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the cast

A-Un [阿吽]
Princess Abi [阿毘姫]
Akago [赤子]
Nobunaga Amari [甘利信長]
Ape Demon [ひひの妖怪]
Asano Souju [阿佐野双樹]
Asuka [飛鳥]
Ayame [菖蒲]
Ayumi [あゆみ]
Bankotsu [蛮骨]
Bear Demon [熊妖怪]
Bird of Paradise [極楽鳥]
Bokusen-Oh [朴仙翁]
Botan [牡丹]
Bunza [ブンザ]
Buso [ブン]
Byakko [白虎]
Centipede-Mistress [百足上臈]
Chiyo [千代]
Chokyuukai [猪九戒]
Clay Soldiers [人形兵]
Corpse Crow
Coyote-Demon [山犬妖怪]
Demon Head [鬼の首]
Demon Worm Charmer
Enju [炎珠]
Entei [炎蹄]
Eri [絵理]
Exorcist [祓い屋]
Eye Monster [化け物]
Flat Demon [妖怪平薄平]
Fox Demons [子狐妖怪]
Gakusanjin [岳山人]
Garamaru [蛾羅丸]
Gatenmaru [蛾天丸]
Genbu [玄武]
Ginkotsu [銀骨]
Ginta [銀太]
Gohou / Mew [ごほう]
Goryomaru [御霊丸]
Goshinki [悟心鬼]
Goso [ゴン]
Gozu [牛頭]
Gyuoh [牛王]
Haachi [八衛門狸]
Hair Monster [毛むくじゃらの化け物]
Hakkaku [白角]
Hakudoshi [白童子]
Hakushin [白心上人]
Hell-Painter [紅達]
Sota Higurashi [日暮草太]
Mama Higurashi [ママ]
Kagome Higurashi [日暮かごめ]
Gramps [じいちゃん]
Hijiri-sama [聖様]
Hiten [飛天]
Hitomi [ひとみ]
Hiyoshimaru [日吉丸]
Hojo [北条]
Akitoki Hojo
Hoshiyomi [星黄泉]
Housenki [宝仙鬼]
Housenki’s Son [宝仙鬼の息子]
Satoru Ikeda
Mrs. Ikeda [悟の母]
Mayu Ikeda [真由]
Inuyasha [犬夜叉]
Inuyasha’s mother [犬夜叉の母]
Inuyasha (young)
Inuyasha’s father [犬夜叉の父]
Ippou / Oyabun [いっぽう]
Izumo [出雲]
Jaken [邪見]
Jakotsu [蛇骨]
Jinenji [地念児]
Jippou / Oyabin [じっぽう]
Juromaru [獣郎丸]
Kaede [楓]
Kaede (young) [楓(少女時代)]
Kageromaru [影郎丸]
Hitomi Kagewaki [人見蔭刀]
Kagura [神楽]
Kaijinbo [灰刃坊]
Kanna [神無]
Kanta [甘太]
Karan [夏嵐]
Kasumi Sennin [霞仙人]
Kawaramaru [瓦丸]
Keso [ケン]
Kikyo [桔梗]
Kirara [雲母]
Kisuke [喜助]
Kochou [胡蝶]
Kodoku [蠱毒]
Koga [鋼牙]
Kohaku [琥珀]
Koharu [小春]
Koryu [紅竜]
Koume [こう]
Koyuki [小雪]
Kuroro [クロロ]
Kyokotsu [凶骨]
Lizard Demon [イモリ妖怪]
Manten [満天]
Mantis Mutant
Mezu [馬頭]
Midoriko [翠子]
Mimisenri [耳千里]
Miroku [弥勒]
Miroku (young) [勒 (子供時代)]
Mizuki [みずき]
Momiji [紅葉]
Monkey God [猿神さま]
Moryomaru [魍魎丸]
Motoko [無男]
Mou-mou [猛々]
Mukotsu [霧骨]
Mushin [夢心]
Musou [無双]
Myoga [冥加]
Nanafushi [ナナフシ]
Naraku [奈落]
Nazuna [なずな]
Noh Mask [呪いの能面]
Nushi [主—大ナマズ]
Old man [おじいさん]
Old Woman [おばあさん]
Ongokuki [音獄鬼]
Onigumo [鬼蜘蛛]
Orge [鬼]
Orochidayu [オロチ太夫]
Oyakata [お館様]
Parasite Pupa
Praying Mantis
Princess in the Mist [姫]
Rasetsu no Kansuke [羅刹の勘助]
Rengokuki [煉獄鬼]
Renkotsu [煉骨]
Reverend [開道]
Rin [りん]
Royakan [狼野干]
Ryukotsusei [竜骨精]
Saimyoushou [最猛勝]
Salamander Monster [山椒魚妖怪]
Sango [珊瑚]
Sanpou / Oyapyon [さんぽう]
Sara [娑蘿]
Satsuki [サツキ]
Satsuki’s brother [サツキの兄]
Sayo [小夜]
Seikai [僧]
Seiri [青龍]
Serina [セリナ]
Sesshomaru [殺生丸]
Sha Gojo [沙悟凈]
Shako [シャコ]
Shihou / Myo [しほう]
Shikigami: Snake [式神]
Shima [志麻]
Shinosuke [篠助]
Shinsen Priest [神泉和尚]
Shintarou [新太郎]
Shiori [紫織]
Shippo [七宝]
Shironyuudou [白入道]
Shizu [紫津]
Shoga [生姜]
Shokichi [小吉]
Shouji [唱沈]
Shousuke [小助]
Shunran [春嵐]
Shuran [秋嵐]
Snow Demon [雪妖怪]
Snow Leopard [雪豹]
Son Goku [孙悟空]
Soul Catcher [死魂虫]
Giant Soul Catcher [巨大死魂虫]
Soul Piper [タタリモッケ]
Souten [蒼天]
Spider Head [蜘蛛頭]
Suekichi [末吉]
Suikotsu [睡骨]
Suzaku [朱雀]
Suzuna [スズナ]
Taigokumaru [大獄丸]
Kuranosukea Takeda [武田蔵之介]
Taromaru [太郎丸]
Tekkei [鉄鶏]
Tessu [鉄鼠]
Three-Tailed Kitsune [三尾の狐]
Toad of Tsukumo [九十九の蝦蟇]
Tokajin [桃果人]
Toran [冬嵐]
Totosai [刀々斎]
Tree of Human-faced Fruit [人面果]
Tsubaki [Tsubaki]
Tsubaki (young) [椿]
Tsukiyomi [月黄泉]
Tsukuyomaru [月夜丸]
Princess Tsuyu [露姫]
Un-mother [妖怪無女]
Ungai [雲涯]
Urasue [裏陶]
Wakana [若菜]
Water God (Evil) [ニセ水神]
Water Goddess [女神]
Weasel Demon [[いたち妖怪]
Wolf Demon Elder [長老]
Yuka [由加]
Yuki’s Brother
Yukichi [利吉]
Yura of the Demon-Hair [逆髮の結羅]
Yuuta [勇太]
Inuyasha [犬夜叉]

Lead character who is the son of a mighty demon Dog-General and a human mother. Pursues the Sacred Jewel to transform to a full-fledged demon.

Voice ActorKappei Yamaguchi
Inuyasha’ Jar#96 · #1 · #147 · 148 · #45 · #119 · #122 ·
Weapons / AttacksMain weapon is Tetsusaiga [鉄砕牙], special claw attack is Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer [散魂鉄爪] and Blades of Blood [飛刃血爪]. With Tetsusaiga, he is able to invoke the Wind Scar [風の傷] (first performed in ep28), Backlash Wave [爆流破] (first performed in ep54) and Diamond Spear Blast [金剛槍破] (first performed in ep157). Armor includes a Fire-Rat Robe [火鼠の衣] which is resistant to fire.

But isn’t he supposed to be the HERO?!

I can't go after every stupid demon. There's only one of me, after all.

"Pretty woman, short life." What a wise saying.

Inuyasha! How can you stand there looking so blank?! Kagome is a beauty! So she may have been eaten up!

So tell me what's pretty about Kagome?

I've been thinking this from before, but I think your perception of beauty is a little off.

Aghhh! No wonder you look and dress so weird!

I agree… A red outfit is a bit troubling. I think you should dress with a little more refinement.

Ahhh! Shut up! How did the subject turn to the way I dress?

You actually allow humans to tag along… Inuyasha, that’s your weakness.

Geez, but you're busy fellow. Changing into a human one minute, then a monster in the next.

Well… Someone who’s not rough… who’s not spoiled… who’s not short-tempered… who’s kind… and understanding… Yes… Perhaps I’d like someone who’s the complete opposite of Inuyasha…

Whenever you [Inuyasha] do a good deed, you become ill-tempered.

Myoga told me that when you're on the verge of death, you transform. Well…demon's blood does make up half of you. But if you ask me, that's not true strength. Inuyasha, as I explained, the weight of Tetsusaiga increased due to your fang. Originally, the Tetsusaiga was forged from just your father's fangs. In other words, you relied on your father for protection. However, this Tetsusaiga is different. You must master your own fang and protect your own self. When you can freely wield this new Tetsusaiga, is when you will truly have found your strength.

Listen up, old hag! I'm one of the 'evil-doers' looking for the Jewel!

It's been fifty years since then... Inuyasha is still sealed to the Tree of Life. Inuyasha is as he was then. At that time, Sister knew her life was over. Then why did she choose to use a sealing arrow and not a purifying arrow? Why did she seal Inuyasha to the tree which transcends time, the Tree of Life? And why... although he hated my sister for sealing him onto the tree, Inuyasha's face still looks so peaceful? I still don't get it... I wonder if a day will come when I will fully understand...?

And I'm annoyed that we still can't find any leads.

But you're annoyed almost everyday.

And you did nothing but watch Kikyo get killed?!

I don’t even want to know how you are related… But the one who had killed Kikyo was Naraku… And the one who couldn’t save her, Inuyasha, is you.

How cute!!! Especially those ears… I love them! Give them to me.

He can hear me from that distance! Now that really is canine power.

Kanta Is he (Inuyasha) really strong?

His strength makes up for his stupidity and immaturity!

You're [Inuyasha] really wound up tight, huh?

(to Miroku) I’m not good at thinking. You think of something.

Kikyo handed Naraku the Sacred Jewel fragment. Kikyo who had died once. Kikyo who arose again with a body made of clay. Kikyo who hates me. Kikyo who tried to kill Kagome. Where are you, my Kikyo?

I don’t have enough lives to be around you all!

If I become a demon, will I become stronger inside? Can I forget Kikyo? Will my heart not be swayed by anyone else?

I’m not a demon…nor am I human. I don’t belong to either. So…I always believed that I had to create my place in life through power. That’s how I lived and then I realized, I was alone. That was the only way I knew how to live.

Damn it! She’s just a Jewel detector!

Death tollKilled Salamander Monster · Kaijinbo · Tree of Human-faced Fruit · Taigokumaru · Toad of Tsukumo · Kawaramaru · Noh Mask · Centipede-Mistress · Hiten · Oyakata · Entei · Three-Tailed Kitsune · Garamaru · Bird of Paradise · Manten · Goshinki · Tessu · Giant Soul Catcher · Yumenamazu · Ryukotsusei · Juromaru · Snow Demon · Nanafushi · Kurotenmudake · Spider Head · Snow Leopard · Shironyuudou · Tsubaki · Kageromaru · Bankotsu ·
NotesFavorite Ninja food: Instant noodles and potato chips. Hates curry.
Full human: Episodes 13, 44, 57, 58, 66, 67.
Full demon: Episodes 43, 45, 52 & 54.
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