episode 71

Three-Sided Battle to the Death

Canon Episode | 3-episode story, 69-71

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OPENING SONG: Owari nai Yume by Aikawa Nanase
ENDING SONG: Every Heart by BoA

Script: CHIBA Katsuhiko 千葉克彦
Storyboard: HATA Masami 波多正美
Episode Director: TOBA Satoshi 鳥羽 聡
Animation Director: SAKUMA Shinichi 佐久間信一


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Injured man: SAIZEN Tadahisa


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 / 5 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 35 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 3 / 15 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 0 / 27 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 12 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 0 / 15 n all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 8 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 30 head thumps
0 / 23 kicks
0 / 3 tail-grabbing
0 / 1 throws
0 [57 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 5 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 5 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 56.8% [21/37]


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Preview from previous episode

Onigumo's heart is still alive. Naraku wanted to dispose of this useless heart and hence created Musou.

But Kagome… it seems that Naraku is protecting Musou. If it is useless to him, why don't Naraku kill him?

Naraku wants to absorb Musou into his body…!

Musou's tentacle pierced through Naraku…!

What's going on?! Are Musou and Naraku enemies?! Next on Inuyasha, "Three-Sided Battle to the Death".

The reason for all these… is linked to the spider burn marks on their backs!

InuYasha’s Jar

#71 Naraku 奈落

It was necessary to reabsorb Musou as a connection. After rearraning his body, he became stronger.



I don't think so. Something very precious got mixed in and was released with Musou. Otherwise, you wouldn't try to take back Onigumo's heart which you purposely threw out.

Inuyasha, you actually make use of your brain sometimes?


Oddities and Other Notes



Inuysha's robe was torn and bloodied after being stabbed in the chest by Musou. But when he faced Naraku later, him and his robe were intact.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu

[ recap ]

Recap from previous episode. INU is fighting with MSO.

INU:   (thinking) Isn't there a way to destroy him?!

MSO transforms into a scorpion like demon.

INU:   Why, that…!

MSO:  I'm getting used to this body!

MSO stretches his claw like arm towards INU, who leaps and dodges.

KAG:  Inuyasha! Above you!

MSO's tail suddenly appears above INU. When INU turns around, it is too late and the tail strikes INU in the chest.

KAG:  Inuyasha!

INU shrieks in pain.

[ End of recap: 1min 57sec ]

[ Title screen: Three-Sided Battle to the Death ]

[ ACT I ]

Continuation from previous episode. MSO thrust his tail into INU's chest and flings him to the ground.

MSO:  What's the matter, Inuyasha? Can't move?

INU:   (stands and grabs the tail out of his chest) Shut up!

INU runs to attack MSO, but is grabbed in the neck by MSO's outstretched arm.

INU:   (struggling) Why, you…!

MSO:  Inuyasha! This time, I'll shred you into bits! (thrusts his other hand through INU's chest)

KAG:  Inuyasha!

MSO:  Come on.

INU:   Damn you…! Don't act too cocky! (a wind vortex surrounds TET) Wind Scar!

INU throws a Wind Scar at MSO and MSO's body is broken into pieces. INU throws the arm around his neck to the ground. The pieces of flesh move in a certain direction.

INU:   (thinking) Damn… not dead yet?

KAE:  This will never end.

MIR:   What's that?

MIR looks at the piece of flesh which all the other pieces are moving towards. A spider burn mark is present of the flesh. The pieces merge together.

MIR:   A spider…!

The pieces form MSO again, but this time he is more scorpion like than before and more spikes appear on his back.

SAN:  He's transforming again.

KAE:  What's his body made of, anyway?

MIR:   Naraku is basically a collection of demons bonded into one by Onigumo. If Musou was created from Naraku's flesh…

SAN:  Then at the same time, several of those demons were released?

Cut to KAR looking on on the fight on top of a cliff.

KAR:   (thinking) Is he different from us? Is he something special? Even to Naraku?

Cut to INU-gang and MSO.

MIR:   (thinking) But why is Musou able to regenerate? Is he immortal?

INU:   Why, you…!

MSO:  I told you it's useless.

INU:   (sprints towards MSO) You bastard!

MSO slaps INU away with his tail and flings him to the ground. KAG gasps.

SHI:   (clutches and shakes his head, closing his eyes) I can't watch! Isn't there anything we can do?!

KAE:  Inuyasha is getting tired. Which is to be expected from using the Wind Scar for so many times.

SAN:  He's also withstood Musou's vicious attacks. If this continues…

INU is breathing in a difficult manner.

MSO:  (laughs) Look at you, Inuyasha! Had enough already?

SHI:   Inuyasha, use the Backlash Wave! Use the Backlash Wave to blow him to bits!

INU:   Shut up! If I thought it'd work, I'd have used it long ago!

SHI:   What? You can't use it?

SAN:  The Backlash Wave utilizes the enemy's ghostly aura. Musou doesn't have that, so it's useless.

MSO moves towards INU. SAN steps forward to help.

MIR:   (stops SAN) Wind Scar is the answer! Inuyasha!

SAN:  (turns to MIR) Miroku!

MIR:   Use Wind Scar one more time to blow Musou away!

INU:   (runs towards MSO) No need to tell me that! Wind Scar!

INU throws another Wind Scar at MSO, breaking his body into pieces.

INU:   (panting) Well?!

The main piece of flesh with the spider burn mark throbs and all the other pieces fly towards it, forming MSO's body again.

INU:   Damn! Not again! Even if I keep at it, it's still endless!

MIR:   (runs to INU) Inuyasha! Musou's tentacles accumulate towards the spider marks.

INU:   What marks?

MIR:   (points) Look… you can see the spider scar. Musou gathers his parts towards that scar to regenerate. That scar was pulsating. That is most probably where his heart is.

INU:   I get it. It's worth a try to aim for that.

MSO:  It's useless, Inuyasha. You're starting to breathe pretty hard.

INU:   (looks at the ground, thinking) The track of the Wind Scar that leads to Musou… I'll use it to make sure it strikes straight on…

MSO:  Die! (springs forth)

INU:   …into his heart! (throws a Wind Scar in MSO's direction) Go!

KAR suddenly appears above MSO on her feather and throws a wind blade.

KAR:   Fujin!

INU:   Kagura!

The wind blade collides with the Wind Scar. MSO's yell is heard. A loud explosion ensues.

MIR:   Did it work?

INU:   No. Kagura used her Fujin to divert my Wind Scar from striking Musou's heart.

Cut to KAR flying away on her feather.

MIR:   But, it's clear at least. Musou's weakness is his heart.

INU:   Keh! And he's not going to hide it either.

The tracks of the Wind Scar stop short in front of the flesh with the spider mark. A drove of poison insects appear and carry the flesh away. The rest of the flesh floats up and follows the insects.

INU:   After them, Miroku! (runs)

MIR:   Sango, protect Kagome and the others. (follows INU)

SAN:  Understood!

SHI:   Don't worry. I'll protect them!

KAE:  Why would the Bandit Onigumo come alive now?

KAG:  I don't think Musou is just another one of Naraku's creations.

SAN:  I agree. Musou has Onigumo's heart.

KAG:  But, don't you think it's strange? Why would Naraku let Musou…

Cut to INU who is chasing the insects.

INU:   (thinking) Naraku tried to get rid of Onigumo's heart because it still has feelings for Kikyo.

Cut to flashback of episode 47, when NAR created a giant soul catcher to kill KIK.

INU:   (voice-over) Then he would try to destroy Kikyo's dead spirit. For Naraku, Onigumo was a liability. Isn't that why he cast Onigumo out of his body?

Cut to image of KAR flying away on her feather.

KAG:  (voice-over) Yet Naraku is using Kagura and the poison insects to protect Musou. What's going on?

Cut to the girls and SHI.

SHI:   He created them, and cast them out after using them.

SAN:  Does it mean that Naraku still needs Onigumo?

[ End of ACT I: 8min 6sec ]

[ ACT II ]

The sky is overcast. MSO kneels by a pond in a forest, washing his face. A drove of poison insects hover above him.

MSO:  Damn that Inuyasha! I almost killed him, too. (looks around) Where am I anyway?

MSO suddenly turns around to find NAR standing behind him. NAR is in Hitomi guise, but has the baboon suit wrapped around his body.

NAR:   Onigumo… No, I should call you Musou. I never expect to see you here.

MSO:  You're… Naraku?

NAR laughs.

MSO:  (stands and turns to NAR) Are you Naraku?!

NAR:   Did you enjoy the outside world after fifty years' absence?

MSO:  Fifty years? Did you say fifty years?!

NAR:   Musou, come back inside me once more.

MSO:  What a joke!

NAR:   Don't think I want you inside me any longer than necessary. However, you were released too early.

MSO:  Too early?! How dare you say that after keeping me locked up for fifty years!

NAR:   It must have felt like a second to you.

MSO:  I remember now! You're the one who killed Kikyo fifty years ago!

NAR:   Your perverted greed lured the demons. And those demons which devoured your flesh wanted to kill Kikyo.

MSO:  Wasn't that you!?

NAR:   That was not me. I am Naraku. You should know that.

MSO:  (furious) Shut up! All I wanted was to make Kikyo mine!

Cut to flashback of KIK being attacked by NAR. Cut to present.

MSO:  Damn!

NAR:   Kikyo was resurrected. Looking exactly the same as before.

MSO:  W-what…?

NAR:   Although, she's not exactly the same.

MSO:  Kikyo is alive…?

NAR:   (laughs) Want her?

MSO:  Where is she? Where is Kikyo?!

NAR:   I can't grant your wish. Come back, Musou.

Tentacles suddenly fly out of NAR's body and attack MSO. MSO runs and dodges the tentacles.

MSO:  As if I would! (leaps and turns through the forest) This time, I'll make Kikyo mine!

NAR:   (suddenly appears next to MSO) Give it up.

MSO:  (stretches out his whip-arm) You persistent bastard! Just leave me alone!

NAR:   I can't.

MSO attacks NAR whip his arm, but NAR dodges effortlessly. KAR looks on from behind some trees.

KAR:   (thinking) Musou is trying to escape from Naraku's clutches? Is he planning to defy Naraku? I get it! Naraku doesn't control Musou's life! So that's the difference between him and me.

NAR stretches out a few tentacles which strikes MSO in the back and pins him to a tree.

NAR:   You will return to my body.

INU:   (suddenly appears) What's going on, Naraku?!

NAR:   Inuyasha…

INU:   You have no use for Onigumo's human heart. So you dug him out of your flesh and cast him out! So why're you trying to take him back?

NAR:   I thought Musou would be able to kill you, but I was wrong. That's why I'm taking him back. That's all.

INU:   I don't think so. Something very precious got mixed in and was released with Musou. Otherwise, you wouldn't try to take back Onigumo's heart which you purposely threw out.

NAR:   (mocking) Inuyasha, you actually make use of your brains sometimes?

NAR retracts his tentacles and MSO collapses to the ground.

NAR:   What will you do?

INU:   I can destroy Musou anytime. (unsheathes TET) Let me get rid of your first!

INU leaps and swings TET at NAR. NAR backs away, blocking INU's attacks with his tentacles effortlessly. Cut to MSO. The wounds inflicted by the tentacles on his back heals. He looks on at NAR fighting with INU and laughs. He gets up and runs off. KAR is surprised as she looks at MSO running away.

KAR:   (thinking) Is he serious?

INU and NAR are still fighting.

INU:   Damn! Why, you…! Die!

NAR:   What're you doing, Kagura? Go after Musou.

KAR gasps and looks at NAR.

NAR:   Don't let him get away.

KAR flies up and chases MSO, who is running desperately through the forest.

KAR:   (thinking) Musou and I were both created from Naraku's flesh. I act according to Naraku's wishes. But Musou is escaping…

MSO suddenly slows down and stops. He laughs and runs back into the forest.

KAR:   (shocked, thinking) That guy!

Back to INU and NAR, who are still fighting. NAR stretches some tentacles towards INU.

INU:   Come on!

INU slashes the tips of the tentacles off. Purple fumes emit from the wound, forcing INU to back away from NAR.

MIR:   (running) Inuyasha! (reaches INU)

INU:   You're late!

MIR:   W-Why is Naraku here?!

INU:   He's trying to take Musou back.

MIR gasps.

INU:   Releasing Musou made you weak, isn't it? Isn't that so, Naraku?!

NAR's hair fly up in fury and stretches towards INU.

INU:   Die! (throws a Wind Scar towards NAR)

NAR:   (leaps, dodging the Wind Scar) Don't underestimate me, Inuyasha. You're nothing…

Suddenly a tentacle appears and thrusts NAR in the chest while he is in the air. INU, MIR, and KAR gasp in shock. It is MSO who attacked NAR. He chuckles.

INU:   Musou!

MIR:   It can't be! He killed Naraku?!

KAR:   (thinking, in disbelief) He did it! He killed Naraku!

MSO:  (laughs) Fool! Do you think I'll let you off easily?

NAR merely grins. MSO is taken aback. NAR zooms towards MSO and faces him.

MSO:  My arms are being sucked!

NAR:   You saved me trouble, Musou. I need you.

MSO:  (struggling) Damn!

Tentacles appear out of NAR's body and envelopes MSO. They pull MSO into NAR's body gradually.

MSO:  My body won't listen to me! Let me go! Let me go!

KAR:   (thinking) So that's his fate? If I defy him… Will I be the same?

MSO:  Damn! Let me see Kikyo! Kikyo! Kikyo…! Kikyo! Kikyo! Kikyo…!

MSO is entirely absorbed into NAR's body.

NAR:   (laughs) The bitterness… The desire… You must give it up, Musou. Kikyo is just like you. Made of clay and bones. And her soul just a phantom of the past.

INU:   He absorbed Musou!

NAR:   I need Onigumo as a link for my body. Your guess was quite accurate, Inuyasha.

INU:   Link?

MIR:   Then…let me ask you. Once more, you've swallowed Onigumo's heart. Does that make you a half-demon?

NAR:   Why ask me that?

MIR:   A while back, the barrier around your castle weakened. Inuyasha, Koga… Anyone with a keen scent could find it. That wasn't on purpose.

INU:   (thinking) What is Miroku trying to find out?

NAR:   I see, Monk. You think that even I, Naraku, have periods of weakness? Like all half-demons?

MIR:   I know that your powers had weakened that time!

INU:   W-What?!

NAR:   But when that occurs is a half-demon's deepest secret. Inuyasha, what about you?

INU:   What?!

NAR:   Do you, like other half-demons, lose your powers and hide in fear of your enemies during such times?

INU:   W-Why, you…!

KAR stands behind a tree, behind NAR, and looks on.

MIR:   (thinking) Judging from what Naraku just said, Kagura hasn't told him that Inuyasha's night of weakness is during the new moon.

NAR:   Monk… As you surmised, there are times when I can't move. However, I can choose my time, by my own will.

MIR:   What?!

INU:   As if you can do such a thing!

MIR:   You, borne from a human and a demon, and I, Naraku, are vastly different. (looks sideways) Don't you agree, Kagura?

KAR gasps. Cut to flashback of episode 67, when NAR was in the basement, among bodies of demons.

KAR:   (voice-over) Naraku's appearance that time… It looked like he was reconstructing his body.

Cut to present. Poison insects appear behind NAR.

NAR:   That's when I challenged myself. I combined my strength to make myself stronger, I cast out my weakness and become even stronger.

MIR:   (thinking) He can reconstruct his own body?

INU:   You…!

NAR:   No mistake, I am a half-demon right now. But I don't lose my powers and cowers in fear like some other pitiful half-demons!

INU:   Keh! You sure rambled on and on. I'll make you shut up now! (leaps with TET) Die!

A barrier appears around NAR and KAR, and INU is thrown back.

INU:   W-What?!

MIR:   A barrier?

NAR laughs.

INU:   It won't hold me back! (leaps) Wind Scar!

INU throws a Wind Scar towards the barrier, but the barrier doesn't even budge.

MIR:   The Wind Scar doesn't work. Naraku's barriers haven't been as strong as this!

NAR:   I told you. I continue to grow in power.

Fumes suddenly emit from the barrier.

MIR:   (pushes INU backwards) Get back, Inuyasha! A miasma!

The miasma turns into a cyclone which flies into the sky, carrying NAR and KAR away.

INU:   Damn!

MIR:   It seems Naraku was speaking the truth.

INU:   I turn into a weak human on the night of the new moon. But Naraku's different?

MIR:   Yes… If Naraku is able to reconstruct himself and get stronger… This is very bad.

[ End of ACT II: 19min 47sec ]


Evening in the campsite of injured warriors. A gust of wind blows.

Injured Man: What an eerie wind.

Cut to KIK holding a bucket. A faint image of the miasma that carried KAR and NAR away appears across the sky.

KAR:  (pensive, thinking) Naraku… You don't have to tell me.

Injured Man: Kikyo…

KIK: (turns to man and smiles) Don't worry. It's nothing.

Cut to KAE's hut. KAG is bandaging INU's chest. The rest of INU-gang and KAEsits around.

KAG:  (turns to MIR, shocked) Naraku's barrier withstood the Wind Scar?

INU scoffs.

MIR:   It's certain that Naraku is becoming stronger. On top of that, he's a half-demon, but he's different from Inuyasha who loses his powers during the new moon. Instead, Naraku said he can choose his day.

SAN:  So we can't tell when Naraku's powers will be weakened?

MIR:   Yes. If we only knew when Naraku was powerless, I thought we'd be able to defeat him.

INU:   (putting on his clothes) Why's everyone so serious? At least we know that Naraku does have a night of weakness. I just have to get stronger than him. Just leave it to me!

MIR:   Inuyasha? Sometimes, you're very positive.

INU:   (glares at MIR) What do you mean by sometimes?!

SAN:  (whispers to KAG) Does he think he's always positive?

KAG:  I don't know.

Cut to exterior view of KAE's hut in the night.

KAG:  (voice-over) Oh no. My luggage!

INU:   (voice-over) Luggage?

KAG:  (voice-over) I must have left them by the well!

KAG runs out of the hut and stops suddenly when she notices the sky. She gasps.

INU:   (walks out) What's the matter?

Cut to the night sky full of stars.

KAG:  It's so beautiful!

INU:   What's so special about the stars?

KAG:  In the other dimension, you never see stars like this.

INU:   Really?

Cut to KIK walking slowly in an open field, with soul catchers flying around her.

KAR:  (thinking) I know. I am Kikyo, and yet not the true Kikyo. That's why I resisted. Yet, why? (stops and looks at the starry sky) Why does my heart… yearn so much? Inuyasha…

Cut to image of KAG and INU looking at the night sky, talking happily.

Cut to KIK looking at the night sky.

KAR:  (thinking) Which does my heart wish for?

[ End of ACT III: 22min 9sec ]

[ End of episode 71: Three-Sided Battle to the Death ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

Listen to me, Shippo! Inuyasha ran off by himself to find old Totosai!

Totosai…? The swordsmith who forged Tetsusaiga?

I wonder if he is able to tell Inuyasha how to break Naraku's barrier?

Inuyasha is such a fool! How can these things be so simple?!

I think so too…

Judging from Totosai's personality, he is sure to think of some tasks to make things difficult for Inuyasha!

Next on Inuyasha, "Totosai's Rigid Training".

What?! Inuyasha has a Senior…?!


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