn! This opponent's demonic energy is too weak…I can't use the Backlash Wave!

Lizard-Demon: What're you mumbling about?!

INU:   (deadpan) You're just too weak, that's all! (punches the demon in the face)

Lizard-Demon: (flying in the air) He's for real!

The lizard-demon transforms to its original form-a small common lizard. It tries to scamper away but is struck by MIR's staff.

MIR:   Huh? This is the demon I exorcised from the headman's house last night.

SHI:   (looks up weakly) I-Inuyasha…

INU:   (smiles) Hey, Shippo…you did well.

KIR lands with KAG, SAN and SAT.

KAG:  Shippo, are you all right? (holds up SHI)

SHI:   Kagome!

SAT:  Shippo, you beat the demon!

SHI:   It wasn't me, Inuyasha…

INU:   (looks away) When I arrived, the demon was already beaten to a pulp.

SHI:   (looks at INU weakly, thinking) Inuyasha…

MIR:   This demon figured he didn't have a chance with us, so he used Satsuki.

SHI:   (thinking) Everyone who tries to use the Sacred Jewel encounters unhappiness. I forgot that…and Satsuki suffered for it. (takes out something, to SAT) Satsuki, I'm sorry.

SAT takes it and opens her hands-the shattered pieces of her quartz.

SAT:  It's all right. (stands and throws them into the grass)

SHI:   Satsuki…

SAT:  I've decided…to go live with the headman. I knew all along that my brother was dead. (smiles to SAT)

SHI looks at SAT.

[ End of ACT II: 20min 58sec ]


Evening. SAT and the headman stand in front of his house. INU-gang is walking away.

KAG:  (waves) Take care, Satsuki!

SAT:  (shouts) Thank you, Shippo! I'm glad I met you!

SHI:   (turns around and waves, thinking) Satsuki, find happiness. I don't have a Ma or Pa either. But I'm not alone. That's why I can go on living.

SHI looks concernedly at SAT as he walks away.

The group pass by the river. A bunch of fireflies appear near the riverbank. SHI stops, turns to the river and looks down. The group continues walking.

SAN:  Was Shippo really in love with that girl?

KAG:  I guess so.

INU:   Hah! Acting like a grown up!

MIR:   He's little, but he's a man.

KAG:  First love… Shippo, let's go!

INU:   Hey Shippo! If you lag behind we'll leave you!

SHI:   I know! (runs to the group)

The fireflies fly into the sky above.

[ End of ACT III: 22min 23sec ]

[ End of episode 55: Stone Flowers and Shippo's First Love ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

All the men in a village are bewitched by a demon princess and won't return. Miroku sets out alone to rescue them, but his one weakness is a beautiful woman. This may be dangerous! Worried, Sango decides to follow him. But deep in that mountain was a sad legend. Next on Inuyasha: "The Temptress in the Mist". Don't miss it!


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