episode 84

The Super Fast Bride-to-Be

Altered Canon | 2-episode story, 83-84

Episode Capsule last revised on 23 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Every Heart by BoA

Script: TAKAHASHI Tetsuko 高橋哲子
Storyboard: YAMANAKA Eiji 山中英治
Episode Director: TOBA Satoshi 鳥羽 聡
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 3 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 40 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 25 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 1 / 31 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 12 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 19 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 9 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
1 / 31 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
1 [60 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 1 / 6 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 7 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 59.0% [23/39]


  1. Synopsis
  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
  6. Production Notes
  7. Script
  8. Contributors & References

Preview from previous episode

Dog-face! How can you be so dumb and let Naraku get away?!

Skinny wolf! You're the dumb one! You are engaged to Ayame, but you still have designs on Kagome! What are you thinking?!

Who agreed to marry her?! You fool!

A man has to keep his promise! You should marry Ayame!

Stop! I've a lot of things to take care of! Next on Inuyasha, "The Super Fast Bride-to-Be". I'm sorry, Ayame…

InuYasha’s Jar

#84 Hair Monster 毛むくじゃらの化け物

A discarded part that Naraku left behind in the castle. Reacts to Koga's Shikon shards.



We were near to a river that night… I don’t wish to lose to Naraku. But taking revenge is not my only goal. Forget about the moon and the rainbow, Ayame.


Oddities and Other Notes


long-exposure photo of a moonbow in Oregon.
© Thomas Thies
Lunar Rainbow
The moon rainbow that Ayame mentions really exists. The moonbow, or night-time rainbow, can be seen on strongly-lit nights. However, as human visual perception for color in low light is poor, they are seen as white. Here are the specific conditions needed to see a moonbow:
- A bright moon near to full
- Raining opposite the moon
- Sky must be dark
- Moon must be less than 42º high. <Rainbows>


The moving fragments.
The Sacred Jewel fragments are shown to be in Koga’s heels earlier in this episode. However, when he left Kagome, the shards are on his calves instead. Also, in episode 67, they're on his shins.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun

Oblivious Kirara
Right after the fight with the Hair demon (when Koga was holding Kagome’s hand bullshitting), if you freeze frame, you can see Kirara taking a nap.



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ recap ]

Flashback from previous episode. HMO pops out of some trees.

HMO:  Sacred Jewel…fragments…

Cut to fight between INU and HMO. INU pulls HMO by his hair and flings him over to the cliff edge.

KAG:  (narrating) While searching for Naraku's whereabouts, we were attacked by a long hair monster.

A bunch of HMO's hair move towards KAG. KOG grabs KAG and leaps off, dodging HMO's hair.

KAG:  (narrating) It was Koga who saved me that time…

HMO's hair in INU's hand suddenly breaks and HMO falls off the cliff. Cut to KOG and KAG in a forest. Suddenly leaves fly out and attack KOG. KOG dodge and lands on a rock.

KAG:  (narrating) But we met a girl from Wolf Demon tribe who came to look for Koga.

AYA:   (lands on a rock) You promised me.

Cut to flashback of KOG walking in the light drizzle, piggybacking a young AYA.

KOG:  Don't be too harsh on yourself. No matter how hard it is, (turns to AYA) I'll take you as my bride, Ayame. (smiles)

Cut to present.

KOG:  (nervous) I-Is t-that t-true? D-Did I r-really say t-that?

AYA nods. Tears stat to well up in her eyes.

[ End of recap: 2min 12sec ]

[ Title screen: The Super Fast Bride-to-Be ]

[ ACT I ]

INU sprints along a path. SAN, MIR and SHI follow him on KIR's back.

MIR:   I wonder if the monster was sent by Naraku.

SAN:  We'll know once we captured it.

SHI:   He might know Naraku's whereabouts.

INU:   Let's talk about this after we saved Kagome! (to himself) Stay safe, Kagome.

In the forest. KOG is sulking in a corner. KAG and AYA sit on a log, back facing him.

KAG:  So, the Wolf Demon tribe's elder is Ayame's grandfather?

AYA:   Yes, he's my grandpa.

KAG:  But, what's the reason for you to come down from the mountain?

AYA:   I've been wondering why recently there's a strange bad aura coming from the North mountain.

Fade to flashback in the mountains. A miasma surrounds the area. AYA and Elder sit on a ledge by the waterfall, looking worried.

KAG:  (voice-over) Strange bad aura?

AYA:   (voice-over) Grandpa told me that's the smell of a demon.

KAG:  (voice-over) Demon?

Cut to a lot of wolf-demons gathered and fighting fiercely with each other.

AYA:   (voice-over) For the sake of the territory, the North, East and West Wolf Demon tribes started to fight against each other.

Cut to AYA talking to a weak-looking Elder.

AYA:   (voice-over) For the sake of our tribe, grandpa wanted me to marry a young man with power, and reunite the allies.

Cut to present.

KAG:  (shocked) So it's a forced marriage?

AYA:   Luckily Koga had made a promise to me.

KOG:  (shouts) But I don't remember it!

AYA:   Grandpa also thought Koga could reunite the allies. I'm willing to marry him too.

KAG:  (thinking) So… it isn't just a forced marriage.

KOG:  (clenching his head tightly) Panicking just because of the bad aura… it can be settled even though I can't reunite them!

AYA:   (stands and face KOG) It's not that simple! To reunite them, we need someone that can be trusted. They need to have faith and reliability!

KOG:  (buries his face into his hands) It doesn't suit me.

AYA:   Koga!

KOG:  What I want to do right now is to chop Naraku's head down. I don't have time to deal with other things!

AYA:   Why not?

KOG:  Shut up! Go back to the mountain!

KAG:  (chiding) Koga!

AYA is silent.

KOG:  Ayame, why don't you stop listening to your grandpa and do what you want to do?

Cut to HMO moving through the forest by grabbing tree trunks to pull himself forward. (he has no legs-just hair, mouth and teeth)

KOG hears the noise that HMO makes.

KOG:  Ayame, I'll just stop here.

KAG:  Wait, Koga!

AYA:   (apprehensive) This bad aura…!

KAG:  Bad aura?

KOG:  That stupid Inuyasha must have let the monster go again! (rubs his nose) It's that smell… the demon should be nearby.

KAG:  Koga, let's go back to Inuyasha!

KOG:  (grabs KAG's hands) Don't worry, Kagome. I'll protect you.

KAG:  (grimacing) Thanks for your kind intention, but… (thinking) this isn't the time to talk about this…!

AYA:   (looks at KAG and KOG, surprised, thinking) What? Koga said he loves her, but… this girl Kagome…

Suddenly, HMO pops out from a few trees and attack them. KOG grabs KAG and leaps. AYA jumps away too.

KOG:  Come out, monster! I've something to ask you!

KAG is surprised.

Cut to INU-gang arriving in the forest. He sees the remnants of hair left on the tree trunks.

INU:   Which way? That way!

Suddenly the hair remnants jump off and attack INU, who dodges.

SHI:   (on MIR's shoulder) The long hair monster is attacking!

SAN:  (jumps off KIR with MIR) Attacking us?

MIR:   It's not letting us go.

The hair remnants attack. MIR and SAN fend them off.

MIR:   Inuyasha! You must go find Kagome!

INU:   (claws some remnants) Got it! (leaps off) Kagome, wait for me!

AYA, KAG and KOG land. They face HMO.

HMO:  (laughs) I won't let you go. I'll eat you guys along with the Sacred Jewel fragments.

KOG:  Ayame. I shouldn't trouble you, but please take care of Kagome.

AYA:   Take care? Me?

KOG:  Kagome, you stay with Ayame! (leaps forward)

KAG:  Koga!

KOG:  Who do you think you are? Only looks huge! (grabs a bunch of HMO's hair and leaps off) Watch this!

KOG swings the hair over a branch and pulls. When HMO comes close, he kicks off two of his sharp teeth.

KOG:  (lands) Since you finally caught up with me, (springs forth) I want you to tell me Naraku's whereabouts!

A bright light appears in HMO's mouth and blinds KOG momentarily. The hair on the branch breaks off and hover in mid air.

KAG:  The hair came off!

AYA slashes them away with her leaf attack. Cut to KOG being grabbed by HMO's hair.

AYA:   (runs to KOG) Koga!

Some of HMO's hair grab AYA too, and she shrieks. KAG picks up her bow and arrow.

KAG:  Hit! (shoots)

The sacred arrow cuts off the hair holding on to AYA. AYA falls to the ground, but a few bundles of hair still grab onto her.

AYA:   (surprised, thinking) Sacred arrow? Is Kagome a shrine maiden?

KOG:  (struggling on the ground to get away from HMO's pull) Damn it!

KAG:  (walks to AYA) Are you okay, Ayame? (thrusts an arrow onto a bundle of hair on AYA) This guy…! (strikes it several times, trying to break it)

AYA:   Why didn't you run?

KAG:  What do you mean?

AYA:   Koga had been trying hard to fight against the monster for your sake!

KAG:  Koga isn't that type of guy. Koga is fighting for both of us.

AYA is silent. Suddenly more hair fly towards AYA and KAG. INU pops out and claws them.

INU:   Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer!

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU:   (lands in front of KAG, worried) Are you safe, Kagome?

KAG:  I'm okay!

AYA:   (thinking) Inuyasha? Kagome's ally?

INU:   (turns to KOG who is still struggling) Koga, what are you doing? Kagome was put in a dangerous position!

KOG:  Shut up! You're the one who let the monster go!

INU:   I'll protect Kagome! Stay back, you skinny wolf!

KOG:  I'll protect Kagome!

INU:   What can you do to protect her?!

KAG:  (walks to INU) Koga, since Inuyasha is here, you don't need to fight alone!

KOG:  Kagome…!

AYA:   (surprised, thinking) What? Could Koga be…

HMO laughs.

KAG:  Be careful, Inuyasha. It's dangerous to get caught in the monster's hair.

INU:   (unsheathes TET) Don't worry, Kagome. Watch this! I'll defeat it with my Wind Scar!

KOG:  That dog-face! Coming only at the critical moment! I'll be the one to defeat this monster!

AYA:   (shocked, thinking) Koga… could that be why you're behaving this way?

HMO pulls harder and drags AYA and KOG towards him.

HMO:  I'll eat you along with the Sacred Jewel fragments.

KAG:  Inuyasha, hurry! You have to save them!

INU:   (surprised) Me?

KAG:  Who else?! (shoves INU forward) Look, they're about to get eaten! Hurry!

INU:   Keh! I don't care what happens to Koga's life. But, I won't let you have the Sacred Jewel fragments!

INU leaps and slashes HMO's hair, but they just separate.

INU:   The hair just flew off!

The separated hair grabs INU and ties its ends to some tree trunks and rocks, holding INU down.

INU:   (struggling) What?!

KAG:  Inuyasha!

HMO:  No one can stop me now. I was finally… finally being released from Naraku.

INU:   What?

HMO:  Now with the Sacred Jewel fragments, I can get back my original form.

INU:   What?

The rest of INU-gang arrive at the scene.

SHI:   Kagome!

MIR:   Kagome!

SAN:  Are you safe?

KAG:  (glad) Everyone!

SAN:  Who is that girl?

KAG:  That's Ayame. She's Koga's fiancée.

MIR, SHI & SAN: (shocked) Fiancée?

KAG:  I'll tell you the details later!

MIR:   But, what on earth is that monster?

KAG:  That monster was released from Naraku.

INU:   You! What are you talking about?

HMO:  When Naraku left the castle, he left me as well.

SAN:  So this guy's not a clone that Naraku made.

KAG:  He's just a useless part…!

SHI:   Well, it does seem useless.

INU:   Keh! No wonder. I thought you were too weak to be Naraku's clone! (pulls at a bundle of hair, breaks free and lands next to KOG) So, Koga, you were trapped by this useless garbage.

The Sacred Jewel in his heels glow and he breaks free.

KOG:  (scoffs) Not anymore.

KOG walks to AYA and steps on a bundle of hair tying AYA. He waves his foot above AYA and the hair breaks. He then picks up AYA and flings her backwards.

KOG:  Ayame. Stay there. I'll protect you too. Dog-face. I'll play with you later. (walks forward)

INU:   What was that?

KOG:  (slaps his fist angrily) Hey, monster! You said you were left behind. In other words, you don't know Naraku's whereabouts at all! (punches HMO on the lip)

HMO splits where KOG hit.

AYA:   Koga…

MIR:   Don't destroy it yet, Koga. We still have things to ask!

KOG:  Don't worry. I know what to do. Now, monster, tell me everything you know. Or else…

HMO:  (laughs) There's no point to talk about it. Naraku escaped to a location where no one can reach him.

Everybody gasps.

KOG:  A place where no one can reach?!

HMO:  (laughs) Too bad. I don't know anything after that. I no longer have a way to communicate with Naraku. I don't know Naraku's actions anymore. That's what you get.

MIR:   It doesn't seem like he's lying.

INU:   Tsk! He doesn't know anything.

KOG:  There's nothing we can do now. (cracks his knuckles) At least there's one thing this useless monster is good for!

KOG punches towards HMO. Suddenly HMO shifts and bites onto KOG mouth, trapping him.

KOG:  (struggling) This bastard…!

AYA:   Koga!

AYA leaps to KOG and takes out the hibiscus-like flower in her hair.

KOG:  Ayame!

She uses the sharp end of the hibiscus hairpin and strikes HMO's lip. A miasma emits from the wound on HMO.

SAN:  The bad aura appears again!

MIR:   Is it the power of the Iris flower?

HMO:  I'll eat you!

KOG pulls out his arm when HMO spoke.

AYA:   Koga!

KOG:  Ayame! (hugs AYA)

HMO clamps shut his mouth, biting on onto AYA and KOG. He bites them again and swallows them.

SHI:   They were both eaten!

KAG:  Koga! Ayame!

INU:   (thinking) Damn! I can't slice it with my Wind Scar now!

HMO:  Finally… I've eaten the Sacred Jewel fragments!

Suddenly HMO winces and starts to glow. It then explodes into tiny pieces. INU-gang is horrified. The smoke from the explosion slowly dissipates, revealing AYA kneeling on the ground and KOG in a kicking position.

KOG:  Don't you dare to lay on me!

AYA:   Koga! Your arm… It's because I came…

KOG:  This wound is nothing. (picks up a piece of HMO)

The rest of KOG-gang come running in.

GIN:  Koga!

KOG:  You finally caught up. (throws the piece of HMO to GIN) Guys, remember that smell. Let the wolves remember it too.

MIR:   If the wolves can remember Naraku's scent, they can go look for him.

INU:   Keh! (smug) That's not going to work! If the wolves could smell him, I would have already smelled it. (looks around wildly) Koga! Where did…he go?

KOG is holding KAG's hands. AYA has her back towards them, silent. INU gasps and grinds his teeth.

KOG:  Kagome, I have to leave now, but… Next time, I'll bring you back Naraku's head.

AYA:   (thinking) Koga, you're in one-sided love. Can't you see that?

KAG:  (embarrassed) No… there's no need…

KOG:  Don't make that expression, Kagome. You're going to be my bride.

INU:   (furious) W-What?

KAG:  (gasps and pushes KOG's hands away) Wait a minute, Koga! Way, way before you met me, you had already made a promise to Ayame. (fierce) Did you forget about that again?

KOG:  (backing off) About that… I don't remember.

KAG:  (shakes her finger) Think again, during the night of full moon with rainbow… What did you say to her?

KOG:  (closes his eyes, concentrating) Moon's… rainbow…

An image of the night sky and the full moon flashes across the screen. Cut to present.

KOG:  (shocked) What…

Cut to flashback of KOG fighting the Birds of Paradise and saving AYA. Cut to KOG piggybacking AYA in the drizzle.

KOG:  I'll take you as my wife. When you come down from the mountain.

Cut to nighttime, full moon. KOG and AYA are in the mountain.

AYA:   (points) Look.

A rainbow appears across the sky.

KOG:  The moon's rainbow…

Cut to present. KOG gasps in horror, closes his eyes and recompose himself.

KOG:  It's too bad. I don't remember.

KAG:  Koga, you did see a rainbow, right?

KOG:  I don't remember seeing one. Ayame was this… (making a 'she was this short', gesture)

KOG eyes AYA, who is silent. He pauses and chagrins.

KOG:  Furthermore, it was so long ago…

AYA:   (smiles uncomfortably) Forget about the past. (turns to KOG) I understand how hard you need to get Naraku.

Cut to SAN, MIR and SHI.

SAN:  (whispers to MIR) Kagome, Koga are caught in a love triangle?

MIR:   (whispers back) No, not like that. Ayame came to get Koga.

SHI:   (on MIR's shoulder, whispering in gossipy manner) But, Koga only likes Kagome. However, Kagome won't get into two relationships.

INU thumps SHI on the head and he falls to the ground.

SHI:   (sits up and feels the bump on his head, furious) What are you doing, Inuyasha?!

INU:   Shut up!

Cut to KOG and AYA.

AYA:   Until you get rid of Naraku, grandpa and I will do something for the tribes.

KOG:  I see.

AYA:   But, I won't give up on you. Please remember it!

Everyone is taken aback.

AYA:   Your wife can only be me.

KOG:  (panicking) M-My wife… must be able to see the Sacred Jewel fragments. (pulls KAG over) Kagome can see them!

AYA:   Can see? The Sacred Jewel fragments? (pauses, determined) So, I'll learn to see them too!

INU gasps. Cut to MIR and SAN tilting toward each, staring at AYA. Cut to SHI wide-eyed. Cut to KAG and KOG looking shocked.

KOG:  (stuttering) Learn how to see… You can't learn…

AYA:   (determined) I will!

KOG:  (stern) You can't!

AYA:   I will, I will!

KOG:  (yelling) You can't, you can't!

AYA suddenly breaks into giggles.

KOG:  W-What is it?

AYA:   (pats KOG on the shoulder, smiling confidently) Just wait for that day. (turns around)

KOG:  (holding out his hand) Oi…

AYA:   Bye! (turns into a tornado and spins off)

Everyone is still recovering from the shock. SHI jumps onto MIR's shoulder.

SHI:   Hey, Miroku. If you're under practice, could you see Sacred Jewel fragments like Kagome?

MIR:   I doubt it.

SAN:  But, she seems trying to see them.

SHI:   She has confidence too.

KOG:  (frowning) Ayame is… so stupid.

INU:   Koga. The story is over now, (cracks his knuckles threateningly) give up the Sacred Jewel fragments in your legs. (attacks KOG's legs) Give it to me!

KOG:  (leaps and dodges) Fat hope! See you, Kagome!

KOG turns into a tornado and twirls away. GIN, HAK and the wolves run after him.

GIN:  Goodbye, sister!

HAK:  Wait up, Koga!

INU:   Damn it!

MIR:   But Inuyasha, it might help if the number of Koga's allies increases.

INU:   That's too easy! If the scent could be our clues, why did Naraku leave behind the garbage? The garbage represent bad smell. How could he be so careless?

MIR, SHI and SAN huddle together and give INU a 'I can't believe you're so smart!' look.

MIR:   (shocked) He has a point!

INU:   Naraku has great confidence that he won't be found. Isn't that right?

MIR:   (nods gravely) Agreed.

INU looks pleased with himself. There is a short pause.

MIR:   And then?

INU looks up and gives a 'huh?' look.

MIR:   Not that. Where do you think Naraku went to? (SHI inches forward seriously) Let me hear your thoughts.

There is a short pause. INU smirks and walks backwards to MIR and spins around.

INU:   (low voice) I'll let you think about it.

MIR sighs.

SAN:  (thinking) So he wasn't thinking about it.

SHI:   (clenches his fist, thinking) Well, I have to be strong.

KAG:  (thinking) But, what Inuyasha said is not wrong.

Cut to evening view of the landscape.

KAG:  (voice-over) Naraku escaped to a place where no one can find him. Where should we search?

[ End of ACT I: 19min 12sec ]

[ ACT II ]

Nighttime. It is full moon. The fireflies are out. KOG stand by a river, alone and deep in thoughts.

KOG:  We were near to a river that night…

Cut to a small rainbow formed in a small waterfall nearby. KOG notices it.

KOG:  (clenches his sword tightly, thinking) I don't wish to lose to Naraku. But taking revenge is not my only goal.

KOG looks at the rainbow again.

KOG:  (softly) Forget about the moon and the rainbow, Ayame.

KOG turns around and walks off. Pan upwards to full moon.

Fade to full moon over a field. AYA is looking at it, alone.

AYA:   (thinking) I won't forget how you saved me… even when the rainbow disappears…

Cut to full moon over a knoll. INU lies on his back, looking at it. KAG sits next to him.

INU:   It's so annoying! I was finally able to break Naraku's barrier, yet…

KAG:  Hopefully, we'll find Naraku. If we all search together.

INU:   (sits up) What do you mean together? Are you counting Koga in there? (scoffs) He has never given up on you despite his fiancée, you'll surely count on him too.

KAG:  Are you still jealous?

INU:   I-I'm not jealous!

KAG:  (deadpan) So you're not jealous.

INU:   (pauses, then in monotone) It doesn't matter…

KAG:  You started it.

INU blushes and twitches. Suddenly, the rest of INU-gang appears behind them. KIR and SHI are asleep.

MIR:   Well, just carry on.

SAN sighs. A sweat drop flows down INU's face and he lies back down. He turns away from KAG.

INU:   That's enough.

KAG:  (thinking) That's not good. (sighs, thinking) Ayame is so devoted to Koga. It'll be good if Inuyasha would be like that.

KAG looks at the moon.

KAG:  The moon's rainbow…

INU:   Rainbow doesn't show up at night.

KAG:  It will. To those who can see it…

INU:   Really?

INU tries very hard to see it. MIR and SAN look up at the moon, smiling.

[ End of ACT II: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 84: The Super Fast Bride-to-Be ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

No… Since Naraku's disappearance, the demons who were in hiding have come out again!

All thanks to them, our demon-slaying business is looking up again!

But it is harder too.

That old granny who claims to be a demon-slayer, didn't even flinch when surrounded by evil aura.

I wonder if it's because she's very powerful, or that she's very slow.

I think we should just pack up and go! Next on Inuyasha, "The Evil Within Demon Head's Castle".

Wow… what a beautiful princess…! Just hand this task to me!

Yes yes…



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