episode 76

Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha

Filler Episode | 3-episode story, 75-77

Episode Capsule last revised on 21 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Every Heart by BoA

Script: CHIBA Katsuhiko 千葉克彦
Storyboard: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Episode Director: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Demon: SAIZEN Tadahisa


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 0 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 37 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 2 / 19 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 1 / 29 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 12 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 16 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 8 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 30 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [59 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 5 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 5 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 57.9% [22/38]


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Preview from previous episode

Inuyasha's brother, Sesshomaru, has a grudge with the Panther Demons?

Hakkaku Royakan said fifty years ago, the Panther Demons also waged a war.

Ginta And a long time ago, Inuyasha's father also had a fierce battle with them!

Hakkaku What a grudge!

Damn! Why is Kagome caught up with this?! Stupid dog! Unforgiveable!

Ginta Next on Inuyasha, "Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha"!

Kagome, wait for me! I'll save you!

InuYasha’s Jar

#76 Karan/Shuran 夏嵐と秋嵐

The third sister and youngest brother of the Panther Devas. Karan (summer) is good in flame attacks. Shuran (autumn) has great strength and uses electric shocks.



Listen up, Inuyasha. Losing your mind over a girl, being cursed over a girl, you're not worthy of this battle.


Oddities and Other Notes



The dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel in 1866, way after the Sengoku period, hence there was no way Shippo could have gotten hold of it. < History of Dynamite - Alfred Nobel>

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

In an underground jail. KAG is pushed into a cell by two Panther Demons. TRN stands outside, looking on.

TRN:  Stay in there and be good.

KAG:  Wait! (thinking) Did they say they're from the Panther tribe?

Flashback from previous episode, when KRN, SRN and SUN attacked INU-gang.

KRN:  (points to KAG) We're looking for the girl who collects the Sacred Jewel shards.

INU:   I won't allow you to come near her!

SRN suddenly appears behind KAG and showers her with a gust of flowers.

KAG:  What…? (faints)

Electricity start to emit from a headband on SUN's head. He yells and releases the electricity. INU is blinded by the light. The screen fades to white, then to normal. SRN, SUN (with KAG in his arm) and KRN stand smugly in a line. Cut to present.

KAG:  (thinking) I'm sure Inuyasha will come and save me. I'd just have to hang in there.

Many pairs of eyes suddenly appear behind KAG in the cell.

KAG:  (apprehensive) What's that?!

At the valley of the Panther Demons. KOG and INU face a wall. INU yells and swings the red TET.

INU:   Wind Scar!!

The wind scar hits the wall. The wall fades away, revealing a valley behind. TET reverts to its normal color.

INU:   What…? It's just an illusion.

KOG transforms into a tornado and sprints past INU.

KOG:  (running) Not bad for a stinky dog-face!

INU:   What did you say, you skinny wolf?!

GIN:  (chasing) Wait up, Koga!

HAK:  (chasing) Wait for me!

INU:   Damn you!

SHI:   (background) Hey, Inuyasha!!

INU:   (turns around) You guys are so slow!

KIR lands with SHI, SAN and MIR on her back.

MIR:   This is?

INU:   (sheathes TET) That is the entrance. I believe those cat demons are in there!

SHI:   Kagome should be there then…

INU:   Yes. Let's go!

[ End of ACT I: 3min 21sec ]

[ Title screen: Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha ]

[ ACT II ]

Night time. INU-gang walks in a deserted town.

INU:   What's this?

SAN:  Looks like an old town.

MIR:   An old town indeed… One that inhabited humans…

SHI:   How did we end up here? (opens a door to a house) Anybody home?

There is no one in the house, but there are fresh vegetables on the table. SHI and SAN walk in.

SAN:  I don't think there's anyone… (walks out)

MIR:   (walks out from another house) But it did seemed like people living here. Where's Koga and his guys, by the way?

Suddenly, a lot of Panther Demons appear on the roofs, surrounding INU-gang. Some of them jump down, together with KRN.

INU:   There you are!

INU swings TET at KRN but she dodges effortlessly and lands on a roof. The rest of the Panther Demons attack the group.

SHI:   (running away from a Panther Demon) Where are you, Kagome?

Several Panther Demons appear and block SHI's way. SHI takes a dynamite out from his clothes and throws it. The Panther Demons are taken aback and SHI escape amidst the smoke. More Panther Demons chase him however.

INU:   Shippo!! (turns in SHI's direction and swings TET) Wind Scar!!

The wind scar destroys some Panther Demons and throws off SHI.

MIR:   Don't be impulsive! Where did they hide Kagome?

The Panther Demons escape. INU chases. MIR, SHI and SAN, on KIR, follow suit.

INU:   Stop there!! How dare you…!

They catch up with the Panther Demons and block their way.

KRN:  (appears on a roof behind INU) You're too impatient… fancy barging in here like that.

INU:   Where is Kagome?!

KRN:  Don't worry, she's safe.

INU:   Answer me!!

KRN:  (looks at the moon) Once the moon hangs over the sky, she'll be the human sacrifice to our Lord Oyakata.

INU:   (scowls) What?!

KRN:  Same goes for you too.

Fumes start to appear and surround the gang.

SHI:   What's that?

MIR:   Strange… Why is it so smoky…?

SAN:  Don't worry, it's just a harmless odour.

SHI:   (pinching his nose) It's suffocating me…

KIR whimpers and transforms back to her cute form.

INU:   (holding a hand to his nose) Damn it!

SHI:   Hang in there, Inuyasha.

INU:   (trembling) I'm feeling weak…

KRN:  (laughs) Smells bad right? Even the cats can't take it, let alone the dog…

MIR:   You're just out to trap Inuyasha, right?!

KRN:  You're absolutely right…

The Panther Demons throw their spears at the group. MIR and SAN fend them off.

KRN:  Be good and surrender now…!

Suddenly an explosion ensues. SES walks coolly out of the smoke.

INU:   Sesshomaru!

SES:   (looks at KRN) What's all this for? Ultimately, it's me you're after…

KRN:  I see that the brother is right on time. Since the two brothers are here, let's not waste time. We'll be waiting for you…

KRN and the Panther Demons escape.

INU:   What are you doing here, Sesshomaru?

SES:   I should be asking you that… You should leave.

INU:   What did you say?

SES:   (fierce) It's my battle, don't you dare interfere!

INU:   Why should I need your approval on this?! I'm here because Kagome has been captured by them!

SES:   Stupid fool!

SES swings Tokijin and throws an aura at INU. INU crashes into a house behind him.

INU:   What was that for?!

SES:   (furious) Shut up, Inuyasha!

INU:   (taken aback) Damn it…

SES:   (sheathes Tokijin) Listen up, Inuyasha… Losing your mind over a girl, being cursed over a girl, you're not worthy of this battle.

JAK:  (runs to SES) Lord Sesshomaru… Pardon me, but we can't waste any more time talking to Inuyasha…

SES walks off and tramples on JAK.

SHI:   (trembling) How scary…

SAN:  I think he's very angry.

MIR:   (to INU) Did you do something wrong?

INU:   Who cares?!

HAA:  (in the sky in his transformed state) Monk…!

MIR:   You're still here?

HAA reverts back to his normal state and lands.

SAN:  We thought you have escaped.

HAA:  (scratching his head nervously) I also wanted to run as far as I can…

MYO:  (jumps off HAA onto INU's neck and sucks) I need some blood.

INU slaps MYO.

MYO:  I finally caught up with you guys.

INU:   What are you here for, Grandpa Myoga?

Cut to INU-gang on transformed HAA in the sky.

MYO:  If I'm not wrong, this incident is related to the battle that Old Master was involved in long time ago.

INU:   A long time ago?

SHI:   Something to do with what happened 50 years ago?

MYO:  No, no… it's way earlier than that… It was when Old Master was still in West Lake…

INU:   I don't remember anything.

MYO:  There was this bunch of cat demons there then, called the Panther tribe. They were so powerful that they were even ruling other demons. At that time, only Old Master was brave enough to oppose them.

Cut to flashback of an army of Panther Demons. An image of the four Panther Devas appear on top of them. Another image of a huge panther with horns then appears.

MYO:  (voice-over) Their leader was this big panther demon…

Cut to image of SES leading a horde of demons. SES's father, in his true demon dog form attacks the big panther demon. They fight fiercely.

MYO:  (voice-over) For his people, Old Master challenged the Panther tribe. Old Master won in the end, of course.

Cut to image of the big panther demon burning in flames.

MYO:  (voice-over) The demons were all grateful to Old Master for freeing them.

Cut to present.

MYO:  But the cat demons didn't take it lying down. They cursed Master and the rest of the demons, and swore revenge.

INU:   No wonder the cat is always said to be revengeful.

MYO:  From what I remembered, Master Sesshomaru was not involved then. So, I do believe the cat demons are here for revenge.

INU:   What were you doing then?

MYO:  (jumps up and down) What do you think? I was guarding our land!

INU:   Yeah right…

MIR:   But why did Sesshomaru ask Inuyasha to leave this place?

INU:   (indignant) He just don't treat me like family…

MYO:  The cat demons are really powerful. It's be great if both brothers combine forces.

INU:   Let me make it clear. I didn't come here for father or Sesshomaru. I'm here to get the Sacred Jewel fragments as well as to save Kagome!

MYO:  (takes up his baggage and jumps off) Oh well, see you! Good-bye!

SHI:   Grandpa Myoga has escaped again!

MIR:   (worried) So that means…

Suddenly fireballs attack HAA.

HAA:  (panics) That hurts! That hurts! That hurts!!

HAA reverts back to his normal form and the group falls. Cut to INU facing off with KRN and a few Panther Demons.

KRN:  Don't you need your brother's help? (laughs)

INU:   Damn it!

Cut to KOG-gang walking in a dark forest.

KOG:  Shit, why can't I smell Kagome yet? Where did they take Kagome to…?

HAK:  Hey Koga…

KOG:  What is it?

HAK:  This is the cat demon's territory, right? Isn't it dangerous for the three of us to lurk around here?

KOG:  So what if it's dangerous?

GIN:  Would it be better to join Inuyasha…

KOG:  What?!! Are you saying I should ask that stupid dog-face for help?!

HAK:  It's not that, Koga… What I mean is that maybe you can help Inuyasha…

KOG:  Are you guys undermining my abilities?

HAK:  No… no… We just hope to save sister Kagome as soon as possible.

GIN:  Right, sister's life is most important now.

Voice:  (background) You are Koga from the Wolf Demon tribe, right?

GIN and HAK panic and hug each other in fear.

KOG:  Don't worry, he doesn't smell like a cat.

RYO appears behind KOG. KOG turns to him. GIN and HAK let go of each other.

KOG:  You must be Royakan?

GIN:  Royakan, the guardian of the forest?

HAK:  The same one that eat people up?

KOG:  What are you doing here, Royakan?

RYO:  I was about to ask you too. You're here with Sesshomaru?

KOG:  Sesshomaru? (pauses) Who is he?

RYO:  Don't you know?

KOG grunts.

Cut to SES facing off with a group of Panther Demons. TRN appears.

SES:   I'm here to see your leader and he's not here?

TRN:  He has to do some preparations. I can be of service until he arrives…

JAK:  Let me deal with this small fry, Lord Sesshomaru. I'll let you have a taste of my powers!

JAK throws fire from his Human Head Staff. TRN holds up her hand and sends a current of ice which collides with JAK's fire.

JAK:  (struggling) I won't lose this…!!

JAK is pushed back and rolls backwards. TRN sends icicles at him and JAK yells.

JAK:  No…!

SES unsheathes Tokijin and blocks away the icicles. TRN laughs. An icicle-ice weapon forms in her hand.

TRN:  (laughs) So… you have an incredible sword! (jumps and swings her weapon downwards)

Cut to INU and KRN fighting amidst a huge fire. KRN throws a flameball at INU who dodges and slugs her in the face.

Cut to SHI, MIR, HAA and SAN flying on KIR, towards the fire.

SAN:  Inuyasha!

SHI:   Where are you?!

MIR:   Inuyasha!

A lone figure appears in the fire.

SHI:   That's Inuyasha.

SAN:  Kirara!

KIR growls and flies towards the figure. It turns out to be SUN, who holds up a hand surging with electricity. He attacks the group, and everyone is thrown off KIR.

Cut to TRN and SES, with their weapons colliding into each other.

TRN:  This reminds me of the battle long ago… We didn't have a winner then, but I assure you it'd not be the same today.

SES:   You didn't remember who won? Or was it more like you guys fled?

TRN:  Speak of your people who perished then…

SES pushes forward and throws an aura at TRN. TRN leaps up and dodges the attack, which destroys a house behind her.

TRN:  We were reluctant to fight the battle then… (lands) Because we had to save our souls.

Several Panther Demons pounce at SES, who coolly swings Tokijin and destroys them with a huge ball of aura. A loud explosion ensues. Cut to an image of the houses all destroyed and empty.

TRN:  (voice-over) Times are different now…

Fade to flashback of a desolate landscape. SES stands and surveys the land.

SES:   (voice-over) It was then… that my perceptions of the Panther tribe…

RYO and several other demons appear behind SES.

RYO:  Master Sesshomaru, we are willing to be part of this.

Demon 1: Fight! Fight!

Demon 2: They need to be taught a lesson!

SES:   What are all of you doing here?

RYO:  Your father protected us then, now we'd want to help you, Lord Sesshomaru.

Demon 1: It's time for some action!

Demon 2: It's been years since our last battle with cat demons.

JAK:  (background) Lord Sesshomaru!! (runs towards SES) Bad news!!

Cut to present. SES turns around.

SES:   Jaken.

Cut to KOG-gang and RYO.

GIN:  So you guys weren't of any help?

HAK:  But made things worse?

RYO:  I thought we could intimidate those cats by joining Lord Sesshomaru. But when we started fighting alongside Lord Sesshomaru…

Cut to flashback of a battle between the demons and the Panther Demons. KRN throws a flameball and kills two demons. TRN spears Demon 1 in the back.

Demon 1: Lord Sesshomaru!

Demon 2: (slain by SUN and SRN) Save me…!!

Cut to image of RYO (covering his head) and other demons escaping.

RYO:  Retreat!! Flee for your lives! Back to Lord Sesshomaru!

Cut to present.

GIN:  (with disdain) You were defeated…

HAK:  (despising look) And you fled…


KOG:  (walking) Oh, shut up! I'm not interested to hear tales like that. When are we getting out of this forest?

HAK:  Yeah…

GIN:  We seem to be going around in circles.

RYO:  (spews several three-eyed wolves out of his mouth) I'll get them to investigate.

The wolves run around the area, but seem confused.

RYO:  What?

KOG:  Watch me!

KOG leaps on a tree trunk. A gust of wind blows and KOG winces. He jumps high above the forest and sees SRN and a few Panther Demons in a opening.

KOG:  (gasps) It's her… (lands and runs towards SRN) We've been tricked.

KOG sprints and attacks SRN. SRN leaps.

SRN:  So you have the Sacred Jewel fragments too. (sends a gust of flowers at the group)

GIN:  What…?

HAK:  It's making me dizzy…

KOG:  Don't inhale!

KOG attacks SRN, who dodges effortlessly and giggles. KOG pounces on SRN and SRN breaks into a bundle of flowers. KOG is shocked.

RYO:  It's an illusion…!

HAK:  So we've been trapped in the forest all along.

KOG:  Damn it. I can only smell the flowers.

Cut to KAG in the jail cell. MIR and SAN are thrown into the cell. They are unconscious and their weapons are gone.

KAG:  Miroku! Sango!

SUN:  (outside the cell) All of you will be offerings to our Master. Our Master will be resurrected after eating you guys and getting the Sacred Jewel fragments! (slams the door shut)

KAG looks at him with trepidation.

Cut to the town. JAK walks alone, carefully and looking around.

JAK:  Where did he go? (whispering) Lord Sesshomaru. Where are you? Lord Sesshomaru?

Several Panther Demons appear and move towards JAK.

JAK:  (backing away) Hey, hey…

JAK bumps into more Panther Demons. He turns around apprehensively.

JAK:  (sweating) Cat demons… (yells and runs off)

The Panther Demons chase him. JAK stops and throws a fire at them from his Human Head Staff. More Panther Demons attack JAK from the top. JAK gasps. INU suddenly leaps out.

INU:   Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer!!!

INU kills the Panther Demons pouncing on JAK. He lands and faces the other Panther Demons. He growls defensively. The Panther Demons scamper away in fear. JAK panics (frightened of INU) and runs off too. INU chases him and blocks his way. JAK grimaces and tries to escape in the other direction. INU grabs him by his clothes and holds him at eye-level.

INU:   Did you see my friends?

JAK:  No. Did you see Lord Sesshomaru?

INU:   Who cares about him? Why is he here anyway? It's got nothing to do with him.

JAK:  (furious) Inuyasha, you unfillial son!

INU:   Who are you to say that?!

JAK:  Your father had a fierce battle with the Panther tribe long ago.

INU:   Yeah, Myoga already told me that. But Sesshomaru wasn't involved at all.

JAK:  The Panther tribe has appeared again for revenge. (pauses) They heard that Old Master has passed away. So they killed all his people… (points a finger at INU angrily) And where were you…?!

INU is taken aback. Cut to flashback of SES with the demons. (when they offered to help him) JAK runs up to SES anxiously.

JAK:  Lord Sesshomaru!! Bad news!

SES:   What is it?

JAK:  I went to look for Inuyasha… No matter what, he's still Old Master's son.

SES:   And? Why isn't he here? Is he afraid now? Or is he not willing to acknowledge this brother here?

JAK:  That stupid Inuyasha was bound by a curse…

SES:   (surprised) What?

JAK:  Rumour has it that he fell for a human girl and got cursed.

SES:   (scowls) Stupid fool…

JAK:  Yes, he's really stupid. (looks at the demons) Who are they?

SES:   They used to fight alongside with father…

JAK:  So they are on our side? That's good news… I thought we'd be in deep trouble, but looking at it now, we should have nothing to worry about. Right, Lord Sesshomaru?

SES doesn't reply and walks off, trampling on JAK. Cut to present.

JAK:  Lord Sesshomaru didn't get any help from you then. We left with regrets… We'd have won easily if we had the Tetsusaiga.

INU:   Sesshomaru wouldn't know how to use the Tetsusaiga.

JAK:  That's not the problem, you unfillial son!

INU:   Stop nagging, that's in the past.

JAK:  What?

INU leaps off.

JAK:  Wait! Don't leave me here!

INU:   (mid-air) I see… Something like that actually happened when I was cursed.

Cut to jail cell. MIR wakes, clutching his head in pain. He goes to SAN and taps her face gently. SAN rouses and sits up.

SAN:  Where is…

MIR:   I think…

KAG:  (walks to MIR and SAN) It's great, you guys are awake…

MIR:   Kagome…

SAN:  (holds KAG's hand) Kagome. Are you okay?

MIR:   This should be their dungeon.

KAG:  A lot of people have been caught actually…

MIR:   A lot of people?

KAG:  (turns to her back) Look…

A huge group of villagers crowd at the back of the jail, looking depressed.

SAN:  These people… Are they the inhabitants of the town?

MIR:   No wonder we couldn't find a living soul earlier.

KAG:  They said this place used to be paradise on earth. Retired soldiers have build up this town.

MIR:   I see… It does look like some secret paradise…

KAG:  But, the cat demons found out about this place and made it their base.

Villager 1: (trembling) We'd be killed… We'll be killed by those demons sooner or later.

Villager 2: It's so scary… Why are there such demons around?

KAG:  (clenches her fist hopefully) Don't worry everyone!. Someone will be here to save us. Just hang in there!

Villager 3: The cat demons wouldn't allow it.

KAG:  Someone I know is much stronger than those cat demons. I believe he can save all of you!

Villager 2: Scary… scary…!

Villager 5: (chant for blessing)

Villager 3: Who is that person?

KAG:  Inuyasha and Koga. They'll save us.

MIR:   What about Sesshomaru?

KAG:  (shocked) Sesshomaru?

SAN:  He's fighting the panther tribe at the moment.

KAG:  (disappointed) Why…?

In a courtyard of a mansion in the town. An altar is set up. TRN puts a holder with three Sacred Jewel fragments on the altar.

TRN:  (looks up) The time is near… It won't be long before Master get resurrected.

Pan upwards to reveal a huge carcass of a panther demon.

At the gate of the mansion. SES stands on a bridge leading to the gate. KRN appears.

KRN:  The elder brother is here…

Cut to SUN throwing electric attacks at KOG-gang and RYO.

SUN:  Wolfy you'd better leave, it's got nothing to do with you!!

KOG:  (jumps) It has everything to do with me!!

At another gate of the mansion. INU and JAK walk up. SRN guards the gate.

JAK:  We're here!

SRN:  They're here… (giggles)

INU:   (flashes TET) Where's Kagome?!!

[ End of ACT II: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 76: Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

I don't care who this Oyakata is! I won't allow the sacrifice of lives to revive him!

Step aside, Inuyasha. This guy is my prey.

No way! I'll kill him with my Tetsusaiga!

If only I had Tetsusaiga then…

Sesshomaru… what exactly happened fifty years ago, when I was sealed? Next on Inuyasha, "The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of Fang".

Father… why did you give me Tenseiga…?


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