episode 59

Beautiful Sister Apprentices

Filler Episode

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OPENING SONG: I am by hitomi
ENDING SONG: My will by dream

Script: 武上純希
Storyboard: KASE Mitsuko 加瀬充子
Episode Director: TOBA Satoshi 鳥羽 聡
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Father: MATSUMOTO Hiroshi
Chief: TANAKA Masahiko
Demons: 今村卓博, 眞水徳一, 小谷津央典


Sacred Jewel fragment: 5 [+0]
No. of 'sit': 0 [30 in all]
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 1 [6 in all]
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 [22 in all]
‘Kazaana!’: 1 [11 in all]
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 1 [8 in all]
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 [4 in all]
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 26 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 3 tail-grabbing
0 / 1 throws
0 [53 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 [4 in all]
Miroku's groping of Sango: 1 [4 in all]
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 65.5% [19/29]


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Preview from previous episode

Ahh, Sango… The three days you've been gone seem like a lifetime. What?! Someone who wants to be an apprentice appeared at the village? They want Sango to teach them to become Demon Slayers? Oh?! They're two beautiful sisters? I envy her! Err… I mean, seems like hard work. Next on Inuyasha: "The Beautiful Sister Apprentices". Are you okay, Sango? Owwee! C'mon it's just your butt…

InuYasha’s Jar

#59 Serina and Suzuna セリナとスズナ

A pair of sisters from a village of Ninjas. Their village was destroyed by demons, and hence they want to apprentice under Sango.



Sango's father: I trained you until now, not just so you could take over. I want you to live strong.


Will stroking a woman's bottom destroy mutual trust between two people?

Trust is also respecting the distance between each other.


Oddities and Other Notes


Shuriken, one of the weapons that Serina and Suzuna use.
(image source)
Ninja or Shinobi [忍者]
The village of ninjas depicted in the episode is a true one. Although ninjas are well-versed in the art of espionage, and always seem to work alone, Shinobi no Sato or Village of Shinobi were set up in secluded areas for trainees to support themselves. In the Sengoku period, the feudal age that Inuyasha is based on, ninja flourished as warlords used them to collect information about their enemies. Female ninjas are called kunoichi. <Wikipedia - Ninja>


When Sango is fixing her Hiraikotsu, it makes a metallic sound. But in previous episodes, the sounds that were made when it was being hit was that of wood.
It is rather out of character for Kirara to want to kill Serina just for throwing stones at Sango.

A misporportional Kirara.
When Kirara pinned Serina to the ground, the proportion of the drawing is very weird. Serina looks like she's on the height of Kirara's leg, but Kirara isn't that big in reality.

Someone needs a good thumping
This is the first time Miroku makes a move on Kagome since Sango joined the group.
In the nightime, Serina's clothes suddenly changed to a short-sleeved one, while Suzuna's remains the same.

Did you notice…?

Mini Hiraikotsu for little Sango?
…a mini Hiraikotsu in the weapons store?

Freeze Frame Fun

Things brought from modern era (or why Kagome’s bag is so big)

From left: canned drink · potato chips (jumbo pack) · spinning lollipop ·



17 Feb 2008

This filler episode was probaly set up to maintain continuity. The previous two episodes, 57-58, Fateful Night in Togenkyo, actually took place before Sango’s appearance. Hence she was made to go mend her Hiraikotsu, to ensure a continuity in the anime.


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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

Daytime. KAG climbs out of the Dry Well in the Feudal Age with four big bags.

KAG:  And there!

INU, SHI and MIR, who have been waiting for KAG, walk up to her and examine the bags. SHI climb on a bag and peeps into the contents.

INU:   What's all this?!

KAG:  I can't go home that often. And girls have lots of shopping to do. (gives INU a huge bag of chips) Here, this is for you.

INU:   (happy) Potato chips!

KAG:  And for you, Shippo. (hands SHI a lollipop)

SHI:   (stops digging into the bag and takes the lollipop) Wow! Thank you, Kagome! (licks it) This tastes great! (presses a button on it) Ohh? Kagome, it's spinning by itself!

KAG:  Here, Miroku. (gives MIR a can)

MIR:   Thank you.

KAG:  (looks around) Where's Sango?

INU:   Not back yet. (munches on the chips)

KAG:  I thought you'd all be together by now.

MIR:   It's been a while since she returned home. Besides repairing her Hiraikotsu, she probably has lots of things to do.

INU:   Maybe she won't come back. 'Specially 'cuz of the lecher who likes to stroke buns.

MIR:   I am NOT guilty of that!

INU:   I wonder 'bout that…

KAG:  Since it's Sango, I guess there's no need to worry…

[ End of ACT I: 2min 51sec ]

[ Title screen: Beautiful Sister Apprentices ]

[ ACT II ]

In the devastated village of demon slayers. SAN is in a the weaponry hut, hammering HIR. KIR sits next to her and mews. SAN stops hammering and places HIR into the kiln. After a while, she takes it out to hammer again. She then cools HIR in water and holds it to inspect it.

SAN:  Not as good as Father's, but pretty good for me. (wipes her sweat)

Outside. SAN offers flowers to the graves. Cute KIR follows her.

SAN:  Father… Everyone… I'm home at last. Forgive me for ignoring you for so long. (closes her eyes and prays)

Flashback: SAN practise her HIR while her father, the Chief, looks on. SAN makes a perfect throw.

Chief: Sango, do you think you can continue as a Demon Slayer?

SAN:  Yes, Father. I think I'm suited to this work.

Chief: I see… I trained you until now, not just so you could take over. I want you to live strong. (walks into the hut)

Fade to present.

SAN:  Father, what did you mean by that?

Two girls run past in the distance, and KIR notices. She growls. The girls throw stones at SAN and KIR, who dodge. KIR transforms into her fierce alter ego and chase the girls. The older of them trips and KIR pins her to the ground. The younger girl stops running and looks back. KIR is about to sink her jaws into the older girl's neck.

Young girl: Stop! Please let Serina go!

SAN:  Kirara!

KIR backs off and goes to SAN. The younger girl runs to Serina.

SAN:  Just who are you?!

Serina gets up. She faints suddenly.

Young girl: Sis!

SAN:  What's wrong?

Young girl: We haven't had food or water for three days.

The girl's stomach growls and she blushes. SAN looks at them.

Inside a hut, the sisters eat furiously. SAN and cute KIR look at them.

Young girl: Isn't this good, Serina?

Serina: Uh-huh!

SAN:  There's more. Another serving?

Young girl & Serina: (holds up their bowls) Yes! Please!

The girls suddenly pause. They look at each other.

Serina: (puts down her bowl and kowtows) I'm the elder, Serina.

Young girl: (smiles) And I'm Suzuna.

Serina looks up and pushes Suzuna's head so that she kowtows.

* Serina abbreviated as SER and Suzuna as SUZ from now onwards *

SER:   After leaving the village, we followed rumors in search of the Demon Slayers' hideout.

SAN:  You attacked me knowing that I am a Demon Slayer?

SUZ:  We just wanted to test your skills. (winks to SAN) You're pretty good, sister!

SER:   (thumps SUZ's head) Please accept us as apprentices!

SAN:  Apprentices?

SER and SUZ run to SAN's side and massage her.

SUZ:  You need a massage, sister!

SER:   Teacher, please accept us!

SAN:  No.

SUZ:  Oh c'mon, Teacher!

SAN:  (folds her arms) I said, no!

SER and SUZ look disappointed.

SAN walk out of the hut with her HIR. SER and SUZ grab her arms and leg, making it hard for SAN to walk.

SUZ:  Please, Teacher!

SAN:  I'm not your teacher. And no is no! I'm in a hurry!

SER:   (walks in front of SAN and kowtows) We cannot return to our village until you take us in as your pupils and train us in the art of demon extermination!

SUZ:  (grabs both of SAN's legs) Please!

SAN:  (sighs) There seems to be a reason for this.

SER:   We live in a village of farmers in a clearing in the mountains. In order to expand the farms, we began clearing part of the mountain of our local deity. Then all kinds of demons began attacking us.

SUZ:  Not just one or two!

SER:   Many of our villagers have died. It's fine if you're able to move to another village. But the elderly and those with children cannot leave and each day is spent in dread.

SAN:  Hmm… The forest of the deity had provided a barrier for you.

SER:   We heard of a village of Demon Slayers.

SAN:  As you can see, there are no Demon Slayers left.

SUZ looks at SER and holds her arm. SER pats SUZ arm sadly.

SAN:  Or I can go with you?

SER:   Our village has no money for payment. We didn't come here thinking we would hire a Demon Slayer.

SUZ:  And our village is so far away.

SER:   (kowtows) Thwarting them once or twice doesn't faze those demons. So please train us! We'll do our best for everyone's sake! (holds SUZ head down to make her kowtow) Suzuna!

SUZ:  I'll do my best!

SAN:  You can't learn the Demon Slayers' art overnight. But I can teach you how to deter minor demons.

SUZ & SER: (kowtow, happy) Thank you!

SAN:  (thinking) They'll wait for me even if I delay my departure one or two days.

SAN walk to SUZ and SER, who have been waiting.

SAN:  Here are the weapons to slay demons.

SUZ & SER: Yes!

SAN hands them some cloth and two fans. SUZ and SER look at SAN in bewilderment.

In a field of tall grass. SUZ and SER wear a cloth over their mouth, while SAN has a gas mask slung over her neck. They peep from the tall grass at a small cave ahead.

SAN:  Let's try it here.

SAN licks her finger and hold it up to check the wind direction. She wears her gas mask. Cut to a pile of leaves on a rock. SAN lights it up and the leaves start to burn.

SAN:  Don't just look, help fan!

The three fan the smoke from the leaves vigorously. KIR can't stand the smell. The smoke reach the cave. SUZ and SER start to cough from the fumes.

SUZ:  W-What is this?!

SAN:  A powder mixture of herbs and medicines which demons hate.

SUZ:  We can exterminate demons with this?!

SAN:  You can protect the village, yes!

Animals start to run out from the cave.

SUZ stops fanning and stares in amazement.

SER:   This smoke is really something, but…

SUZ:  Can we really beat them off with this?!

SER and SUZ cough very badly from the fumes.

Sunset. The three walk back to the village.

SUZ:  Sister… I mean, Teacher… Isn't there something more exciting?

SAN:  Learning tricks haphazardly can be dangerous. It's late today. Tomorrow, I'll show you how to make this powder.

SER and SUZ look disappointed.

Near the Dry Well. MIR look into the distance. KAG is seated and leaning on the well. SHI leans on KAG's legs.

KAG:  Sango didn't come back.

MIR:   (squats next to KAG) Umm…I'd like to ask you a question.

KAG:  Yes?

MIR:   (serious) Will stroking a woman's bottom destroy mutual trust between two people? (puts a hand around KAG's shoulder)

KAG:  (slaps MIR's hand away) Trust is also respecting the distance between each other.

MIR:   Is that how it is?

INU:   (pops out of the dry well) If Sango doesn't return, it's all your fault!

MIR:   She WILL return without fail! (stands and pace up and down)

SHI:   He sounds confident, but he sure doesn't look it.

INU and KAG sigh.

[ End of ACT II: 11min 19sec ]


Night time in the village of demon slayers. SAN and KIR are asleep. SER and SUZ lie in their bed. They look at each other suspiciously. Cut to the two running out of the hut and into the weaponry hut. SER fiddle with the lock on the door.

SUZ:  Serina, just leave it to me!

SER nods and move aside. SUZ raise a palm and chops the lock into two.

SUZ:  (proud) So easy! Can't beat a ninja's skills.

SER:   You're so dependable!

Inside the hut. SER light a candle.

SER:   Look!

SUZ:  It's just like Pa said…

Cut to images of demon bones and body parts.

SUZ:  The materials are the secret to the Demon Slayer's weapons!

SER:   Materials?

SUZ:  The fangs of demons, bones, hides… No wonder Slayers can counter demon attacks.

SER:   Then if we have these, we can…

SUZ:  Become just as strong!

Cut to SER walking out of the hut with a makeshift rack on her back. Sacks of demon materials are piled on the rack. The same goes for SUZ. She follows SER. SER suddenly stops and SUZ bumps into her.

SUZ:  Oww! Serina…!

SAN:  (appears in front of them) What're you up to? You're no ordinary village girls.

SUZ move forward and swing an axe at SAN, who dodge. She then throw a shuriken at SAN who somersaults. SUZ and SER use the chance to run away.

SAN:  (shocked) Those moves…

SER and SUZ stop near the exit of the village.

SUZ:  Yup! We come from a village of ninja agents.

Fade to flashback. A huge insect like demon appear in a forest and looms over a group of ninjas.

SUZ:  (voice-over) One day, the clan lord ordered us to slay a demon something we weren't used to.

The ninjas attack the demon.

SUZ:  (voice-over) We were able to use ninja skills to destroy the demon.

Cut to more demons attacking the village, catching the village off guard.

SUZ:  (voice-over) But other demons came seeking revenge! Our people who knew only ninja tactics were nearly all devoured by these demons.

Almost all of the villagers are killed by the demons. SUZ pop out from under a piece of cloth covering a hole in the ground.

SUZ:  Serina, it's safe now.

SUZ and SER climb out of the hole. They inspect the devastated village and come upon a dying man.

SUZ:  Pa!

SER:   Father! (holds up her father) Hang on, Father!

Father: (weakly) Serina… Suzuna… At least you two…be strong… (struggles and dies)

SER:   Father!

SUZ:  Pa!

Fade to present.

SUZ:  Those were our father's dying words.

SER:   Be strong and restore our village to what it once was… (to SUZ) That's what he probably wanted to tell us.

SUZ looks at SER and nods.

SAN:  Wait!

SUZ:  (swings her axe) Serina!

SER throws a smoke bomb which chokes SAN and KIR. SUZ and SER make their escape. SAN runs into the weaponry hut.

SAN:  (looks around the empty room) I knew it! This is bad… Some weapons haven't been exorcised of demon spirits yet. Weapons which still have demon spirits also summon demons back. Kirara!

Cut to KIR running out of the hut and transforming into her fierce form. SAN runs out with HIR, in her battle gear. SAN jumps onto KIR. KIR run out of the village and fly into the sky.

SAN:  Hurry, Kirara! Those two are in danger!

SER and SUZ run along a mountain path. SER is trailing behind.

SER:   Please wait, Suzuna!

SUZ:  (stops) Cripes! You're always like this, Sis. (smiles) I'll take more of the load.

SER:   (almost out of breath) I'm sorry.

SUZ:  (moves some of SER's sacks to hers) No wonder Pa was looking forward to me as his heir. (takes up her rack)

SER:   (takes up her rack) Forgive me. I'll train hard and become a strong ninja like Father wanted me to be.

Suddenly a dark shadow appear above them.

SUZ:  Let's hurry.

SUZ and SER start running.

SUZ and SER are running in a forest. A huge and dark flying thing appear above them and growls.

SER:   (frightened) What's that?!

The dark flying thing turns out to be KIR, who lands in front of them. SUZ and SER stop.

SAN:  Both of you, get on Kirara! Go back to the village!

SUZ:  (brandish their weapons) We're not returning these!

SAN:  Forget those things! Hundreds of demons are coming in search of the demonic aura which those weapons are exuding!

SER and SUZ gasp and look around.

SAN:  It's true! Hurry!

A strong wind starts to blow. The night sky is covered with dark clouds. Suddenly, hordes of demons fly out from the clouds. They fly swiftly toward the girls.

SAN:  It's too late! I have no choice but to destroy those monsters, then try to escape!

SUZ:  Serina! The time has come to show Pa our mettle!

SER:   Yes! We are children of ninja! As long as we have these weapons of extermination…!

SER and SUZ move into a defensive stance with their weapons. SAN gasps. Fade to flashback of SER and SUZ's dying father.

Father: Serina… Suzuna…

An image of SAN's face is superimposed on the scene.

Father: At least you two…be strong…

SAN's father's words are replayed as SER and SUZ's father dies.

Chief: (voice-over) I've trained you until now not just so you can take over.

Fade to image of SAN's father walking into a hut.

Chief: I want you to live strong.

Back to present.

SAN:  Father… Wait! You're wrong! (gets off KIR)

SER and SUZ turn around to look at SAN.

SAN:  Your father didn't mean for you to do this…

SUZ:  What would you know!

SAN:  There isn't a father in the world who doesn't wish for his daughter's happiness! Your father didn't want you to take over as ninja! He wanted you to be strong and to become happy.

SUZ:  (looks at SER) That's…

SER looks at SAN in silence, deep in thoughts.

SAN:  (walks in front of SER and SUZ) Now get on Kirara and follow close to me!

The demons are almost reaching the girls. SAN turns around and look at the sisters. They are deep in thoughts. Cut to close up of SER's face. Flashback of SER and SUZ's dying father.

Father: Serina… Suzuna… At least you two…be strong.

SAN:  (voice-over) He wanted you to be strong and to become happy.

Cut to close up of Father's face. Fade to present, close-up of SER's face.

SER:   (determined, drops her rack) Suzuna! (walks to SUZ and removes her rack)

SUZ:  What're you doing, Serina?!

SER grab SUZ and slung her over her shoulder. She walks to KIR and puts SUZ on KIR's back.

SER:   Sango is right! (gets on KIR) Sango!

SAN nods. The demons approach SAN.

SAN:  (swings HIR) Hiraikotsu!

HIR slashes some of the demons and return to SAN.

SAN:  Let's go!

KIR moves on.

SAN:  Don't interfere!

SAN slashes more demons with HIR, but more and more demons keep coming. SAN fends them off with HIR. KIR runs past the demons. One of them grab SUZ and fly into the air.

SER:   Huh?! Suzuna!

SUZ takes out her axe and slashes the demon's arm. He drops SUZ and she crashes to the ground.

SER:   Suzuna!

KIR runs to SUZ.

SER:   (gets off KIR and holds up SUZ) Suzuna!

More demons fly toward them and KIR leaps to attack them.

SUZ:  Serina…

SER:   (takes SUZ's axe and stand in front of her) Don't come near!

SER swings at an oncoming demon and misses. The demon flies at SER again and she tries to fend it off. Cut to KIR killing some demons. More demons fly toward SAN, who slashes them with HIR. SAN run to in front of SER and SUZ. KIR is at the back. They are all in defensive stance as a big horde of demons fly toward them. SAN gasps in horror as she hears some running sounds in the bushes behind her. She turns around. MIR leaps out of the bushes with a raised staff.

MIR:   Sango! (hits some demons)

SAN:  Miroku!

SAN turn around as some demons fly toward her from her right. INU appears and swings TET.

INU:   Kaze no Kizu!

INU's Wind Scar kills the demons who are about to attack SAN. The rest of the demons suddenly pause in mid-air.

INU:   (slings TET over his shoulder) It's unlike you to be bothered by the likes of them!

SAN:  Inuyasha!

MIR:   I'll take over now. Kazaana!

MIR opens his Wind Tunnel and sucks in the rest of the demons. SER falls to her knees. The sisters look on in shock. MIR closes his Wind Tunnel. Suddenly, a demon fly out of a hole in a tree and fly behind SAN. SAN is not in time to retaliate. An arrow suddenly appear and kills it. KAG appears with her bow.

KAG:  Sango!

SHI:   (pops out from KAG's shoulder) We came for you!

SAN:  (touched) Everyone…

INU, KIR, KAG, SHI and MIR walk up and surround SAN. SER and SUZ look at them in awe. The sky clears and it's morning. Cut to SER holding up SUZ.

SUZ:  Let's go, Serina.

SER nods.

Later. SER and SUZ hold hands and walk into the distance. INU-gang look at them.

SAN:  (thinking) Be strong and live, both of you.

INU:   Miroku was so worried, we decided to come. And just in the nick of time, too.

SAN look at INU and MIR.

KAG:  I'm glad we made it.

KAG and SHI notice SAN looking at MIR. SAN, blushing, walks up to MIR, who is looking at the sisters walking off.

SAN:  Miroku, you were that worried about me? (looks down)

MIR:   Call it a premonition… (serious) I kept seeing your face, Sango. It wouldn't go away. So… (puts a hand on SAN's butt)

SAN's veins pop and she slaps MIR. INU, SHI and KAG gasp, shocked.

SAN:  Oh, thank you, Miroku.

MIR:   (scratches the slap mark on his face and grimaces) Don't mention it.

SHI:   (frowns) Get a grip, Miroku! (sighs and shakes his head) I sure don't wanna be a grown up like that.

INU & KAG: (nod) Uh-huh!

[ End of ACT III: 22min 15sec ]

[ End of episode 59: Beautiful Sister Apprentices ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Kagome! Naraku brought that evil priestess who fought long ago with Kikyo.

Oh no… I can't figure it out! I can't follow the lessons!

She's using the Sacred Jewel Shard to cast a spell on you!

Everyone tells me I should break up with Inuyasha…

Hey, listen to me!

Did you know? They call you the rough, two timing, jealous boyfried!

What?! Why?!

Next on Inuyasha: "The 50 Year Old Curse of the Dark Priestess". Run! Inuyasha!



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