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October 8, 2018: General Site Maintenance

Cleaned up some out-of-date links, and general site maintenance. And reopened the guestbook.


June 23, 2010: Inuyasha Jar is complete!

Omer kindly sent the screencaps for EP145 & 146, and the Inuyasha Jar is finally complete! Hugs!!


November 24, 2009: The Final Act Songs

Put up the lyrics and screencaps for Kimi ga Inai Mirai and With You.

Slowly adding content for The Final Act, let me know if you want to chip in!


November 22, 2009: Resolution, finally!

Inuyasha is back!!! I exclaim again:

Our favourite shikon-shard-finding, Naraku-hunting, osuwari-ing party of six is back!

As its title suggests, InuYasha - The Final Act, this series gives resolution to all the unanswered questions in the story. If you’re in USA (lucky you), you can watch them here:



March 9, 2008: Alpha support and beta site

To my surprise, many of you are still visiting this website (I’ve installed google analytics on this site, heh). A lovely surprise indeed! Thank you for your support!

Huge thanks to Yi Feng for providing screencaps to Inuysaha Jar 141 and 149 !!

Just a quick note to say this site is still in beta mode. If you find dead links, please drop me a mail or at the message board! Suggestions and comments are welcomed too!


February 17, 2008: Hello again!

It’s been two years since the last update. I graduated from school, got a job, quit the job, and started a design studio with some friends. Meanwhile, my web-coding skills got better. My sister and I decided to get our own domain, and I decided to clean up this site and make use of my coding. So here it is, InuSEC has moved from to here. It may look the same, but it makes more sense on the backend now that everything runs on Expression Engine.

Having left InuSEC alone for two years, many of the links to fansites and blogs related to Inuyasha have disappeared. My email at Yahoo has also been deleted, so many of the emails have been deleted. I’m really sad about this, as there were a couple of good essays on Sengoku culture in them. There is no way to retrieve them, as my computer has gone through two reformatting as well. I only remember it being from a group of over-fifties. If you’re reading this, I am really sorry that I procrastinated on putting up the content on the website. I would really like to hear from you again.

Finally, I think most of the Inuyasha fanbase have moved onto other anime. I have too. So not too many people will be reading this. But then again, InuSEC has started out as a personal project, to share all things that I’ve observed, learned and loved about this series. By moving the entire site over, (this means a few hundred hours of re-entering the data) I hope I do justice to both lovers of this anime and patrons of this website.


April 23, 2006: Xhtml compliant

I’m been receiving emails with great writings and astute observations. I’m currently revamping the site, to make it xhtml compliant, and making it a cleaner look. There are about 180 pages to sieve through, so please be patient. Keep your emails coming in, I’ll put them in as I go along!


March 19, 2006: Kindness

Added ‘Adult Swim’ synopsises to EP135-148. Steven has been a dear and sent the screenshot for Inuyasha’s Jar screenshot of EP 150.


March 18, 2006: Sreenshots and FAQ

-  A big thanks to Steven for providing the Inuyasha’s Jar screenshot for episode 147 & 148!
-  Opened a F.A.Q. section for burning questions. It will be where I place the bizarre questions, too.
-  Thanks to Destini for providing the screenshot to epiosde 1, for the oddity section.


February 17, 2006: Archive of InuSec news from old website

February 06 / summary
Updated Chrissy’s links to Shirogetsu, where the translations of Inuyasha’s Tsubo from this site is taken (EP1-56), added Jenna’s contribution to EP4, Destini’s contribution to EP1, Kathleen’s contribution from Rumic Theater and Elonel’s contribution to EP133.

January 06 / summary
Added ‘Adult Swim’ synopsis to ep 130-134, and Megan’s contribution to EP129.

December 05 / summary
Added to oddities in ep 65, 88 & 130. New card. Thanks to Meiloyn for contributing to ep4.

November 05 / summary
Thanks to Megan and Kathleen for contributing to ep 65 and 128’s oddities respectively! Revamped this site! Added lyrics to One Day, One Dream.

September 05 / summary
Translated two articles. All episode capsules are up!! Added lyrics+images to the 8th ending song, Brave New World, and 6th opening song, Angelus.

August 05 / summary
NEW: Episode capsules 130-141 are up. New cards and a special article of the Shichinintai.
UPDATES: Added end credits to capsules 1-10, 133-137. Rearranged the goodies section so it’s more organized, and the names of voice actors and production crew in alphabetical orders of their family names, instead of given names.

July 05 / summary
NEW: Episode capsules 107-129 are up. Added lyrics+images to the 6th ending song, Itazura na Kiss, 7th ending song, Come, and 5th opening song, One Day, One Dream, interlude for episode 124, Sotsugyo ~ Sayonara wa Ashita no tame ni and the choir song from episode 128. New cards too. Also added a local section for Singapore fans, ‘Loco-Local!’.
UPDATES: Sakura’s contribution to ep68’s oddities, Jess’s correction on ep40’s oddities and Inuyasha’s Tsubo to episode capsules 58, 61 & 62.
EXTERNAL: Added Youkaimura to links. InuSEC now hosts the fanlisting for episode 100, called Forest of Grief!

June 05 / summary
NEW: Episode capsules 79-106 are up. Added a section for Shichinintai goodies, lyrics+images to the 5th ending song, Shinjitsu no Uta and 4th opening song, Grip!
EXTERNAL: Added Inuyasha Info From Japan to links. Removed Tangled Strings as affliate as the site no longer exists. InuSEC also wishes its affliate, Osuwari, a Happy 1st Birthday!

May 05 / summary
NEW: Episode capsules 62-78 are up. New look, with cleaner layout for a much happier reading! Added a chart for the production crew, a section for theme songs, new article on Freeze Frame Fun: Mystical Hands.
UPDATES: The Seiyuu section is now up to date with the capsules.
EXTERNAL: Added ‘Feelin’ Fluffy’ to links as they contain good souplets, which is probably gonna give InuSEC a run for its money! Also added Inuyasha Wikicity,which is a community in Wikipedia.

April 05 / summary
Scripts for episodes 55-61 are up. Also added a goodies section for wallpapers and other articles. Changed the fanlisting for episode 48, and added fanlisting for episode 2 and 5. Affliate, ‘Tangled Strings’ has changed web mistress and Shippo’s fanlisting has been renamed from KITSUNE to FOX FIRE.

March 05 / summary
New look for this website. Tightening the layout for the episode capsules too. Scripts for 14-26, 50-53 are up. Oddities for capsules 55-76 are up too. Added Inuyasha’s Jar to capsules 44-53. Also got our hands on episode 66-78. Oh happy day!

February 05 / summary
New look! Added in a section for affliates. Inuyasha Scripts is honoured to be affliated with Temperance, Osuwari and Tangled Strings! Episode 46 is done too. Added pictures for characters and converted all the scripts to a new layout. Also rearranged the characters page to ‘allow for growth’. Poof! Uploaded episode capsules 39-49.

January 05 / summary
Made some overall changes to the site. Scripts main page now is now more comprehensive, and a guide to each section of the episode capsule is done. Also uploaded a new version of bestiary list. Characters list are now separated into 2 sections, (A-L) and (M-Z). Added notes for episode capsules 14-19. Added the reference of Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga to King Arthur and the Excalibur to episode 6, 9 & 18.

31 December 2004
This site is finally up!