episode 81

Vanishing Point, Naraku Disappears

Canon Episode | 2-episode story, 80-81

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OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Every Heart by BoA

Script: 武上純希
Storyboard: SATOH Teruo 佐藤照雄
Episode Director: SATOH Teruo 佐藤照雄
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 3 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 38 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 1 / 25 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 1 / 30 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 12 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 1 / 19 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 9 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 30 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [59 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 5 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 6 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 57.9% [22/38]


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Preview from previous episode

This time, I've miscalculated. I would have never expected Inuyasha use this kind of attack.

Naraku! I'll defeat you today!

Wishful thinking! I've absorbed Sesshomaru's powers, you can't defeat me so easily!


I don't know how much endurance you have, but you would become part of my body too.

Next on Inuyasha, "Vanishing Point, Naraku Disappears".

Kohaku… kill Rin now!

InuYasha’s Jar

#81 Rin and Kohaku りんと琥珀

Sango's brother, Kohaku, who defied Naraku's order to kill Rin.



Naraku… What a joke… You actually think those crap can stop Inuyasha’s Wind Scar?


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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ recap ]

Flashback from episode 5, when SES tricked INU with Un-mother.

KAG:  (narrating) Being a half-demon, Inuyasha is a humiliation to his tribe. Sesshomaru dislikes him and hates the human…

Cut to flashback from episode 79, when JAK was rescued from INU by Rin.

KAG:  (narrating) But Sesshomaru's servant, Jaken, actually had a human by his side.

Cut to flashback from previous episode. SES is standing in a open field.

JAK:   (running to SES) Lord Sesshomaru! Rin has been abducted. Kagura appeared and took her away.

SES looks at JAK without any reply.

NAR:  (background) Don't worry, Lord Sesshomaru. (appears in baboon suit, with some poison insects) I can assure you that Rin will be safe, as long as you obey me.

JAK:   Naraku!

Cut to the fight between SES and NAR in his castle courtyard. SES slashes NAR's tentacles, which falls in little pieces around SES.

NAR:  (thinking) I'm getting there… He'll be destroyed. And he'll be a part of me soon!

Cut to Rin and KOH in a hut on a hilltop.

KAG:  (narrating) We will follow the Sacred Jewel fragments.

KOH goes to the door and slides open the door slightly. Rin follows him. He peeps out and notices SAN and the rest.

KAG:  (narrating) Speaking of which, Sango's brother, Kohaku, has a piece of it inserted by Naraku.

Cut to INU breaking the barrier around NAR's castle.

KAG:  (narrating) Inuyasha went to Naraku's castle alone.

INU:   The demonic energy and odor… It's Naraku's barrier alright!! Tetsusaiga!!!

INU slashes the barrier, and NAR's castle can be seen.

INU:   (thinking) I finally found Naraku!

[ End of recap: 3min 21sec ]

[ Title screen: Vanishing Point, Naraku Disappears ]

[ ACT I ]

Night time in the courtyard of NAR's castle. SES faces off with NAR. The fallen pieces of NAR's body, around SES, starts to vibrate. NAR smiles. Suddenly a sharp blue light appears on the screen. NAR eyes backwards.

NAR:  (thinking) He's here… (frowns) Kagura is unable to stop him.

SES:   Naraku… You seem distracted…

NAR:  Lord Sesshomaru, your time has run out. Your demonic powers… Your strong demonic powers… (the fallen pieces jump up and envelopes SES) will soon be mine…! (smiles)

Soon, SES is completely (except for his head) enveloped by the fallen tentacles, which grip onto him tightly.

JAK:   (peeping out from a pillar, thinking) Lord Sesshomaru… That's bad… (panics and runs out) Lord Sesshomaru!

A tentacle crawls towards JAK.

JAK:   (spews fire from his staff) Take that!

The tentacle turns red, leaps and chases JAK.

JAK:   (running) Why must this happen?! Stop!

Cut to KAR on a feather. She is looking at INU, who is running below her with red TET towards the castle.

Back to JAK. The tentacle stops chasing him. JAK hides behind a rock and peeps out at SES.

JAK:   (thinking) I wonder if he's okay.

The tentacles grow and covers SES's face, covering him completely.

JAK:   (shocked) It can't be…! Lord Sesshomaru…

NAR moves his tentacles towards the covered SES.

JAK:   (worried) Lord Sesshomaru…

Cut to INU leaping up the castle wall.

INU:   Damn it!

Back to NAR. His tentacles are thrust into the tentacles that cover SES. They seem to be absorbing something from SES.

NAR:  (laughs) Finally… A strong demon's power.

INU:   (leaps above NAR) Naraku!! Is this your original form?!

NAR:  Inuyasha!

INU:   Watch this! (swings TET downwards) Wind Scar! (throws a wind scar at NAR)

NAR:  As if that works!

A pink barrier surround NAR. The wind scar strikes the barrier and the ground splits. The barrier gradually gets dissipated by the wind scar, which then cuts NAR's body.

NAR:  (shocked, thinking) Why… My barrier…

INU:   (lands, with TET reverted to its normal color) I've finally found you, Naraku! You shall meet your doom today!

NAR:  What a joke. Like you're capable of that!

KAR:   (appears above on her feather, thinking) It'd be a tough fight between Inuyasha and Naraku. (notices the tentacle-SES on the ground, shocked, thinking) That is… Did Naraku really absorb Sesshomaru's energy?! So… Inuyasha will have to kill him before Naraku fully absorb the energy, Inuyasha won't stand a chance after that.

NAR:  (thinking) I've miscalculated… Inuyasha actually came up with such an attack. (laughs) Inuyasha… Did you think my barrier can be destroyed so easily?

INU:   Naraku. I'll see where you'll hide from this! (sprints towards NAR) Meet your doom!!

NAR:  (scoffs) No matter how good you are, you'll never be as good as me. Prove yourself!

NAR's tentacles attack towards INU, who leaps and slashes them with TET.

INU:   Take this!

The pieces fall on the ground. INU continues sprinting towards NAR)

NAR:  Here's another one!! (another tentacle attack)

INU:   (slashes the tentacles) Damn you!! Naraku!!

As INU is sprinting, the fallen pieces of the tentacles suddenly fly up and envelope INU, like SES.

INU:   What's this? What's going on? (struggles)

NAR:  You'll share the same fate as Sesshomaru.

INU:   What?! Sesshomaru…? (notices the throbbing tentacle-SES behind NAR)

KAR:   (scoffs, thinking) Looks like he can't make it…

NAR:  It's too late, Inuyasha. Sesshomaru is already a part of me. I wonder how strong you'll make me. We can always try though. It'd definitely make me more powerful.

INU:   I won't be like him!!

INU struggles and finally he manages to slash them away with TET. NAR is shocked. INU sprints towards NAR.

INU:   Meet your doom! You'll die in my hands! Watch this!!

INU throws a wind scar at NAR, which strikes his body and the tentacle-SES behind him.

NAR:  (shocked) What…

JAK:   (crying) Lord Sesshomaru… (buries his face into his clothes)

Suddenly, SES cuts away the tentacles around him with Tokijin. He is intact.

INU:   Sesshomaru!

JAK:   (glad, ecstatic) Lord Sesshomaru!!

SES:   (steps forwards and squashes a tentacle on the ground, scoffs) Naraku… What a joke… You actually think those crap can stop Inuyasha's Wind Scar?

NAR, with his arms cut off, doesn't reply.

INU:   (runs next to SES) Get lost! Just leave Naraku to me!

SES:   He is my prey.

INU:   Are you kidding?! What do you know?

Suddenly NAR rises high up into the air. A mass of tentacles are below him.

NAR:  Both your wretched lives belongs to me!

INU:   What?!

NAR:  (laughs) Take this!

NAR strikes SES and INU with sharp tentacles, who both leap and dodge.

NAR:  Do you really think you can get away again?

INU:   (runs away from some tentacles) Still daydreaming upon your deathbed?! (spins around and slashes them)

SES disintegrates some tentacles with Tokijin's aura. INU slashes some too.

INU:   (leaps) Go to hell! (throws a wind scar at the mass of tentacles below NAR)

NAR:  (shocked) What?

The mass of tentacles collapses and NAR's half body fall to the ground.

INU:   (sprints towards NAR) Time to die!!

SES:   (zooms next to SES) I've told you, he's my prey.

INU:   What?

SES throws an aura at NAR with Tokijin. NAR winces as the aura hits him. He growls angrily. Suddenly a miasma bursts out of his body and surrounds the area. Both SES and INU leap backwards.

INU:   (covering his mouth with his sleeve) Poisonous gas!

A horde of poison insects fly out of the miasma. The miasma turns into a vortex and fly in the sky.

NAR:  Lord Sesshomaru. Excuse me for today…

SES is bathed in a red aura. INU notices. SES's face start to morph into his full-demon form.

SES:   (furious) Fool! Don't you even think of getting away from me! (growls)

NAR:  (laughs) Lord Sesshomaru… Instead of chasing me… Why not save the little girl?

SES gasps and reverts back to his normal form.

In the hut, where KOH and Rin are. KOH is silent.

Rin:  Kohaku. What is it?

The Sacred Jewel in KOH's back glows.

At NAR's castle.

INU:   (looks at SES, thinking) Little girl? Who is he talking about?

NAR:  Rin is now with this boy named Kohaku.

INU:   (looks at NAR, gasps, thinking) With Kohaku?!

NAR:  Wondering what's going on? You should know, Inuyasha…

The miasma that was NAR dissipates. INU scowls and grinds his teeth as NAR's laughter is heard in the background.

In the hut.

Rin:  Kohaku…

KOH, with glazed eyes, turn to face Rin.

Cut to NAR's castle. SES and INU stand in the courtyard.

NAR:  (voice-over) I almost got Sesshomaru's powers. All my efforts were fruitless… I've never expected Inuyasha to appear. And he's more powerful now.

KAR follows the poison insects on her feather.

KAR:   (to herself) Naraku is really a tough nut to crack.

INU:   (sheathes TET) He's gone. Naraku actually managed to escape! He was seriously injured. Where can he go? (turns to SES) Hey Sesshomaru! Did Naraku capture your hostage? Or is Rin your friend?

SES:   (thinking) Capturing Rin was part of his plan to stall time? Naraku, how despicable can you get… (starts to float upwards)

INU:   (exasperated) Hey!

SES continues floating upwards and doesn't reply. JAK peeps out from the rock and panics.

JAK:   (runs, yelling) Lord Sesshomaru! Don't leave me behind!

INU:   (steps onto JAK) Hey. (grabs JAK to face level by his clothes)

JAK:   (sweating) Inuyasha…!

INU:   Tell me Jaken… What happened between Naraku and Sesshomaru?

JAK:   You mean a big shot like you are keen to talk to me?

INU thumps JAK many times on the head.

JAK:   It's a long story…

INU:   Cut it short then.

[ End of ACT I: 13min 35sec ]

[ ACT II ]

Outside the hut. Demons fly towards the rest of INU-gang.

MIR:   (raising his staff in defense position) They're coming our way.

SAN:  (leaps and throws HIR) Hiraikotsu!

HIR slashes a few demons. Cut to MIR knocking demons away with his staff.

MIR:   All these demons… They're merely blocking the way.

Suddenly, KOH and Rin are seen flying away on a demon, from behind the hut.

KAG:  (thinking) That is… It's Kohaku…! And a little girl. Where have I seen that girl before…

SAN:  (chases KOH on KIR) Kohaku!

Several demons fly towards SAN.

SAN:  Damn! (knocks them aside with HIR) Get lost! All of you!

SAN is having a hard time moving forward as demons keep attacking her.

KAG:  (stands and runs) I'll go after him!

SHI:   (in KAG's arms) Kagome!

Two snake-like demons fly towards KAG and SHI. She stops in her tracks.

INU:   (leaps out) Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer!! (claws the demons into pieces)

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   Kagome, did you see Kohaku?

KAG:  We should be able to catch up! I can feel the Sacred Jewel fragment nearby!

SAN:  Inuyasha!

INU:   (piggybacking KAG) We'll make a move! Don't want to lose them. (leaps)

Cut to INU running through a forest with KAG on his back.

KAG:  You mean Kohaku is under Naraku's control?

INU:   Yes. The Sacred Jewel fragment was inserted in Kohaku's back. Naraku can get him to kill Sesshomaru… or the girl perhaps…

KAG:  (surprised) So… So you're saying that little girl is Sesshomaru's…

INU:   To think that Sesshomaru hated humans so… He'd actually allow a human girl to tag along with him. What's more… Naraku really got on his nerves earlier. I believe he won't let Naraku's people off easily! Sesshomaru will kill Kohaku for sure!

KAG:  Sango's brother? Your brother will really kill him?

INU:   Anyhow, this is just tricky…

KAG:  Then we'd better find Kohaku before Sesshomaru does!

INU:   (agrees, thinking) Apart from me, no one can stop Sesshomaru!

In a deep forest, KOH is walking, holding Rin's hand.

Rin:  Where's this place? Why did you bring me here? I thought I saw people earlier… Kohaku!

KOH doesn't reply. Suddenly something within him pulsates. He gasps and stops. The Sacred Jewel fragment in his back glows. An image of NAR flashes momentarily on the screen.

NAR:  (voice-over) Kill her…

KOH grips Rin's hand tightly and pulls her towards him. He raises his sickle-chain. An image of NAR flashes momentarily on the screen. KOH looks at Rin with glazed eyes. Rin is taken aback. Cut to image of grass. A slashing sound is heard and grass fly into the air. Cut to Rin fallen on the ground, staring at KOH in shock.

Rin:  Kohaku…

KOH raises his sickle chain and swings it at Rin. Rin shrieks and ducks. She gets up and runs away from KOH.

Rin:  What's happening, Kohaku?!

KOH uses the ball on his chain and swings it around Rin's ankle. Rin falls to the ground. KOH walks towards Rin, who is unconscious, and turns her around. He raises his sickle-chain, but stops and looks at Rin's face. An image of NAR flashes momentarily on the screen. KOH raises his sickle.

NAR:  (voice-over) Kill her.

KOH eyes sideways. Pan sideways to reveal SES standing behind him. SES looks on in silence. KOH turns around and walks towards SES.

SES:   Oh… (brandishes his claws) Want to kill me?

KOH raises his sickle-chain slightly.

INU:   (appears at the scene) Kohaku!! (punches KOH's face) Stop it!

KOH winces and falls backwards to the ground.

INU:   What's wrong with you?!

SES looks at KOH in silence. KAG runs to Rin and holds her up.

KAG:  (smiles to SES) Don't worry, she just fainted.

INU:   (looks at SES, thinking) Just in time… (faces SES) That's right! Sesshomaru! You can't kill Kohaku.

SES:   It's useless, Inuyasha. Just before you interfered… (KOH stands) That boy wanted to challenge me…

INU:   (looks at KOH in frustrated manner, thinking) Was that Naraku's order? For him to fight Sesshomaru knowing he'll be killed.

KOH sprints towards SES and swings his sickle-chain. INU rushes in front of KOH and knocks the sickle away. SES zooms forward and grabs KOH by the neck, raising him high up in the air. INU gasps.

SES:   (to INU) You actually blocked that attack for me… Didn't know that you care for your brother, Inuyasha.

INU:   (points TET at SES) Stop that crap! I'll chop off your arm if you don't let go!

SES tightens his grip on KOH's neck.

KAG:  Sesshomaru, stop it!

INU:   Don't do it, Sesshomaru!

SES:   (glares at the expressionless KOH, thinking) This boy… Can't even feel the pain… Nor show his fear… How irritating… (drops KOH to the ground)

INU and KAG look at SES. Rin wakes and rubs her eyes.

KAG:  You're awake?

Rin:  (glad) Lord Sesshomaru! (notices KOH) Kohaku…

KOH suddenly grabs his sickle-chain and runs off. SES doesn't move.

INU:   Oi… You're not going after him, right?

SES, looking at KOH, doesn't reply. Suddenly KAR appears on her feather, with KOH, and flies away swiftly.

INU:   Kagura…!

KAG:  (stands, to SES) I want to thank you… Thanks for letting Kohaku go…

SES:   That boy… Was courting for death…

INU:   Sesshomaru… You finally got it…!

SES:   (turns to INU) I just didn't want to fall into Naraku's trap. (turns around and walks off)

Rin runs after SES. She reaches SES.

Rin:  (turns around) Good-bye!

Rin and SES walk off together. Both INU and SES are shocked.

KAG:  We made it in time…

The sun rises. INU-gang stand in a field.

SAN:  So… Kohaku escaped?

INU:   Yeah… If I had defeated Naraku, he wouldn't have…

KAG:  No… if only…

SAN:  You're not to blame. (turns to face the sun, thinking) At least… I know he's alive…

INU:   (looks at the sun, thinking) I really wonder why Naraku disappeared… He was so seriously wounded that he couldn't control his barrier… And yet…

In NAR's castle. KIK stands in the courtyard, in the aftermath of SES and INU's battle with NAR.

KIK:   (thinking) Where's Naraku? He actually left his castle unattended? Is he… abandoning his castle? Where is he hiding now? That's strange. In the past, no matter where he is, I can always feel his barrier… But now, I can't feel any traces of Naraku… Why did he do this…? (walks)

[ End of ACT II: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 81: Vanishing Point, Naraku Disappears ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Naraku is so despicable! We only missed him by an inch!

Oh thank God, I'm back in modern Japan again!

InuyashaInuyasha Huh?

 Hey Kagome, do you think our roles were switched?

You're right! Our roles were switched! How are we going to do the preview now?

Oh well… let's continue with this then!

Next on Inuyasha, "Gap Between the Ages". Remember to watch it! I've an exciting performance in the next episode, so don't miss it!

Finally…! Our roles are back to normal!


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