episode 119

Divine Malice of the Heavenly Saint

Canon Episode | 3 episode story, 118-120 | Shichinintai story arc: ep102~123

Episode Capsule last revised on 26 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Grip! by Every Little Thing
ENDING SONG: Itazura na Kiss by 6th Ending Song | Episodes 109-127

Script: 武上純希
Storyboard: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Episode Director: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Headman: NAKAJIMA Toshihiko
Warriors: SAIZEN Tadahisa, TANAKA Kazunari


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 65 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 45 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 43 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 18 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 29 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 11 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [66 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 10 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 10 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 62.3% [38/61]


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Preview from previous episode

This mummy is Saint Hakushin…?

Saint, you were a virtuous monk who had saved many people. But why are you working for Naraku now?!

HakushinI became a living incarnate. But, my soul was left behind…and remained in the darkness… for a long time… Then, that man's voice…

I am not a saint. I've no right to judge you, but…!

Next on Inuyasha, "Divine Malice of the Heavenly Saint".

However, there is no way I can ignore a barrier that protects Naraku!

InuYasha’s Jar

#119 Inuyasha 犬夜叉(人間の姿) [いぬやしゃ]


Bye-bye-yo, Inuyasha. Of all the men I’ve killed, I like you the most.


Oddities and Other Notes


Buddhist Mummification
The scene where Hakushin was lowered into a pit, so that he would become a Saint, is a true scenario, and not just some twisted story. While the Egyptians embalm their mummies only when they are dead, the Japanese Buddhist priests start while still alive. They would first go on a strict diet and slowly starve to death. During this time, they would meditate, surrounded by candles which serve to dry their bodies. Then they would be enclosed in an underground tomb for the final drying process. This link shows the picture of a real mummified priest. <Inu-Yasha Companion>


Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ Prologue ]

INU:   It's now time for Inuyasha!

KAG:  To find the Sacred Jewel fragments,

INU:   I have to defeat Naraku with this Tetsusaiga!

KAG:  After losing his demonic power at Mount Hakurei, Inuyasha was attacked by Jakotsu. Miroku and Sango met a ghastly incident in the heart of the sacred ground.

INU:   Miroku and Sango and Shippo and Kirara!

KAG:  An excitng adventure unfolds!

INU & KAG: Inuyasha!

[ ACT I ]

Recap from previous episode. INU is sprinting, struggling under the barrier of Mount Hakurei.

INU:   (thinking) I won't be destroyed easily. I'm alright.

RKS walks up to INU from behind.

RKS:  Inuyasha, were you in a hurry earlier? If you were to go any further, even a half-demon like you would be destroyed.

INU doesn't reply.

RKS:  Go!

RKS fires his cannon at INU. INU leaps backwards to dodge and ends up within the barrier. Up ahead, INU is still alive. He has become full-human.

INU:   (struggles up) Don't be too happy… I'm still… What…?

INU gasps as he notices his transformation.

INU:   (looks at his hands, thinking) I've lost my demonic powers? (looks up to the moon, thinking) Today is not the day of the new moon. Damn it… It's because of the barrier…!

Cut to JKS attacking human INU in a cave.

JKS:   Are you Inuyasha? Your human form is cute, too.

INU:   Jakotsu!

JKS:   (chuckles, licks lips) Finally… I've been waiting for the chance to fight with you again.

INU takes out TET and uses its sheathe as a defence. He backs away worriedly into a cave wall. JKS smirks and sprints towards INU, laughing manically.

Cut to MIR and SAN running in a tunnel towards a bright light.

SAN:  Priest!

MIR:   Yes, let's go!

Continuation from previous episode. MIR and SAN reach the temple in Mount Hakurei.

SAN:  I didn't expect we'll end up here.

MIR:   This… should be a shrine. (thinking) This sense of purity… Could this be the heart of the sacred ground?

They continue running and reach Hakushin's altar. They gasp as they see the mummy of Hakushin.

SAN:  Saint!

MIR:   Hakushin?

Eyes appear in the eye sockets of the mummy. SAN and MIR gasp.

Hakushin: Who are you?

Hakushin abbreviated as HKS from now onwards.

[ Title screen: Divine Malice of the Heavenly Saint ]

MIR:   You're still alive?

HKS:  Who are you? How dare you intrude into my sacred ground…

SAN:  The mummy is alive!

MIR:   Are you the living incarnate, Hakushin?

HKS:  Indeed. My name is Hakushin.

SAN:  Naraku brought him back to life?

MIR:   Saint Hakushin, you were a virtuous monk who had saved many people. But why are you working for Naraku now?! You're capable enough to erect such a sacred barrier… Why are you helping Naraku without understanding his evil intentions?

HKS:  I knew about it. Even though Naraku is an evil demon, I don't care about it. I'm simply doing what I've always wished to do.

Cut to KAG and KOG-gang at the base of Mount Hakurei, looking up at it worriedly. KIR is in KAG's arms. SHI walks up to KAG weakly and collapses to the ground. Everyone gasp.

KAG:  Shippo!

KAG kneels next to SHI. Cute KIR gets down and mews to SHI.

SHI:   Kirara, the barrier is intense for you too, isn't it?

KIR mews. KAG gasps and remember when INU left for Mount Hakurei. She holds both SHI and KIR in her arms.

KAG:  (thinking) I wonder if he's alright. I hope he'll return if he really can't make it.

HAK:  I wonder what's going on. Why isn't he back?

GIN:  I guess a half-demon can't resist the power of the barrier. I wonder if he's dead.

HAK gasps at looks at GIN. KOG walks up to HAK and GIN menacingly, punching his fists.

KAG:  (worried) Inuyasha has…?

KOG:  You bastards…! (thumps HAK and GIN on the head)

GIN:  What's wrong?

HAK:  We're worried!

KOG:  Cut your crap!

SHI:   (weakly) Kagome…! Inuyasha will be alright.

KAG:  (smiles) Thank you… Shippo.

Cut to human INU running in the convoluted cave, trying to dodge JKS's sword. He knocks away the blades with TET's sheath.

INU:   Damn!

JKS throws his sword at INU again and he is flung to the ground. JKS walks up to him. INU stands.

JKS:   (laughs) Run as far as you can, so I can enjoy this fight. I've always dreamt of chopping you into pieces. Your dog ears are so cute, even your present form is so attractive.

INU:   You pervert, your words are so disgusting!

JKS laughs and throws his blades at INU. INU blocks with TET's sheath. The blades twist and cut INU on the arm. Blood gushes out. JKS retracts his sword.

INU:   D-Damn it… The Robe of the Fire Rat has lost its demonic powers too? It's not functioning as armor at all…!

JKS:   (licks INU's blood on the blade) I'll cut you up bit by bit. No matter how capable you are, you'll gradually become obedient. You'll then kneel down and beg me…"Lord Jakotsu, please hold me gently."

INU:   Keh! Bastard, if you don't cut your crap, I'll chop your head down! (sprints forth)

JKS:   You're so fierce… I'm going to make you cry!

JKS throws his sword at INU, who knocks it away with his sheath. The blades swerve and cut INU twice.

INU:   (thinking) That sword… If I can't see his move, I'll be in trouble!

JKS:   Run away! It's more interesting to chase the prey around.

JKS swings his sword again and cuts INU's belly.

INU:   (kneeling) D-Damn it…

JKS lets out a smug laugh.

Back at the temple.

MIR:   The barrier you erected is hiding and protecting the evil Naraku. Why did you do that?

HKS:  When I was alive, I had saved many people without hesitation.

CUT TO FLASHBACK. Hakushin the elderly monk is walking in a ravaged village. He holds out a bowl for alms, and rings a bell while walking. He notices some children crying behind a hut. He offers a bread to the children, who wolves it down immediately.

HKS:  (voice-over) Back then, there was a terrible famine that dragged on for many years. There were outbreaks of infectious diseases, and the village was filled with corpses.

Cut to HKS tending to an injured man in a hut. Angry villagers rush into the hut.

Villager 1: Master Monk, that man is the villain who attacked our village!

Villager 2: You can't save him!

HKS:  I must save him no matter what. He might become a good man in future.

Villain: (crying) Monk Hakushin, I-I'm so sorry…

The villain takes one last breath and dies.

HKS:  (prays) Rest in peace.

Cut to villagers surrounding HKS.

Villager 3: Hakushin, please save us!

Villager 4: There is no food left in this village!

The villagers plead to him desperately. HKS looks up at the scorching sun. He loses consciousness and faints from the heat and hunger. The villagers are shocked and worried. Cut to villagers kneeling next to HKS, who is lying weakly in a hut.

HKS:  (voice-over) I fell sick after I saved many people. Many people came to visit me.

Villager 5: If Master Monk were to die, then what should we do?

Headman: Who will be there to save us?

HKS:  (voice-over) I had to answer them.

HKS:  Don't worry, all of you. When I become a living incarnate, I'll be able to save you all…

The villagers make sounds of reassurance. Cut to HKS being buried in a pit in the ground. Monks surround him and bury him in, while villagers sit and pray.

HKS:  (voice-over) In order to keep my promise, I was buried in the ground by the villagers.

The monks lay a cover over the pit and close HKS in.


SAN:  That's why you became a saint?

HKS:  I used a bamboo stick for breathing and communicating with the villagers.

CUT TO FLASHBACK. A bamboo stick juts out of the burial mound where HKS is in. Cut to inside, where HKS is seated in a cross-legged manner. He rings a bell at regular intervals.

HKS:  (voice-over) I rang the bell continuously while I was in the underground. The villagers will be alerted, when the bell stopped ringing. Everyone was praying, with the hope that I would die peacefully. They were hoping for my death…!

HKS gasps for breath and falls over. The bell falls out of his hand. He stares at his hands desperately.

HKS:  I don't want to die!

HKS:  (voice-over) I began to regret… I began to have a strong will to live, and was afraid of darkness.

HKS falls to the ground and cowers desperately. Children's singing are heard in the background, "Living is death, as death is living; Inside the grave of Saint Hakushin; Mount Hakurei returns to Hijiri."

HKS:  I've contributed my life to serve the villagers. Why… why must I die…!

HKS lets out groans of agony and pain.

HKS:  (voice-over) I lost my life in the end. I became a living incarnate. But, my soul was left behind…and remained in the darkness… for a long time… Then, that man's voice…

NAR:  Hate them.

NAR, in Hitomi Kagewaki guise, appears and puts a hand on HKS's back.

NAR:  Hate them. It's alright for you to hate them.

HKS looks up at NAR.

NAR:  How pitiful. You weren't allowed to express your pain since you were revered as a saint. However, no one has ever thought of you.

HKS starts to cry as he looks at NAR.

HKS:  (thinking) How could he be so understanding…?

NAR:  Don't deceive yourself anymore… You wanted to live. Come with me. Live with me.


HKS:  Should you blame me? Or should I be blamed?

MIR:   I am not a saint. I've no right to judge you. However, there is no way I can ignore a barrier that protects Naraku! (raises scepter)

HKS:  You can't break my barrier!

A barrier appears over HKS. MIR tries to pierce through the barrier with his scepter but is thrown back. MIR falls to the ground.

SAN:  (rushes to MIR) Priest!

MIR:   I'm alright.

HKS's eyes glow in blue.

[ End of ACT I: 13min 12sec ]

[ ACT II ]

Nighttime. KAG is still looking at Mount Hakurei. KOG-gang is seated on a boulder.

KOG:  That bastard is worrying Kagome… What the hell is he doing? (stands)

HAK:  Where are you going?

KOG:  That dog-face has gone for so long, I'm going to check things out.

GIN:  Koga, don't be too impulsive!

KOG:  I'm not.

KAG:  You can't.

KOG looks at KAG, who has walked up to him.

KAG:  We must trust Inuyasha and wait for him here.

Back to JKS and INU.

JKS:   Well then, I guess you can't move!

JKS leaps and throws his sword. INU tries to dodge but gets cut across the back.

JKS:   How boring… You should cry out loud at least!

JKS attacks INU again. INU blocks with his sheath, panting.

JKS:   (chuckles) Your breathing sounds interesting.

Pan sideways to reveal RKS peeping at the scene.

RKS:  (thinking) That Inuyasha bastard… I thought he would be able to get rid of Jakotsu.

INU:   (struggling) D-Damn it…

RKS:  (thinking) He couldn't fight at all. Jakotsu will torture him to death.

JKS:   Now, it's time we embrace… so I can be covered with your blood…

JKS walks slowly towards INU. INU backs off and struggles away from JKS.

INU:   (thinking) Damn it. My vision is blurring…

JKS:   Give up already, Inuyasha. I won't let you die yet. Because I like you so much.

INU:   (thinking) Now!

INU unsheathes TET and swings it across JKS's neck, but JKS dodges in time.

JKS:   That was dangerous. (thinking) This brat was after my Sacred Jewel fragment…!

INU:   I don't have time to play with you!

JKS:   Heh! Threatening me with that blunt sword… I'm not afraid of you.

JKS knocks INU in the stomach with the handle of his sword. INU winces and falls to the ground. JKS then grabs a bunch of INU's hair and pulls him up.

JKS:   Inuyasha… don't faint! I want to see you cry!

INU:   (thinking) Damn it. I've lost too much blood. I thought I could attack him when he gets closer.

JKS:   Why don't you cry? It won't be fun if you don't cry.

Back in the temple. SAN swings HIR at HKS's barrier.

SAN:  Why you…!

HIR does not damage to the barrier and returns to SAN.

HKS:  You idiots.

SAN:  Priest, put your talisman on Hiraikotsu.

MIR blesses some sutras and puts them on HIR. SAN then swings HIR again at the barrier. It goes through the barrier a little. Static surges and dissipates the sutras. HIR is thrown out of the barrier. MIR and SAN gasp in shock.

SAN:  It didn't work…!

HKS:  So futile. The power of a normal priest like you is not going to break down my barrier.

MIR:   (steps forth) That might be true… Please forgive me, I have to get rid of you!

MIR opens his Wind Tunnel and tries to suck HKS in. HKS strengthens his barrier and the Wind Tunnel doesn't affect him.

MIR:   He's able to resist my Wind Tunnel?

The prayer necklace in HKS's hands start to be affected by the Wind Tunnel and floats upwards. MIR tries to hold up his Wind Tunnel. HKS shakes a little. Finally HKS's prayer necklace breaks.

Cut to JKS and INU.

INU:   (weakly) Kill me if you want to…

JKS:   (laughs) Why are you so impatient?

INU:   (gasps) This is… Miroku, Sango…

Cut to KAG looking at Mount Hakurei in surprise.

KAG:  (thinking) Mount Hakurei…? What on earth had happened?

Back at the temple. MIR holds up his Wind Tunnel and HKS's barrier finally shatters.

SAN:  The barrier has dissolved!

Parts of the altar break and are sucked in the Wind Tunnel. HKS is lifted off is slowly sucked towards MIR. Suddenly Poison Insects appear from behind HKS and fly towards MIR.

SAN:  Poisonous insects?

MIR closes his Wind Tunnel hurriedly. A mist envelopes HKS.

Cut to exterior view of Mount Hakurei. The barrier around it dissolves.

Cut to KIK resting under a tree. The mist around Mount Hakurei gradually disappear.

KIK:   (thinking) Mount Hakurei… The sacred ground's powers have weakened.

KIK stands. A light orb flies out from Mount Hakurei.

KIK:   (worried) What's that…?!

Back to JKS and INU. INU glares at JKS defiantly.

JKS:   I'll kill you as you wish. But I want to see your miserable face before you die. (raises sword)

Suddenly, a horde of demons fly out from behind RKS.

RKS:  (thinking) What? The demons are coming out…!

More demons appear from the various exits of the cave.

JKS:   What? These guys shouldn't be able to go beyond the sacred barrier!

Some demons rush at JKS, who slashes them.

JKS:   Go away!

More demons rush at JKS and he slashes them too. Another horde of demons fly towards JKS.

JKS:   (backing off) There are… so many of them?

JKS throws INU at the horde of demons and run away. The demons ignore INU and rush after JKS. JKS runs out of the cave and the demons rush out into the night sky, ignoring JKS.

JKS:   The barrier has dissolved?

JKS goes back into the cave and look at INU lying face-down on the ground. INU throbs and JKS is shocked. Claws start to grow back on INU and he struggles up. His hair turns back to silver and his dog ears appear again.

INU:   Miroku, Sango… Are you okay? You dissolved the sacred ground's barrier. (stands) I was supposed to save you, but you've saved me instead.

TET transforms. INU swings it and points it at JKS.

JKS:   (interested) You've regained your demonic powers?

INU:   You are an idiot, Jakotsu. Since you didn't kill me earlier, I'll kill you instead.

JKS:   It can't be helped. But I enjoyed making a fool of you. Besides, I've already died once. I'm glad to be able to revive and meet a cute guy like you.

INU:   (scowls) I don't seem to get along that well with you…

More demons appear.

JKS:   It's getting more crowded here. Let's just end here. Leave your dog ears here!

INU:   Fat hope!

JKS swings his sword at INU, who blocks with TET. The blades swerve around INU and bind him. INU falls to his knees, glaring at JKS.

JKS:   (laughs) If I were to pull this sword, you would be in pieces. Bye-bye-yo, Inuyasha. Of all the men I've killed, I like you the most.

[ End of ACT II: 22min 5sec ]

[ End of episode 119: Divine Malice of the Heavenly Saint ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

When Kikyo met Saint Hakushin's soul, she did something unexpected…! Inuyasha, who has regained his demonic powers, wages a battle with Jakotsu!

Forgive me, Jakotsu. I need your Sacred Jewel fragment…

Well, it's alright…! I have had my share of fun…

Bankotsu, at losing another brother, flares into a rage! Next on Inuyasha, "Goodbye: Jakotsu's Requiem".

Shichinintai, this will be the final battle!


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