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12 Mar 2019

Hey, I wanted to know if the episode transcripts will be continued now that the Final Act has fully aired and easy to stream in the English Dub. Will they?


17 Apr 2010

Koga used his sword once in the manga only.  It happened when Moryomaru first appeared, before the battle with Kagura at the temple of Gordyomaru.  At the time, he explained that it was a souvenir he stole from a dead human and he never needed it before now.  That would have placed the incident somewhere around episode 165 if they had put it in the anime.


22 Nov 2009

Hi Inuyasha Bandicoot! I got the information about the ‘canon-ness’ from <a href=“”>www,</a>, who in turn translated it from I haven’t read the manga, so I take this as a guide. Very sorry that I couldn’t be more clear :(


22 Nov 2009

Hey kyuubichan, you are right! I don’t remember seeing Kouga use his sword at all! Maybe it was his weapon of choice before he got the Sacred Jewel fragments to power his legs.


08 Nov 2009

one thing, just to start things off, love this site. i always forget which character appear when and i love the oddities section of each episode

just a quick observation, not sure if you put it somewhere else or if I’m going crazy, but..
kouga is the only(of what i can see) wolf demon with an actual tail
also he always carries around a sword but he never uses it


Inuyasha Bandicoot
05 Aug 2009

I want to tell you that your website and the other one before this is amazing! The amount of stuff you have, episode info, simple amazing! Thank you very much! I would like to know, though, you write that an episode is canon or filler, though we all know episode 5 is canon, there are stuff there, and I don’t know if you read the manga, that are very different with Sesshoumaru, and other stuff as well. My question is how do you define an episode as canon, altered canon or filler? Is it something, at least with this series, that was said officially as how others defined it or did you read the manga and decided that the changes between the content in the manga and anime are minor enough to keep calling this canon ? Thanks in advance, Inuyasha Bandicoot!


21 Feb 2009

Hi Loretta, thanks for bringing up the different cultural meanings of the ‘punk rock’ hand gestures. I’m actually quite puzzled as to the real meaning behind the gesture in the anime series myself, so it’s interesting to hear them. Hope you don’t mind, <a href=”/inuyasha/article_mysticalhands”>I’ve put up your interpretation on this page</a>.

Just a note, from what I hear, Japan culture is partly influenced by Western culture, for example in terms of their music, their obsession with ‘katakana’, and fashion. However, like with all appropriation of cultures, there might be meanings lost in translation, and I wonder if this hand gesture is one of them.

But your interpretation of ‘god help me’ seems appropriate for most of the scenes though!


19 Feb 2009

Thanks so much xL


Loretta J. Locicero
19 Feb 2009

I just wanted to all a little note about the “punk rock” hand symbol you have not4ed in several places on your site.  I come from a southern European family for which such a symbol was very familiar and was used for several different purposes.

It could at times mean “a man’s wife is unfaithful”, or “you are cursed with the Evil Eye”, or even as a good luck charm (here the thumb would be crossed over the 2 middle fingers or even held flat against the side of the hand).  One final meaning is the opposite of the “Evil Eye curse”.  It is to ward off the Evil Eye, or bad luck in general.  The were subtleties in the gesture that changed its meaning and, unfortunately, my grandparents who were well versed in the symbolisms, are long since dead. 

However, the culture in question here is that of Japan.  It seems by the way the hand gesture is used in the anime that it is intended to be a warding symbol to defend against bad luck or ill intentions from another person.  Kind of like a “god help me” wish. 

I doubt that any American Sign Language hand signals would be meaningful in Japan, especially 15th century Japan.  And these symbols do fit in with some of the other hand gestures that clerics, like Kikyo & Miroku make.

If so, this hand symbol would have been fairly universal across several cultures.


15 Nov 2008

Hi Brittany,

The track should be High-Flying Sango:

Her main theme, Exterminator, Sango:

Hope this is what you’re looking for!


14 Nov 2008

Hey, would you happen to know the song played in the episode “Enter Sango the Demon Slayer” when Sango first appears to kill the demon centipede at the village??


11 Jun 2008


I would like to thank you for taking the time and effort to put together such a great site. The capsules were superbly done and I really enjoyed the extra information that you had there such as the statistics. Remarkable work.

Thanks again.


10 Mar 2008

Hi Heather,
Episode 167 is the end for now. There are no more episodes (both English & Japanese). They stopped it at #167 as the anime has caught up with the manga. There are talks that there might be a second series, as the manga is still running, but it’s still unconfirmed on the production side. The manga is running into it’s 400th chapter, and the author is aiming to hit 500th chapter. So my guess is given the popularity of its comic, we’ll probably get to see a second series. We just have to be patient…


Heather Jones
09 Mar 2008

Would you happen to know if/when more episodes will be converted/dubbed into english. I would love to see more after episode 167. Thanks.