episode 98

Kikyo and Kagome Alone In a Cave

Filler Episode

Episode Capsule last revised on 28 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Grip! by Every Little Thing
ENDING SONG: Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity

Script: YAMATOYA Akatsuki 大和屋 暁
Storyboard: ISHIHARA Tatsuya 石原立也
Episode Director: ISHIHARA Tatsuya 石原立也
Animation Director: IKEDA Shoko 池田晶子


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Child's voice KUGIMIYA Rie


Sacred Jewel fragment: 2 [+1 from Kikyo; 3 morphed into 1 by Kikyo]
No. of 'sit': 6 / 63 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 34 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 40 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 16 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 23 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 9 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [64 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 9 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 1 / 8 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 61.4% [35/57]


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Preview from previous episode

Kikyo…! What happened to you? Let's get out of this place, Kikyo!

It's too late…! I've lost too much souls. Just leave me here. You should get out soon. Perhaps you still have a chance to live…

I won't give up so easily! If we want to get out of here, we should work together. Next on Inuyasha, "Kikyo and Kagome Alone In a Cave".

This warmth… Is this Kagome's strength?

InuYasha’s Jar

#98 Shippo 七宝 [しっぽう]


Aim… well.


Why didn’t you give up? Why did you believe in me

How rare. You talked a lot today. I don’t even know why.

Why… did you save a dead person like me?

If you died, someone would be very sad.

Same with you.


Oddities and Other Notes



There are alot of sighing in this episode. Altogether there are 9 sighs. Here's the breakdown:
Kikyo: 3
Kagome: 2
Inuyasha: 1
Sango: 1
Shippo: 1
Miroku: 1

Piggybacking your rival.
One wonders what would have happened if it was Kikyo who was saving Kagome instead. She would probably have been more logical and went off alone to defeat the Priestess Sealer instead of lugging her around.

The two shards at the end.
It is rather strange that Kikyo had to combine the three fragments into one so that the arrow would be more powerful. When Kagome picked up the two shards at the end of the episode, they were of the same sizes, meaning the first arrow that Kagome fired with Kikyo's shard was the same as that using the combined shard.

Considerate silences.
Another point to muse about is whether Inuyasha knew that Kagome had met Kikyo. Given Inuyasha's sensitive nose, he would have smelled Kikyo's scent on Kagome. He would also have sensed her when the Priestess Sealer was destroyed and the cave disintegrated. Another evidence is that when Kagome wanted to tell Inuyasha about what happened, he remained silent and didn't interrogate her. Usually he'll scold her for taking so long or wandering off by herself. Instead he just let Kagome hold his arm and walk back together quietly.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ Prologue ]

INU:   It's now time for Inuyasha!

KAG:  To find the Sacred Jewel fragments,

INU:   I have to defeat Naraku with this Tetsusaiga!

KAG:  Revived with a body of bones and dirt, Kikyo is bonded to life by the souls of the dead. I’ll try to understand the strong relationship between Kikyo and Inuyasha.

INU:   Miroku and Sango and Shippo and Kirara!

KAG:  An excitng adventure unfolds!

INU & KAG: Inuyasha!

[ ACT I ]

Nighttime. KIK and her soul catchers are in a forest. KIK stops as a child's voice is heard in the background.

Child: Help me… Someone… help me…

KIK:   A child… this late at night?

KIK comes to a child sitting in a field of flowers before a cave. The child is sobbing, with her back facing to KIK.

KIK:   Hey.

The child stops crying and disintegrates into thin air.

KIK:   Damn!

The air warps and a strong gust of wind blows, sucking the flowers and KIK into the cave.

[ Title screen: Kikyo and Kagome Alone In a Cave ]

Daytime. Villagers are tilling a field. Behind them is a hill. Kagome's voice is heard throughout the area.

KAG:  (background) Sit!

A loud crash is heard. The villagers are taken aback and look towards the hill.

Cut to top of the hill. INU gets up, furious.

INU:   What's that for, Kagome?!

KAG:  (mad) Sit!

INU crashes to the ground.

KAG:  Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit!!!

INU crashes the ground four more times. KAG is out of breath. The rest of INU-gang look on, terrified.

KAG:  Inuyasha, you idiot! (stomps off)

MIR:   Er, Kagome! Where are you going?

KAG:  (turns around and glares at MIR) I'm just going for a walk! (stomps off)

MIR grimaces and SAN sighs. SHI and KIR hug each other, trembling.

SHI:   Kagome's scary! I-I must be strong.

Cut to INU wincing on the ground.

Cut to KAG walking in a forest.

KAG:  What's up with Inuyasha?! I made it just right so Inuyasha could eat it. Idiot! I'll never cook for him again. (stops) I wonder if I overdid it? (gasps and turns around) I sense a Sacred Jewel fragment! It's faint, but I still sense its presence.

Back with INU-gang.

INU:   What was that about?

MIR:   (points at INU with a spoon) What?! Clearly you're at fault, Inuyasha!

INU:   Why? I just told the truth.

SAN:  That's what you did wrong.

SHI:   Kagome did her best to cook the food. How could you say that?

INU:   Then you go ahead and eat it!

Cut to a large pot of curry. SAN, MIR, SHI and KIR are eating it happily.

SHI:   It's good!

MIR:   It tastes different.

INU:   There's something wrong with you. (sticks out his tongue) Spicy food makes my tongue hurt!

KAG reaches a field of flowers in front of a cave.

KAG:  (thinking) It's coming from there… It's still a pure fragment.

Voice:  (background, weakly) Help me… Someone… Help me…

KAG:  I'd better have a look inside.

KAG walks into the cave. A large boulder appears and shuts the cave after her.

[ End of ACT I: 5min 13 sec ]

[ ACT II ]

KAG is walking in the cave, which is dark and convoluted. KAG notices someone up ahead and hides behind a rock. It is KIK, who is lying on a rock ahead, breathing heavily. A glow appears around her chest.

KAG:  Kikyo? So Kikyo has a Sacred Jewel fragment.

KAG walks up to KIK.

KIK:   (looks at KAG) It seems you have some priestess powers after all.

KAG:  What are you doing in here? What's wrong?

KIK pants, looks down and smiles.

KAG:  (kneels next to KIK) Could it be the dead souls? Where are the… (looks around) the Soul Collectors? Why are you lying here like this?

KIK:   (scoffs) What a talkative girl.

KIK is suddenly seized by a sharp pain and winces. KAG holds her up.

KAG:  Anyway, let's get out of here.

KIK:   It's no use. We're in the stomach of the Priestess Sealer.

KAG:  Priestess Sealer?

KIK:   The demon that eats the powers of a priestess. There's a barrier outside. Only a priestess can make it through the barrier.

KAG:  Insides a Priestess Sealer?

KIK:   This demon is immune to the powers of a priestess. There's no way to escape.

KAG:  But…! (looks around) This seems like a normal cave…

KIK:   It's useless.

KAG:  Quit joking around! (stands and supports KIK) I won't let myself die in this place. (determined) Let's go!

There is a short pause.

KAG:  W-Which way do we go?

KIK sighs.

Back with the rest of INU-gang on the hill. INU is seated away from them, twitching irritably and shaking his leg impatiently. SAN, SHI, MIR and KIR, still eating curry rice, look at him.

SHI:   He's irritated.

SAN:  He should just go apologize.

INU:   (turns around and shouts) Shut up! (the rest quickly pretend to eat curry rice) I'm not apologizing!

INU scoffs and turns around.

Back in the cave. KAG is holding KIK while walking.

KIK:   (thinking) What is this girl's intention?

KAG:  (thinking) How did I get into this situation…?

KAG looks at KIK, who happens to be looking at KAG too. There is an uncomfortable silence and KAG laughs uncomfortably. They continue walking.

KAG:  (thinking) Of all people, why did I have to end up with Kikyo…?

There is a short silence.

KAG:  Erm… Good…!

KIK looks at KAG.

KAG:  (laughs uncomfortably) O-Oh no, not me. I'm talking about Inuyasha. He's always insulting me, but he's doing fine! I had a fight with him earlier… But I'm sure that never happens with you around.

KIK doesn't reply and looks away.

KAG:  (thinking) What in the world am I saying? Why am I talking to Kikyo about this? That's right… Kikyo and Inuyasha are…

CUT TO FLASHBACK of KIK and INU kissing in episode 23. KAG looks on from a tree.

KAG:  H-Hold on…!

KIK:   (holds INU) Inuyasha…

INU:   (hugs KIK back) I'll fight Naraku. So you don't have to fight anymore! I'll protect you.

KIK:   Inuyasha.

INU:   Kikyo.


KAG:  (thinking) This is the worst day of my life.

KIK coughs weakly and kneels.

KAG:  (kneels next to KIK) Are you okay?

KIK continues to cough and KAG rubs her back.

KAG:  (looks around) How did we end up like this?

KIK:   How impressive. A normal priestess wouldn't be able to move.

KAG:  (thinking) Does that mean I'm not normal?

KIK:   Leave me and go.

KAG:  Huh?

KIK:   I'm already dead anyway. If you leave alone, you have a greater chance of surviving. (hands KAG her bow and arrows) In order to escape, get to the center of this cave and strike the heart.

KAG:  I won't do that alone.

KIK is surprised.

KAG:  (stands, determined) I don't know about the chances, but don't tell me what to do! (kneels and puts a hand on KIK's shoulder) I'll never give up! (shakes KIK) So please don't give up so easily either!

KIK:   You…

KAG:  (gasps and stands) I hear something…

Noises are heard further in the cave.

Back to INU twitching and shaking impatiently, growling. The rest sit a distance away from him.

MIR:   (loud) Kagome sure is taking a long time.

INU's ears twitch.

SAN:  (loud) Something might have happened to her!

INU's ears twitch again.

SHI:   (shouts) Wouldn't it be best if you went and got her, Inuyasha?

INU:   (veins popping) Shut up! I won't do that!

SAN:  He's trying too hard.

MIR:   (moves closer to SAN) That's right, Inuyasha! Everyone in this world should be true to his heart.

MIR gropes SAN's butt. SAN punches him in the face.

SAN:  Being too truthful is a problem too.

MIR:   You're r-right about t-that… (falls over)

KIR mews. INU is silent for awhile. He looks down, slouches over and sighs.

Back in the cave. Giant wasps appear from deep in the cave towards KAG and KIK. KAG draws an arrow determinedly and fires. She misses. KIK closes her eyes and sighs.

KAG:  (laughs uneasily) That was a little mistake!

KAG fires six more arrows which kills some wasps.

KAG:  Go away, go away!

She draws another arrow but it slips out of her hands. She closes her eyes and cowers. Suddenly static is heard. KAG opens her eyes to find KIK forming a barrier and pushing away two giant wasps. The wasps eventually disintegrate. KIK falls over weakly.

KAG:  Th-Thank you.

KIK gasps for air. KAG looks at her, worried. More giant wasps fly in their direction.

KAG:  (draws an arrow, resolute) I will… survive this! (fires)

Back on the hill. INU stands and turns to the group who are having tea. The group, who was observing INU, turns away sheepishly.

INU:   Listen! I'm not going to look for Kagome. I'm just going for a walk!

INU jumps off. SAN laughs while KIR, MIR and SHI close their eyes and sigh.

Back in the cave. Carcasses of dead wasps lie on the ground. KAG continues walking and holding up KIK. Both of them are breathing heavily.

KIK:   (thinking) I've lost almost all of my dead souls…

KAG:  (thinking) I'd better hurry.

KAG stops and kneels, gesturing to KIK to get on her back.

KAG:  Hurry. We've got to rush.

KIK is taken aback. Cut to KAG piggybacking KIK and moving into the cave. The cave walls are lined with veins now.

KIK:   (thinking) Why is this girl… so warm? The flow of blood… Is this Kagome's power? (to KAG) I wonder if Inuyasha is worried.

KAG:  I doubt that, we just fought not too long ago. I don't think he'd notice we're in this situation either. To escape from here, we must work together and save ourselves. (pauses) Kikyo, just hang in there!

KIK is silent.

Cut to INU leaping in the forest.

INU:   Kagome! Kagome!

Back in the cave. KAG and KIK reach a wide room. Veins from the ground meet at the highest point of the cave.

KAG:  (stops) This is…?

KIK:   The center of the cave.

KAG:  Then…

Suddenly the cave shakes.

KAG:  What?!

KIK:   It's coming.

KAG puts KIK down. The highest point of the cave opens up and a blob of flesh appears and throbs.

KIK:   If we aim for the heart, we could break the barrier.

KAG:  That's the heart?

KIK winces in pain and falls over.

KAG:  (draws an arrow) Get this over and done with! Let's quickly defeat it!

KAG fires. A barrier appears and the arrow falls.

KIK:   (weakly) Even Kagome can't do it…

KAG:  W-Why?

KIK:   I told you before. This demon can't be destroyed by the powers of a priestess.

KAG:  No way!

A slit on the heart opens to reveal a large eye. Tentacles then burst out from the flesh and move towards KAG and KIK.

KAG:  What's that?

KIK:   Run… away! It's too dangerous…

An opening in the wall throb behind them.

KAG:  A path!

KIK:   Run! You'll be captured if you don't leave.

KAG:  No way, I can't just run away and leave you behind!

KIK continues to struggle. KAG looks on as the opening closes.

Cut to INU leaping in midair and landing outside the cave. It is evening.

INU:   Kagome!!! Kagome!!!

INU leaps past the cave.

Back in the cave. The tentacles move towards KAG. KAG dodges and falls to the ground.

KAG:  There's got to be some way. Some way! (running, thinking) If the arrows don't work, I must use some other power! That's it! (holds up her container of Jewel fragments) If I shoot the heart with this…

The ground suddenly moves and KAG falls. The container falls out of her hands.

KAG:  (gets up) Damn!

KAG tries to reach the container but the ground moves again and throws her aside. More tentacles move towards KAG, who block with her bow. The tentacles then hover around the container.

KAG:  (thinking) Over there… I can't get them!

KIK is almost out of breath. KAG notices the glow around KIK's chest and walks over to her. She takes out the shard.

KAG:  I'm borrowing this. (places the shard on an arrow and draws) Here I go, demon!

KAG shoots. A barrier appears around the heart and tries to hold off the arrow. KAG looks hopeful.

KAG:  I did it!

The barrier dissipates and the arrow falls.

KAG:  No way! The fragment doesn't work?!

KIK:   (sits up weakly) The fragments. Give me the rest of the fragments!

KAG:  (worried) But…

KIK:   (wheezing) Hurry!

KAG:  (looks at KIK and nods determinedly) Got it!

KAG runs towards the container. The heart sends tentacles at KAG, who blocks with her bow. She grabs the container and rushes back to KIK.

KAG:  Kikyo! (opens the containers and pours out the three shards) Kikyo.

KIK:   Give me your hand.

KAG is taken aback. KIK holds her hands.

KIK:   Concentrate.

KAG:  But what are you doing?

KIK:   Believe in me. Please.

KAG looks at KIK for a moment and nods.

KAG:  I understand.

Both KIK and KAG close their eyes and concentrate. A light surrounds them. KIK moves away her hands and the three shards have merged into one.

KAG:  (surprised) They became one. (thinking) Right. If one isn't good enough, maybe three of them would work.

KIK:   You only have one chance. Aim… well.

KIK falls over weakly. KAG nods determinedly and puts the shard into an arrow. She aims it at the eye. The tentacles move towards her.

KAG:  GO!!!

KAG fires and the Sacred Arrow dissipates all the tentacles and strikes the eye and heart.

INU, walking in a cave, stops suddenly and turns around.

Cut to exterior of cave. The cave disintegrates. KAG stands in the field of flowers and looks around her in shock. KIK is lying weakly in the field. Soul Collectors appear and fly towards KIK, replenishing her with souls. KIK heaves a sigh of relief. KAG then picks up the two Jewel shards, one from her and one from KIK. KAG looks at the two shards in her palm and turns to KIK.

KAG:  Hey…

KIK:   What… Just go.

KAG looks at KIK for a moment and walks off.

KIK:   Why?

KAG stops.

KIK:   Why didn't you give up? Why did you believe in me?

KAG:  (turns around and smiles) How rare. You talked a lot today.

KIK remains silent.

KAG:  I don't even know why.

KIK:   Why… did you save a dead person like me?

KAG:  If you died, someone would be very sad.

KAG looks sad. She turns and walks away.

KIK:   Same with you.

KIK looks down and scoffs lightly.

KAG walks out of the forest. At the edge of the forest, INU is waiting.

KAG:  (glad) Inuyasha!

INU gasps and looks at KAG in silence.

KAG:  (blushes and scratches her head) You came to get me.

INU:   (blushes and walks off) Well, let's get going!

KAG runs after INU.

Cut to KAG and INU walking under the night sky. An image of KIK flashes across KAG's mind.

KAG:  Hey, Inuyasha…

INU remains silent and pensive. KAG looks down, sighs and smiles. She walks closer to INU and puts her arm around his. They continue walking in silence.

[ End of ACT II: 22min 5sec ]

[ End of episode 98: Kikyo and Kagome Alone In a Cave ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Sis Kagome, do you know that Sesshomaru?

He's Inuyasha's elder brother. He’s on bad terms with Inuyasha, possesses Tokijin, a really evil sword, is really strong, and a little ruthless.


When Inuyasha and Koga fight, at least they won't kill each other. But if it were Sesshomaru, he might kill his opponent.

Hakkaku & Ginta Next on Inuyasha, "Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous Encounter".

Koga is in trouble!

Sesshomaru would kill him!


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