episode 127

Don't Boil! Horror of the Dried Demons

煮ちゃダメ! 恐怖の干物妖怪
Filler Episode | 2 episode story, 127-128

Episode Capsule last revised on 27 Feb 2008.


OPENING SONG: Grip! by Every Little Thing
ENDING SONG: Itazura na Kiss by 6th Ending Song | Episodes 109-127

Script: Katsuhiko Chiba
Storyboard: Susumu Nishizawa
Episode Director: 阿宮正和
Animation Director: Mamiko Nakanishi


Inuyasha: Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome: Satsuski Yukino
Shippo: Kumiko Watanabe
Miroku: Kouji Tsujitani
Sango: Houko Kuwashima
Kaede: Hisako Kyouda
Naraku: Toshiyuki Morikawa
Mimisenri: Junji Nishimura
Gramps: Ginzo Matsuo [< EP38] / Katsumi Suzuki [> EP47]
Mama Higurashi: Asako Dodo
Sota Higurashi: Akiko Nakagawa
Hojo: Yuji Ueda
Ayumi: Nami Okamoto
Eri: Yuki Masuda
Yuka: Kaori Shimizu
Shironyuudou: Tadahisa Saizen
Female student: KOSAKA Akira
Male student: URATA Yuu



Tall card [352 x 509 pixels]


Sacred Jewel fragment: 0 in all
No. of 'sit': 0 / 65 in all
‘Kaze no Kizu!’: 0 / 52 in all
‘Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer!’: 1 / 47 in all
‘Kazaana!’: 0 / 19 in all
‘Hiraikotsu!’: 1 / 30 in all
‘Will you bear my child?’: 0 / 11 in all
Inuyasha’s abuse of Shippo:
0 / 33 head thumps
0 / 24 kicks
0 / 4 tail-grabbing
0 / 2 throws
0 [66 in all]
‘I must be strong!’ 0 / 10 in all
Miroku's groping of Sango: 0 / 10 in all
Kagome's arrow hit percentage: 63.6% [42/66]


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  1. Synopsis
  2. Inuyasha’s Jar
  4. Oddities & Other Notes
  6. Production Notes
  7. Script
  8. Contributors & References

Preview from previous episode

I thought I'll be able to study hard for these few days that I returned to the modern era…

Ayumi Sing!

Yuka Cook!

Eri Act!

Yuka It's the Culture Festival!

Eri Since you haven't participated in the preparation, Kagome, you'll take up all the reserve positions!

Ayumi All eyes on you, Kagome!

Yuka If you screw this up… we'll kill you.

Next on Inuyasha, "Don't Boil! Horror of the Dried Demons". Would demons from the Sengoku period make the festival more interesting?

InuYasha’s Jar

#127 Mimisenri 耳千里 [みみせんり]


I’m only good at outdoor cooking.


Inuyasha. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this… but please take care of Kagome. Make sure Naraku doesn’t get her again.


Mimisenri Yes, Naraku. I've heard about you too. Are you going to merge my ears with your body?


Oddities and Other Notes


Mimisenri [耳千里]
Mimisenri translates as "thousand miled ears".

Top: Tenchi Muyo! memorabilia?
Bottom: The original Tenchi Muyo!
Tenchi Muyo!  『 天地無用! 』
On one of the boxes is a label "天地無用", which is a popular manga turned anime called Tenchi Muyo! by Masaki Kajishima. Unlike Inuyasha, it is about the future rather than the past. <Anime News Networ>

Face masks
One of the sick girls wear a face mask. This is a standard practice in Japan, when people down with contagious sicknesses, like flu and cough, but still have to go to school or work. They wear masks for hygienic purposes.
One of the students dresses up as a giant lantern, which is actually a famous type of demon in Japanese culture. It is a common Japanese belief that after some time, ordinary objects gain life and personality. This is why antique objects are revered. Because of the belief that objects come to life after being used for 100 years, people usually throw them out after using them for some time. These objects then come to life, angry that they're thrown out after being used. These objects, the most famous of which is the one-eyed lantern, scare people for being wasteful. <Youkaimura>


"Oh my, you were away for so long. You’re running out of excuses for missing school."
— Gramps
Yes, it's been a long time. The last Kagome when back home was in episode 90, "Sota's Brave Confession of Love".
The group's Sacred Jewel fragments were all taken by Naraku in the Shichinintai story arc. However, Kagome is able to travel between the ages even without any fragment. In the earlier part of the anime, Kagome is unable to return to the feudal age without the Sacred Jewel.

Did you notice…?

Freeze Frame Fun

Signboards in the Culture Festival
大文化祭 [translated as 'Big Culture Festival']
やきそば [ya-ki-so-ba : translated as 'Fried Soba or Fried Noodles'.]
2-C 吃茶コ—ナ—
1-B 甘味屋 [translated as '1-B House of Sweets']
1F おばけ屋敷 [translated as '1F Haunted House']



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INU: Inuyasha
KAG: Kagome
SHI: Shippo
MIR: Miroku
SAN: Sango
KIR: Kirara
TET: Tetsusaiga
HIR: Hiraikotsu
KAE: Kaede
NAR: Naraku
GRA: Gramps
SOT: Sota

[ Prologue ]

INU:   It's now time for Inuyasha!

KAG:  To find the Sacred Jewel fragments,

INU:   I have to defeat Naraku with this Tetsusaiga!

KAG:  A new battle has begun. I have to return to my time to study hard! But some demons from the Warring States Era are waiting for me!

INU:   Miroku and Sango and Shippo and Kirara!

KAG:  An exciting adventure unfolds!

INU & KAG: Inuyasha!

[ ACT I ]

Daytime. INU and KAG are standing in front of the Dry Well.

KAG:  Is it okay for me to go back?

INU:   Well, there's nothing for you to do here.

KAG:  (smiles) Alright then.

KAG turns around and jumps into the Dry Well while INU looks on. He sighs and closes his eyes. He then stretches himself and lets out a yawn.

[ Title screen: Don't Boil! Horror of the Dried Demons ]

At the courtyard of the Higurashi Shrine. Sota is playing soccer in the courtyard.

Sota: (surprised) Sister? Welcome back!

KAG:  (runs to Sota and smiles) I'm home!

Cut to kitchen in the Higurashi residence.

Mama: Well, well! Welcome back!

GRA:  Oh my, you were away for so long. You're running out of excuses for missing school.

Mama: But I'm glad you came back safe and sound.

KAG just smiles.

GRA:  What is it? Are you tired?

KAG:  No… not really. (hands Mama a bundle) Here's a souvenir. Some sort of dried meat.

Mama hands it over to GRA.

GRA:  (excited) Oh, looks interesting…!

KAG:  I'll be in my room.

KAG walks up to her room.

Cut to KAG's room. She plops herself on her bed exhaustedly. CUT TO FLASHBACK from previous episode, when KAG asked if INU would go the next time he hears news about Kikyo.

INU:   I won't go!

KAG:  You definitely will! And when you do, I'll feel annoyed… You should understand it, right?

INU:   Kagome…


KAG:  (thinking) Maybe I'm a little tired…

KAG sits up and clenches her fists resolutely.

KAG:  Alright!

Dinnertime. The rest of the family gapes on as KAG wolves down the food.

Sota: Sister, you must be really hungry.

KAG:  (with food in mouth) I'll be going back to school tomorrow! I must build up my energy! I'll stay here for a little while, so that I can study really hard. I can't fall behind anymore!

GRA:  She's serious…

KAG:  (hands Mama ricebowl) Refill!

Mama: (smiles) Alright!

Sota and GRA continue gaping at KAG.

KAG:  What is it?

Sota: Nothing.

Cut to KAG taking a bath.

KAG:  (thinking) I must sleep well tonight and forget about the Warring States Era.

Cut to KAG tucking herself in bed.

KAG:  (thinking) I'm just a normal school girl after all.

KAG falls asleep.

[ End of ACT I: 4min 45sec ]

[ ACT II ]

Daytime in school. KAG is shocked to see the school all decorated and the students busy with preparation for a festival.

KAG:  (thinking) What?! (speaking) What is this?

KAG's friends walk up to her.

Yuka: Kagome!

Ayumi: Kagome…!

Eri:   Are you healthy enough for school?

KAG:  Y-yes…

Ayumi: You were gone for such a long time!

Yuka: Why? You had an ear disease that made you hallucinate?

KAG:  (gapes at Yuka) Never mind. What's going on here?

Yuka: Just the usual.

Ayumi: Oh, Kagome doesn't know because she was gone for so long.

Yuka: Oh, that's right.

Eri:   Yeah.

KAG:  What?

Eri:   Culture Festival.

KAG:  (pauses) Huh?!

Ayumi: Preparations for the Culture Festival!

KAG:  Culture Festival… But, what about classes?!

Yuka: They pushed them aside for the Culture Festival.

Eri:   No classes for now.

KAG:  (exasperated, thinking) Why did I have to come back when I don't even have to study? (looks down)

Ayumi: Kagome?

KAG:  Bye. (walks off)

Eri:   (holds KAG) Wait!

KAG:  There's nothing for me to do here, I might as well go back.

Yuka: Why are you so upset?

Ayumi: That's not good, Kagome. Please cheer up. Oh ya! Let's sing!

KAG:  Sing?

Ayumi: Yes, that'll cheer you up!

Eri:   That's right! You have to take part in the festival too!

KAG gapes at Eri.

Yuka: Yes, we could use one more person!

KAG:  Wh-What?!

The three friends look at KAG hopefully.

Cut to classroom.

KAG:  Reserve?

Yuka: Yes, it's like being a substitute when you're needed.

Ayumi: So wish us luck, okay?

KAG:  Ok then, I'll do it. So what should I do?

Ayumi: Be in the choir!

KAG:  The choir?

Yuka: Announce the dishes!

KAG:  Dishes?

Eri:   Act!

KAG:  Act?

Eri:   You'll be the fried of the heroine, Brilliant!

KAG:  Brilliant? Which of these am I supposed to do?

Yuka: All of them, of course!

KAG:  Why?!

Eri:   You're our reserve!

Ayumi: I want to hear you sing!

Yuka: All of us have practiced very hard for this festival. But since you only have a few days to prepare, just do those that we mentioned.

KAG:  (gives up) Okay…

Cut to choir room. Ayumi holds up a baton, while KAG stands in line with the singers, doing scales.

Ayumi: Now!

Everyone sings.

Ayumi: (stern) Now, sing louder, Kagome! Sing from your heart!

KAG tries very hard to sing from her heart.

Cut to cooking room. KAG is peeling potatoes. The rest of the girls are busy preparing dishes. Yuka is looking at a cookbook.

Yuka: I want to cook a unique dish…

KAG:  I'm only good at outdoor cooking.

Yuka: (looks at KAG) You mean like barbeque?

KAG:  Cooked fish or vegetables over a camp fire.

Yuka: (continues reading) Just keep peeling.

KAG squints her eyes at Yuka.

Cut to auditorium. Eri is directing the actors. KAG is rehearsing with a male student.

Eri:   Again, from Brilliant's line in Act 2!

KAG:  Since Grandpa caught that disease from the war, my family…

Eri:   No, stop it! (waves hands) Your actions have to be bigger and more dramatic! Alright, one more time!

KAG and the male student are embarrassed.

KAG:  (very dramatic) Since Grandpa caught that disease from the war!!

The male student is taken aback.

Back in the Higurashi residence. GRA is eating the dried meat that KAG brought from Sengoku period, with sake. Sota looks on.

Sota: How is it?

GRA:  Pretty good, actually.

Sota: Let me try it!

Sota is about to try the meat when KAG returns home.

KAG:  (tiredly) I'm home…

Sota: Sister, you're back.

KAG sighs.

Sota: What happened to all the energy you built up?

KAG:  I used it up in one day.

Sota: I didn't know you're so hardworking!

KAG:  I'd prefer studying…

GRA:  (holds up meat) Kagome, this is really tasty! The souvenir you brought goes well with sake!

KAG:  (smiles weakly) Oh? That's good…

Sunset in KAE's hut. INU-gang (minus KAG) and KAE are talking.

KAE:  Naraku wanted to use Kagome's eyes?

MIR:   Yes, to search for Sacred Jewel fragments.

KAE:  So that means Naraku doesn't know where they are.

MIR:   And since he needs Kagome's help, there must be fragments that he doesn't know about.

SHI:   What kind of fragments?

MIR:   I think… those fragments are really hard to find.

INU:   He's having difficulties.

Night time. A big bubble emerges in a swamp and out comes an small old man with very large ears. His eyes are closed

Old man: (laughs) You came, Naraku. I could hear you from a mile away.

A miasma accompanied by Poison Insects appear and land near the old man.

NAR:  Oh? Let's get to the point then.

NAR appears from the miasma, with his body intact.

NAR:  Mimisenri. I heard that your ears can hear things from all around this world.

Mimisenri: Yes, Naraku. I've heard about you too. Are you going to merge my ears with your body?

NAR:  Don't worry. I'm not interested in that filthy body of yours.

Mimisenri: I see, I see. Then why are you here?

NAR:  Do you know where the Sacred Jewel fragments are located?

Mimisenri: According to rumours from demons, Naraku, you have almost all of the fragments now, right?

NAR:  One more fragment. There's one more out there, but I don't know where it is.

Mimisenri: Let me check it out with my ears…

Mimisenri looks up and listens hard.

Cut to INU-gang (minus KAG) outside the hut, talking.

MIR:   Naraku has all our fragments.

INU:   The other fragments are in Koga's legs.

SAN:  And the one that's keeping Kohaku alive…

INU:   Sango…

SAN:  If Naraku were to complete the Sacred Jewel, Kohaku will have to die…

INU:   Don't worry, Sango. I'll stop him.

SAN:  Inuyasha…

INU:   We'll be the first to find that last fragment.

SAN:  I really hope so.

MIR:   Inuyasha. Perhaps I shouldn't say this… but please take care of Kagome. Make sure Naraku doesn't get her again.

INU:   Keh! I know that!

The group notices SHI munching furiously on something.

INU:   Oi. What are you munching on?

SHI:   Huh? This? (holds up some dried meat) It's some dried meat we got from Yamabushi, whom we once saved.

SAN:  (sighs, snatches the meat and sighs) Not again… Didn't I tell you to be careful of what you eat?

SHI:   What do you mean?

Cute KIR is about to sneak in on a dried meat on the ground when SAN stops her.

SAN:  Don't, Kirara.

KIR mews disappointedly.

SAN:  This is demon meat.

SHI:   What?!

SAN:  It's a piece of a fungal demon named Shironyuudou.

MIR:   Is it safe to eat?

SAN:  Yes, it's pretty safe. But… if you heat it in water…

MIR:   You mean… cook it?

SAN:  A new Shironyuudou is born.

SHI:   So that's what it is.

SAN:  Yes, that's why I told you not to eat it.

SHI:   (frowns) It was tasty…

SAN:  We should be more careful.

INU:   Who cares about dried meat? Anyway, looking for the fragments is our top priority.

MIR:   After all, everything started because of them.

INU:   Wherever that bastard Naraku is, he'll show himself for the last fragment.

[ End of ACT II: 12min 46sec ]


Daytime in the choir room in school. The group is practising scales.

Ayumi: Now, a little higher!

The group sings at a higher scale. A girl wearing a face mask enters the room. She looks sick.

Sick girl: Sorry, Ayumi, I caught a cold.

Ayumi: Eh?

Sick girl: (coughs) I'm sorry.

Ayumi: It's alright. It's not your fault.

The group is disappointed.

Ayumi: Kagome.

KAG:  (surprised) Eh?

Ayumi: Can you sing her solo part?

KAG:  Eh?! What solo part?!

Ayumi: (smiles) Please?

KAG panics and looks at Ayumi worriedly.

Cut to KAG walking along the corridor, looking downcast. Two boys are putting up banners.

Boy 1: Will you hand me the duct tape?

Boy 2: Sure! (hands Boy 1 tape)

Boy 1: Thank you.

Cut to KAG walking into the auditorium. A girl is kneeling on the ground, and clenching onto her ankle in pain. The actors and Eri are tending to her.

Eri:   Are you alright, Maki?

Maki:  It hurts, it hurts!

Eri:   You should see her to see the nurse.

A girl helper nods and holds up Maki. A while later, the helper comes back into the auditorium.

Eri:   How is she?

Helper: A sprained ankle. It looks pretty bad.

Eri:   (to KAG) Brilliant.

KAG:  Yes?

Eri:   (resolute) You're no longer Brilliant, but the lead role, Escargot Purin!

KAG:  (panics) Eh?!!!!

Eri:   Let's continue. (points to stage) Escargot, let's go!

KAG:  No way!

Cut to cooking room. KAG is beating eggs angrily. Yuka is next to her reading a cook book.

KAG:  This is so annoying! You shouldn't do this to people who are only reserves… (turns to Yuka) right?

Yuka: (looks up, worried) Oh no, we don't have any good recipes.

KAG grunts, exasperated that Yuka hasn't been listening.

Yuka: Do you know any exotic dishes that we could make for the festival? Do you?

KAG:  (spiteful) I don't.

Yuka: Could you find one?

KAG:  Eh? (defensive) I… I… I have to practice choir after this, and go for acting rehearsals…

Yuka: (fierce) Do it!

Cut to KAG on the rooftop of the school, screaming angrily.

KAG:  Stop telling me to "do it"…!!!

KAG pants after letting out such a long yell. Hojo walks up to her.

Hojo: You seem a lot healthier, Higurashi.

KAG:  Hojo!

Hojo: I heard you have a lot to do.

KAG:  I was being forced! I was just intending to help… but they…

Hojo: Higurashi… It's been a while since you're in school, everyone wants you to be a part of the festival.

KAG:  Really?

Hojo: Sure!

KAG:  Hey, Hojo… Do you know any exotic dishes?

Hojo: Not really…

KAG:  Then I'll have to ask my mother… (gasps)

Hojo: What is it?

KAG:  I can do it.

Hojo: (smiles and looks down) Hey, Higurashi… Now that you're the lead actress, we'll get to spend more time together… to practise…

Hojo looks up to find KAG gone.

Hojo: Higurashi?

Evening. KAG returns home.

KAG:  I'm home!

Cut to KAG looking in a cupboard in the kitchen and finding the bundle of dried meat she brought from the Sengoku period.

KAG:  Here it is! Sorry, Grandpa.

She takes out some meat and puts the rest back.

The next day. KAG is singing in the choir room. She looks enthusiastic while singing with the group.

Cut to KAG on stage, rehearsing. Eri and the other helpers look on, impressed.

KAG:  (twirls around, dramatic) I, Escargot Purin, will never run away!

Eri:   Wonderful!

Cut to cooking room. KAG takes out the dried meat. Yuka takes one and examines it.

Yuka: What is this?

KAG:  Heheh! It's some exotic dish that we can make for the festival!

Cut to the Dry Well in Sengoku period. INU is leaning on the well, while SHI looks on.

INU:   I'm off!

SHI:   Yes! We must start looking for the fragments soon!

INU:   (complaining) Yes, Kagome shouldn't stay too long in her world.

SHI:   (leaps onto well) Inuyasha, remind Kagome to bring back some ninja food!

SHI looks into the Dry Well to find INU gone.

SHI:   He's so impatient…

Cut to Higurashi residence. GRA is unpacking a bundle of dried meat. Buyo meows hungrily and GRA gives a piece to her. He takes one and starts chewing.

GRA:  This dried meat is so tasty…! A little tough though… I'll heat it up.

GRA starts the stove and drops the meat into a pot of water. He then reads a magazine, with his back to the stove.

GRA:  Oh…! They're having a festival.

The water starts to boil.

GRA:  (flips a page) Poor economy…

The water starts to froth and a demon appears over the pot. It goes back into the pot just as GRA turns to look at it. GRA goes back to his reading. The bubbly looking demon hovers over GRA ominously. It is about to bite GRA when INU comes walking into the kitchen. He lets out a yell of horror. The demon stops and gapes at INU.

GRA:  Oh! It's been a while!

INU:   What are you doing? Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer!

INU sprints forth and claws at the demon, disintegrating it.

GRA:  What's that?

INU:   It's must be the Shironyuudou that Sango mentioned. Where's the rest?

GRA:  The rest?

INU:   Where's the rest of the dried meat?

GRA:  The last one is in the pot. I ate the rest.

INU:   (heaves a sigh of relief) That's fine.

Mama and Sota return from grocery shopping.

Mama: Oh, welcome back!

Sota: Brother Inu, are you visiting?

INU:   Of course not!

Mama: Will you have dinner with us? (smiles) Just a second.

INU:   (pauses) Oh.

Night time. INU is teasing Buyo in the living room. KAG returns home.

KAG:  I'm home! (sees INU, shocked) You're here?

INU:   Yeah, we're going back.

KAG:  Wait a minute! You never said I had to hurry back.

INU:   Shut up! We can't find the fragments without you!

KAG:  (expressionless) Is that so?

INU:   Of course!

KAG:  So that's all?

INU:   (confused) That's… all?

KAG:  (looks away) Forget it. (thinking) He hasn't changed at all…

INU looks away indignantly and folds his arms.

INU:   And I wanted to see you… alright?

KAG:  Alright.

Sota: (thinking) You're pretty obedient, Brother Inu…

KAG:  I'm sorry, but I can't go back yet.

INU:   Do you have another 'test' coming up?

KAG:  Culture Festival.

INU:   Culture Festival?

Sota: What are you in charge of, Sister?

KAG:  Everything… there's singing, cooking, and acting.

GRA:  Can the family come too?

KAG:  I guess so.

Mama: Well, then we should all go!

KAG:  There's no need to!

GRA:  No, I want to see my granddaughter act!

INU:   (laughs) I'll go too…!

KAG:  (interrupts, fierce) No!

INU:   Why not?! (sulks)

KAG:  Because people will start wondering who you are!

INU scoffs and looks away.

Daytime. KAG is leaving the house.

KAG:  Alright, I've got lots to do. See you! (runs off)

INU is lying on the rooftop, looking on as KAG leaves.

Mama: (background) So, let's get ready too!

Sota: (background) I'm so excited!

GRA:  (background) I'm so proud of my granddaughter!

INU lets out a loud groan and lies back.

Back in Sengoku period. Cute KIR and SHI are sitting on the Dry Well.

SHI:   They're not back yet… That Inuyasha and Kagome. (takes out a dried meat and bites) How tough! Kitsunebi!

SHI starts a little fox fire and barbeques the meat.

SHI:   (smiling) Smells good!

Suddenly the meat explodes. SHI and KIR are thrown back. The dried meat enlarged into a large fungal looking monster.

SHI:   What's that?!

The fungal monster opens its mouth wide.

SAN:  Hiraikotsu!

SAN suddenly appears and kills the monster with HIR. MIR arrives too. SHI and KIR shield themselves from the falling pieces of meat.

SAN:  Are you okay?

MIR:   I never thought there'd be demons here…!

SAN:  That was a demon resurrected from the dried meat.

MIR:   The dried meat?

SAN holds out her palm to SHI. SHI laughs uneasily.

SAN:  We have to throw all those dried meat away.

MIR:   (chiding) You still have them?

SHI:   I can't help it… They're so tasty.

SHI starts taking out a lot of pieces of dried meat and puts them on SAN's palm. There are so many that SAN has to hold out another palm.

SAN:  Shironyuudou… Kurotenmudake… Yumenamazu… Waraiwasabi… Hamadaruma… Kamitsukisuidari, and Esedaikoku. You kept so many of them…! (stern) Is that all?

SHI:   Kagome took the rest.

SHI, KIR, MIR and SAN look into the Dry Well.

MIR:   Kagome did?

SAN:  To her time?

MIR:   Well… at least Inuyasha is over there…

SAN:  T-that's right. As long as he's there…

SHI:   But… he told me he can't really do much in her time.

Cut to school. The festival is in full force. Fireworks are let into the sky. The courtyard is filled with foodstalls. Inside the school, students are running about with preparations. KAG runs past some students, holding some bags.

KAG:  Excuse me!

Cut to cooking room 1. Yuka holds up a tray of pastries. Her helpers surround her.

Yuka: Now, let's lay out the pastries on the table.

In the adjacent cooking room 2, nobody is around. The dried meat that KAG brought are cooking in a pot. A while later, demons fill up the room, knocking over the utensils and food. They open the door and walk out.

[ End of ACT III: 22min 5sec ]

[ End of episode 127: Don't Boil! Horror of the Dried Demons ]

[ Preview for next episode ]

The Culture Festival is in full swing. This is terrible…! Who did this?

I have to take care of the demons here too? What a fuss!

If those dried meat are boiled, they become demons again?

Gramps Don't worry. Our Higurashi shrine charm will destroy those demons!

Kagome, just concentrate on your presentation!

Sota I'm scared, but I'll help!

Hojo Go to hell, demon…!

Next on Inuyasha, "The Dried Demons and the Fighting Culture Festival". What are you doing, Hojo? That's a real demon!


Compiled on 26 Feb 2008.
Last revised on 27 Feb 2008.

Dialogues adapted from the Japanese-dub, English-sub version of Inuyasha distributed by Odex (Singapore).

InuYasha is copyrighted by TAKAHASHI Rumiko / Shogakukan and its distributing rights are owned by Yomiuri TV and Sunrise.

Contributors & References

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犬夜叉 official web - 放映予定一覧 (Sunrise Inuyasha official web - Airing Schedule)

犬夜叉完結編 公式サイト (Sunrise Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen official web - Airing Schedule)

Inu Goya> Metro: General Episode Information

Shirogetsu for Inuyasha Tsubo

DCYK Connection: アニメ犬夜叉のページ

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