episode 67

Howling Wind of Betrayal

The Winds of Betrayal - Blowing Out of Control
Canon Episode | 2-episode story, 66-67

Episode Capsule last revised on 29 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Every Heart by BoA

Script: TAKAHASHI Tetsuko 高橋哲子
Storyboard: NISHIZAWA Susumu 西澤 晋
Episode Director: 阿宮正和
Animation Director: TAKEUCHI Hiroshi 竹内浩志


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 5 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 34 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 1 / 9 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 26 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 12 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 14 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 7 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 27 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 3 tail-grabbing
0 / 1 throws
0 [54 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 5 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 5 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 56.8% [21/37]


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Preview from previous episode

I'm Kagura, a Wind Sorceress. I should be free like the wind.

Kagura, are you betraying me?

Shut up, Naraku! You're a half-demon too. There must be times when you turn full-human.

Fool! Do you really think you can escape from my clutches?

I'm Kagura, I want to live like the wind and be free.

Next on Inuyasha: "Howling Wind of Betrayal".

I saw you, Inuyasha… in your human form!

InuYasha’s Jar

#67 Naraku’s Secret 奈落の秘密

Naraku, the half-demon, has his demonic powers weakened once a month, in which he dismantles and rebuilds his body.



Are you afraid of Naraku?

I'm just saying I'm not obliged to help you. If you can't use it (Sacred Jewel fragment) yourself, don't even think about betrayal.


Lord Sesshomaru… I'm not lonely anymore. But I wonder if she (Kagura) is…


Although he doesn't show it, he trusts us all. That's why Inuyasha wasn't discouraged on the night of the new moon. And that could be the secret to his strength.


Oddities and Other Notes



It is rather strange that Koga can put back the Sacred Jewel shards into his shins, without having to remove the furry wrap around it.

Did you notice…?

Kirara in basket with Shippo.
…near the end of the episode, Kirara was sitting in Kagome's bicycle basket instead of Sango's arms?
…Miroku can run as fast as Kirara?

Freeze Frame Fun



Add your oddity, observation or comments?




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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ recap ]

Recap from previous episode. A horde of skeletons rush to KOG from behind him and bites onto him. KOG yells in pain.

KOG:  Damn! I can't move!

KAR:   Fool! You can jump or run…but you can't escape my wind! Blades!

KAR swings her fan which sends wind blades and cuts KOG's legs. The two Sacred Jewel fragments in his legs fall out.

KOG:  (shocked, thinking) My Sacred Jewel fragments!

Cut to KAR sitting in a field.

KAR:   (thinking) Now is the time to escape, when Naraku's barrier is weak. But… Naraku has…

A shooting star appears in the night sky. The trail of the shooting star fades to the Tokijin, SES's sword. The image fades away. An image of SES's back view appears across the sky momentarily.

KAR:   (thinking) Yes! That one…! He has the power to sever the bond between me and Naraku!

Cut to KAR paying SES a visit. A strong gust of wind blows.

JAK:   W-What is this?!

KAR appears and lands in front of SES. The wind stops.

KAR:   Yo!

JAK:   It's you…!

SES:   Wind Sorceress Kagura, I recall?

KAR:   I'm glad you remembered me.

SES places his hand on Tokijin apprehensively.

KAR:   Take your hand off your sword. I didn't come here to fight. Sesshomaru, I want to make a deal with you.

SES:   A deal?

KAR:   You should know what these are. (holds out the fragments in her palm) I'll give these Sacred Jewel fragments to you. In return…kill Naraku.

JAK:   (shocked) What?!

KAR:   Free me from his grip.

SES looks at KAR, without replying.

[ End of recap: 3min 13sec ]

[ Title screen: Howling Wind of Betrayal ]

[ ACT I ]

Night time on a cliff. Continuation from previous episode. A-Un, JAK and Rin look on as SES and KAR converse.

KAR:   You have the power to do it. After you kill Naraku, the Sacred Jewel fragments will be yours.

SES doesn't reply.

KAR:   Let's use these fragments and have some fun.

SES:   You intend to betray Naraku?

KAR:   (laughs) It's not like I ever wanted to be under his command. Well, Sesshomaru? I don't think it's a bad idea to team up with me.

SES:   Unfortunately, I have no interest in the Sacred Jewel. If you wish to become free, use those fragments yourself and destroy Naraku.

KAR:   Are you afraid of Naraku?

SES:   I'm just saying I'm not obliged to help you.

KAR glares at SES angrily.

SES:   If you can't use it yourself, don't even think about betrayal.

KAR:   Why you coward! You call yourself a man?!

Rin & JAK: (gasp in horror) W-What?!

KAR:   I misjudged you!

KAR takes a feather from her hair and a strong gust of wind blows. KAR flies away on her feather angrily. Rin and JAK gasp in horror again.

KAR:   (angry) Fool! (flies away)

JAK:   Why, that woman…! I wonder if she really intended to make you her protector? Talk about guts… the nerve of her! A part of Naraku… That's all she is!

Rin:  Lord Sesshomaru is so strong! You don't need the power of the Sacred Jewel!

SES:   (thinking) Kagura… the Wind Sorceress. I wonder if she can use the Sacred Jewel and defeat Naraku by herself? But however it turns out… doesn't matter. (walks away)

JAK:   Lord Sesshomaru, leaving already?

Rin and JAK chase SES. JAK suddenly head back.

JAK:   Oh, I forgot!! (pulls A-Un) Now come.

Rin:  (catches up with SES and walks with him) Lord Sesshomaru… I'm not lonely anymore.

Cut to close up of an angry KAR flying away.

Rin:  (voice-over) But I wonder if she is…

Cut to present. Rin looks up at SES who doesn't reply.

JAK:   Lord Sesshomaru! What shall we do about dinner?

GIN, HAK and the wolves look on as KAG bandages KOG's thighs. KOG winces in pain.

KAG:  Oh, maybe I wound it too tight.

KOG:  No. Thanks. (holds KAG's hand) Because of you, I don't feel the pain anymore.

GIN smiles.

INU:   (walks up) Kagome, just leave that half dead wolf demon alone.

KOG:  What?!

INU:   If it doesn't hurt anymore, just go on home! You runt!

KOG:  (stands) What about you?! Standing there weak and mortal… You have no right to talk!

INU:   I didn't want to be like this!

KOG:  Want to fight?!

INU:   With pleasure!

KOG and INU's face are close to each other's as they grind their teeth in anger.

KAG:  (nonplussed) Aren't we going to take back the Sacred Jewel fragments?

The group is travelling. KAG and SAN ride on her bicycle. SHI, INU and KOG sit on KIR, who is behind the bicycle.

INU:   Why must you come along?!

KOG:  Shut up! The fragments belong to me! Why should I let you have them?!

MIR:   (running next to KAG) Kagura hasn't returned to the castle?

KAG:  No…actually… I feel that jewels are getting further away from Naraku's castle.

MIR:   (thinking) What's going on?! Why isn't Kagura acting according to Naraku's will?

INU:   Does that mean Kagura is stealing the fragments?

MIR:   It's not impossible. Don't you think it's strange, Inuyasha? Something fishy is going on with the barrier. Why did you and Koga pick up the scent of the castle? The barrier has weakened… Is that because Naraku's own powers are weak?

INU:   (thinking) Powers are weak? That's like…!

KAG:  Yes! Naraku is also a half-demon!

SAN:  He used the body of a human named Onigumo, and gathered the powers of countless demons. That's Naraku!

SHI:   Naraku is a half-demon?

KAG:  The same way Inuyasha loses his powers on the night of the new moon, perhaps Naraku has a day when his powers weakened.

INU:   Naraku has a weakness too?!

Cut to NAR's castle. In a dingy basement. NAR lies among bodies of demons, with veins reaching out from his head to them. KAN appears in front of NAR. An image of KAR flying on her feather is seen in KAN's mirror.

NAR:  Kagura… It's useless to run.

Cut to KAR flying across the sky, clenching the fragments angrily.

KAR:   (thinking) Damn it! How dare he say those things to me?! Damn!

Fade to flashback of earlier on.

SES:   If you can't use it yourself, don't even think about betrayal.

Fade to present.

KAR:   (scoffs, thinking) Use it myself? And kill Naraku?

Back with INU0gang and KOG.

KOG:  I've caught Kagura's scent! (jumps off and runs next to KAG) Thanks for taking care of me! (sprints off)

KAG:  Koga!

INU:   Why, that…!

KAG:  (shouting) Koga, what about your wound?

KOG:  I'm fine now! Unlike that twerp, I'm a REAL demon!

INU:   What?!

KOG:  See you!

INU:   Who's the twerp?!

MIR:   Sango, Koga doesn't have his Sacred Jewel fragments anymore. He doesn't have a chance!

SAN:  I understand. Kirara! Let Inuyasha down!

KIR growls and tilts her body. INU and SHI fall off her and crash to the ground. SAN leaps onto KIR.

SAN:  Inuyasha, lay low for a bit longer.

KIR flies higher.

INU:   Damn! Cut out the jokes! I'm coming!

MIR:   Don't be hasty, Inuyasha! (thumps INU on the head with his staff, who crashes to the ground and faints)

Suddenly buzzing noises are heard in the background. A horde of NAR's poison insects appear in the sky.

SAN:  The poison insects are out!

MIR:   Naraku's making his move. Inuyasha must not be seen in his state.

Cut to SAN and KIR. KAR appears in the sky above them. KIR growls.

SAN:  Kagura! (throws HIR)

HIR hits KAR's feather. KAR falls and lands in the field below. KOG reaches KAR.

KOG:  Kagura, you…!

KAR:   What? Koga? What do you want now?

KOG:  Shut up! I'm taking back the fragments you took from me!

KAR:   And you're relying on Inuyasha and his gang? (holds up the fragment) Are you too scared to fight without them?

KOG:  (shout to SAN) I'll beat Kagura alone! Don't interfere!

SAN:  What?!

KOG:  Don't forget! I still have my claws and fangs!

KAR:   (opens her fan) Try it! Dance of Blades!

KAR sends wind blades in KOG's direction, who dodges. One of the blades hit him and he is thrown to the ground.

KOG:  (thinking) Damn! I can only dodge… I can't get close!

KAR:   Just hurry up and die!

KAR sends more wind blades in KOG's direction, who can only dodge and run.

KAR:   I don't have the time to bother with YOU!

Another wind blade hits KOG and he is thrown to the ground.

SAN:  Koga!

KOG:  Don't come near!

KAR:   (throws more wind blades) How irritating!

Fade to flashback of earlier on.

SES:   If you want to be free, use the Sacred Jewel fragments and destroy Naraku yourself.

Fade to present. KAR looks at fragments in her palm.

KAR:   (scoffs, thinking) All right…

KOG:  (on the ground, wincing in pain) Damn!

KAR:   (thinking, clenches the fragments) I will use them.

SAN:  What? It's not even a fight!

Several hordes of demons and poison insects appear in the sky and fly towards them.

SAN:  Naraku's demons!

KAR:   (thinking) Naraku…

SAN:  He always sends so many!

SAN swings HIR which slashes several demons. HIR returns to SAN, and she flies higher up to fight more demons.

KAR:   (looks up, thinking) Naraku hasn't realized that I tried to betray him? Or… Does he intend to get rid of me?

KOG:  (sprints towards KAR) What're you standing in a daze for?!

KOG punches KAR in the face, who is caught offguard. The fragments fall out of KAR's hand.

KOG:  Die! (thinking) The Sacred Jewel fragments! (runs to the fragments) Mine!

KAR gasps and sends a cyclone at KOG with her fan.

KAR:   Dance of the Dragon!

The cyclone cuts KOG's hands, who yell and fall back in pain. INU-gang, who is a distance behind, gasp. Another cyclone appears and they attack KOG, who is defenceless.

INU:   Keh! That Koga can't even fight!

KAG:  He'll be killed unless we help him!

KOG yells in pain as the cyclones cut into him again.

INU:   Miroku! Don't try to stop me!

MIR:   You want to save Koga?

INU:   Don't be silly! I just want the Sacred Jewel fragments! (runs forward) If Koga is killed and this battle ends, Kagura will make her escape again! I can't just stand around and watch!

KAG:  Wait! No, Inuyasha!

SHI:   (jumps onto KAG) Stop, Inuyasha!

INU runs past SAN, who is in the sky and notices INU.

SAN:  Inuyasha? Why?!

SAN turns and gasps when she sees the sky starting to light up.

KAG:  (thinking) It's almost dawn! Inuyasha will return to his half-demon state! But if he's seen before that…

INU:   (running, thinking) Kagome… Miroku… Sango! You're all mere mortals, yet you've fought hard! Isn't that because you believed in your own power? Well, as if I can hold back!

It is almost daytime. The cyclones cut KOG one more time and dissipates. KOG, all beaten up, lies on the ground, wincing in pain.

KAR:   Koga, you just want to be punished, don't you? Why don't you just give up?

KOG glares at KAR. KAR swings her fan upwards and sends a giant cyclone in KOG's direction.

SAN:  Koga!

The cyclone hits KOG and twirls madly.

KAG:  Koga!!

The cyclone dissipates, leaving only rocks on the ground and smoke in the air.

KAR:   (thinking) It's done.

Silhouettes of INU and MIR are seen in the smoke. MIR is holding up KOG behind INU. KAR is shocked. the smoke dissipates a little to reveal INU in human form. Suddenly, INU throbs and his hair turns white. He is back to normal again.

INU:   Kagura… It's really not much fun killing a half-dead wolf, is it?

KAR:   Inuyasha?

INU:   (unsheathes TET) I'll take you on now!!

KAR:   (thinking) I know I saw it. For a moment, I saw Inuyasha…

The rest of INU-gang stand a distance away.

SHI:   (worried) Do you think Kagura saw Inuyasha in his human state?

KAG:  (worried) Um…

KAR and INU glare at each other.

KOG:  (panting, weakly) That Inuyasha…! Is he crazy, bursting in like that?

MIR:   Any later, Koga, and you'd be killed by Kagura's wind.

KOG:  What a joke… He came to save me… knowing that his secret would be revealed.

KAR:   (thinking) I see! There was no moon last night. (scoffs, to INU) Inuyasha… So you lose your powers on a moonless night?

INU:   Keh! So what? I'm fine now! (sprints towards KAR)

KAR:   Who cares… You're going to die now anyway! Dance of the Dragon! (sends cyclones towards INU)

INU:   Wind Scar!!

INU swings TET downwards and the Wind Scar cuts into the cyclones. The cyclones dissipates and the wind scar continues its path towards KAR.

KAR:   What?! He cut through my whirlpool!

KAG:  Amazing…!

KAR:   (terrified, thinking) I can't dodge him! He's going to get me!

Suddenly, the horde of demons fly in front of KAR and blocks the Wind Scar. They are disintegrated by it, but KAR is intact. The carcasses of demons fall to the ground. KAR is gone.

SAN:  Naraku's demons…!

MIR:   They acted as shields…

INU:   (sheathes TET) That Kagura escaped… Hey, you little wolf! I hope that taught you never to interfere in my fight with Naraku!

KOG:  (rummaging through the ground) Found it! My Sacred Jewel fragments!

INU:   (runs to KOG) Hey! Give it back!

INU leaps at KOG, who dodges.

KOG:  No way! (scoffs and puts the fragments back into his shins) Remember this, dog-face! I've sworn to avenge my comrades against Naraku! I'll be the one to take Naraku's head! Don't forget that! (runs off)

KAG:  Wait, Koga!

KOG stops and turns to KAG.

KAG:  (worried) What you saw last night… About Inuyasha… Please don't tell…

KOG:  Don't worry. I couldn't care less what shape that dog-face takes. (sprints off and disappears in the horizon)

SHI:   Does that mean he won't tell?

MIR:   I think we can trust Koga. Kagura is the problem now.

INU is silent.

[ End of ACT I: 18min 20sec ]

[ ACT II ]

KAR lands in front of NAR's castle. Cut to her walking along the corridor.

KAR:   (thinking) Naraku didn't know what I was up to… That's why he used the demons to save me.

KAN appears and walks a distance in front of KAR, oblivious to KAR. KAR gasps and follows her quietly.

KAR:   (thinking) Kanna… Where is she going?

KAN walks down a stairs into the cellar and KAR follows. She approaches a cellar door on the ground.

KAR:   (thinking) A cellar beneath the cellar?

KAR opens the door and looks into the cellar. Suddenly, a bulbous tentacle reaches out, grabs KAR by the neck and drags her in. KAN appears behind KAR. KAR is thrown to the ground. She struggles up in pain.

NAR:  Kagura… Was it fun outside?

KAR gasps as she sees NAR among demon bodies.

KAR:   (thinking) These bodies… Naraku nourishes his body with these demons… I see! Like Inuyasha, Naraku is a half-demon!

NAR:  Kagura… While I slept, you left the castle, didn't you?

Two tentacles reach out and grab KAR, pressing her close to NAR's face. She is terrified.

NAR:  Kagura… You are a part of me. Would you like to return to my flesh again?

KAR:   W-Wait! I promise I won't do it again!

NAR:  There is no second time.

KAR:   (thinking) I cannot escape from Naraku alone.

Cut to image of INU in full human form.

KAR:   (voice-over) Inuyasha… I'll let you live for a bit longer. You're my precious trump card.

Cut to image of SES. Cut to present. KAR gasps and shakes her head.

Daytime, INU-gang travels along a path. SHI and KIR are sitting in the basket of KAG's bicycle.

MIR:   It'll get harder now. Since Kagura knows the secret, Sango and I must get stronger.

INU:   Keh! (smug) Thanks, but no thanks for worrying about me! Besides, I'm the one who comes through in a clutch.

SAN:  (riled) You know…?

INU smirks at SAN. MIR looks on smilingly.

KAG:  (smiling) He's just saying that. Inuyasha never let anyone see his human form until he met you guys. He really depends on all of you…

INU:   Who said so?!

MIR:   Inuyasha, don't be embarrassed.

INU:   Who's embarrassed?!

SHI:   I think you are!

SAN:  (laughs) I think so, too!

INU:   Cut that out!

SHI:   You can count on us, Inuyasha!

INU:   (waves a fist at SHI threateningly) Hey!

SHI shrieks in mock terror. MIR grabs INU by the neck teasingly. INU yells and shoves MIR away. SHI then leaps onto INU.

KAG:  (voice-over) Although he doesn't show it, he trusts us all. That's why he wasn't discovered on the night of the new moon. And that could be the secret to his strength.

The rest of the group continue to tease INU. The camera pans upwards to the sunny sky.

[ End of ACT II: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 67: Howling Wind of Betrayal ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

I'm Shippo, a fox-demon of justice! Unexpectedly, I received a vendetta. And the challenger turns out to be the sole survivor of Hiten and Manten's Raiju tribe! Heh! How dare he challenge me?! What… audacity! Next on Inuyasha: "Shippo Receives An Angry Challenge". I… I must be strong!


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