episode 57

Fateful Night in Togenkyo (part 1)

すべては桃源郷の夜に (前編)
Everything Happens on Togenkyo's Night (part I)
Altered Canon | 2-episode story, ep57-58

Episode Capsule last revised on 18 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: I am by hitomi
ENDING SONG: Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki

Script: SUMISAWA Katsuyuki 隅沢克之
Storyboard: YAMANAKA Eiji 山中英治
Episode Director: 阿宮正和
Animation Director: TAKEUCHI Hiroshi 竹内浩志


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Samurai: NAKAJIMA Toshihiko
Villagers: TANAKA Kazunari, 花田 光, 高崎拓郎


Sacred Jewel fragment: 4 [+0]
No. of 'sit': 0 [29 in all]
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 1 [4 in all]
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 1 [22 in all]
‘Kazaana!’: 0 [9 in all]
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 [7 in all]
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 [4 in all]
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 26 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 3 tail-grabbing
0 / 1 throws
0 [53 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 [4 in all]
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 [3 in all]
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 63.0% [17/27]


  1. Synopsis
  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
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Preview from previous episode

What?! Going back home again? Do you like "tests" that much, Kagome? Well, it can't be helped. I have things I need to do. What's this creepy looking fruit? A fruit with a human face from Togenkyo?! Are you kidding?! Using humans to make anti-aging potions?! And you call yourself a sage?! Next on Inuyasha: "Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part I". Damn! The moon is disappearing!

InuYasha’s Jar

#57 Tokajin 桃果人

A sage from Togenkyo. He tries to grow the fruit of longevity from the liquids of the Human-faced Fruits.



Damn! I can feel pain now. That's why I hate being mortal!


Oddities and Other Notes


Tokenkyo 桃源郷
Tokenkyo probably has its roots in a Chinese poem written by Tao Yuan-ming [ 陶淵明 ], titled Tao Hua Yuan Ji [ 桃花源記 ], translated loosely as 'Peach Blossom Shangri-la'. In it, a fisherman chanced upon an ideal society where people lived harmoniously. When he left this hidden village, he was told not to tell anyone else about it. However, when he returned home, he told the magistrate and a search for Togenkyo began. No one found it however, and over time, few have attempted to find the place again. Now, Tao Hua Yuan or Peach Blossom Shangri-la is a synonym for 'Utopia' in the Chinese language. Togenkyo is the Japanese translation for it.
Difference from Manga
These two episodes, 57 & 58 take place between the ordeal with Kikyo and Sango's appearance (episode 23 and 24 respectively). This explains the absence of Sango and Kirara in Togenkyo, and the filler episode 59 where Sango goes to repair Hiraikotsu.


The voice actors for Tree of Human-faced Fruit and Tokajin, Yukitoshi Hori and Hideyuki Hori respectively, are brothers in real life. < Anime News Network>
This is the first time we see the actual transformation of Inuyasha to full-human.
When Kagome and Miroku were shrunk, their weapons shrunk with them too. But Tetsusaiga remained its size when Inuyasha was shrunk.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun

In the stadium
100点GET! かごめでとう!!

Into the doll house.
Into the doll house.
For a split second, when Shippo, Miroku and Kagome fell into the box garden, you can see they are still rather big.
Kagome’s test paper
氏名 日暮かごめ
Third Year Mathematics Scheduled Test
Name: Higurashi Kagome
Marks awarded



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

Daytime in Kagome's school. She's taking a math test.

KAG:  (writing fast, thinking) I know this one! This one, too! I can solve them so easily!

Her teacher is marking her test paper. KAG waits anxiously.

Teacher: (nodding approvingly) Hmm…going at it, I see. (gasps) Well, well! Good work, Higurashi! Perfect score!

The class gathers behind KAG and claps loudly. Confetti appears.

YUK:  Wow! Great!

Eri:   Getting into high school is a clinch!

AYU:  Congratulations, Kagome!

Classmates: Congratulations!

In a stadium, KAG runs excitedly with a giant version of her test-paper as flag. The crowd takes photos and cheer her on. AYU, YUK and Eri run behind her with poms poms.

KAG:  Thank you! Thank you, everyone! This is not a dream! This is NOT a dream!

Cut to a math textbook falling on KAG's sleeping face. It is night time and INU-gang sleeps outside a dilapidated temple.

KAG:  (wakes) It was a dream, after all. (sighs and looks at the moon)

End of ACT I: 2min 26sec ]

[ Title screen: Fateful Night in Togenkyo (part 1) ]

[ ACT II ]

Daytime. INU-gang travels.

INU:   (turns around and shouts) What?! Going back home again?

KAG:  You don't have to yell.

INU:   Do you know how much trouble that it?

KAG:  I know! I know, but I have an important exam!

INU:   "Exam"? What's that?

KAG:  An examination…another word for test.

INU:   (sits on the ground and shouts) Not another "test"!!

KAG:  Please! Three days! I really need to review.

The rest of the gang look at KAG and INU.

MIR:   Things are so complicated for Kagome.

SHI:   It'd be easier if she just stayed here all the time.

SAN:  (looks at HIR) Three days?

INU:   Do you like "test" that much?

KAG:  Are you kidding?!

SAN:  (walks to INU and KAG) Sorry, but I'd like three days or so to go back to my village.

INU:   Back to your village?!

KAG:  You mean to the Demon Slayer's village?

SAN:  Yes…I want to repair my Hiraikotsu.

Cut-scene from previous episode when she fought the coyote-demon and HIR cracked. Back to present.

SAN:  I've used it an awful lot.

INU:   Dang it! Only three days then!

KAG:  (glad) Yes! That means I can go, right?

SAN:  Sorry about this. I'll return to Kaede's in three days. Let's go, Kirara!

KIR transforms and they fly into the sky.

MIR:   (knocks his shoulder) Oh well, I guess we get to take it easy for a while.

SHI:   Hey, Miroku… When Sango's here, you can't take it easy?

MIR:   Yes… Err… I didn't mean it like that!

KAG:  (thinking, looks at INU, bewildered) Inuyasha agreed so readily.

INU:   What're you looking at?

KAG:  (looks away) Oh, nothing.

INU:   (stands) Then, let's go.

KAG:  (chases) Hey! Wait up!

A man runs frantically in a mountain path.

Man:  (looks behind) T-This should be safe enough…

A big tall man with a staff appears and the man bumps into him. He looks up and yells.

Big man: Where are you going?

Man:  Help me!

Big man: After I made you an apprentice… Sneaking away from training! You were suffering from exposure and hunger. Then you were forced to fight in the war, but you didn't want to die like a worm. You were the very one who said that to me!

Man:  F-Forgive me!

Big man: You were sick of the world! That's why I agreed to bring you here to Togenkyo to train to become a sage!

Man:  Forget about becoming a sage! I've had enough of this frightening place!

Big man: Such a fool!

The big man opens a gourd which starts to suck in the man. The man becomes smaller and smaller until he enters in the gourd. The big man spits into the gourd and laughs. He shakes it proudly and walks away.

INU-gang travels in a mountain path. It is misty.

KAG:  Such a heavy fog.

MIR:   T-This is…!

SHI walks to the river. A peach with a face floats along in it.

SHI:   What is this? (picks up the fruit) What a creepy looking fruit!

MIR:   (shocked) That's a…human faced fruit!

INU:   Human faced fruit?

KAG:  What is that?

MIR:   Using humans as nourishment, a demon tree bears Ninmenka, fruits with human faces.

INU:   The Tree of the Human-Faced Fruit?

More Ninmenka float along the river.

MIR:   Yes. But so many of them…must mean that the tree is extremely large.

INU:   Hah! This is the Warring Age! If there's a battle, there's no shortage of dead bodies for fertilizer.

MIR:   However… Would there be a battle so deep in the mountains?

KAG:  You're right. Okay then! Let's go investigate. (walks)

INU:   Huh? Weren't you going home?

KAG:  I'd be too worried to study. And besides, the test is in three days.

SHI:   (hops onto MIR who follows KAG) Forget about taking a break.

INU:   Hey! Wait! Don't just ignore me!

KAG:  Stop dawdling! I'm in a hurry!

MIR:   Let's take care of this business quickly.

INU:   Kah!

Sunset in the mountain path. Ninmenka fall down a cliff edge. The group looks up.

MIR:   The demon tree is probably up there.

SHI:   Above this cliff?

Pan upwards to reveal a tree at the top of the tall cliff.

KAG:  Huh? Is that it?

MIR:   That's…! I've never seen such a colossal human faced fruit tree. And this demonic aura…

SHI:   Which means it's consumed quite a lot of humans.

INU:   Awright! (leaps up the cliff)

KAG:  Inuyasha!

MIR:   What're you doing?!

INU:   What else? I'm gonna chop down that tree!

MIR:   We'll go, too!

KAG:  Wait!

INU:   The sun would set if I had to haul each of you up this cliff, too!

KAG:  But…!

SHI:   Inuyasha intends to deal with it before the sun sets.

KAG:  Huh?

SHI:   It's the first of the lunar month.

KAG:  Lunar month? The night of the new moon! The night that Inuyasha loses his powers and becomes a mortal. That's why Inuyasha was…

At the top of the cliff. The big man from earlier on opens his gourd and pour a purple liquid on the soil of the Tree of Human-faced Fruit.

Big man: Damn! No Fruit of Longevity yet! (takes a Ninmenka and eats) Eating this is becoming boring.

INU:   (reaches the top of the cliff) Are you the one who planted this demon tree??

Big man: Humph…what do you want?

INU:   (thinking) Damn…I don't pick up any demonic scent from him, but he reeks of dead men.

Big man: (spits) What do you want with me?

INU:   I ain't gonna waste time talking to you! But I'm gonna chop down that creepy tree! Stay away, otherwise… (puts a hand on TET)

Big man: Otherwise?

INU:   (unsheathes TET) I'll chop you up as well!

INU run towards the big man with TET. He attacks him but his belly bounces back TET, and INU fall backwards.

INU:   (thinking) Why that…flabby punk! Tetsusaiga doesn't work on him! Then… (a vortex appears around TET) Wind Scar!

The big man raises his staff and lots of yellow flowers fly out. They fly towards INU's Wind Scar and dissipates it.

INU:   My Wind Scar doesn't…!

Big man: Hah! Demon, huh? Fool! I don't know where you're from, but did you think you could defeat a sage?

INU:   A sage?!

Big man: (points his gourd at INU) Yes…I am the Sage of Togenkyo, Tokajin! (opens his gourd)

* Tokajin abbreviated as TOK from now onwards *

INU:   The gourd is getting bigger!

INU is almost the same size as TOK's feet.

TOK:  (stomps his feet) Wrong! You're shrinking, that's all.

INU:   W-What?! (looks at a big TET next to him) My Tetsusaiga is…! Damn! It's no illusion! Are you really a sage?!

TOK:  Stop making me repeat myself!

INU:   If you're truly a sage, why'd you stoop to this?!

TOK:  Wanna go in? (releases his thumb on the opening of the gourd)

INU:   W-What?!

INU is sucked into the gourd. TOK closes it and shakes it happily.

TOK:  This demon will make nice fertilizer.

SHI is floating upwards in his pink flying form. He is struggling as MIR and KAG sit on him.

KAG:  Hang in there, Shippo! Just a bit more.

MIR:   Shippo, I'm impressed. You're quite strong, after all.

SHI is almost reaching the top of the cliff.

KAG:  (worried, thinking) I'd forgotten all about it… That tonight was a new moon. When the sun sets, Inuyasha will turn human.

SHI:   K-Kagome…!

KAG:  Huh?!

SHI:   Sorry!

SHI fall downwards swiftly.

MIR:   (hugs KAG) Hang on! (leaps to a leafy ledge on the cliff)

SHI pops back into his original form and jumps onto the ledge as well. MIR heaves a sigh of relief. Suddenly they fall through the leaves onto a staircase below.

KAG:  Huh?

The group has landed on a staircase which leads into a room. A box with a miniature garden is in the middle of the room. The sides are surrounded with pots.

MIR:   It seems like someone lives here.

KAG:  T-That's… (walks to the box garden) What is it?

A tiny man walks towards a hut in the miniature garden.

KAG:  A man!

SHI:   There are others!

KAG:  W-What IS this?!

MIR:   I dunno.

KAG:  Do they live here?

SHI:   What are they?

The bottle of Sacred Jewel shards in KAG's pocket floats out and enlarges.

KAG:  The Sacred Jewel Shards are growing!

SHI:   (looking at the box garden) The box garden is getting bigger, too!

MIR:   That's not it… We're shrinking!

The group shrinks and is sucked into the box. The bottle of Sacred Jewel shards lands on the floor near the box garden.

Inside the box. The group crashes to the ground.

KAG:  (looking around) Where are we?

A listless man walk past them.

SHI:   They are the tiny men who were walking around earlier.

KAG:  Which means…

MIR:   We're in the box garden.

SHI:   (panics) What?! What'll we do? Will we end up living here?!

KAG:  (determined) We must find a way out! I'm worried about Inuyasha. And the Jewel Shards, too.

MIR:   You're right.

SHI:   But how?!

MIR:   I don't understand the situation. For starters, let's talk to the men here.

The group talks to a group of men meditating under a tree.

KAG:  Excuse me… What are you all doing here?

MIR:   This isn't the real world. Do you realize that?

KAG:  Please…are you listening?!

Man 1: Don't interfere! We're in the midst of training.

KAG:  Training?

Man 2: We are training in here to become sages.

MIR:   Training to become sages?

Man 3: When we become as strong as sages, we'll be released from here and Master Tokajin will give us the Fruit of Longevity.

MIR:   Tokajin?

KAG:  Is he the villain who put you in here?

Man 1: Master Tokajin rescued us from hunger and war! He is our saviour! Don't speak ill of him!

KAG gasps.

The sun is almost setting. In a dingy room. A monkey and two weasels are serving TOK.

TOK:  (looks at TET) Hmm…no matter how I look at it, it's just a rusty, old sword. (swings TET) But I know the sword transformed when that young kid hurled it. Oh well… (walks out of the room)

Inside the gourd. INU lies unconscious at the side of the gourd, his feet almost touching the purple liquid. INU regains consciousness and is shocked. He reaches for TET out of habit.

INU:   (thinking) That's right… I dropped Tetsusaiga. Being unable to transform into a demon shows how weak I've gotten. But damn! What a place this is! Huh?! My robe of the fire rat! I can't waste time in here! I guess I'll just have to claw my way out. (jumps and claws at the wall) Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer! What?? I merely scratched it! Damn! (keeps clawing at the wall) If only I had Tetsusaiga, this would be a piece of cake!

Cut-scene of the almost setting sun. Back to INU.

INU:   That punk! I'll teach 'im when I get outta here!

INU suddenly pulsate and he freezes in motion. His hair and iris turn black, and his claws become normal fingernails.

INU:   (thinking) Damn! Damn! My claws… No! My power is disappearing!

TOK walks into the room with the box garden. He puts TET into a rack of weapons. He is about to walk away when he notices something on the ground.

TOK:  Huh?! What's that? Sacred Jewel Shards! (picks up the bottle) Two of them!

TOK opens his clothes to reveal a Sacred Jewel shard in his belly.

TOK:  With just one shard, my body can deflect a sword! (puts the two shards into his belly) With this many, my body will be a metal armor! (laughs)

Inside the gourd.

INU:   (looks at the purple liquid, thinking) Damn! It's rising! If I don't figure something out, I'll melt! Damn! What'll I do?!

[ break ]

Inside the box garden. A group of men run across a bridge. KAG and SHI look on, while MIR lean on a rock.

KAG:  You can become a sage doing that?

MIR:   Well… Mastering Sagery requires physical strength, but I believe spiritual prowess is critical.

Man 4: You there… You don't seem to be from the region.

A warrior lies on his side near MIR's rock.

KAG:  Mr. Samurai?

MIR:   You seem to be different from the others here.

Samurai: No… I'm just like them. I was among the vanquished and escaped into the valley, then was captured by Tokajin.

KAG:  Aren't you going to train to become a sage?

Samurai: No… Once you master even a tiny bit of Sagery, you become fodder for the Tree of the Human-Faced Fruit.

KAG:  Huh?

Samurai: I saw him… (trembling) Tokajin talking to the Tree!

Flashback. TOK pours purple liquid from his gourd onto the soil under the Tree.

TOK:  Tree of Human-Faced Fruit! Isn't it time yet? When will you bear the Fruit of Longevity?

TOK looks at the tree. A Sacred Jewel is embedded in the trunk.

Tree of Human-Faced Fruit: Not for a long while. I need lots and lots more souls of sages!

* Tree of Human-Faced Fruit abbreviated as THF from now onwards *

TOK:  But… There aren't that many sages.

THF:   You just do as I say!

TOK:  All right! But Tree, you are a nuisance!

THF:   W-What?!

TOK:  I'll just remove this, so you can't talk! (reaches for the shard)

THF:   H-Hey! Stop!

TOK:  (takes the shard) I'll wear it for you. Don't worry, I'll bring you sage souls without fail.

Zoom out to reveal Samurai hiding behind a rock, listening in to the conversation. He unsheathes his sword.

TOK:  Who's there?! Another vanquished soldier?

Samurai start to run away. TOK jumps towards the Samurai. Cut to TOK throwing the Samurai into the box garden.

TOK:  Train hard, then come back!

Samurai shrinks and disappears into the box. End of flashback.

Back to present in the box garden.

MIR:   That's probably a Sacred Jewel Shard.

KAG:  It's slight, but I definitely sense the presence of the Jewel.

SHI:   But what an awful sage!

MIR:   I have heard that unless a man renounces the world and becomes a hermit, one cannot become a sage.

Samurai: That's why these men cannot become sages.

KAG:  Poor men… They're training, only to end up as nourishment for the demon tree.

Samurai: Those men turn deaf ears to me!

SHI:   Shall we talk to them, too?

Samurai: No, it'll serve no purpose. There's no way out. So it's useless.

KAG:  No! There must be a way! There has to be a way out! (thinking) Inuyasha…please be well.

Inside the gourd. INU hits the wall with TET's sheath.

INU:   Damn! Damn! Damn!

INU slips and his foot touches the purple liquid. A sizzling sound is heard.

INU:   (clutches his foot) Damn! (thinking) I can feel pain now. That's why I hate being mortal! How can I get out of here?!

TET's sheathe pulsate.

INU:   (thinking) My sheathe…! Is calling Tetsusaiga! Tetsusaiga is close by! All right, I may be saved yet!

INU looks at the wall and points TET's sheathe at it.

INU:   Come, Tetsusaiga!

The sheathe glows. Outside, in the weapon rack, TET shakes and its sharp end fly towards the gourd on TOK's waist.

TOK:  (walking out) I guess I'll go back.

TET strikes the gourd. Inside the gourd, TET pierces through the wall. INU leaps. Outside.

TOK:  (looks at TET) Huh?! W-What…? That rusty sword!

TOK takes TET and tries to dislodge it from the gourd. Inside the gourd.

INU:   That's it, that's it! Good job!

Outside, TOK manages to dislodge TET and it leaves a hole in the gourd. Inside the gourd. The purple liquid flows out through the hole.

INU:   Now!

INU jumps out through the hole and land on the ground. He reverts to his normal size.

TOK:  What…?

INU:   I hope you're prepared to die!

TOK:  You're that demon kid!

INU:   Of course! This is payback time! (punches TOK in the face)

TOK:  Oww, that hurt.

INU:   (notices a glow in TOK's belly) A Jewel Shard!

TOK:  Why you! You won't get away!

INU:   Hey you… Where'd you get that?! Couldn't possibly be…!

TOK:  Kid! You're the one who'd better be ready to die!

TOK's belly transforms into stone. He leaps into the air.

INU:   C-Come! (punches TOK's belly)

TOK does a belly flop and crashes onto INU, shattering the ground. TOK gets up. INU is heavily injured from the blow.

TOK:  (laughs) The power of the Jewel Shard… (pats his stone belly) Perfect!

Inside the box garden.

KAG:  (touching the wall of the garden, thinking) How… How can we get out of here? By now, Inuyasha is probably…

SHI:   (runs to KAG) Kagome, it's no good. There's no exit!

MIR:   (walks to KAG) No matter where we go, there are walls.

KAG:  That can't be!

Samurai: It's useless. It's either become a sage and get fed to the Tree of Human-Faced Fruit. Or stay here and die. Those are the only two choices.

KAG:  That's…!

Samurai: This is a place without dreams or hope!

MIR, SHI and KAG look at Samurai worriedly.

KAG:  Oh…if this is a dream, let me awaken! I can't stand this nightmare any longer!

[ End of ACT II: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 57: Fateful Night in Togenkyo (part 1) ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

This is a dream… just a dream! Shippo, pinch me! Owweee! It's not a dream! Inuyasha, it's the new moon and you've turned into a mortal. There's no way you can beat that sage with creepy powers! Huh? You're sacrificing your life to save mine? Stupid! No, Inuyasha! Next on Inuyasha: "Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part II". Daybreak! Hurry!


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