episode 44

Kaijinbo's Evil Sword

Kajinbou's Possessed Sword
Canon Episode | 2-episode story, 44-45

Episode Capsule last revised on 01 Mar 2008.


OPENING SONG: I am by hitomi
ENDING SONG: Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki

Script: YAMADA Takashi 山田隆司
Storyboard: ISHIHARA Tatsuya 石原立也
Episode Director: 阿宮正和
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima


Sacred Jewel fragment: 2 [+0]
No. of 'sit': 1 [24 in all]
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 [2 in all]
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 [19 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 [5 in all]
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 1 [5 in all]
‘Will you bear my child?’: 1 [3 in all]
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 24 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 2 tail-grabbing
0 / 1 throws
0 [50 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 [3 in all]
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 [1 in all]
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 54.5% [12/22]


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Preview from previous episode

Sesshomaru took Goshinki's fang and used it to make a terrible sword! This sword sliced Jaken into two in one swing! This sword, Tokijin, is made by Kaijinbo. He used to be Totosai's disciple, but was banished. Why does he want to kill Inuyasha too? The sword reeks of evil aura! Inuyasha, who transformed into full-human, is in trouble again! Next episode, 'Kaijinbo's Evil Sword'!

InuYasha’s Jar

#44 Kaijinbo 灰刃坊

A demon swordsmith. He was expelled by Totosai. Made the sword Tokijin. {Shirogetsu}



Even I have times when I want to think by myself.


I thought the Wind Tunnel was Miroku's only legitimate weapon, but he has spiritual powers!


Let's go, Jaken. Hurry and put your body back.


Oddities and Other Notes



Rin running in this episode, with new kimono.
Rin is wearing a different set of clothes from the previous time she was seen. Most likely Sesshomaru got her a new set of clothes. The weird thing is, can you imagine Sesshomaru or Jaken buying or snatching a set of little girl's clothes?
This is the first time Sango and Miroku see Inuyasha in his human form, and the second time for us. (The first was in episode 13)
Heaven's Punishment: This is the first time we see Miroku's attacks other than the Wind Tunnel.

Rin running in episode 35.
This is the first time we hear Rin speak. And she is a far cry from the withdrawn, mute girl from episode 35.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun

Things brought from modern era (or why Kagome’s bag is so big)

From left: mineral water bottle · canned drinks ·



15 Feb 2008

“Totosai! I’ll show you who is the better swordsmith.”

I don’t know about Kaijinbo being a better swordsmith. But at least he’s faster. In the time that it took Totosai to fix Tetsusaiga, Kaijino made an entirely new sword.


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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ ACT I ]

Nighttime. Aftermath of INU's battle with GOS in the village. Rin and JAK run toward GOS's head.

Rin:  (stops near GOS's head and raises her hands in the air) I win!

JAK:   I lose! (turns to Rin) Fool! This is not a race!

Rin:  (points at GOS's remains) Look Master Jaken! Just as Lord Sesshomaru said, there's a dead demon!

JAK:   My goodness, who could have…

SES:   It was Inuyasha. (walks towards them)

JAK:   Lord Sesshomaru.

SES:   Although…I don't think he got away unscathed either.

SES picks up GOS's head. Rin screams.

SES:   (thinking) I can smell it on this demon's fangs… The scent of Tetsusaiga. Just as I thought…these fangs broke Tetsusaiga apart.

Rin continue screaming, albeit halfheartedly.

SES:   (walking away with GOS's head) Let us go.

JAK:   Are you taking that?

SES:   Silence, Rin. You make too much noise.

Rin:  (spins around and stands up straight) All right!

SES:   (thinking) I knew immediately what happened here by the smell in the wind, but one thing – what was it? The smell of Inuyasha's blood changed. That's right – it was not the smell of a half-demon. It was the same smell as my blood and our father's.

[ End of ACT I: 1min 17sec ]

[ Title screen: Kaijinbo's Evil Sword ]

[ ACT II ]

Daytime by a river. The group is barbequing some fish. INU sits alone, a distance away from the group, staring at TET and its broken blade laid on a cloth in front of him.

INU:   (thinking) When Tetsusaiga was broken in two, I thought I was gonna die. When I said to myself I didn't want to die…my body started to get hot.

Flashback of previous episode when INU turned full demon and killed GOS.

INU:   (voice-over) And before I realized it, I had killed Goshinki. At that time, I felt something I never felt before…something strange.

Back to present.

INU:   (looking at his outstretched hand, thinking) I only felt pleasure at tearing apart Goshinki.

KAG and SHI appear in front of INU.

KAG:  (handing a barbequed fish on a stick to INU) Here. It's ready. Let's eat.

INU:   Yeah…

SHI:   (waving his barbequed fish at INU) What's the matter? Moping over some broken sword!

INU grabs his fish and bites into it.

SHI:   (screaming tragically) My fish!

INU eats the fish while fending off SHI by putting a hand on his head. The sky suddenly turns dark. The group looks up. A bolt of lightning flashes and strikes the ground. The smoke from the explosion clears away to reveal TOT's three-eyed bull. It moos. The group surrounds the bull.

MIR:   This is the bull that belongs to Totosai, the swordsmith who forged Tetsusaiga.

SAN:  Only his bull?

MYO:  (leaps from the bull's nose onto INU's) Master Inuyasha! (sucks INU's blood and gets a little bigger)

INU closes his eyes and slaps MYO. MYO, flattened, drift onto INU's palm.

KAG:  Old Myoga!

MIR:   Myoga! So you were hiding out at Totosai's?

MYO:  (fattens himself and jumps repeatedly) How rude you are!

INU:   You ran away to him.

KAG:  You ran away.

MYO:  Never mind that, Master Inuyasha… What happened to Tetsusaiga? (notices the broken TET on the ground) Oh…no!!

INU:   This demon called Goshinki bit it in two.

MYO:  (thinking) I knew it. I came when I noticed that the scent of Master Inuyasha's blood had changed. (to INU) Master Inuyasha, you must take the pieces of the sword and go to Master Totosai.

KAG:  Does that mean the Tetsusaiga can be repaired?

MYO:  Yes! That bull will take you to Totosai. Now hurry!

INU nods. Cut to INU riding away on the bull.

INU:   Well, see ya!

Nighttime at the same place. The group sit around a campfire.

MYO:  (on KAG's shoulder) Master Inuyasha really transformed?

KAG:  Yes. Does that have anything to do with Tetsusaiga being broken?

MYO:  Yes. You know the Tetsusaiga is an heirloom left to Master Inuyasha by his father. Besides protecting Master Inuyasha from his enemies…it also serves to keep the demon side of him sealed.

MIR:   Seal the demon side of him?

MYO:  The Tetsusaiga being broken means Inuyasha will die. Yet the strong desire to live awakened the demon's blood which flows through him. Once awakened, even if the Tetsusaiga is repaired, that part of him will be harder to control. He had tasted the pleasure of slaying an enemy.

KAG:  (worried, thinking) Does that mean Inuyasha's heart is becoming a demon's?

Images of INU flash across KAG's mind.

KAG:  (staring into the campfire, thinking) Inuyasha…

At TOT's place. A loud and tragic wailing is heard. Cut to interior. TOT is crying. His tears evaporate as they hit the hot ground.

TOT:   Oh you…are such a fool! Look what you did to my dear, dear Tetsusaiga.

INU:   Will you shaddup?! Instead of bawling, hurry and fix my sword, old fool!

TOT:   (angry) You young punk! You think it's so easy!

INU:   (shock) Can't you fix it?

TOT:   Humph! (picks up TET) You're speaking to Totosai! I can put it back in three days and three nights. However, I need something to bond it with.

INU:   Bond?

TOT:   (holds up a plier) Inuyasha, open your mouth.

INU:   (opens his mouth wide) Like this?

Something flashes. INU's loud scream is heard. Cut to close-up of INU's face trembling in pain. He is missing a fang. Cut to TOT holding a fang in his plier.

TOT:   Well, I guess this fang will do.

INU:   (thumps TOT on the head) What're you doing?!

TOT:   Silence! Your fang will grow back in half a day! (a huge bump grows on his head)

INU:   Damn you are such a pain in the neck! (threateningly) Make sure you bring it to me fixed in three days!

TOT:   (confused) Why three days?

INU:   (almost losing it) You just said you can fix it in three days and three nights!

TOT:   Oh!

INU:   Cripes! I'm counting on ya, old man! (walks off) See ya!

TOT:   All right… you can look forward to it.

Evening in a swamp. SES and JAK walk towards a house at the edge of the swamp. Cut to interior of house. A demon with a string of skulls across his neck is seen drinking. SES and JAK enter the house.

Demon: Who are you?

SES:   You are Kaijinbo? Because you created too many deviant swords you are banished by your master, Totosai.

Kaijinbo abbreviated as KAI from now onwards.

KAI:   Totosai, huh? Haven't heard that name in quite a while…but it still makes my blood boil.

SES:   (throws GOS's head on the ground) Well, Kaijinbo? Would you like to forge a sword out of that demon's fangs?

KAI:   (examines the head and scoffs) Don't joke! No way can I make a sword out of something that's dead!

SES unsheathes Tenseiga. KAI backs away.

JAK:   (backs away, thinking) Is Lord Sesshomaru going to use Tenseiga, the sword of healing?

The screen turns a shade darker. Two demons are seen devouring GOS's head.

SES:   (thinking) I can see the messengers from the netherworld.

SES slashes the head with Tenseiga. The netherworld demons are killed. A blue light starts to glow around GOS's head and his eyes glow red.

KAI:   (smiles and touches the head) Wow, this is totally different from earlier!

SES:   Kaijinbo, let me tell you. This sword, the Tenseiga, was forged by the master who banished you. And the fangs of that demon broke the Tetsusaiga, a sword also forged by Totosai.

KAI:   Amazing. These fangs will make a most powerful sword!

SES looks at KAI.

[ End of ACT II: 7min 36sec ]


Nighttime at the campsite. KAG is refilling her mineral water bottle with river water. SHI stands next to her.

KAG:  Tetsusaiga should be repaired by tomorrow.

SHI:   But this all happened at such a bad time. The night of the new moon.

Cut to a human INU sitting by the campfire, with arms folded. SAN sits in front of him, and MIR next to SAN.

INU:   (worried) Damn it all! Totosai is late!

SAN:  (looks at INU wide-eyed) He's just like a human.

MIR:   You didn't know, Sango? I only heard about it, and it's the first time I'm seeing it. (gets up and squats behind INU) Half-demons like Inuyasha have one night when they lose their demon powers and become mere mortals. (pulls open INU's mouth with his fingers) See, he doesn't have fangs, either. (wriggles his fingers) Interesting, huh?

INU:   (breaks free from MIR) Miroku, you're having fun with this, aren't you?

MIR:   You figured it out? (INU scoffs and looks away) If attacked by an enemy on this night, he can be killed. Hence, the night of the new moon when Inuyasha loses his demon powers must be kept strictly secret!

INU:   So how do you know about it?

SHI peeps out behind a rock and grins.

INU:   Shippo, you! (slams SHI's head on the ground)

SHI:   (struggling) Stop, Inuyasha!

INU:   You blabbermouth!

SHI:   Stop! I didn't mean any harm!

INU:   You better not have intended harm! (lets go of SHI and looks up) Damn! How come more and more people know about my secret?

KAG:  (walks to INU) That's okay. It means you have more people concerned about you.

INU looks at KAG intently.

Cut to INU sitting in a field of flowers under the night sky.

INU:   (thinking) Still when I turn mortal, I can't stand this feeling of unease. When I become a full-fledged demon, it'll be good riddance to these feelings.

KAG:  (walks to INU with two cans of drinks) Inuyasha!

INU:   (looks at KAG, thinking) But if I become a full-fledged demon, Kagome and the others will be…

KAG:  (hands INU a can) Here. (sits next to INU) Don't stray too far from us tonight.

INU:   Keh! Be quiet! Even I have times when I want to think by myself. (notices KAG looking at him) W-what?!

KAG:  Inuyasha, do you still want to become a full-fledged demon? I…I was scared that time.

INU:   What're you saying!? If I hadn't transformed that time, you'd all have been killed by that Goshinki!

KAG:  I don't mean that. It's not the face that changed, or how scared I felt.

INU:   (thinking) Was I that scary-looking?

KAG:  I just…felt like your heart was beyond my reach. That you were going to forget about me…and that scared me.

INU:   (thinking) That time…when I transformed… My heart was… (to KAG) Are you crazy? No matter what happens, I'm still me! I wouldn't forget about you or Miroku and the others.

KAG:  (nods, thinking) Don't ever forget. Please, Inuyasha!

Nighttime. JAK walks towards KAI's hut.

JAK:   (yells) Kaijinbo! It's been three days! (enters the hut) Have you forged a sword from the demon's fangs?

A sword appears and slices JAK into two pieces. He falls onto the ground, dead. Cut to KAI holding up a sword which is glowing in red. KAI's eyes glow an eerie red.

KAI:   It's done! A magnificent demon sword!

Later. SES enters KAI's hut.

SES:   (looks at JAK's corpse) This must be Kaijinbo's doing.

SES unsheathes Tenseiga and slays the netherworld demons on JAK's corpse. JAK wakes.

JAK:   I was slain by Kaijinbo! (looks back at his body in two pieces) I knew it!

SES:   Let's go, Jaken. Hurry and put your body back. (turns around and sheathes Tenseiga)

JAK:   Lord Sesshomaru! Did you perhaps use Tenseiga to bring me back to life?

SES:   Who else besides me is capable of such a thing?

JAK:   (eyes all big and shiny) No one…Lord Sesshomaru! (weeps tears of gratitude and hugs his lower body piece)

SES:   Did Kaijinbo finish the sword?

JAK:   Y-yes, he did. Kaijinbo claimed that he had forged the demon sword. But his eyes looked so strange. Like… Like he was possessed by the sword.

SES:   Hmm…I see.

Back at the campsite. KAG, SHI and SAN are asleep. MIR and INU sit around the campfire.

MIR:   Inuyasha, why don't you get some sleep?

INU:   Miroku… Just leave me alone! I never sleep when I take on the human form!

MIR:   Are you too scared to sleep?

INU:   W-what?! Oh, I'm so scared! So what?!

MIR:   Good to be honest.

INU:   I have a lot of enemies. If I'm attacked when I'm like this, I don't have a chance.

MIR:   Well, it's a good lesson for you.

MIR and INU notice something and stop talking. SAN opens her eyes. KIR wakes and looks up.

SAN:  Monk, do you sense it? (MIR nods. SAN gets up) A very powerful aura.

The sky glows in an eerie purplish-pink color. KAI slashes a few trees and zooms towards the group.

KAI:   Which one of you is Inuyasha!?

INU:   Who are you?!

KAG and SHI wakes. The group gathers around KAI. SAN holds up HIR.

KAI:   I am Kaijinbo. A master swordsmith.

INU:   Swordsmith?

KAI:   This sword which I forged named Tokijin, is crying for a taste of the blood of Inuyasha.

INU:   (thinking) This swordsmith, why is he after me?

The sword pulses. It points at INU.

KAI:   Hmm…so you are Inuyasha? This sword has told me so. D-damn. Why I thought you were some demon. But you're just a mortal.

MIR:   Inuyasha, can you think of any reason why he begrudges you?

INU:   None…

MIR:   Heard that?

KAI:   (laughs) As I told you, this sword wants to kill you. (laughs) This Tokijin was forged from the fangs of the demon who broke the Tetsusaiga, the sword created by old Totosai.

INU:   Made from the fangs of Goshinki, the demon who broke the Tetsusaiga in half!

SAN:  So it's a sword filled with the hate of Goshinki.

INU:   Keh! I'm tired of listening to your jabbering! Just come and attack, Kaijinbo! (runs towards KAI) I'll turn you into mincemeat! (blocked by MIR's staff)

SAN:  Stay back, Inuyasha!

MIR:   Let me and Sango handle this!

SAN and MIR rush forward while KAG and SHI hold INU back.

SHI:   (jumps on INU's shoulder) There's no way you can win, the way you are now.

KAG:  Inuyasha, bear with it!

SAN:  Hiraikotsu!

SAN sends HIR flying at KAI. It flies past KAI.

KAI:   Where are you aiming?

HIR turns around and flies at KAI from his back. Tokijin pulses. KAI waves it to his back and slices the oncoming HIR into two. The two pieces of HIR fall onto the ground. SAN gasps.

KAG:  The Hiraikotsu…!

KAI:   (laughing) Useless.

MIR:   (runs forward and reaches into his clothes) Without a doubt, it is a formidable sword. (takes out a charm) Well then…I have no choice!

The charm lands on KAI's forehead. MIR raises his staff.

MIR:   Heaven's punishment! (hits KAI on the head with his staff)

KAI falls backwards, with a crack on his forehead. He looks unconscious. MIR turns around and walks back to the group.

SHI:   He did it!

KAG:  I thought the Wind Tunnel was Miroku's only legitimate weapon, but he has spiritual powers.

Tokijin pulses.

INU:   Watch out, Miroku!

MIR turns around. Tokijin rise up and drags KAI's body up, so that he stands. KAI runs and slashes at MIR, who dodges.

KAI:   (laughs) Tokijin…you are amazing! The ultimate sword!

INU:   (thinking) The enemy is not Kaijinbo…it's the sword!

The dawn is almost breaking.

KAI:   Playtime's over.

SHI:   His head is split in two, yet he's acting as if nothing happened!

KAG:  It's almost like…he's being controlled by Tokijin the sword!

KAI:   Come at me, Inuyasha! Or are you so afraid that you can't move? Hiding meekly by the girl and child!

SHI:   Inuyasha, don't be lured by those words!

INU:   Hah! I'm not that stupid! (pries SHI from his shoulder) However, it's me that he's come after. (drops SHI) I will not hide nor run! (runs towards KAI)

KAG:  Inuyasha!

SHI:   He's such a simpleton!

A flash of lightning appears and strikes the ground. TOT appears, sitting on his three-eyed bull. The bull moos.

SAN:  Totosai!

MIR:   Is Tetsusaiga repaired?

TOT:   Oh dear…I wondered what all the noise was about.

INU:   (leaps on the bull) Totosai, you're late! (grabs TET from TOT) Give it here! (leaps off the bull)

MYO:  (appears on INU's shoulder) No, Master Inuyasha!

INU:   Old Myoga!

MYO:  Tetsusaiga will not transform when wielded by a human who has lost his demonic powers.

Cut to TOT and KAI.

TOT:   Kaijinbo, it's been a long time.

KAI:   Are you still alive, Totosai?!

TOT:   (with disdain) You've crafted yet another awful sword. What is that evil aura?

KAI:   (chuckles) Totosai…I'll show you who is the better swordsmith.

MIR:   Master Totosai! You know Kaijinbo?

TOT:   Yes, he's a former pupil… One I banished long ago. He killed ten children in order to create a sword. He smothered the blade with human blood and oil in order to make it seethe with hatred.

KAI:   (points Tokijin at INU) Draw your sword, Inuyasha! I'll crush that sword before the very eyes of old Totosai!

INU:   (unsheathes TET) No sense going easy on you!

Cut to KAG, SHI and SAN running to TOT.

SHI:   Totosai! You'd better have made the Tetsusaiga even stronger than before!

TOT:   A little.

KAG:  That won't do!

SAN:  That sword is made from the fangs of the demon that broke the Tetsusaiga!

TOT makes an 'Ohh…' sound and looks in INU's direction. Cut to INU leaping and attacking KAI with rusty TET. KAI blocks with Tokijin. Static appears and INU is thrown backwards, crashing on the ground.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

KAI:   (runs towards INU) This is it for you!

KAI attacks INU with Tokijin, who blocks it with TET. He struggles awhile and pushes KAI back with the blade. Both INU and KAI jump a few steps backwards.

INU:   I'm relieved, Tetsusaiga. You seem to be a bit more powerful.

SHI:   It's not broken!

TOT:   Of course not.

KAG:  But Inuyasha is…

KAI:   Hah! Before the sword breaks, your body will break.

INU:   Too bad, Kaijinbo. I'll admit that sword of yours is pretty strong… But you're not good enough to handle it. (A wind blows and INU's hair flutter) You should've killed me in one sweep.

The sky turns brighter. Cut to close-up of INU's hand. Claws start to grow out of his fingers. Cut to INU's hair turning silver.

INU:   (confidently) Before this happened…!

SHI:   He's transforming!

KAG:  Dawn is breaking!

The sun rises up over the horizon.

INU:   I'm gonna test the Tetsusaiga's new blade on you!

INU waves TET in the air, and TET transforms. He pauses for awhile before the sword crashes onto the ground. INU lets out a groan.

INU:   Totosai! What'd you do to my Tetsusaiga?! Answer, Totosai! What'd you do to the Tetsusaiga!?

TOT:   (scratches his head) Hmmm? You having problems?

INU:   Shaddup! It's super heavy! What'd you do?!

TOT:   Oh, that's from the fang I used as a bond. Don't worry about it.

KAI:   Hah! No use having a sword you can't even hold! I'll slice you in half along with your sword! (runs to INU with Tokijin raised)

TOT:   (yells) Raise your sword or you'll die!

KAG:  How can you be so unreasonable?!

INU:   D-damn! (struggles to lift up TET and swings it over his shoulder)

INU runs towards KAI. The group looks on. The blades of the two swords clash.

[ End of ACT III: 20min 34sec ]

[ End of episode 44: Kaijinbo's Evil Sword ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Kaijinbo wields the sword filled with Goshinki's hatred, Tokijin, and completely overpowers Inuyasha. And Tokijin's true owner has appeared! This person, to confirm his suspicions, attacks Inuyasha with it! He is none other than Inuyasha's brother, Sesshomaru! Even more unexpectedly, one of Naraku's detachments, Kagura, met with Sesshomaru! Next episode, 'Sesshomaru Wields Tokijin'!


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