episode 19

Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome!

Go Back, Kagome! To Your True Time
Canon Episode | 2-episode story, 18-19

Episode Capsule last revised on 14 Sep 2008.


OPENING SONG: Change the World by V6
ENDING SONG: My will by dream

Script: OTA Ai 太田 愛
Storyboard: NISHIMORI Akira 西森 章
Episode Director: NISHIMORI Akira 西森 章
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一 & SHIGETA Atsushi 重田敦司


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima


Sacred Jewel fragment: ¼ whole +4 fragments [+0]
No. of 'sit': 0 [19 in all]
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 1 [8 in all]
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 [1 in all]
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 23 head thumps
0 / 2 tail-grabbing
0 [25 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 3 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 45.5% [5/11]


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  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
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Preview from previous episode

Miroku's Wind Tunnel has been blocked and Tetsusaiga has been snatched away. Sesshomaru's ruthless attacks drove Inuyasha to desperation! If the Sacred Jewel appeared from my body, then it means I should be able to fight demons too! We worked hard to fight Sesshomaru, but Inuyasha… what are you doing?! Next episode, 'Go Back, Kagome! To Your True Time'!

InuYasha’s Jar

#19 Naraku 奈落

An ultimate enemy who trapped Inuyasha and Kikyou, and made a curse upon the descendants of Miroku. {Shirogetsu}



Inuyasha thanked me. A sign of weakness?


Is Miroku a delinquent monk, after all?!


Inuyasha… Make her stop. Even as a half-breed, the blood of a demon flows through your veins. Don't stoop to accepting human aid when you're on the verge of death.


Oddities and Other Notes



After witnessing Inuyasha and Kagome's embrace. Miroku seems to have stopped making advances on her in the later episodes.
Shippo seems to have a penchant for 'holding' other people's stuff. In the previous episode, he was holding onto Miroku's stuff. Here, he takes Jaken's staff. In episode 25, he wears Sango's mask over his head. In episode 29, he tries to help with Kagome's haversack.
It seems that Kagome usually gets knocked unconscious when Sesshomaru appears. In episode 7, Sesshomaru unleashed his poison claw attack on her, and Inuyasha thought she was a goner. Déjà vu in this episode too.
In episode 4, Kagome could return to feudal era, without a Sacred Jewel. Yet she is unable to return now. Perhaps it is because Inuyasha fetched her in episode 4. Also, it seems that Kagome can go home without the Sacred Jewel (in episode 3 and 19), but can't go to feudal era without it. Inuyasha seems to be the only one who can traverse the two worlds without the aid of the Sacred Jewel. Perhaps it is because of the Sacred Tree which he was pinned onto by Kikyo, which exists in both eras, that allow him to traverse so freely?

Did you notice…?

The ladder that wasn't there.
…there's a ladder in the well of the Higurashi shrine?

Freeze Frame Fun

Inuyasha's rosary changing colors momentarily.
Inuyasha’s rosary changing colors momentarily.
Watch closely when Inuyasha and Kagome are sitting by the well. For one shot, Inuyasha's rosary will switch colors! The beads turn white and the fangs turn purple.

Things brought from modern era (or why Kagome’s bag is so big)

From left: medicine and drink ·



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ recap ]

Flashback from previous episode, when SES took a human arm from NAR.

SES:   Even if I find another arm, it'll be useless after a while.

NAR:  You seem to be troubled. May I suggest that you use this arm? May I suggest that you use this arm?

Flashback from previous episode, when SES took INU's TET and performed the Wind Scar.

SES:   The power to slay a hundred demons in one stroke…

[ End of recap: 1min ]

[ Title screen: Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome! ]

[ ACT I ]

Continuation from previous episode. KAG draws an arrow at SES.

KAG:  Sesshomaru, next it's your arm. I'll shoot your left arm off!

INU:   (looks at SES, thinking) Left arm?!

SES's left arm glows in pink.

KAG:  I can see it… The fragment of the Sacred Jewel! (fires)

SES dodges the arrow swiftly and leaps towards KAG.

INU:   (chases) Stop!

KAG:  (gasps as SES flies towards her) Huh?!

INU:   I'm the one who'll fight you!

INU claws at SES and hits his face. SES is shocked momentarily and lands a distance away. INU lands in front of KAG.

SES:   You act pretty swiftly… When it comes to that girl.

KAG:  Inuyasha! There's a Sacred Jewel fragment in his left arm! (draws another arrow) If I aim for that…

INU:   Enough, Kagome! (KAG gasps) Sesshomaru's not one to be easily beaten. You take care of Miroku. Medicine from your time may save him!

KAG:  Uh-huh…got it! (starts running)

INU:   Kagome…

KAG:  Yes?

INU:   Thanks… Your arrow halted the Tetsusaiga's transformation. I can at least fight now.

KAG:  (surprised, thinking) Inuyasha thanked me…?

Fade to KAG running with her haversack.

KAG:  (thinking) A sign of weakness?

Back with SES and INU.

SES:   The transformation was stopped by a mere mortal's arrow. (closes his eyes and smiles slightly) I guess the Tetsusaiga won't take to me.

Cut to JAK.

JAK:   Lord Sesshomaru has blood on his face. (A hand thumps him violently on the head) Owww…

MIR appears behind JAK and raises a clenched fist fiercely.

JAK:   (rubs his head and panics) Well… You are looking a bit different from earlier… (scampers backwards)

MIR:   (grabs JAK's head threateningly) Don't try to get out of this, you!

JAK:   Well… Er…

SHI:   (throws aside JAK's staff, shocked) Is Miroku a delinquent monk, after all?!

MIR:   (shakes JAK violently) Now confess! Where did you get the poison insects?

JAK:   I don't know who he was… But it was one who wore the hide of a baboon to conceal himself.

MIR:   And his name?!

JAK:   His name…

Flashback from previous episode, when SES took the hive from NAR.

NAR:  My name is Naraku.

Back to present.

MIR:   Naraku?

SHI:   Naraku is the one that you are after?

MIR:   Where is Naraku! Tell me!

JAK:   (struggling) I don't know. Besides, it's too late to know.

MIR:   What?

JAK:   Your body is full of insect poison and you will soon be dead!

MIR winces.

SHI:   Are you in pain, Miroku?

MIR:   It mortifies me… but I am, after all, just a weak mortal.

JAK:   Serves you right!

MIR glares at JAK and thumps him violently. SHI looks on in terror.

JAK:   (covered with bumps) D-don't take it out on me…

MIR lies back on a rock and groans.

SHI:   (runs to MIR) Miroku…!

MIR:   (weakly) I need to rest. (thinking) Damn! I'm having difficulty breathing.

KAG:  (arrives at the scene) Shippo! (to MIR) Are you okay?

SHI:   Kagome, Miroku is…

KAG:  Just a sec. (digs into her haversack) I must give the antidote in a hurry. (takes out a can drink and a little box) Hang on, Miroku. Can you drink this?

MIR:   (closes eyes, weakly) If possible…can you give it to me mouth to mouth?

KAG:  I understand.

SHI:   (surprised) Huh?

Cut to MIR with closed eyes. Sound of the can drink being opened is heard. Cut to close up of SHI's face. He takes a sip of the drink, putter his lips and closes in on MIR's face.

SHI:   Okay, here I go, Miroku.

MIR:   (sighs) I can manage by myself.

KAG:  (thinking) He still has the energy to joke. But if Inuyasha's battle continues much longer, he may be in danger.

Back to INU and SES.

INU:   I've figured it out, Sesshomaru. Why a demon like you is able to wield the Tetsusaiga. That left arm is a human arm! You are using the Sacred Jewel to connect the arm to yours. If I lop off that arm, you won't be able to even touch the Tetsusaiga! (flexes his claws) On top of that, (sprints towards SES) I'll be able to get another Sacred Jewel fragment! Two birds with one stone!

SES:   (zooms towards INU) If you think you can touch my left arm, try!

INU attacks SES and misses. SES cuts INU on his shoulder with his poison claw. SES leaps in the air and lashes his poison whip at INU. INU dodges with some difficulty. INU somersaults to SES's back. As SES turns around, INU dashes towards SES with raised claws.

INU:   Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!

SES dodges easily and punches INU in the face. INU is thrown backwards and slides across the ground. INU winces in pain. An arrow suddenly appears and shatters SES's armor. Cut to KAG and SHI.

SHI:   Amazing, Kagome! You smashed his armor!

KAG:  I was aiming for his left arm.

Cut to INU and SES.

INU:   (gets up) Kagome…

SES:   (riled) Inuyasha… Make her stop. Even as a half-breed, the blood of a demon flows through your veins. Don't stoop to accepting human aid when you're on the verge of death.

INU:   Don't try anything, Kagome! Sesshomaru is ruthless!

KAG:  (draws another arrow) Don't worry! This time I'll hit my target! (fires)

The arrow flies towards SES who doesn't flinch. He raises his hand and catches the arrow between his fingers. A green gas emits from his hand and disintegrates the arrow.

KAG:  The arrow…melted!

SES:   (TET glows in yellow) Do you not understand… (shouts) how to stop?!

SES swings TET which sends waves in KAG's direction.

INU:   (dashes towards KAG) Damn!

SHI sprints away while KAG stands dumbfounded.

SHI:   Run, Kagome!

INU grabs KAG. The wave hits them and they are thrown in the air. They crash on the ground heavily.

SHI:   (runs to INU and KAG) Kagome! Inuyasha!

INU:   (winces in pain and looks at KAG) Kagome…! (KAG is unconscious) Kagome!

INU holds KAG's face who whimpers. She doesn't wake. SES looks on and points TET at them.

INU:   Sesshomaru… You…! How dare you hurt Kagome…!

MIR struggles towards INU using his staff.

INU:   Miroku…

MIR:   It's not even completely transformed, yet look at its power. The only way left to confront the Tetsusaiga (holds the beads on his hand) is with my Wind Tunnel!

INU:   Forget it, Miroku. (picks up a pebble) If you open your Wind Tunnel again…

INU throws the pebble at a rubble nearby. Poison insects fly out and hover in the air.

MIR:   That nest is still…!

SHI:   You can't, Miroku. If you take in anymore of that toxin…

INU:   If you understand, take Kagome and run. As far as you can.

SHI:   Huh? Inuyasha…

INU:   Please…don't let Kagome die.

MIR and SHI look at INU intently. KAG is still unconscious.

SES:   As if you can run. I can destroy you all in a single stroke! (TET glows)

INU:   (sprints towards SES) As if I'd let you!

SES swings TET which sends out waves and cuts INU. INU grits his teeth and continues running towards SES. An explosion ensues. MIR and SHI take cover as pieces of rock fly past them. It gradually stops.

MIR:   (looks up) It subsided…

MIR looks up to find INU grabbing onto SES's left arm with both hands and biting into it. He struggles to hang on. SES looks at INU in silence.

MIR:   (holds up KAG) He's pushing the sword back.

INU:   W-what're you doing?! Run!

SHI & MIR: Okay! (run off with KAG)

SES:   It's enough to make me cry… (raises his right poison claw) Trying to gain time to help your friends escape?!

SES sinks his right claws into INU's back and goes through his chest. A hole is made. INU yells in pain. Cut to SHI and MIR running away. KAG, in MIR's arms, wakes and notices INU.

KAG:  Inuyasha! (gets off MIR and runs)

MIR:   (grabs KAG's shoulder) Kagome!

KAG:  Let me go!

MIR:   If you return, you'll be trampling down Inuyasha's feelings.

KAG:  Inuyasha…

Back to INU and SES.

SES:   (removes his hand from INU's back) If you have any last words, I'll hear them now.

INU:   What, Sesshomaru? Haven't you realized it yet?

SES:   Why you…!

INU:   (twists SES left arm) I'm taking my sword back!

INU rips off SES's human arm. He takes TET and throws the arm aside. JAK rushes to SES.

JAK:   Oh no! Without that left arm, Lord Sesshomaru cannot touch the Tetsusaiga!

INU growls and his body starts to shake. He gasps and falls on his knees, thrusting the tip of TET in the ground in front of him.

KAG:  Inuyasha…

JAK:   Lord Sesshomaru! That damn Inuyasha has finally lost consciousness… (walks towards INU)

SES:   Don't get any closer.

JAK:   (stops and looks at SES) Huh?

INU's hands tense up and a current is sent from TET towards JAK. JAK leaps aside frantically.

JAK:   W-why? He didn't swing the sword!

SES:   (thinking) Damn him… He is unconscious…but if I step into the striking range, he would certainly swing the sword! (turns around and says to JAK) We're leaving, Jaken. As the Tetsusaiga is beyond my reach, there's no sense in staying.

JAK:   Oh, already? Certainly.

Yellow strips of light surround SES and he floats upwards. A cloud appears around SES's feet. JAK and SES float away into the night sky. The poison insects follow them.

MIR:   He's leaving…

SHI:   We're saved.

KAG:  Inuyasha! (runs to INU)

INU:   (opens his eyes slightly) Kagome… (TET reverts to rusty state, thinking) You're okay…

INU winces and collapses onto his puddle of blood on the ground.

KAG:  (worked up) Inuyasha!

Cut to SES and JAK flying on a cloud. The poison insects surround them.

JAK:   How far are these damned bugs going to follow us?

SES:   Humph… Ultimately… Their goal is this Sacred Jewel fragment. They're waiting for me to get rid of this arm. (removes his left sleeve)

JAK:   (shocked) The joint of the arm…!

The skin is burning where the human arm joins SES's.

JAK:   It's extending toward your body!

SES:   I'm about to be eaten by this arm.

SES rips off the remaining human arm and flings it in the air. It burns and disintegrates, leaving only the Sacred Jewel fragment. One of the insects take it. The horde of them fly away.

Dawn in a dark forest. The poison insects fly towards NAR.

NAR:  (takes the Sacred Jewel fragment) That Sesshomaru… He failed.

NAR freezes as SES suddenly appears behind him. He leaps around and kneels to SES.

NAR:  Oh Master Sesshomaru!

JAK:   (steps out from behind SES) Naraku! You tried to kill my lord with that arm!

NAR:  Oh, no such thing! Just a little something so that I can get back the Sacred Jewel fragment that I loaned him.

SES:   Quite well prepared, aren't you?

SES claws at NAR and slices him into pieces. JAK looks up in awe as pieces of the baboon suit fall to the ground.

JAK:   That's what you get for threatening Lord Sesshomaru. (kicks the baboon head)

SES:   He got away…

JAK is shocked and walks up to the baboon remains. He looks under them.

JAK:   He's gone.

NAR:  (background) Master Sesshomaru… Please hold back your anger. I may call on you again when the opportunity to kill Inuyasha arises again.

SES:   A disagreeable wretch, is he not?

[ End of ACT I: 12min 47sec ]

[ ACT II ]

INU-gang flies across the back of a transformed tanuki from episode 16.

MIR:   Haachi… We've been together a long time.

Haachi abbreviated as HAA from now onwards.

HAA:  Will you please cut out that sentimental talk?

KAG:  Master Miroku, how are you feeling?

MIR:   I think your medicine has taken effect. You saved my life. (whining) Haachi, I'm hungry.

HAA:  'Kay, okay! I'll find something.

KAG gets up and walks to the back of HAA, where SHI and INU are.

KAG:  Shippo, how is Inuyasha?

SHI:   As you can see, he hasn't gotten up yet.

KAG:  (thinking) For Inuyasha to say he wants to go home, he must've been hurt pretty badly. (speaking to SHI) Now getting back to what we were talking about…

SHI:   The insect hive was Naraku's doing. Naraku was the one responsible for the Wind Tunnel in Miroku's right hand. And…

KAG:  (thinking) And he's the demon who set Inuyasha against Kikyo and tried to get them to kill each other. To avenge Kikyo's death, Inuyasha must get Naraku. (whispers to SHI) Does Inuyasha know that?

SHI:   Nope… Inuyasha has had his hands full with Sesshomaru. He has no idea about Naraku.

KAG:  If he learns of it, he's sure to set out in search of Naraku despite his injuries. Shippo, let's not tell Inuyasha about this for now.

SHI:   I agree…

INU wakes and looks at his bloodied hand.

INU:   (thinking) Naraku is near… The one who disguised himself as me and killed Kikyo. He's hidden himself again and is near.

Cut to flashback, where KIK took the Sacred Jewel to a field. Someone runs up behind her and claws her back. KIK winces and falls face down, her shoulder bleeding. INU walks up to her. KIK reaches for the Sacred Jewel on the ground.

INU:   (stamps KIK's hand) Fool! I have no desire to become human!

INU:   (voice-over) That wasn't me.

INU:   (holds up the Sacred Jewel) Thanks for the Sacred Jewel! (walks off)

INU:   (voice-over) That wasn't me…not me!

KIK:   Curse you!

INU:   (voice-over) That was not me!

KIK:   (yells) Curse you!

Back to present.

INU:   (thinking) He will appear where the Sacred Jewel can be found. He's nearby.

HAA lands on the ground and transforms back to normal, thumping his chest proudly.

Morning. INU-gang sits in a field in the village.

KAG:  Thanks for carrying us, Tanuki.

HAA:  Don't mention it!

MIR:   (gives HAA a piece of gold) A token of our appreciation.

HAA:  (examines the gold) I hope they're not leaves, Master Miroku!

INU:   (gets up) Kagome…come with me. (walks off)

KAG:  (rushes to INU) Wait…! Are you all right, Inuyasha? (holds INU) Even if you're built strong, it's still too early for you to be walking around.

INU tries to walk and winces in pain.

KAG:  See! I told you so!

INU and KAG walk away from the group. MIR and SHI follow. INU stops and turns to them.

INU:   You guys don't have to come! (rushes off)

KAG:  (thinking) He seems stronger than I first thought.

INU and KAG walk in a forest. KAG suddenly stops and looks at a bush.

KAG:  Huh?! (picks up a leaf) Granny Kaede taught me that this herb is the best antidote for poison. I'll brew some tea with it later. And this one here is a good antiseptic. (in mock horror) It really works, but it also stings something awful.

INU:   (smiles) Kagome…

KAG:  Yes?

INU:   You've become strong.

KAG:  (stands up and puts her hands on her hip) I know! After all, I spend each day running away from demons. I'm much stronger now than your average ninth grader. I've gotten pretty good at archery, too.

KAG walks on and notices the Bon-Eating Well ahead.

KAG:  (thinking) The Bone-Eating Well… This well connects the present with the Feudal Era. And hidden inside me was the Sacred Jewel which the demons all sought. That's how I met Inuyasha…

INU walks up the well and sits, leaning on it. KAG stops in front of him.

INU:   Kagome… How are you feeling? You're injured, aren't you?

KAG:  Huh? I just got a lump on the head. I'm sorry, Inuyasha. I know you told me to stay away from Sesshomaru but I ended up getting in your way. If I hadn't been moving around close by, you wouldn't have gotten hurt so seriously.

INU:   Nah… Actually, your arrow saved me. I'm grateful, Kagome.

KAG:  (thinking) Grateful?! What's wrong with you, Inuyasha? (kneels and speaks to INU) You really are acting strange. (puts a hand on his forehead) You must have a fever.

Pan sideways to reveal MIR and SHI hiding behind a bush, eavesdropping.

SHI:   That Inuyasha… What does he intend to do taking Kagome so deep into the forest?!

MIR:   (puts a finger on his lips) Shh…!

Close up of INU's face.

INU:   You must've heard too about Naraku who lured me into a trap fifty years ago. He's the one pulling the strings behind Sesshomaru.

KAG:  (thinking) So he knew… I guess… Inuyasha's the one most alert to Naraku's movements.

INU:   That's why… we might face even greater danger.

KAG:  You may be right.

INU:   Is that all you have to say?! Kagome, aren't you frightened? This time, we came out of it still breathing, but…

KAG:  (determined) I'm not afraid! Naraku is an awful demon! We must destroy…

INU grabs her hands and pulls her into his arms, hugging her tightly.

KAG:  (softly) Inu…yasha…

INU:   I…was afraid.

KAG:  Huh?

INU:   At the thought of you dying… I was scared.

Cut to MIR pushing SHI's face onto the ground.

SHI:   Hey, Miroku… What're you doing?!

MIR:   This is not for children to see.

Cut to INU and KAG. They embrace in silence. Suddenly INU shoves KAG to the ground.

INU:   (stands and holds up KAG's Sacred Jewel necklace in his hand) I'll hold this.

KAG:  (stands, shocked) The Sacred Jewel fragment!

INU:   (puts the necklace into his clothes and shouts) You must never come back to this era again!

KAG:  Huh?!

INU pushes KAG into the well. She shrieks. SHI and MIR are shocked and let out a yell. They rush to INU and looks into the well.

MIR:   Inuyasha! What are you doing?! Kagome is gone! Inuyasha!

INU:   The other side of the well is where Kagome truly belongs.

Modern Japan, in the Dry Well Structure in the Higurashi shrine.

KAG:  (climbs out of the well) Ohh! What's with him?! Out of the blue like this! I don't understand! I'll go back and grill him!

KAG jumps back into the well. She lands on the ground, surprised that she can't get through.

KAG:  Huh? The school chime… Am I in the present time? (feels the ground, thinking) I can't return to the Feudal Era! W-Why?! (gasps) I don't have the Sacred Jewel fragment!

[ End of ACT II: 20min 35sec ]

[ End of episode 19: Go Home to Your Own Time, Kagome! ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

I was embraced by a boy for the first time, but it was actually Inuyasha's trick to snatch the Sacred Jewel fragment from me. Unforgiveable! Inuyasha, who suffered from a poison claw attack, faces yet another enemy. Someone is manipulating all these, and watching from nearby! Kaede, do you know? Please tell us who Naraku really is! Next episode, 'The Wretched Thief: Onigumo's Secret'!


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