episode 89

Visitation Confrontation Between "That Guy" and "Him"

Filler Episode

Episode Capsule last revised on 28 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity

Script: CHIBA Katsuhiko 千葉克彦
Storyboard: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Episode Director: YAMAMOTO Megumi 山本 恵
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 3 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 45 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 27 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 33 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 14 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 21 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 9 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
2 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
2 [63 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 9 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 7 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 59.0% [23/39]


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Preview from previous episode

Kagome has fallen sick?

The search for Naraku must have worn her out. I heard she's down with cough and fever, that's why she rushed back home. I wonder if she's alright?

Kagome's time is so advanced, she should be able to get well soon.

Inuyasha has sneaked off to look for Kagome again!

To pay her a visit?

I never knew Inuyasha was so caring!

Next on Inuyasha, "Visitation Confrontation Between 'That Guy' and 'Him' ".

Two 'him's? Who and who?

InuYasha’s Jar

#89 Ayumi あゆみ

Kagome's classmate. Seems to have a gentle character, but her results are unexpectedly good.



Oddities and Other Notes



Food that Inuyasha gathered: Green apples, carps, crabs, a wild boar, terrapin, mushrooms, berries, eels, scallops, a snake and a lot of herbs.

Did you notice…?

…Gramps long-sighted? He was holding the newspaper a long way from his face.

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ recap ]

Flashback from previous episode.

KAG:  (narrating) While we were tracking down Naraku, we met three monkeys. They were goofy, silly and talkative. But they are really cute. They were searching for a holy rock in which the Monkey God resided. We finally found it in a bucket at this village.

Cut to INU-gang talking to the Monkey God.

KAG:  (narrating) Then we were told by Monkey God that he ever felt a huge evil presence flying towards the north-east!

INU:   It must be Naraku!

SAN:  North-east… That way from here?

MIR:   Shall we go there?

INU:   It's decided then! Let's head towards the north-east!!

[ End of recap: 2min 21sec ]

[ Title screen: Visitation Confrontation Between "That Guy" and "Him" ]

[ ACT I ]

Daytime in KAE's hut. INU-gang is resting. MIR is sipping tea. SHI is eating a lollipop. SAN is seated next to KAG, who is lying down and covered with a blanket.

INU:   (sulking) We should have left long ago! (stands and shouts) Are you feeling better yet?!

KAG:  (sneezes and sits up weakly) I'm sorry…

SAN:  Stop it! Kagome didn't want to get sick either.

INU:   I know that!

KAG:  (coughs) I'm sorry, everyone.

SAN:  It's okay. You should rest now. We'll be preparing for the trip.

SHI:   Yes! I'll prepare the equipment.

MIR:   Kagome, your illness is a stroke of good luck in a way.

KAG lies back down and SAN tucks her in.

SAN:  Yes, so don't you feel bad.

INU:   (sulking) Damn it! Recover quickly!

MIR:   (chiding) Inuyasha… I understand your feelings of anxiety, but stop blaming Kagome.

SAN:  (chiding) That's right.

SHI:   (chiding) Yeah…

INU thumps SHI on the head.

KAG:  (to INU, weakly) Sorry…

INU:   (frustrated, storms out of hut shouting) Keh! I'm not blaming you, right?! (leaps off)

MIR:   (walks out of hut) Oh boy…

SHI:   (on MIR's shoulder) I think Kagome can rest better if Inuyasha isn't here.

SAN:  Still, it's a bit more troublesome since Priestess Kaede is not here.

KAG coughs and SAN feels her forehead.

SAN:  (worried) You're having a high fever.

MIR:   Kagome… How about going home?

KAG:  Home?

MIR:   They should have good doctors there, right?

SAN:  Oh yes, with a lot of medicine too.

KAG:  (sits up) That's true. I'm sorry, I'll go back for now.

MIR:   (kneels) Stop apologizing for nothing. Alright, climb on me, Kagome.

SAN:  (helps KAG up) Are you alright, Kagome?

KAG:  Thank you.

SAN is shocked with she sees MIR.

SHI:   (frowning) What are you doing?

MIR:   (smiling, with closed eyes) Nothing at all.

Pan downwards to MIR's hands already in groping positions even though KAG has not climbed on him yet.

In KAG's house. GRA is on the phone.

GRA:  Yes, she's not going to school today. Oh no, it's only a cold…

In KAG's class.

Teacher: Higurashi is resting at home today. Seems like she's caught a cold.

Eri:   (whispers) A cold?

Yuka: (whispers) Just a cold?

In KAG's room. KAG is lying in bed, looking sickly. Mama just took her temperature, which is 38.5.

Mama: How's your appetite?

KAG:  Not that good…

Mama: I'll make a warm drink for you to take your medicine.

KAG:  Yes. (coughs)

Cut to kitchen. Mama walks in. GRA is reading newspapers at the dinner table.

GRA:  It's been a long time since she's home. And now she's down with a cold.

Mama: I wonder if the other side was cold.

GRA:  It'd be good if she could recuperate quickly. (sips and gasps) Oh yeah…!

Eri, Yuka and Ayumi are along the corridor in school.

Eri:   It's just a normal cold.

Yuka: She's been getting sick lately.

Eri:   Yeah…

Ayumi: Why don't we visit her?

Eri:   Visit?

Ayumi: If it's just a cold, she'd be at home, right?

Yuka: Really? Good idea…

Hojo walks past in the background and stops.

Eri:   It'd be good to see Kagome after so long.

Hojo: (butts in, glad) Are you all going to Higurashi's place?

Yuka: Oh, Hojo…

Ayumi: Kagome has come down with a cold.

Hojo: I see… (worried) a cold…

Eri:   Are you going to visit her, Hojo?

Hojo: (walks on, oblivious) She caught a cold…

Ayumi: Is he going or not?

Yuka: Who cares…

Eri nods.

In feudal era. A loud explosion is heard in the background. KAE is with a group of villagers, all armed with weapons.

Man 1: Lady Kaede.

KAE:  Don't panic, Yukichi. Be calm when you attack, and it'd be fine.

Yukichi: Yes! We haven't fight a demon for so long…

KAE:  Be calm. We have to deal with it since Inuyasha is not here.

The demon rushes towards them.

KAE:  It's here. Fire, now!

The villagers fire an array of arrows at the mantis-like demon. It growls and starts attacking the villagers, who run aside.

Yukichi: (protecting KAE) Lady Kaede!

KAE and Yukichi fall to the ground. The demon moves towards them and KAE readies her arrow. INU suddenly appears, leaping.

INU:   You're in my way!! Idiot!

INU punches the demon in the face and it crashes to the ground.

KAE:  Inuyasha?

INU:   (shocked) What are you guys doing here? (walks to KAE)

KAE:  There's been a lot of demons around here lately. Terrorizing the villages and all…

INU:   Naraku's disappearance should be the reason. They're just making up for the time they've spent lying low.

The demon sits up and rushes forth.

INU:   (leaps and scoffs) Do you still want to fight, you idiot?!

INU punches away the claws and claws along the body of the demon, splitting it into two. The villagers gasp.

INU:   (to KAE) Later! (rushes off into the forest)

KAE:  Wait! Inuyasha!

Yukichi: Did he come to save us?

KAE:  Don't look like it…

INU sprints along a swamp. A large three-eyed snake demon appears.

INU:   You're in my way!

Snake-Demon: Who do you think I am?!

INU:   I don't care who you are. I have matters to attend to!

Snake-Demon: This swamp is my territory! I'll swallow you whole, from the head first!

INU:   (leaps high up) You mean, THIS HEAD?! (punches Snake-Demon on the head and swings it by its tail) Go to hell!

The Snake-Demon is flung far away from the swamp.

INU:   (excited) Let's see…

INU steps into the swamp carefully. Some bubbling is seen in the swamp. INU smirks and punches his fist. Cut to image of INU catching carps in the swamp.

INU:   Watch me!

Cut to INU with the two large carps slung over his shoulder.

INU:   (pleased) Alright, next!

Cut to a rocky valley. A Big-Belly Demon bursts out of the ground.

Big-Belly Demon: This is my territory!

The Big-Belly Demon slams his feet on INU. INU struggles to hold off his feet for while and finally flings him high up in the sky.

Cut to underwater. A three-headed demon swim swiftly towards INU.

Underwater Demon: This waterfall is…

INU:   Shut up!! (punches the demon out of the water)

Cut to a silly looking Bat Demon with pink wings flying.

Bat Demon: This…!

INU:   It's not even worth listening to you!! (kicks it in the face)

Back to KAE and the villagers.

Yukichi: Lady Kaede, the demons seems to have vanished.

KAE:  I wonder if they've run away…

KAE and the villagers walk off.

[ End of ACT I: 8min 33sec ]

[ ACT II ]

In the courtyard of Higurashi shrine. Ayumi is praying. Eri and Yuka walk up to her.

Yuka: What are you doing?

Ayumi: Well, since we're here…

Cut to KAG's room. KAG's friends are in her room.

KAG:  (sits up, glad) You've come… I'm sorry.

Eri:   How's your fever?

KAG:  Not too bad.

Ayumi: How about your nose and throat?

KAG:  I've got a bit of a cough.

Yuka: (hands KAG a bouquet of flowers) Here, just a little something…

KAG:  Thank you!

Eri:   You have to take care of yourself.

Yuka: That's true. You've been getting sick really often.

KAG:  Well…

Ayumi: Did he visit you?

KAG:  He?

Ayumi: That one… you know…

KAG:  There's no reason for him to come.

Yuka: (concerned) Why not?

Eri:   (concerned) He's not caring at all.

KAG:  It's not like that.

Cut to flashback of earlier on when INU shouted at KAG.

INU:   Are you feeling better yet?! Recover quickly!

Fade to present.

KAG:  He's just a bit faraway.

Ayumi: Faraway?

Mama: (background) Kagome, this boy named Hojo is here.

Eri, Ayumi & Yuka: (shocked) Hojo?

KAG:  Hojo?

KAG walks to the doorway. GRA and Sota peep from behind a wall.

Hojo: Hi.

KAG:  Hi Hojo, what brings you here?

Hojo: I heard you are sick, so I thought I'd pay a visit. I thought about it for awhile, before I knew what to bring you. I could only think of this. (gives KAG a huge basket of fruits) Something good for your health. If you feel like it, eat them, okay?

KAG:  Thank you.

Hojo: (takes out six charms) These charms are for good health too. (scratches his head) But come to think of it, your family takes care of this shrine…

KAG:  Thanks, our charms don't have much effects anyway.

GRA:  (appears next to KAG, chiding) Hey!

Hojo: (takes out a dumbbell) Oh, and this dumbbell… I thought it'd be better if you worked out a bit.

KAG:  T-TThank you…

Hojo: Oh, and…

KAG:  (shocked) You still have more…?

GRA gapes at Hojo.

Mama: (walks up to them) In any case, why don't you invite him in?

In KAE's hut. MIR, SHI and SAN are drinking tea. INU walks in, carrying a huge basket. There are green apples, two carps, a crab, a wild boar and a lot of herbs. A green apple falls out of the basket.

INU:   Hey guys, where's Kagome?

SHI:   We sent her home.

INU:   Home?!

SAN:  We thought it'd be a better place for her to recuperate, so we send her back.

INU:   (furious) Left without a word… She went back…

KAG:  (takes a green apple) What? Where did you go?

A bushy orange tail appears behind KAG.

INU:   Shippo!

INU thumps SHI on the head and he turns back to normal.

SHI:   What do you think you're doing?!

INU:   (throws the huge basket on SHI) Shut up! (rushes out)

SHI:   (struggles free and looks into the basket of food) Oh, they look tasty! Are they presents?

MIR:   No, I think he was preparing for our long journey.

SAN:  I don't think so.

Sota is playing soccer in the courtyard of the Higurashi shrine. GRA is rummaging through the storeroom next to it.

GRA:  I know I put I here somewhere…

Sota: Hey grandpa, what are you doing?

GRA:  (takes out a jar, glad) Here it is! This is our family heirloom, it can treat all illnesses… I finally found it!

Buyo rolls herself on the football.

Sota: Hey, grandpa…

GRA:  (ecstatic, oblivious) With this, Kagome will feel better in no time!

Sota: (sighs) Forget it.

GRA:  You'll be better soon, Kagome!

Sota: Buyo!

Sota shouts at Buyo and she gets off the football. Sota kicks it and it hits GRA accidentally. The jar with a ginseng inside falls out of his hands and breaks.

GRA:  (yells, crying) Kagome!!

Sota: Sorry, grandpa! (runs off guiltily)

GRA:  (crying) Kagome!!

Cut to Sota kicking football in the courtyard.

Sota: I did something really bad…

A dark shadow flashes across the courtyard. Sota kicks and it hits the dark shadow, who turns out to be INU.

INU:   (catches the ball) Hey.

Sota: Brother Inuyasha!

INU:   How's Kagome? (hands the ball back to Sota)

Sota: She's been sleeping till now. She has visitors at the moment.

INU:   I see…

In KAG's room. KAG, her friends and Hojo are conversing.

Yuka: The men were all worked up over it…

Eri:   And then Ayumi…

Ayumi: (blushing) Oh Eri, stop it…

Hojo: That story was pretty popular in my class too.

Ayumi: Oh no…

Yuka: Well, I bet this story has spread throughout our school.

KAG:  (stands) Excuse me for a bit. (walks out of room)

Eri and Yuka corner Hojo. Hojo is taken aback.

Yuka: You finally came all the way here.

Hojo: All the way where?

Eri:   To Kagome's house.

Hojo: Well of course, I came to see how she is…

Ayumi: You're so kind…

Hojo: Oh… (scratches his head) no…

Eri:   (frowns, thinking) Just as I thought, he doesn't know…

Yuka: (thinking) That Kagome has a boyfriend.

Ayumi: But I heard that Kagome's boyfriend is kind also.

Eri & Yuka: (presses Ayumi on the bed) You idiot!!

Ayumi struggles.

Hojo: (shyly) Are you referring to me by any chance?

Eri and Yuka gape at Hojo.

Ayumi: (sits up) No, Kagome has…

Yuka puts a hand over Ayumi's mouth to shut her up.

Eri:   Oh-oh, t-there's t-this guy following Kagome around!

Yuka: That's right, a really awful guy who won't even visit her when she's sick.

Cut to KAG outside the room, thinking.

KAG:  (thinking, sad) School… seems fun.

KAG is about to walk down the stairs when Sota walks up.

Sota: Sister…

KAG:  What is it, Sota?

Sota: Brother Inuyasha is here.

KAG is surprised.

INU is playing with Buyo in the living room. KAG walks in and sits across him.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   Hey.

KAG:  What's wrong?

INU:   Nothing much. Just wondering if you're okay.

KAG:  (glad) You came to visit me?

INU:   (defensive) S-stupid! Shippo and Sango were worried about you, so… I'm the only one who can come here anyway.

KAG:  (smiles) Thanks. I'm much better now. But I'm still having a fever. A bit lethargic too. (coughs)

INU:   (looks down) I… didn't come to bring you back. You should really just rest and get better, and if you don't wish to…

INU looks up only to find KAG gone, and Sota sitting in her place.

INU:   … stay here…

KAG walks up the stairs, coughing. Hojo is at the top of the steps.

Hojo: Higurashi…

KAG:  What's wrong?

The door to KAG's room opens slightly. Yuka, Ayumi and Eri peep out.

Hojo: Well… (blushes) Higurashi, is there anything you're worried about?

KAG:  Worried about? (looks away and ponders) Nothing in particular…

Hojo: I'm concerned. You can always ask me for advice.

KAG is taken aback.

Hojo: (looks down) No matter what it is… I'll be your faithful listener, and I'll help you as much as I can. In other words… If you're willing to be my girlfriend… If you are…

Hojo looks up to find KAG gone.

Hojo: I…

KAG walks into her room. Eri, Ayumi and Yuka are looking at their textbooks.

Ayumi: Isn't this going to be on the test?

Eri:   Yeah…

They notice KAG and look at her in silence.

KAG:  What's with all of you?

Ayumi: We're going to have an academic aptitude test.

KAG:  Test?!

Eri:   The results will count when they advise you on your career options.

KAG:  Career options?!

Yuka: Have you been studying at home?

KAG:  (slouches, worried) Not really…

Ayumi: There's nothing Kagome can do about it. Besides, we don't even know if she can make it to school tomorrow.

KAG:  Oh ya. What are the topics covered?

Yuka: What? You're thinking of taking the test in this state?

KAG:  (determined) Of course!

KAG coughs badly all of a sudden. She is about to faint when Hojo catches her.

Hojo: Higurashi… Are you okay?

KAG:  (breaks away and face Hojo, worried) Hojo, please!

Hojo: (glad) So you do have worries after all!

KAG's friends grimace.

KAG:  (hands in begging position) Please teach me!

A while later. KAG is wearing a face mask and studying. INU peeps into the room from the roof.

INU:   (thinking) Shouldn't she be resting?

INU gets back on the roof just when Hojo walks up to her.

Hojo: At least the relevant areas are covered in sciences. If you memorize the theorems…

KAG coughs badly. Her friends rush to her, concerned.

Ayumi: Are you okay, Kagome?

Eri:   Don't work too hard.

KAG:  (weakly) Please continue, Hojo.

Evening, outside KAG's house. KAG is saying goodbye to her friends.

Ayumi: Bye, Kagome.

KAG:  Thanks guys.

Hojo: See you later, Higurashi!

KAG:  Thanks for everything. (notices Yuka looking at her) What?

Yuka: Nothing. See you!

All: Bye-bye! (walks off)

KAG:  Bye-bye… (closes the door, turns around and clenches her fists in determined manner) Now…! (coughs)

Nighttime. INU is seated on KAG's bed as she is studying.

INU:   Hey…

KAG:  What?

INU:   Is that test thing so important?

KAG:  That's right.

INU:   (chiding) How can that test be more important than your health?

KAG:  Because I'll go to school when I get better. I have to study.

INU:   It's more important to make sure your cold gets better, right?

KAG:  (worked up) Both are important! (coughs)

INU:   (stands and walks to KAG, chiding) I'm telling you, just lie down.

KAG:  (determined) No!

INU:   Kagome!

KAG:  I want to go to school too, you know!

INU doesn't reply.

KAG:  Please leave! Don't distract me from my studies!

INU:   (furious) What?! (opens the window and jumps out) Fine! I got it!

KAG slams the window shut and goes back to her desk. She sighs and buries her face in her arms.

KAG:  I'm a fool…

Mama: (knocks and opens the door) How are you feeling, Kagome? I'll make you some rice gruel?

KAG:  Okay.

Back in Feudal era, in KAE's hut. SHI looks at the basket of food that INU gathered earlier on. SAN is preparing dinner.

SHI:   All of these look so good!

MIR:   (picks up a crab) They'll make good money if we sell them.

SAN:  I don't think you can touch them…

KIR paws at a huge fish slowly.

SAN:  (chiding) Kirara…

KIR mews in disappointment. INU rushes into the hut angrily. SHI and KIR climb onto MIR hurriedly. INU rummages through the food.

SHI:   I didn't do anything! I didn't touch anything!

MIR:   Same here…

MIR notices the crab in her hand. KIR mews at him and he drops the crab.

SHI:   Inuyasha…?

INU continues rummaging through the pile of food angrily, ignoring them.

Back in KAG's room. She puts down her textbook tiredly.

KAG:  My head hurts…

INU walks into the living room of KAG's house, carrying a pot. Both Sota and GRA are reading.

INU:   Hey.

Sota: Didn't you go back earlier?

INU:   I want to use the wood oven.

Sota: Wood oven…?

Mama: (walks into the room with a tray of tea) Would a gas stove do?

In the kitchen. A pot is boiling away. INU takes out some herbs from the pot and lines them nicely on the table, looking pleased. He smirks and takes out some slimy stuff.

Sota: (disgusted) What… is that?

INU:   You need liver to stock up nutrients. (pointing) Boar's liver, carp's liver, bird's liver… a few medicinal leaves and roots!

Sota: (backing away) Are you going to eat them?

INU:   Not me.

Sota: I-I see…

INU:   Here we go… (brandishes his claws)

Cut to KAG's room. KAG is flipping through her photo album, looking at photos of her and her friends in school. INU walks in with a cup. Sota follows.

KAG:  Inuyasha…

INU:   Here… (hands KAG the cup of hot murky drink) Drink this medicine.

KAG:  Medicine? (winces and pinches her nose) It smells…

INU:   (confident) You'll feel better if you drink it. Your cold will be much better after drinking this.

KAG looks at INU, who looks serious. She takes the cup and tastes it.

KAG:  (grimaces) Taste horrible!!

Sota gapes at KAG.

INU:   (sits on the bed, smiling) Bear with it! It'd work if it's bitter.

KAG:  Did you make this?

INU:   Yeah!

KAG:  I'll bear with it if it's good for the cold. (examines the murky drink and pinches her nose) Does this really work?

INU:   Trust me!

KAG nods and drinks. Sota is disgusted and backs away.

Sota: (squirms, to himself) She's drinking it… Sister is drinking liver-drink…

KAG is almost done with the drink.

Sota: (face goes green) Liver…drink…

KAG finally finishes the drink and looks up, surprised.

KAG:  Seems like it's working…!

INU:   (pleased) Right?

KAG:  Thanks.

INU:   It's nothing special…

KAG:  But you sure know how to make medicine like this.

INU:   (looks away, defensive) My mother taught me long ago…

KAG:  Your mother? She made it for you?

INU:   (turns to KAG) Well, the ingredients are different. She used dried ones… (pleased) But mine is raw!

KAG:  (examines the cup) Raw? (looks at INU) What's raw?

INU:   Raw…

Sota crosses his arms, making a 'No' gesture and shakes his head violently.

INU:   (stuttering) Well, as long as it's effective!

KAG:  (nods) Thanks!

INU:   (defensive) Told you it wasn't anything special.

KAG:  Sorry about earlier…

INU:   (blushes, stands) Don't worry about it. Just go to sleep already!

A while later in KAG's room. The lights have been switched off. KAG tucks herself into bed. INU squats next to it and starts patting KAG's legs in a rhythmic manner.

KAG:  Is that… some sort of charm?

INU:   My mother used to do that in the past.

KAG:  I see…

KAG closes her eyes and goes to sleep. Fade to INU sitting by her bed. Fade to INU looking at KAG's photo album of her friends and Hojo.

[ End of ACT II: 20min 49sec ]


Daytime outside KAG's house.

Sota: I'm off! (runs)

In KAG's room. KAG wakes and stretches herself.

INU:   (by the window) Hey.

KAG:  Morning!

INU:   How are you feeling?

KAG:  I feel really good! Your medicine really works, Inuyasha!

INU:   I told you it would.

KAG:  I think I can go to school now. Even the test shouldn't be…

KAG looks at the alarm clock and is shocked. The alarm has been set for 7am, but it is already 8:15am.

KAG:  (grabs the clock) OH NO!!! I'd definitely be late even if I go now!!! (whimpers) I won't make it for the test…

INU:   Will you make it if you hurry?

KAG:  If I hurry?

INU:   Change quickly!

KAG:  Huh?

Cut to INU sprinting through the streets, piggybacking KAG.

KAG:  Inuyasha, wait!

INU:   Keep quiet! (leaps) Do you think you'll make it?

KAG:  I think so…

KAG walks into the classroom. She walks to her friends.

KAG:  Morning!

Ayumi: Kagome!

Eri:   Are you better now?

KAG:  Yup. Somehow I got better after a good night's sleep.

Yuka: What about the test?

KAG:  (determined) I'm going to do what I can.

Eri:   That's right!

Class monitor: All rise!

Pan upwards to reveal INU seated on the rooftop, waiting. Cut to KAG and her classmates taking the test seriously. She seems confident. Fade back to INU waiting on the rooftop.

[ End of ACT III ]

[ End of episode 89: Visitation Confrontation Between "That Guy" and "Him" ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Sota Hey… Brother Inuyasha… Can I ask you a man's secret?

What secret?

Sota What is love? Is love forever?

W-why are you asking this?!

Sota I'm secretly in love with Hitomi…!

Kagome! You solve this one!

Don't worry! For this cute brother of mine, I'll surely think of a solution! Next on Inuyasha, "Sota's Brave Confession of Love".

Sota's problem is harder to handle than demons…


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